Coddled in an inward looking echo chamber oblivious of the prevailing political sentiment simmering in that portion of America they disdain as “flyover country,” progressives caught unawares and devastated by Donald Trump’s presidential win over their candidate whose myriad flaws they refused to see have melted like snowflakes on a warm spring day into puddles of hysteria unable to cope with an existence they fear to face.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross identified five stages of grief people pass through during traumatic periods of their lives in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying.” The first stage is denial whereby the person refuses to accept the situation preferring to continue existing in their own fantasy world. The second stage is anger whereby the person exhibits hostility at having to face the traumatic situation. The third stage is bargaining whereby the person seeks to exchange good behavior for avoidance of the trauma they face. The fourth stage is depression whereby the person retreats inward losing all hope as the reality of the situation sets in. The fifth stage is acceptance whereby the person adopts a resolute attitude to make the best of the situation in which they find themselves.

Progressives are currently exhibiting the five stages of grief as they process Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election. Stage one was evident on election night as the returns came in showing Hillary lagging behind Trump with the mainstream media moderators offering an endless stream of excuses for states she was losing while shifting focus to future returns from states they assured viewers she would win. It was comical to watch these media mouthpieces who had promoted the Hillary-is-inevitable propaganda storyline to the point of completely buying into it themselves contort themselves to avoid accepting the reality that was occurring before their very eyes in shocking denial. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow actually had a full blown nervous breakdown on camera as she totally lost it watching Hillary lose to Trump.

As stunned progressives wandered zombie-like through the day after the election, stage one began to fade away and morph into stage two with professional protesters organized and funded by progressives such as George Soros taking to the streets to promote chaos and stoke the anger of frustrated progressives. The biased media inflamed progressives with charges of election fraud amid implications that Trump had stolen the election. This was a comically absurd charge given the cheating linked to Democrats and their front groups throughout the early voting process. Numerous Democrat operatives have been arrested for creating false absentee ballots, voting multiple times, voting as other people, and engaging in various other election fraud tactics.

The anger of stage two was on display when the DNC operative named Zach angrily told off interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile accusing her of bringing this loss on progressives by rigging the primaries in favor of a flawed candidate and consigning Democrats to defeat. As usual, Democrats are drawing the wrong lesson from their defeat. Young Democrats feel the party isn’t progressive enough and seek to push it even further to the left by ousting the old guard believing them to be too cozy with Wall Street. Muslim Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is being pushed as the next DNC Chair despite the overwhelming rejection of the progressive agenda of the Obama administration. His selection would be a total godsend for conservatives as the progressives would completely alienate the Democrat Party from American voters.

Stage three bargaining is beginning to be displayed by Democrat congressmen as they feebly acknowledge reality with individual announcements that they plan to work with the Trump administration to pass legislation. Newly elected Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer announced that Senate Democrats are shaping legislation they hope will be favorable to the Trump administration in a bid to remain relevant to the legislative process in a capacity other than the losing obstructionism so prominently displayed by outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Obstructionism has been recognized as a losing strategy by Congressional Democrats looking to save their own skins.

Politics forces a pragmatic outlook, and elected officials become adept at pragmatism as a key strategy of survival in the cutthroat world of politics. It is not surprising that Democrat politicians are speeding through the five stages of grief faster than the disillusioned snowflakes whose lives are not so directly affected by the election outcome in the short term. These Congressmen must learn to adapt to the new reality so as to thrive enough to demonstrate to their constituents that they must be retained in the next election cycle. The snowflakes will continue to receive their government checks and benefits despite media protestations to the contrary.

Once past the anger stage, these snowflakes won’t have much to bargain with and will likely move on to stage four depression figuring all their hopes are dashed and the hard work to achieve this pinnacle of progressivism was for naught. They will be reluctant to engage as they figure there will be no use and retreat into a protective shell to weather the next four years of the Trump administration. Conservatives can certainly identify with this stage as we’ve waited out eight years of the Obama administration to celebrate the defeat of progressive Democrats, establishment Republicans, corrupt media, and the other assorted cohorts of the globalist elite cabal that has driven America into the ground.

Ironically, as these snowflakes realize that their lives are moving on with little direct effect from having Trump as president other than the propaganda spewed out by the totally discredited mainstream media, they will find themselves in stage five accepting that things aren’t as bad as they feared or were led to believe. If Trump is successful in turning around the economy and creating a drastic change from the failed policies of the Obama administration, many of these snowflakes might actually regain their ability to think for themselves and break with the more extremist Democrat Party moved so far to the left by the progressives as to be unrecognizable. This is not to imply that these snowflakes won’t remain simmering with anger and protesting the Trump administration every step of the way. A large portion will continue to do so imitating the relentless assault on the administration of George W. Bush in the hopes of discrediting its policy achievements.

Facing declining advertising revenues stemming from their abandonment by Americans, some media outlets have leaped past the anger stage to the bargaining stage as they acknowledge the reality of their obvious bias towards Democrats in general and Hillary in particular through extravagant apologies to their readers in which they admit their total bias and seek forgiveness as they solemnly pledge to be objective and do a better job of informing their audiences. Having no other refuge, they prostrate themselves before their dwindling audiences begging for forgiveness and another last chance while swearing to do better. The media fallout will continue as Americans savvy to the media manipulation they’ve experienced continue shunning their biased outlets in favor of Internet news sources providing them with the information they crave without the elitist commentary arrogantly telling them how to think.

To the joy of us conservatives who believed in Donald Trump’s ability to upend the establishment collusion which saw us as objects to be controlled instead of people thinking for themselves, we are savoring the fallout from his election as the progressives contort themselves into frenzies of disillusionment and the establishment faces the stark reality that its dreams of globalism lie shattered in ruins. The media, with their condescending propaganda of Hillary’s inevitability saturating the environment in a sickening pool of lies, is also smoldering in ruins. Trump’s election is fulfilling our expectations of overturning the establishment collusion responsible for America’s decline and its negative impact on our ability to thrive in life. For now, we are enjoying the spectacle of these snowflakes melting in hysteria engaged as we are in the schadenfreude of their misery. As we say down South, “it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.”

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