President Trump

Yesterday, America witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next while millions cheered for a man who has finally heard their pleas and given them a voice as private citizen Donald John Trump took the oath of office and became President Trump.

Donald Trump became wealthy rehabilitating distressed New York City real estate properties to create luxury living spaces for sell to the nouveau riche minted during the heady economy of the Reagan administration. His ability to negotiate successful deals was documented in his 1987 bestselling book “The Art of the Deal.” Wealth allowed Trump to unleash his flamboyant side as he enjoyed the fruits of his labor in a country which not only allowed such a situation, but actually encouraged it through historical precedent, government policy, and cultural norms. Trump was quick to seize upon the new social media phenomenon to become a force followed by millions who enjoyed his outlandish pronouncements on various trending topics. Trump parlayed his celebrity status into the hit NBC television show “The Apprentice” which only served to increase his wealth and celebrity status.

Given his enormous wealth and celebrity status, Donald Trump would be the last person one would expect to connect with millions of working class Americans as he had, for all appearances, nothing in common with blue collar Americans coming as he did from the white collar world. A careful study of Trump would have noted that he made his fortune in New York real estate interacting with numerous blue collar tradesmen necessary for building renovation. Yes, Trump had become wealthy, but he had a lot of experience with the working class and was able to interact with them on a level where he could translate his real estate desires into successful outcomes. One doesn’t get to the top of the New York City real estate business without being able to share a beer with a lot of tradesmen and get them working together on his projects.

Social media was another overlooked and underappreciated aspect of Trump’s portfolio of connecting with average Americans. A celebrity himself, Trump kept abreast of current pop culture trends and expressed his opinions to millions of his Twitter followers. In adopting Twitter to comment on various topics, Trump was adapting technology to the age-old socialization technique of chatting up acquaintances. Instead of this occurring in a bar or on the subway, Trump is able to reach a crowd of millions as if he was in a bar conversing with a few intimate friends.

Because the crowd of experts inhabiting the staid world of national politics could not grasp the fact that Trump’s Twitter pronouncements meant he connected to millions of average Americans and the fact that they had forgotten his roots in New York real estate dealing with multiple tradesmen, they quickly dismissed Trump as nothing more than a publicity hound who had flirted with running for president in the past and was only seeking to up the stakes for the sake of garnering additional attention. The RNC was badly mismanaged by Michael Steele and left in financial distress which his replacement, Reince Priebus, worked diligently to overcome. Promises made to build out new communications capabilities including social media in the wake of Barack Obama’s win in 2008 using advanced communications techniques that left the RNC in the dust were never attempted, and Republicans watched their party fall further and further behind the DNC which appeared to be so savvy at reaching its followers using social media.

Trump brought to the table social media savvy the RNC lacked and were incapable of understanding given the tenacious grip of its establishment leadership and their refusal to adopt anything varying from their past losing playbook. Their army of consultants and political experts were locked into traditional political approaches they understood well but which had long ago fallen out of favor by younger and hipper Americans. Traipsing through a neighborhood knocking on doors and handing out flyers was old-school and couldn’t begin to compete with the ability of social media to reach millions in real-time. Instead of handing out flyers with limited space at great overall cost to voters, these voters could be directed to a website which afforded enormous space to delve deep into the nuances of a candidate’s positions on a wide variety of topics. Granted, this was a basic technology application already integrated into every campaign, but the ability to link websites to real-time communications platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were abstractions not grasped by the establishment set.

However, all of Trump’s ability to connect and communicate with millions of Americans meant nothing without a coherent and relevant message. It’s one thing to comment on trending topics in pop culture, but quite another to tap into the frustration and angst felt by millions of Americans suffering the loss of opportunity and humiliated by the loss of American prestige around the world. Trump was able to understand this angst and articulate it in the catchphrase “Make America Great Again.”

Bill Clinton won in 1992 by summing up George H.W. Bush’s inability to understand the economic recession that year with the catchy phrase “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” Americans of every political stripe instantly understood what this phrase meant even if they were opposed to Clinton. No one had to have this phrase deciphered nor pretended they didn’t understand by demanding that it be defined. Democrats unable to deal with Trump’s catchphrase were left pathetically attempting to question its legitimacy by feebly pretending not to understand its meaning and demanding that it be defined. Like 1992, Americans instantly understood its meaning and understood that these pathetic definition demands further defined the Democrats as elitists out of touch with the needs of average Americans.

Now, after suffering through eight years of establishment Republican George W. Bush and suffering even more through another eight years of progressive Barack Obama and his attempts to sow chaos to destroy America, we conservatives were able to witness our candidate take the oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States. The taunts and jeers we suffered from Obama supporters over the past eight years were put to rest as Obama was forced by the Constitution, tradition, and millions of American voters to peacefully hand the reins of government to Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Tradition saw Obama slink out of town immediately after administration of the presidential oath while the day belonged to Trump as victor in a contest pitting change against continuation of the status quo.

Donald Trump overcame the establishment leadership of the GOP to frustrate their design of selecting Jeb Bush as their preferred candidate and forcing him upon the party as the nominee through a subtle rigging of the nomination process. Trump represented real change from the orthodoxy of the establishment GOP leadership advocating mushy middle-of-the-road positions designed to be inoffensive to voters but ending up being extremely offensive to them by virtue of their indecisiveness. Years of this stifling establishment orthodoxy left them unable to deal with the bold challenge presented by Trump who proceeded to destroy their candidates with the kind of talk they had practiced avoiding but which conservatives longed to hear.

The corrupt DNC was more overt in its rigging of the nomination process and left its followers with an agent dedicated to preserving the status quo in the form of Hillary Clinton. Having lost out to Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary and her team took no chances this time around by infiltrating the DNC and insinuating their agents into the key positions necessary to guarantee her the nomination. Hillary was so busy sucking up to her base that she completely missed the fact that Americans were longing for a change from eight years of stifling progressive policies put in place by the Obama administration which were killing America. 2016 was a year for political change which Hillary ignored and Trump seized upon.

After announcing his candidacy, Trump was immediately attacked by the establishment RNC, the progressive DNC, the media, political pundits of all stripes, and just about everyone else that hung around the world of politics for giving voice to the concerns of millions of Americans residing in the middle of the country derisively referred to by the elite as “flyover country.” Illegal immigration was a scorching political hot potato both parties wished to avoid in their combined rush to globalization for the benefit of their wealthy benefactors. Trump gained instantly credibility by calling out illegal immigration and the practice of Mexico sending its undesirables north to invade America in its attempt to reclaim portions of America through resettlement. The fevered attacks Trump suffered caused him to become the underdog with whom blue collar America could identify and for whom they could root.

So yesterday, after suffering through the indignities of countless attacks by the elitist class of both parties to the point of being labeled as “deplorables” for our refusal to accept their rush to globalization as a fait accompli, we witnessed our candidate, Donald Trump, take the oath of office as President of the United States. Yesterday was Donald Trump’s day to revel in his victory, yet he turned that victory back to us millions of forgotten Americans by reminding us that this was our day to reclaim our rightful place as the leaders for whom the federal government was designed to work by the Founders under the Constitution. For us patriotic conservatives, yesterday was a long time coming and savored as the sweet day of vindication we had always imagined that it would be. God bless Donald Trump and God bless the United States of America!

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