Culture Shift

Donald Trump’s election is already causing a major culture shift among Americans whose attitudes are brighter as they impatiently await the ouster of the irrelevant Obama administration, and no greater sign exists of this than the suddenly low ratings of the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead.”

People seek out entertainment for a variety of reasons, but television shows generally appeal to some innate portion of our nature that gets satisfied because a need exists. We are mostly unaware that this need even exists within us content to enjoy the television programs that appeal to that need. In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, movies that emphasized a positive attitude and looked forward to better times were a hit with audiences struggling to escape the hopeless mood of the country suffering as it was from economic stagnation. Americans took temporary refuge in fantasies of better times as cheap therapy to ease their minds.

The past eight years bear a striking resemblance to the Great Depression as record numbers of unemployed Americans struggle to remain hopeful in the face of a moribund economy. In the 1930s, migrant Americans wandered around the country looking for work only to see posted signs warning that no work was to be found and that they should keep moving. Today’s equivalent is found in the millions of illegal immigrants flowing across our borders seeking work which is unavailable to unemployed Americans. The big difference is that FDR struggled incompetently to revive the economy applying the misguided principles of economist John Maynard Keynes while Obama has intentionally suppressed economic activity applying those same discredited theories to foment chaos and unrest in pursuit of a globalist agenda.

The most sickening aspect of the last eight years of economic stagnation has been the smarmy attitude of Obama administration officials telling us how great the economy is and how many new jobs are being created as if we should believe their blatant lies instead of our own experiences just because they so cheerfully relate their propaganda to us in such a condescending manner like we’re too ignorant to know how good we have it. These brain dead progressives just keep coming at us spewing their propaganda in waves that overwhelm us with their numbers despite our best efforts to fend them off. Exasperated, we retreat to the safety of our homes and shelter in place longing for the day when help arrives to eliminate these threats to our sanity.

“The Walking Dead” debuted six years ago with a storyline of a post-apocalyptic America where brain-dead zombies roam the land attacking the few normal Americans left. The normal Americans have to fend off these brain-dead zombies which come at them in overwhelming waves forcing the normal Americans to retreat to fortresses where they can shelter in place while keeping the zombies at bay. The show has been a runaway hit for the past six seasons and for good reason. You see, it mirrors perfectly the situation conservative Americans have found themselves in for the past eight years having to fend off waves of brain-dead progressives who just keep coming with their propaganda driving us into fortresses to shelter in place in the hopes of keeping them at bay.

The big difference, and the reason the show is so popular, is that the normal Americans on the show engage in massive killing sprees of the brain-dead zombies. They shoot zombies at will and without hesitation knowing that there is no reasoning with these brain-dead creatures and thus no reason not to kill them on sight. We conservative Americans enjoy no such luxury when it comes to having to put up with the brain-dead progressives. Much as we would like, the law prevents us from enjoying the luxury of splattering whatever goo resides within the heads of brain-dead zombie progressives all over the wall, but we can escape the reality of their existence by retreating into the realm of “The Walking Dead” to watch our fantasies played out in metaphor form. This is the reason why the show has enjoyed massive ratings for the past six seasons since its debut.

Before any progressives get all worked up into some sort of white supremacy-NRA conspiracy theory about all of this, let me take a minute to point out that I’m writing in metaphor form here. I do not advocate the killing of brain-dead progressives no matter how much fun it might appear to be on the show. “The Walking Dead” is popular because it serves as a metaphor for the reality in which we find ourselves, and it allows for the release of pent up aggression before that aggression is allowed to reach a level which might cause some to act out their hostility. I’m merely pointing out the reason why the show is so popular, and I do so to make my next point.

In October, “The Walking Dead” enjoyed its highest ratings ever only to see its ratings plunge to their lowest level in the aftermath of the November election of Donald Trump. AMC executives and television analysts are scratching their heads in bewilderment when the answer is obvious to anyone residing in flyover country. The release we Americans so desperately needed and that “The Walking Dead” so brilliantly provided was suddenly made irrelevant with Trump’s election. That’s it! “The Walking Dead” became irrelevant because Donald Trump is the help we conservative Americans have been waiting to arrive for the past eight years. Trump campaigned on the promise that he would set about slaying the brain-dead progressive policies of the Obama administration on Day One of his administration, and we Americans took him at his word.

Trump’s transition efforts are confirming to us conservative Americans that he fully intends to keep his promise to overturn the inane progressive policies of the Obama administration to restore America’s greatness both at home and abroad. His cabinet selections are coming from the ranks of conservative outsiders long shunned by the establishment political parties for their common sense approaches and fresh ideas which clashed with establishment orthodoxy. In Trump, Americans are getting a zombie slayer who is overturning all that was wrong with our government and our politics.

