Man Up America

Donald Trump’s election signifies the reemergence of white working class Americans as a powerful political force tired of the endless lecturing by progressives incapable of ever being satisfied by any display of humility on their part, and especially ticked off were white American men sick of being castigated for faux white privilege and for being male in the liberals’ attempts to beat down any ability to resist their progressive onslaught.

With the capture of the black vote in 1932, Democrats began building a coalition of disaffected groups to leverage each election cycle. Over time, they have resorted to ever more crude election tactics and lies to keep these disaffected groups voting Democrat as their more enlightened members realized they were being taken for a ride by Democrats only feigning interest at election time. LBJ explained his War on Poverty to two governors aboard Air Force One with the statement that “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.” Not exactly the finest moment of the Democrat Party, but an excellent example of the type of crude political tactics they were willing to employ to keep their patchwork of disaffected minorities captured as a Democrat voting bloc.

Few people are aware that blacks began voting Democrat in 1932 because Herbert Hoover stiffed them when they came to collect on a promise he had made as Commerce Secretary to take care of them when he became president. Hoover was the Commerce Secretary under Calvin Coolidge and responsible for relief efforts stemming from the Great Flood of 1927 which ravaged the South when the Mississippi River massively overflowed to the point of being some sixty miles wide in places. Blacks pressed into work gangs building levees revolted at their harsh treatment and threatened to strike. Hoover informed them he was going to be the next president and promised he would make it up to them if they would complete the flood relief efforts. When the time came to collect, Hoover reneged on his promise, and blacks vowed they would never vote Republican again. This was a stunning declaration since it was a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, who had freed them from slavery.

Over the years, Democrats got blacks and other minorities hooked on government entitlement programs in exchange for their votes. The rise of anarchist Saul Alinsky taught Democrats to organize disaffected groups by amplifying their concerns and promoting them as voting blocs in order to use the rules of the system against the system itself to gain political power. However, these groups were never told what this political power would ever gain them specifically other than the fact they would have it. In reality, the Democrat politicians retained the political power while making the groups formed by Alinsky’s army of community organizers feel they had a voice through them. As more enlightened members of these groups realized they were being conned, the rhetoric was amped up until we got the present situation of groups making outrageous demands of society that conflict with each other while destroying America.

One of the most pernicious of these groups has been the feminists who rose to prominence in the 1960s. The second wave of feminism grew out of World War II when the men were sent off to war and women were forced to man the factories of the Arsenal of Democracy. After performing admirably and loathe to give up their newly acquired sense of empowerment gained by working traditionally male jobs, they remained in the workforce in the few capacities left open to them after the men came home. The men resumed their traditional male jobs of manufacturing and construction, while the women reverted back to traditionally female occupations as secretaries, nurses, and teachers. Tired of the boorish behavior of the men surrounding them in the workforce, they rallied to such feminist tomes as Betty Freidan’s 1963 book “The Feminine Mystique” and a movement was born. Like all social movements, as they accomplished their original objectives, movement leaders began dreaming up ever more abstract goals to keep the movement alive and their positions of power secure. Eventually, feminism morphed from a movement to secure women’s rights in the workplace to the man hating, lesbian feminazis that currently call themselves feminists.

It is these feminazi lesbians who have gone to war against men in America to redefine them into sniveling cowardly metrosexual girly men they can easily control. Men in America have been beaten down with endless sexual harassment lectures at work, unconstitutional legal proceedings that strip them of rights and freedom with no evidence on the mere pretense of an accusation, and a conditioning of the culture which has seen manly status fall out of favor. American men have been under assault for decades to the point where asking for a date has become a calculated move on their part to avoid misunderstanding, social humiliation, and possible prosecution. The feminazi lesbians couldn’t care less since they are lesbians anyway, but American women have suffered as a great many men have decided the risks are not worth the reward and retreated into lives of video games and male group bonding to replace the affection they no longer have access to from women.

One lesson the progressives have forgotten while continuing their assault on white working class Americans and men in particular is the lesson that a dog kicked too many times eventually bites back. Realizing that he is going to be kicked anyway, the poor dog decides to finally fight back and bites the one doing the kicking. In this case, the Democrats have kicked white working class Americans and men in particular a few too many times, and they finally bit back this election.

