Fake News

Realizing that Americans have caught on to their progressive bias, the mainstream media has launched a campaign against fake news intended to distract the public into believing their implication that any news calling attention to their progressive propaganda is a false creation of the conservatives as they employ their favorite tactic of transference to paint their opposition with the bias they themselves are guilty of displaying.

There was a time before television when newspapers were the primary means of disseminating news to the public. Young reporters apprenticed to more seasoned veterans who emphasized the basics of delivering the who, what, where, when, why, and how of a story in an entertaining and readable format. Newspapers cost money to print, and the ability to be concise was prized as being cost-effective. The economics of the news business drove a certain amount of objectivity due to the limited space of the newspaper format. That’s not to say that bias was not present, but it had to be pushed from the very top in the form of the publisher as his personal decision to risk alienating his readers to push his bias onto the public.

Back in the day, this overt bias was known as “yellow journalism” and none was more adept at its practice than William Randolph Hearst, publisher of the largest chain of newspapers in the country at the time. Hearst promoted America’s entry into the Spanish-American War with the quote to his illustrator Frederic Remington “Please remain. You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”

Yellow journalism grew from the belief that emotional appeals connected readers to the events being reported, and the use of emotion and drama were believed to be a more honest way of communicating with the readers. The appeal to feelings was not meant to be an end in itself, but intended as a method to engage the intellect by stimulating reader interest on a more personal level. Despite the best intentions of the yellow journalists, the result was biased reporting which deceived the public and led to serious policy implications for the country.

The introduction of television allowed reporters to connect with the public on an entirely new level through the use of images which translated the abstract points of a story into a concrete vision. The use of imagery connected on a much deeper and more personal level with each viewer internalizing the story in their own personal way. Combined with the emotional appeals of yellow journalism, the imagery of television news significantly expounded the ability of reporters to interject bias into their reporting.

With this new medium of television came the rise of journalism schools devoted to the systematic study of applying the combination of yellow journalism emotional appeals with the powerful imagery allowed by television. The idea of reporters became an anachronism as mainstream media embraced the educational requirements of a journalism degree to gain entry into their world. After all, the thinking went, why bother with apprenticing young reporters when journalism schools were around to do that for them?

This has all resulted in the rise of sophisticated journalists adept at appealing to the emotions of their audience by the application of methods and tactics which have proven their effectiveness through repeated use. These journalists concern themselves more with the careful application of these emotional propaganda tricks and tools than with informing the public of the story facts. Their first thought is how to manipulate the facts of an incident to construct a biased narrative that fits their worldview without arousing the public’s suspicion that they are being manipulated. So practiced have they become at this that they’ve grown lazy and allowed their sloppiness to reveal their overt bias to the public.

Journalists have always skewed to the left in their politics believing that the necessity of seeing the worst aspects of humanity in their reporting gave them special insight into the human condition. After a while of seeing humanity at its worst, the idea of controlling the populace for its own good becomes a tempting proposition which is reflected as bias in their reporting. Having had their psyches seared with the dark side of humanity, they become incapable of realizing the good side of humanity and the necessity of freedom as the cornerstone of a moral society dedicated to the mitigation of human suffering.

Americans have become all too aware of the liberal bias displayed by the mainstream media with many now cynically questioning what emanates from their mediums. Americans have turned away from the overt bias of the mainstream media to diverse Internet sources that rival the ability of their larger competitors in the traditional mainstream to deliver breaking news accurately. What began with a few conservative voices attempting to point out the liberal bias of the media has become a broad awareness by Americans of the institutional liberal bias on constant display by the mainstream media.

