Everybody Loves A Winner

The Never Trumpers, establishment Republicans, and spineless GOP politicians who either swore Donald Trump was an embarrassment to the party who couldn’t win, that they would never accept him even if he did win, or distanced themselves at the least sign of controversy are now falling all over themselves to cozy up with Trump denying for all they’re worth that the ever had a doubt about him because in the end, everybody loves a winner.

Nowhere is this sentiment truer than in Washington, DC, inhabited as it is by politicians interested in retaining power by winning – elections, political fights, or coveted parking spaces. Famed Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi neatly summed it up with his quote “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” To the naysayers and stunned political pundit class, Donald Trump has defied all the odds by winning the presidency against an opposition party, a hostile media, and the establishment leadership of his own party. To the vast majority of us Americans, Trump won because he identified with us while the Democrats and their media propagandists condescendingly made fun of us and blamed all the country’s problems on us.

There were a great many of us who never had a doubt that Donald Trump would win. We had a feeling that the country had soured on the identity politics of the progressives and a strong awareness that Americans were hip to the biased propaganda the media was spewing out to support Hillary as their favored candidate. Then, Hillary referred to us as “deplorables,” and it was all over. That was one kick too many so we turned around and bit back.

In the inevitable post-election analysis, neither party is willing at this point to admit any fault or begin to honestly assess their shortcomings. Establishment Republicans are busy trying to figure out how to coopt Trump to bring him around to their way of globalist thinking. Make no mistake, we conservatives are watching intently and will turn on Trump in a heartbeat if he starts to veer to close to the establishment GOP leadership!

Stunned establishment Democrats unable to process the shattering of their progressive bubble are attempting to explain away their loss with platitudes viewed through their tired, old, worthless lens of racial politics. Suddenly, all Trump supporters are white supremacists who listened for their cues through Trump’s dog whistle political speeches. Dog whistle is political code for speech that appears to be innocent enough but contains code words aimed at a particular audience segment. In this case, Democrats, through their media propagandists, are accusing Trump of speaking secretly to white supremacists with coded political language all in an attempt to make his presidency appear illegitimate. They draw no distinction between appeals to white working class Americans hung out to dry by the left and sheet-wearing, goose-stepping skinheads intent on practicing ignorant racism. All the voter recounts and constant harping about Hillary winning the popular vote are also part of the campaign to smear Trump’s presidency as illegitimate.

There is a small segment of Democrats attempting to honestly assess the reasons for their loss, but they are being drowned out for the moment by the majority intent on wallowing in their misery and comfortable applying the progressive tactic of shifting the blame. This group acknowledges that Hillary was a seriously flawed candidate with no political charisma who never offered voters any substantial platform to rally behind. They admit that the Democrat Party became too elitist and not only forgot about blue-collar Americans, but heaped scorn upon them by labeling them as deplorable ignorant racists. They also realize that attempts to cast Trump as illegitimate by referring to Trump supporters as white supremacists and doubling down on the reviled progressive agenda by promoting Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison as the new DNC Chair continues to alienate these voters at the long-term detriment of the party.

Living as they do in their insulated echo chambers, it is inconceivable to these snowflakes that Americans would reject their progressive policies. Little do they realize or care that it is these progressive policies which have wrought so much destruction on America and castigated white working class Americans as the cause of every evil through their identity politics. Americans struggling to find work after years of an economy made anemic by the application of discredited Keynesian policies care nothing about meaningless issues like transgender bathrooms. In fact, most Americans the progressives condescendingly refer to as living in flyover country have enough common sense to know which bathroom anybody ought to use and bristle at being told they are misogynists and homophobes for pushing back against this assault on morality.

There was only one person in the Democrat Party who had a real shot of defeating Donald Trump, and that man was Joe Biden. Biden is an old school Democrat who identifies with constituents, but his attempts to convince the progressive elites that this brand of retail politics was sorely needed in Hillary’s campaign fell on intentionally plugged ears. Once Biden opted out of running and it became quickly evident that the Democrat primaries were rigged in Hillary’s favor, I knew that Trump would be the next president. Biden may be an old school, gangster politician, but his advice echoed that of master politician Bill Clinton who advocated the same approach to voter identification over identity politics.

To blacks and Hispanics left jobless by the progressive globalist agenda, it was obvious that Obama had left them in the lurch and they looked around for an alternative to the misery in which they existed. Trump pointed out their sorry state from following Obama and asked what the hell they had to lose. Many of them realized they had nothing to lose and took up Trump as their candidate of change.

Back in the day, President Obama arrogantly reminded Americans that he had won by referring to the fact that he had a pen and a phone when it came time to enacting the progressive agenda. Now he and the progressives are realizing just how impotent their plan of using a phone and a pen is as those items are now turned against them by Trump to undo all they had achieved. Executive Orders signed in defiance of the Constitution will be removed by new Executive Orders. Obama used his phone to call his political cronies Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid while Trump is using his phone to call companies on the verge of moving their operations to Mexico. Obama narcissistically cared only for his image and legacy preferring to let Americans wallow in misery while Trump has become a man of action saving American jobs. Make no mistake, Americans are paying attention here, and this contrast will haunt Democrats for years to come.

And so it is that everybody loves a winner, except for the loser. Obstinate establishment Republicans upset that Trump wrested away control of their party by tapping into Americans’ anger at being continuously sold down the river by their progressive collusion are now falling all over themselves hoping for a spot in the new Trump administration. Democrat Congressmen pragmatically seeing the writing on the wall are all geared up to support Trump so they can brag to the folks back home about their bipartisanship (it always means following the momentum, so this time it means their getting on board the Trump mandate instead of Republicans having to vote progressive and shut up). Snowflakes devastated that their political religion has failed them so miserably continue to melt in anger and denial searching for some sliver of hope upon which to cling but which does not exist. The GOP won in name only as Trump battled against the establishment leadership and will continue to do so as they retreat to the shadows to practice their intrigue on a more overt plane. It was conservative, working class Americans so disdained by the elite globalists who overwhelmingly won with Trump’s election. The Democrats lost badly and will continue to lose in their refusal to honestly come to terms with their loss. With Nancy Pelosi’s reelection as House Minority Leader and Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s candidacy for DNC Chair being promoted hot and heavy, it appears the progressives have learned nothing and continue to inhabit the comfortable space of denial. Let’s hope they never recover!

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