Obama’s election was heralded as the healing of racial strife in America and the chance for whites to finally lay to rest the ghosts of slavery and white privilege by electing the first black president to demonstrate their overcoming racial prejudice. At least that’s how it was sold during the campaign. In reality, Obama became the most divisive president in history as he stoked the flames of black racism by inferring to blacks that their time had come and it was their turn for vengeance. The community organizer within him was too ingrained to control and came out at every opportunity whenever an incident arose to promote racial strife before the facts had even been gathered.

Realizing there would never be any act of contrition that would ever satisfy the left, and also realizing that they had been selected by a corrupt media as the permanent bad guys of American politics to be berated by establishment politicians adept at shifting blame for the ills of society, white working class Americans decided this election they had been kicked enough and bit back. They rallied around Trump the outsider, loathed by the establishment leadership of both parties as a threat to their grasp on power, and sent the message that we were tired of being kicked around by such a smug and pretentious bunch. No more cramming political correctness down our throats! No more white guilt for past sins we never committed! No more emasculation by man-hating lesbians! No more condescending attitudes for our belief in the Constitution. No more allowing our country to be entangled in foreign treaties that erases our sovereignty in favor of a globalism which leaves us out in the cold! No more protection of the rich and powerful at our expense!

Comfortably ensconced in their progressive bubbles surrounded by their progressive friends listening to their progressive media in an endless progressive echo chamber, progressives lacked the ability to even conceive of the defeat of their flawed, corrupt candidate. They were blind to her corruption that oozed out in myriad scandals through leaks carefully timed to keep them in the forefront of thought. The sought all manner of fantastic explanations to square the circle of her flaws. Like good progressives, they blamed everyone else for attempting to cast doubt on their candidate. They were so sure Hillary would win that to conceive otherwise was considered the wishful thinking of narrow-minded deplorables whose opinions didn’t count. The smugness they had enjoyed for the last eight years would be amplified with Hillary’s win as Obama’s progressive legacy was cemented.

Then came the morning after, and like a twentysomething awakening with a hangover noticing the guy asleep in her bed and realizing the consequences of the unprotected sex she enjoyed the night before, devastated progressives in mourning are taking to the streets to protest the outcome of an election they were supposed to win. After the act, they wish to claim rape to protect their illusion of innocence and seek an abortion to overturn the results. Progressives are petulant children, and nowhere is this fact more evident than in their protests of the election results. These same progressives, in full gloat mode, were unequivocally prepared to demand that conservatives suck it up and accept the Hillary win they expected, but now riot in the streets unable to accept the reality of a Trump win.

Now that the adults have spoken and Trump is president, it’s time for America to man back up and grow a pair. No more of Obama’s progressive war on men that has wrought destruction across the military and demonstrated weakness around the world which our adversaries are exploiting. American men can finally come out of the shadows and be manly again without apology. They no longer have to demonstrate their manliness in subtle ways such as growing beards and driving trucks which poseurs can easily emulate. They can feel free to be men again in overt ways to the delight of American women longing to be embraced by these men without having to deal with the cowardly metrosexual male ideal promoted by the lesbian feminazis. It’s time to let the world know that America finally has a leader that won’t be pushed around, bullied, or out negotiated when it comes to American prominence in the world. Those leaders who insist on ignoring the obvious to continue business as usual will be in for a rude awakening when they encounter President Trump.

I suspect this reawakening of conservatism is not unique to America, but is poised to spread across Europe as Europeans sick of being kicked too many times by their political elite are about to also bite back. Lied to by globalist politicians busy diluting their populations through massive immigration while the reality of these immigrants robbing and raping at will is covered up by a corrupt media, Europeans are set to go to the polls and register their simmering dissatisfaction of the status quo. Before Trump’s seismic win, the European political establishment was just as blind to reality as the American political establishment, but reality has now set in and European politicians are scrambling for cover scared to death of their electorates.

Having been kicked far too often as we were down, we white working class voters who constitute the majority of Americans with 72.4% of the population have bitten back with a seismic vote whose repercussions will be felt for decades and whose implications will take months to realize. Tired of hiding our manliness, we are emerging from the shadows with the implicit message that America must man up because the age of feminazi lesbian metrosexualness is over.

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