2016 Reflections

As we celebrate the Christmas season and look forward to another year, it is appropriate to reflect back on the year that was in the hope that our remembrances will better prepare us for the year to come.

2016 will likely go down as a watershed year in American politics as the populist revolt of ordinary Americans against the globalist elites dominated much of the year’s news. Political newcomer Donald Trump parlayed his media acumen into a stunning upset of the establishment leadership of both political parties. Lulled into laziness by years of establishment politicians conditioned to fear taking the least risk lest it upset voters, the biased mainstream media was unable to cope with Trump’s aggressive frontal assaults against their inept and outdated tactics of intimidation. Trump demonstrated the hollowness of the media and its corrupt collusion with the radical progressive Democrat Party and establishment GOP leadership. The supremely overconfident left was reduced to the status of pitiful snowflakes wallowing in their catharsis after watching Trump eviscerate Hillary on election night. Pitiful post-election anti-Trump demonstrations with no chance to alter the election outcome continue to reveal the radical progressive left as the actual perpetrators of intolerance for all Americans to see.

Tired of being portrayed as the reason behind every radical progressive grievance, white Americans turned on Hillary and the Democrat Party machine to deliver a stunning rebuke to the policies of the Obama administration and doom President Obama’s legacy to that of worst president ever. They were joined in this effort by millions of minority voters all too aware that Obama’s globalist policies had left them behind also, with the realization that hopelessness knows no color or national creed. Obama’s promotion of racial strife and identity politics has been even more destructive to minority communities as criminals have rioted against police to terrorize these inner-city communities much more accessible and familiar as they are to the criminal element.

Since the election, the stock market has embarked on an upward trajectory signaling high expectations for the unleashing of animal spirits in the form of lower taxes and reduced regulations which are expected to drive business investment off the sidelines where it has languished in self-imposed exile in protest of the Obama administration adherence to the failed economic policies of Keynesianism. The carefully crafted alternate reality of the Obama era has come crashing down with unexpected expediency while President Obama suddenly finds himself an irrelevant nuisance whose departure can’t come fast enough. His embarrassing attempts to remain relevant are met with derision as he furiously pardons criminals, expands regulatory overreach, hustles illegal immigrants across the borders, and propagates Executive Orders seemingly oblivious of the ability of incoming President Trump to undue and roll back these efforts as his minions stress their permanence to disbelieving Americans.

Sadly, 2016 has seen a dramatic increase in the proliferation of terrorist acts around the world as Islamists have gone on the offensive to spread their ideology of intolerance and hate across the west. Islamists whose small numbers recently limited them to protestations of peaceful coexistence in western countries have now infiltrated their hosts in sufficient numbers to demand the creation of sharia law in the no-go zones they have created to forbid indigenous inhabitants entry into their communities.

Christians preparing to celebrate the birth of our Savior during a season traditionally celebrated with warmth and kindness towards our fellow man find ourselves facing an intolerant and hostile movement dedicated to our overthrow and destruction with the goal of forcing us to deny our God and the Savior He has provided in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ. The reticence of our leaders to confront these Islamists in the past has emboldened them to demand our destruction and launch their attacks against us in this holiest of seasons in a calculated move they falsely believe will demonstrate their power over our belief in God. Through their agenda of destruction, many families will now have the experience of remembering the deaths of loved ones taken from them by these intolerant Islamists as they celebrate Christmas. Reflections upon the birth of our Savior will be tainted forevermore with thoughts of loved ones taken from them through needless violence.

It would be far too easy to dwell upon opportunities lost this year through the economic destruction wrought by the Obama administration and its adherence to the failure of socialist policies. Much more difficult, yet infinitely more satisfying is concentration on the successes we’ve enjoyed over the past year. We can be thankful for blessings such as our health, or time spent with our families, or the meeting of our basic needs. Many of us are thankful that Donald Trump was elected and look forward to his taking office to right the ship of state left in such dismal shape by the wanton neglect of the Obama administration. And, we can all be thankful for the birth of our Savior who arrived in similar circumstances of distress and trepidation to bring hope to a fallen world.

The Magi recognized the significance of His birth and traveled a great distance to worship Him with gifts befitting a king given to One of humble birth and lowly circumstances. The shepherds were drawn to a lowly manger by a bright star to discover the good news of His joyous birth. So wondrous was His arrival that the heavens and earth shouted out in joyous rapture. The Son of Man arrived with great fanfare in lowly surroundings befitting of His mission as a humble servant.

As we struggle this Christmas season with understanding the hatred directed towards us by intolerant ideologues bent on our destruction, it would be well worth remembering that Jesus came not to punish the world but to save it, and His grace and forgiveness are available to all men for the asking. These intolerant Islamists practice their evil shrouded in Satan’s darkness apart from God’s love. While we are admonished to resist their evil and defend the innocent from their rapacious destruction, we must do so not with a spirit of vengeance but with an attitude of determination to finish the grim task set before us.

2016 has brought profound change which will continue on into the new year upsetting the old order to make way for much needed change. The doctrine of leading from behind is about to be replaced with actual leadership as the Trump administration sets about restoring order in America’s affairs both at home and abroad. Cherished policy shibboleths will be put to the test to determine their mettle as worthy positions going forward. Those not meeting the test will be discarded with little fanfare and replaced with more practical solutions. Such is the nature of change, be it in the natural world or in the political world as our Founders intended. When policy has reached the natural limits of its effectiveness to become a legalistic abeyance, it should be discarded and replaced with updated solutions that better reflect the realities of a newer time.

These observances only apply to policies and not the foundational framework of America in the form of the Constitution which the Founders intended as a limitation to the power of the federal behemoth they had created. Our leaders have strayed much too far from the Constitution in their expansion of government power necessitating a long overdue correction. 2016 has seen the arrival of that correction as Americans rallied around Trump and his message of wresting American sovereignty away from the globalist elites and restoring American nationality.

2016 will be studied by future generations for its profound impact on American politics. We hope that it also marks the beginning of a successful resistance to the threat of western civilization posed by Islamists and their ideology of hatred and intolerance. Proverbs 9:10 reminds us “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” The Lord is the embodiment of truth and a healthy respect for truth should always be at the forefront of our thoughts and the affairs of our government. May the incoming Trump administration dispense with the lunacy of political correctness to resolutely identify our enemy as the first step towards his defeat. May there also be a reawakening in America that restores God’s favor upon us as a nation after His own heart. May we remember the birth of our Savior, and may God bless the United States.

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