People forego a portion of their liberty to form cooperative societies that allow them to work collectively to advance civilization, but Barack Obama has worked tirelessly to subvert the benefits arising from cooperation through identity politics and plans to continue doing so to subvert Donald Trump’s efforts to repair his damage.

There was a point in history when humans realized that collaboration with other humans would allow them to move from foraging for food on their own to hunting large animals that would more fully satisfy their hunger. In this, they realized there was a greater benefit in subduing a portion of their nature to form a collective effort to hunt than in remaining on their own to forage for whatever they happened to come across. Fast forward a bit and you see the same principle at work in the formation of governments whereby people forego a portion of their liberty to form a cooperative system that allows them to work collectively to advance civilization and improve their standard of living.

On his own, man is consumed with the satisfaction of his basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. But, when men come together to work in a cooperative effort, they are able to establish agricultural systems that can feed a great number of people, infrastructure that allows for housing and transportation, commercial systems that produce goods improving the standard of living, and defensive systems that protect the citizens from foreign invasion which would threaten the overall system. Key to allowing this principle of cooperation to function effectively is the formation of a government system composed of easily understood laws applied equally to everyone. People voluntarily forego a portion of their liberty to empower the government because they derive a clearly understood benefit from this arrangement.

Over the past century, the left has managed to convince many Americans that the system owes them more than the benefits implicit in the social compact that underpins the relationship between the government established by the Founders and the American citizens which it serves. Using that age old siren song of envy, leftists have agitated among the population and organized those who fell prey to their pleas to gain the political power necessary to effectively undermine the American system. This incremental process reached its zenith under the administration of Barack Obama, himself a former community organizer and rabble rouser schooled in the dark arts of communism and a disciple of community organizer extraordinaire Saul Alinsky.

Those on the left are enamored of communism despite its numerous failures. By way of explanation, they insist its application would have worked if only it had been better financed, applied on a larger scale, had conditions been more favorable, or any of a host of other well-worn excuses. The free market system, which the left delights in denigrating with the label “capitalism,” continues to thrive under the most adverse conditions, even under the harsh artificial constraints placed upon it by the left. The term “capitalism” was employed by Karl Marx in his work The Communist Manifesto to denigrate the free market entrepreneurial system by implying that capital was responsible for the success of the bourgeoisie at the expense of the proletariat while conveniently ignoring the hard work employed by entrepreneurs as the true basis of their success.

Marx based his theory of communism upon class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat which the left in America has appropriated as identity politics to sow chaos among various groups for political gain. It is a maxim that those who have no ambition are easily persuaded to believe their lack of success is the fault of others, and, once persuaded, they will work tirelessly to gain by political force that which they were unwilling to work for in the first place. It is this maxim which Saul Alinsky used to develop his theory of community organizing and apply it to sow chaos and amass political power. And, it is this maxim which forms the basis of the identity politics currently practiced by the left in the Democrat Party.

Barack Obama has used identity politics to drive multiple wedges between Americans which has caused a great many to question the benefits they derive from adhering to the rules and working hard. When Americans constantly see other Americans flouting the law and using government systems to enrich themselves at the expense of their fellow Americans, they begin to question why they are obeying the rules and resent the system which has been made by the left to appear so unfair. Obama never once failed to wade into a racially charged situation without exacerbating racial tensions and inflaming passions. He never waited for the facts or argued for calm, but always took the side of the minority involved regardless of the egregiousness of their actions. Obama always operated as if the minority was always in the right and the opposition was always in the wrong. In this he was aided and abetted by the leftist media who often had to construct torturous narratives that twisted or even denied the facts of the situation once they became known with constant spin to advance the leftist narrative that America remained a racist country despite having elected a black president.

Subversion of race relations is only one front in Obama’s assault on the American system. In foreign relations, Obama first embarked on an unnecessary apology tour to lower American esteem around the world and humiliate Americans by apologizing for past acts which required no apology and for which the vast majority of Americans believed no apology was warranted. It was Obama’s goal to destroy the concept of American exceptionalism and reduce her standing in the world to that of a third world nation. The left has long believed that America’s superpower status was gained at the expense of others while conveniently ignoring her role in winning two world wars and defending freedom in other wars of the last century. Destroying American esteem weakens her citizens and causes them to become that much more compliant, or so the left believes.

Obama sought to nationalize the health insurance market by amplifying the fictional narrative created by Bill Clinton that a vast swath of Americans lacked health insurance while conveniently ignoring the fact that most young people choose to forego the purchase of health insurance as unnecessary given their general good health. Obama sought to create another Ponzi scheme similar to Social Security whereby the young would be forced to subsidize the elderly which the left would bribe with benefit expansions at the expense of struggling young Americans. This was to be the mother of middle class entitlements which would lock the middle class into supporting the left for fear of losing their health insurance.

The left created the vast majority of problems currently associated with healthcare and health insurance by becoming the payer of last resort as part of LBJ’s Great Society scheme. Ever since the government began subsidizing healthcare, costs have soared through the roof making healthcare completely unaffordable to most Americans. Health insurance has become a necessity to Americans as a way to afford basic healthcare, and the problem has become so acute that most Americans are forced to make irrational decisions like remaining in an undesirable job for fear of losing their health insurance.

Obamacare nationalized the health insurance market to make Americans dependent upon the government for their health insurance. The AMA bought into supporting Obamacare believing that massive numbers of new patients would appear having the means to pay for health care services despite the misgivings of individual doctors. Insurance companies bought into the Obamacare scam believing that the government would force millions of Americans to become new customers of their insurance products. Neither group realized until too late that the promises of the left come with strings attached. In this case, rising health insurance premiums caused by the artificial constraints imposed by the government were blamed on the greedy insurance companies and the greedy doctors as these groups were thrown under the bus to deflect political blame away from the left. Throughout the entire Obamacare debacle, the left subverted Americans’ belief in the free enterprise system’s ability to provide affordable health insurance despite the fact that these affordable policies were widely available prior to the launch of Obamacare.