The ratings demise of “The Walking Dead” is just one example of the culture shift which is taking place as Trump’s transition team prepares to take over running the government. World leaders who scoffed at Trump’s candidacy or who indifferently thought he didn’t have a chance are lining up to kiss his ring and pledge to work with him while those leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel who embraced the dark side of the Obama administration now fear for their political survival. As the Brexit vote foretold, Europe is poised to embrace a sweep of conservative parties promising to roll back the unpopular globalist policies of their current leaders. Like America, Europe has a huge immigration problem exacerbated by their globalist leaders who also cover up numerous Muslim immigrant crimes while lecturing their people to be tolerant of these Muslims who have no intention of returning that tolerance. Europeans are just as sick of their brain-dead progressive globalist leaders as America is, and they are preparing to oust them just like America has.

After Trump’s win, the progressive useful idiots filling America’s colleges so prepared to lecture us conservatives to suck it up in what they were certain would be a Hillary Clinton victory have taken to protesting the election as being rigged and refusing to accept the results. Their ranks are swelled by professional rioters paid by big-money progressives such as George Soros to sow chaos and discord in an attempt to lay the groundwork that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate. Donald Trump fully expects to face a hostile media during his presidency and has taken steps of his own to combat the situation by meeting privately with representatives of the mainstream media where he revealed his contempt for their treatment of him. Trump intends to continue bypassing the hostile, biased mainstream media in favor of the Internet outlets he has so brilliantly mastered. Meanwhile, progressive heads are exploding around the country without conservatives having to fire a shot. Even better than the show, we get all the fun without having to do any of the work!

In another sign of the culture shift Trump has induced, retailers are reporting more robust sales this holiday season as Americans buoyed by Trump’s victory increase their spending on the hopes of a revived economy under Trump. In another parallel to the 1930s, Americans have sat on the sidelines during the Obama administration waiting for the day when he left office to reengage with the economy. Those less affluent Americans have had no choice but to sit this economy out unemployed as they are while wealthier Americans refused to participate in an economy that refused to sufficiently reward their risk. Corporations have spent millions engineering financial transactions that allowed them to claim residence in lower tax countries such as Ireland to avoid paying the highest corporate tax in the industrialized world. Responding in typical top-down, socialist, totalitarian fashion, the Obama administration response has been an attempt to force penalties upon these companies to prevent these financial maneuvers instead of admitting the obvious and lowering corporate tax rates to better compete with other countries.

Humbled by their inability to forecast Trump’s win because they wouldn’t see past their bias towards Hillary and the progressive movement, the mainstream media has begun examining its sleazy, contemptible performance, admitting its bias, and promising to reform in a last-ditch effort to remain relevant while it is obvious to the rest of us that they haven’t been relevant for years. Perhaps one of Trump’s greatest contributions this election season has been his thorough revelation of the mainstream media bias towards conservatives and collusion with the Democrat Party and the progressive movement. Americans generally aware of some bias through conservative efforts over the years were suddenly exposed to hard-core collusion through the WikiLeaks release of emails from prominent Hillary campaign staff such as campaign manager John Podesta and DNC interim Chair Donna Brazile whose supplying of debate questions to the Hillary campaign cost her job as a CNN analyst and heaped scorn upon her name.

The culture of the mainstream media has been shifted massively by Trump’s victory, but it will still take years for their mea culpas of bias to be reflected in actual change that reintroduces objectivity. Progressives have existed in their own echo chamber for too long and will first engage in a great deal of elitist hand-wringing about how right they were and how the rest of us were just too ignorant to realize that fact. They will avoid real change as long as possible, and many won’t survive the collapse of their economic models reluctant as they are to actually admit they were wrong and we deplorables were right.

The culture has shifted enormously with Trump’s win as evidenced by the refreshingly optimistic outlook enjoyed by Americans, the demise in conservative escapist entertainment shows such as “The Walking Dead,” the rush of world leaders to get on Trump’s schedule, the cowering of European globalists facing the wrath of energized voters, the petulance of President Obama facing a death blow to his vaunted narcissistic legacy, and the shocked disbelief of progressives unable to cope with the sudden resurgence of middle America over their pitiful nonsense. In this, I’m reminded how the culture seemed to shift overnight with the election of Ronald Reagan over the inept Jimmy Carter in 1980. History really does repeat itself, and it is nice when it does so in a positive way.

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