Never Had A Doubt

Throughout this grueling campaign season with its twists and turns, I never had a doubt that Donald Trump would win, but the waiting for this moment of vindication has been tremendously frustrating as we’ve endured the smugness of the rich and powerful elite set counting their chickens before they were hatched.

It has been a fatiguing election season to say the least. Those of us savoring this triumphal moment have had to endure a seemingly endless primary season followed by another seemingly endless campaign season all while being barraged by the biased media’s attacks on our candidate. Very few Republicans hung tough with Trump throughout these attacks, and the establishment conditioning of those feckless Republicans who melted away at the least sign of controversy showed itself plainly to Americans sick of being sold out by this ingrained weakness.

Make no mistake. Trump’s win has realigned everything in America! The GOP is dead as a political party as Americans just elected the man despised by the corrupt establishment leadership controlling the Republican Party. The Democrat Party got trounced by a political novice for pushing the same old tired class warfare/racial strife/gender identity politics of envy so antithetical to the ideas upon which America was founded. Their loss for pushing a thoroughly corrupt political hack with countless scandals swirling about her as being entitled for being a woman in their quota system worldview will mean a realignment of that corrupt party to hopefully jettison some of its most pernicious ideas.

Americans just sent a big “Fuck You” to the establishment which has rigged the system to favor the rich and powerfully connected elite set. These elites have prospered mightily while the rest of American has suffered. We’ve been left watching our jobs disappear while being told that the economy is improving with the corrupt media establishment pushing the progressive propaganda as Americans turned away from them to their astonishment. Americans get tired of being lied to pretty quickly and awareness of the media lies this election cycle has been blatantly obvious. Trump’s candidacy has done more to expose the corruption of the media, the political establishment, and the elites than all the undercover video of the last decade. His continued success at reaching Americans to threaten this cabal of corruption’s grasp on power has caused them to reveal themselves as their desperation grew.

Astonished celebrities and once smug progressives are beside themselves aghast that the Americans they believe are too stupid to run their own lives would actually deign to object to this system of government slavery being imposed upon them against their will. For the next couple of days, we will hear them pontificate on the stupidity of Americans in flyover country being allowed the ability to actually choose their leaders as they continue to run down our intellectual abilities in their condescending manner.

The progressive high water mark of the Obama presidency will now begin its recession as conservatives go to work dismantling the destruction he has wrought upon the country. Only Obama himself is more despondent than the Clintons at hearing the news of Trump’s victory with the realization that his legacy of community organizing to promote chaos masquerading as leadership will not survive his successor. The Clintons have been denied the opportunity to further enrich themselves promoting the causes of the elite at our expense, and it’s likely that they will finally be investigated properly with some well-deserved jail time in their future.

While it remains to be seen what a Trump presidency will bring, one thing is for certain. Americans have registered their dissatisfaction with the progressive agenda of hope and change that has left them hopeless and begging for change. Trump has broken the power of the corrupt media sirens with their biased progressive propaganda with tactics easily emulated by anyone with an ounce of courage. The political establishment with its army of pollsters and pundits has been emasculated by Trump running a disruptive campaign their mediocrity would never allow them to conceive. Americans knew the path we were on was unsustainable, and this was reflected in Trump’s election. Warts and all, Trump was seen as being infinitely more preferable than the economic destruction and racial strife of the Obama administration which Americans realized would be continued on steroids under the corrupt Clintons. The mutual hatred of the Clintons and Obamas has seen them destroy each other, and Americans are saying good riddance to both.

The Second Amendment will continue to allow Americans the ability to defend themselves from predatory criminals with access to firearms for personal protection as the Founders intended. The Supreme Court will be staffed with conservative jurists charged with interpreting the Constitution as the Founders intended instead of treating it as a living document to satisfy every progressive whim the voters reject. The difficult work of restoring the rule of law so that every American sees that it applies equally to everyone can begin in earnest with border and immigration control to secure our safety combined with the proper investigation and punishment of the political corruption which has bedeviled us for so long. A dismantling of the pernicious abridgement of our most sacred right of free speech in the form of political correctness can begin to restore our ability to express our ideas as the free people the Founders intended us to be. And, we can begin to disentangle ourselves from the unconstitutional foreign treaties which the progressives have sought to encumber us in their pursuit of a world government that erases American sovereignty. All of these things and more are necessary to Make America Great Again as Trump campaigned upon and promised.

For now, let us who believed in Trump and knew he was to be taken seriously but not literally savor this moment of triumphal vindication for our steadfast support in the face of withering media criticism. Let us reflect upon the wisdom of the American people to see through the media bias to select a leader whose appeal was to make the country great while realizing that improving America’s fortunes would improve their own. The mere fact that Trump has won is a major first step and will accomplish much in the way of a turnaround. Trump will be opposed vigorously by the corrupt cabal, and we can expect the fight to get even more vicious as defeat settles upon them, but we who have been so steadfast must remain ever vigilant and steadfast secure in the knowledge that we are winning. Those of us who never had a doubt must continue resisting the temptation to doubt as the struggle intensifies.

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