Obama sought to subvert the energy industry by driving up energy costs with the false narrative of global warming/climate change pushed with religious zeal by environmentalists. Despite the application of numerous technologies ensuring that energy emissions are cleaner than nature itself, Obama’s EPA launched a war on energy production to force adoption of less reliable and more expensive alternatives not ready for prime time. The Obama administration bankrolled numerous green energy companies which have all failed and left taxpayers billions of dollars poorer for the effort. The application of fracking technology to shale formations has unleashed a massive amount of new energy reserves which has lowered energy prices to the consternation of environmentalists hoping to force unreliable wind and solar alternatives upon Americans.

Energy policy has long been used by the left as a tool of control in America. The rise of OPEC and the oil shocks of the 1970s were turned into the campaign issue to wean America off of foreign dependence on oil employed by every politician since with not one of them actually working to do anything about it but lurch from one energy crisis to the next. Environmentalists attempting to rid America of coal as an energy source first embraced natural gas as a clean alternative. Natural gas prices rose as coal-fired generator plants were converted to natural gas as a cheaper alternative. The environmental lobby employed the EPA to force the acceleration of converting coal-fired plants to natural gas even as the industry warned that costs would skyrocket due to the fact that the sudden forced closure of the plants would not allow the industry to properly amortize their expected life on their balance sheets.

Nuclear energy, which should have been a favorite of the environmentalists for its low environmental impact, fell out of favor with the incident at Three-Mile Island in 1979 and the subsequent fearmongering produced by Hollywood and the media. The skyrocketing costs of nuclear power plants, along with the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986, further condemned nuclear energy as a viable clean energy alternative. New technology that lowers the costs of nuclear plants while ensuring greater safety is ignored by environmentalists unwilling to give nuclear energy a second chance.

Energy companies have long known that oil and natural gas deposits existed in shale formations, but they are trapped in tight little pockets that make conventional drilling unaffordable to attempt. The technique of hydraulic fracturing has existed since 1949 and is used on a wide scale to improve production of tight formations. In recent years, advances in directional drilling made possible the application of hydraulic fracturing techniques to unlock the tight deposits of shale formations on a scale that would be profitable to energy companies. Formations such as the Barnett Shale in Texas, the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana, the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, and the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania suddenly began producing massive amounts of natural gas as the application of hydraulic fracturing techniques combined with horizontal drilling technology breathed new life into these energy fields.

However, once the ability to produce massive amounts of affordable natural gas that would reduce our dependence on foreign sources and enable the production of cheap electricity that threatened the viability of wind and solar sources favored by environmentalists materialized, the environmentalists immediately launched a campaign against hydraulic fracturing replete with lies and distortions about threats to the water supply and health effects that never existed and have since been thoroughly debunked. This environmental fear mongering has subverted Americans’ acceptance of technology that has existed for decades and holds the promise of freeing us from dependence upon foreign energy sources. This fearmongering has been exacerbated by the Obama administration and the EPA through the dissemination of shoddy science to support the outrageous claims of the environmentalists. Obama has further subverted the energy industry by closing off federal lands from energy exploration and designating millions of acres as new national monuments to prevent energy exploration within their boundaries.

The biggest scam of all time has been that of global warming/climate change perpetrated by the left and its environmentalist minions to artificially constrain energy markets in favor of unreliable and expensive wind and solar sources favored by the environmentalists. Notice that every energy source acceptable to environmentalists suddenly falls out of favor when the free market applies technology to make it affordable to consumers. This further subverts Americans’ faith in the system. With global warming, environmentalists subverted the belief that scientists sought the truth in a purist pursuit unencumbered by outside influences. It turns out that scientists are just as susceptible to the influences of money and politics as every other human being. This became evident when leaked emails originating from the East Anglia Climate Research Unit in England revealed a conspiracy by between Phil Jones, director of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit, Michael Mann, director of the Pennsylvania State University Earth System Science Institute, and other prominent climate research scientists to fabricate research data, hide raw data, and deny publication of their skeptics in peer-reviewed publications, thus destroying their careers as academics and scientists. This conspiracy was conducted to advance the careers of those pushing the global warming scam favored by the Obama administration to subvert energy production, but ended up subverting Americans’ faith in the impartiality of the scientific community.

The Obama administration has worked to subvert the faith of Americans in systems which have proven their immense worth to society over time. This subversive campaign has been conducted to encourage the complicity of Americans in Obama’s schemes to destabilize this country and make it more compliant to leftist control. As he prepares to leave the presidency, Obama is already working on the formation of a shadow government as he intends to remain a polarizing and divisive figure committed to the subversion of the Trump administration and the destabilization of America as a proponent of the free enterprise system. One could expect nothing less of a committed communist and narcissist. Obama’s myriad subversions have only been touched on in this article, and space has not permitted me to investigate the destabilizing effects of Obama’s immigration policies and overt support of Islamic terrorism which have caused Americans no small measure of consternation. These and many other incidents were the basis of Americans’ rejection of Hillary Clinton as president and their enthusiastic embrace of outsider Donald Trump who boldly challenged the orthodoxies of both parties which long ago ceased the pretension of opposition to conspire against the American people for the benefit of the wealthy elite. Obama will continue his campaign of subversion, but Donald Trump has already demonstrated that he is more than up to the challenge of successfully resisting Obama’s feeble efforts.

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