Political Fatigue

Americans inundated for months by a bombastic candidate who must be taken seriously if not literally and a sleazy candidate whose penchant for graft and corruption comes more clearly into focus as her leaked emails are released are suffering from severe political fatigue from which Tuesday’s election probably won’t provide relief.

Those who get Donald Trump understand that his inflammatory statements are designed to garner massive media attention which denies his political opponents precious media exposure by sucking the oxygen from the room. Trump draws the media like a bug zapper draws mosquitoes on a hot summer evening in the South, and their incessant coverage of him in a pathetic and biased attempt to discredit him guarantees that he is the frequent topic of conversation around the water cooler at work. Years of conservatives documenting media bias towards liberals has made Americans much more savvy in digesting the nightly progressive talking points provided by the Democrat Party to the media mouthpieces, and Trump supporters are fully aware that his statements are often intentionally misreported and not to be taken literally in the first place.

Truman’s ability to seize media attention is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing in the fact that he can assemble a platform from which to disseminate his message, and a curse in that it allows the media to ignore the reporting of pertinent information which casts their favored candidate in a negative light. Hillary Clinton is embroiled in numerous criminal scandals involving her illegal use of a private server to conduct official government business in violation of Freedom of Information Act rules requiring the preservation of official government documents. It has since come to light that she and her top aides illegally transferred classified information on this unsecured private server which no fewer than five foreign intelligence services have been found to have penetrated. The protection of classified information is one of the highest priorities any government employee is tasked with, and as Secretary of State, one which Hillary can’t possibly sweep under the rug with a straight face.

In addition, Americans are learning that the Clinton Foundation is being investigated in a huge pay-for-play scandal involving the selling of political favors by Hillary as Secretary of State to nations with business before her. These nations were instructed to make generous donations to the Clinton Foundation in return for access to Secretary Clinton and favorable disposition of their concerns. No less than five FBI field offices are conducting investigations into criminal wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation while the Dallas office of the IRS which specializes in investigations of large charities is conducting a separate investigation of potential criminal tax behavior. Americans are learning about these investigations not through the reporting of the mainstream media, but through the efforts of online investigative reporting and the release of leaked emails from Hillary and her top aides.

While it is certainly tempting to fantasize about the possibility of finally seeing Hillary and Bill in handcuffs being perp walked to jail along with the occupants of the Clinton inner circle, we must remember that we’ve all seen this movie too many times to expect gratification at this point. There have been numerous instances where opponents of the Clintons and their criminal activity have perched on the edge of their seats and said to themselves that they’ve got them this time only to see the moment disappear and the Clintons return to business as usual. There is no evidence to suggest that this time will be any different than all those times before, which is why prudence dictates a cynical attitude to the entire sordid affair. It was not that long ago that FBI director James Comey dashed conservative hopes with his announcement that he was not recommending to the Justice Department the filing of criminal charges against Hillary for sending classified emails on her private server after detailing at length the findings of their investigation with comments suggesting that she be prosecuted.

After an election season of rigged primaries, criminal behavior, slung mud, outright lying, overwhelming evidence of election fraud, undercover video stings of immoral and criminal behavior, and sickening bias the media no longer feels the need to hide, it’s no wonder that the level of cynicism in America has reached unprecedented heights! Those who work with classified information are especially galled to hear reporting that the FBI is negotiating with Clinton and her team over the surrender of electronic devices and availability to be interviewed by agents when they know full well if it were them, the FBI would execute a predawn raid on their homes taking whatever they pleased while frog marching them to jail in handcuffs before the media before having them sign a plea bargain which would see them thrown under the prison! Hello! Is it any wonder Americans are cynical from all this undermining of the rule of law! We’re cynically aware that there are two sets of rules in this country – one for the rich and powerfully connected, and one for the rest of us! These days, if you lack the money and connections to stay out of prison, then you better fly under the radar and avoid coming to the attention of the man.

One could be forgiven for thinking that it will all be over and done with come Wednesday after the election, but the candidates have managed to undermine trust in the electoral process with accusations of election fraud. Trump has certainly made the better case for suspecting election fraud by the Democrats with the mountains of evidence gained through leaked emails, hidden video stings, multiple discoveries of fraudulent registration forms, arrests of those caught in the act of committing election fraud, and evidence of electronic voting machines switching votes to Hillary. For her part, Hillary has attempted to distract attention away from the contents of leaked emails from her campaign team by falsely accusing the Russians of involvement in the theft of these emails while never bothering to dispute their contents. Come Wednesday morning, a Hillary win will have Trump supporters believing the election was rigged by Democrats while a Trump win will have Hillary supporters believing the Russians intervened to elect Trump. Evidence of a secret website belonging to a Tennessee news station containing election graphics showing Hillary winning complete with vote totals and percentages further bolsters the case that the Democrats are rigging the election. Much like the 2000 election which saw weeks of legal wrangling over Florida’s paper ballots and introduced “hanging chads” into the popular lexicon, 2016 appears poised to exceed it in both vehemence and legal maneuvering.

Add to all of this the possibility that Hillary could win the election only to be indicted afterwards, thus setting up a unique constitutional crisis which could possibly result in her running mate Tim Kaine being sworn in as president. Given the ability of the Clintons to avoid prosecution in the past, this is admittedly a long shot prospect, but one which would surely inflame the cynical passions of Americans already on the breaking point past any ability to restrain themselves. Come Wednesday, one thing is absolutely certain – a large number of Americans will be unsatisfied with the election results and looking for any excuse at all to challenge the outcome. It remains to be seen if Americans will rise up and march on Washington demanding new elections in imitation of those Latin American banana republics which we are fast coming to resemble. Will Americans take to the streets demanding a new election, or will they grab their guns deciding the time has come to finally clean house of the putrid stench they can no longer cynically pretend to ignore? We’ll find out as this endless election season continues to play out long past the time when everyone expected it to end.

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