Black Privilege

The recent case of four black teenagers assaulting a handicapped white teen in Chicago while shouting “F*ck Donald Trump! F*ck the whites!” has exposed the perversion of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind world by race hustlers like Al Sharpton and lefty astroturf groups like BLM for all the world to see.

As we are constantly reminded, there was a time in history when blacks in America were enslaved and treated harshly after their emancipation. This is a well-documented historical fact which is not disputed by any reasonable American. It is also a well-documented fact that 72.4% of the American population is white. This means that Barack Obama was elected with a substantial portion of the white vote as there is no way he could have been elected on the strength of the minority vote alone. The numbers just don’t add up that way. White America was presented a blank canvas in the form of Barack Obama onto which they were encouraged to project their ideal of a president with further encouragement to infer that his election would forever put to rest the racial strife which whites in America had tired of long ago. After eight years of Obama consistently wading into situations of racial strife to exacerbate the racial tension surrounding these situations, race relations sit at an all-time low in the post-Civil Rights era.

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act signed by President Obama on October 28, 2009 kicked the current era of hate crime prosecutions into high gear by removing the prerequisite that hate crime victims be engaged in a federally protected action. Reports of hate crimes committed against whites stirred outrage among minority representatives, some of whom claimed that it was impossible to commit a hate crime against whites and that hate crimes legislation was intended to be a form of affirmative action for protected groups of minorities.

When did blacks become the arbiters of hatred, and what gives them the moral superiority to set themselves up as such? The question of slavery was settled by the Civil War which ended in 1865 and was fought primarily by white men on both sides. Jim Crow laws which spread across the South in the wake of Reconstruction to keep blacks submissive was abolished with the adoption of Civil Rights legislation passed primarily by white northern Republicans in the 1960s. Most blacks alive today have little experience with actual racism as it existed in the pre-Civil Rights era, and the outrage over police profiling against blacks has been largely a result of the high incidence of crime committed by young black males.

The two incidents most widely credited with the formation of the astroturf group Black Lives Matter, those of the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, were based on false media narratives which have since been thoroughly debunked. These false narratives portrayed Martin and Brown as innocent black youths targeted by overly aggressive white men intent on causing their deaths. In Martin’s case, a Hispanic man shot Martin in self-defense and was acquitted by a Florida jury. It was later revealed that the media had altered 911 tapes to make it appear that George Zimmerman was an overt racist stalking Martin prior to their altercation. After robbing a convenience store, Michael Brown rushed Officer Darren Wilson who had confronted Brown because he matched the description of the individual being sought for the robbery. Brown almost succeeded in getting Officer Wilson’s service revolver before Wilson was able to retrieve it and defend his life. A thorough investigation also cleared Wilson of any wrongdoing in the incident.

Dr. Martin Luther King adopted the pacifist tactics of Mahatma Gandhi to bring an end to racial injustice in America. His efforts resulted in passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and set America on a course of racial healing. His assassination in 1968 allowed others to hijack his dream of a colorblind world for their own financial enrichment and poison race relations to this day. Race hustlers and poverty pimps such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have profited handsomely over shaking down corporations with threats of racial protests guaranteed to cast them in a negative light with consumers. In contrast to the effect white America expected, Barack Obama’s presidency threw fuel on the fire to stoke racial tensions past the breaking point with BLM and its chaos as the result.

The case of four black Chicago teens torturing a bound and gagged handicapped white teen while shouting racial and political slurs has cast the absurdity of the BLM movement, hate crimes legislation in general, and the idea that only whites are racist center stage for all to see. It was tragically comical to watch Chicago authorities attempt to explain away the evil actions of these black teen thugs as the “poor decisions of young people.” Along with the video that emerged of the incident in question, the outrage that erupted over their astoundingly lame performance caused Chicago authorities to immediately charge the four black perpetrators with committing a hate crime against the handicapped white teen. Attempts to claim that hate crimes could only be caused by whites are instantly refuted by viewing the video of this heinous crime.

A large part of Donald Trump’s victory as president resides in the fact that white America has grown tired of being blamed for every minority ill while watching minorities run roughshod over whites with little or nothing said. Just as the German establishment has covered up the massive wave of crimes committed by Muslim immigrants against German women, the American establishment has attempted to do the same in covering up black atrocities committed against whites in America. And in America, just as in Germany, news of these crimes has been spread by alternative Internet sources as citizens have learned to stop trusting establishment media sources for information and turn to the Internet for actual news on which they can depend.

Trump was able to successfully articulate the fears and frustrations of white America and translate this into electoral success. Despite establishment media protestations that Trump was engaging in xenophobia and pandering to racist sentiments, Americans realized there was nothing wrong with appealing to the largest voting bloc in an election, and that there is a difference between addressing the concerns of white voters and appealing to a bunch of ignorant sheet-wearing, goose-stepping racist skinheads. The establishment media has still not realized that America has caught on to its little game of voter manipulation despite Trump’s overwhelming electoral victory over media darling Hillary Clinton.

On a deep personal level, all Americans know right from wrong and are able to recognize hatred in a variety of forms whenever it manifests its ugly self. Some may not be willing to publicly admit it, but they privately admit it when they see it, and no one wishes hatred to be directed at them in any form. Regardless of what color they happen to be, all Americans recognize the self-evident hatred on display in that video of four black teenagers assaulting a helpless and frightened handicapped teen who was bound and gagged…and who also happened to be white. Those who attempt to deny the hatred on display in that video come across as clownish defenders of the indefensible. And, those who voted for Trump point to this as justification for their decision.

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