Conservatives sought to counter the liberal narrative constantly pushed upon Americans by the mainstream media by pointing out the subtle use of bias in selected reports. At first, the mainstream media ignored these attempts, then, when conservatives began to gain traction with the public, the mainstream media resorted to ridicule and denial to blunt conservative charges of bias. Donald Trump effectively revealed the mainstream media bias, its links to the progressive cause of the political establishment, and the collusion of both political parties to Americans with his brilliant presidential campaign. His election as president has further sealed the image of mainstream media bias in the public’s mind by their contorted histrionics at the realization that their assumptions of Hillary’s win were totally wrong. Shocked and stunned at their candidate’s loss, these biased journalists have resorted to public meltdowns and exercises in catharsis to express their shock and attempt to gain some sort of understanding of their shattered illusions.

Recalling their past efforts to portray George W. Bush’s presidency as illegitimate for his narrow victory over Al Gore settled by the Supreme Court, the mainstream media has launched a similar effort to portray the Trump presidency as illegitimate. Components of their strategy include allegations of Russian hacking of the DNC to assist Trump’s campaign, constant reminders that Hillary won the popular vote, and calls for the elimination of the Electoral College. The scorned mainstream media is determined to reclaim the propaganda power which Trump has stripped from them by revealing their bias for all Americans to see by resisting Trump every step of his presidency. Trump has shown himself to be more than up to the challenge through his successful campaign in which his accusations towards the media resonated with Americans fed up at being told what to believe.

To regain the public’s trust, the mainstream media is decrying the rise of fake news on the Internet in a pathetic attempt to delegitimize Internet news sources. They are supported in this effort by some of the biggest names in Internet technology such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. These and other suddenly concerned tech titans have pledged to appoint monitors tasked with the identification and elimination of “fake news” from their websites ostensibly to protect the public interest and the integrity of their websites. The fact that these same tech titans ignored conservative charges of fake news supportive of their candidate, Hillary Clinton, on their websites prior to an election they thought she had in the bag is conveniently ignored. The fake news meme allows these tech titans to engage in the censorship against conservative ideas for which they’ve secretly longed without directly calling for censorship which they know Americans are against. Americans aren’t stupid and know full well that the appointment of fake news “monitors” is code for censorship against conservatives. Their business models will suffer similar to those of the mainstream media as Americans turn away from them in droves.

There is no eminent group that the liberals have not tarnished in the public eye with their involvement. Corruption of the fourth estate has stretched back well before the last century exemplified by the rise of yellow journalism to manipulate public opinion. The reputation of the scientific community has been forever tainted by its association with liberal hoaxes like the global warming/climate change fiasco. The reputation of the church has suffered in its tacit approval of homosexuality and its refusal to fight against threats to the family in the form of no-fault divorce and gay marriage. The reputation of the military as a conservative bastion has been under full assault by the progressives with the insistence of injecting women into combat roles traditionally assigned to men and the social justice experimentation of allowing open homosexuality and transgenderism in the ranks. The reputation of the educational system as a proponent of liberal indoctrination has resulted in the push for home schooling, private schools, and charter schools to restore sanity to the education of our children.

These and other egregious examples of the insanity forced upon us by progressives intent on the destruction of America is the reason why Americans voted for Donald Trump. We expect President Trump to stop the insanity unleashed upon us by the Obama administration, roll back the progressive agenda to the point of obscurity, and restore America’s preeminence both at home and abroad. We fully expect the mainstream media to resist this effort with every fiber of their being committed as they are to the progressive cause and resistant to its rollback. Our awareness of mainstream media bias has prepared us to question their veracity and their motives in our resistance to believing their lies. Their reputation is so tattered at this point that Americans would not believe the truth if it appeared on their pages or in their reports without first casting a jaundiced and cynical eye towards it.

As Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway put it to CNN’s Jake Tapper at a Harvard forum analyzing the election, “I think the biggest piece of fake news in the election was that Donald Trump couldn’t win.” This perfectly illustrates the fact that the mainstream media was widely invested in the creation and promotion of fake news to manipulate the public into believing that Hillary’s election was inevitable and implying that conservatives needn’t bother coming out to vote. Their faux apoplexy over “fake news” is laughable given the mountains of evidence proving that it was they themselves who engaged in fake news to manipulate the public.

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