Suddenly They Find Voter Fraud

With public opinion of the mainstream media at an all-time low, Donald Trump incessantly highlighting voter fraud, and public cynicism of the election process at an all-time high, journalists are starting to suddenly uncover voter fraud to their shock and dismay.

Donald Trump has done more this election cycle to reveal the absolute corruption of our elections process than anyone else ever has. His campaign announcement calling out the systemic corruption of government and media on illegal immigration revealed the machinery of the left in all of its ignominious glory desperately seeking to destroy him both personally and professionally. His candidacy sent shock waves through the establishment Republican ranks and revealed them as corrupt accomplices to the Democrats willing to publicly declare their support for Hillary Clinton than the nominee of their own party. Throughout all of this, Trump has remained steadfast on the issues to the disgust of the left whose power is being shown to be hollow with a minimum amount of effort.

The Democrats have mounted a supreme effort to dig up dirt on Trump only to be met with his characteristic “so what” comment in response to what they proclaimed as bombshell revelations. Their corrupt media acolytes have cranked up the lefty attack machinery so effective against sniveling milquetoast establishment Republicans only to see Trump thumb his nose at them and call them out for the biased hacks they are. The public has caught on to this bias as first their candidate, and then they suffered denigration at the hands of the media and Hillary herself. It is one thing to call Trump names, but quite another to refer to his supporters as deplorable rednecks, Nazi skinheads, and ignorant white trash. There are a lot of highly educated Trump supporters that take especial umbrage at being referred to as deplorable redneck white trash.

One favorite media tactic revealed by Trump has been the technique of focusing on Trump’s comments as if they are the most insensitive words ever spoken and beyond usage by any decent person in a faux display of media outrage designed to appear as if it is the opinion of a groundswell of grassroots Americans. Trump revealed that it takes withstanding about a week of this faux media outrage nonsense before the story shifts away from his comments and to the content of his comments. After that first week, the story comes around to the issue his “insensitive” comments were highlighting all along. It took about a week for the media outrage to die down from his immigration comments, then the story shifted to illegal immigration and how neither party wished it to be a central theme of this election since both parties were conspiring against Americans to implement open borders against our wishes.

The latest issue has been Trump’s highlighting of voter fraud stemming from a biased question posed by Chris Wallace at the last debate. Wallace described how the losing candidate always concedes to the winner on election night and then asked Trump if he would accept the results of the election. The implication in Wallace’s premise presupposed that no election fraud exists, which cynical Americans would never presume. This was Wallace’s gotcha moment, and Trump refused to take the bait. On cue, the media began howling with faux outrage that Trump was undermining American democracy and the sanctity of our elections process. Every news show led off with something along the lines of “Donald Trump accuses the election system of being riddled with voter fraud despite having no evidence to back up his preposterous claims, and this is absolutely not happening anywhere in the country.” It was as if they were all reading from the same set of talking points issued by the Democrat Party, which they absolutely were.

After about a week of flatly denying that voter fraud exists anywhere in America, stories of voter fraud began sweeping across the Internet, and local journalists began researching and uncovering widespread instances of voter fraud to their shock and dismay. The mainstream media are no longer able to hide these stories and are having to report them. Suddenly, the scales have fallen from their innocent eyes and these journalistic monkeys are seeing, hearing, and speaking of the evils of voter fraud all across the country. Dead people are voting in Colorado and Pennsylvania. Voting machines are switching votes in Texas. Voters in Virginia are receiving absentee ballots stuffed with Democrat materials in a clear violation of election laws. People are being arrested attempting to commit vote fraud for what seems to be the first time ever. Election workers are destroying Republican voter registration forms, changing some forms, and submitting false forms around the country. It is as if people suddenly went bonkers and started committing voter fraud with no explanation of how they were able to create these complicated fraud schemes on the spot.

Americans have long known about voter fraud and election tampering. There has always been a wink factor to some of the more infamous examples such as Kennedy’s narrow 1960 victory over Nixon where Joe Kennedy is reputed to have had his mafia cohorts rig the vote count in Chicago to put John over the top. Louisiana has a well-deserved reputation for election shenanigans and public corruption which it is currently trying to shed, but it has also employed voting machines for decades which were noted in the 2000 election as having the fewest problems of any state system that year. All of this has contributed to the public’s cynicism when it comes to elections. The percentage of Americans bothering to vote has declined steadily over the past several decades as the level of election fraud has increased precipitously. Trump has successfully highlighted the fact that the system is rigged against Americans precisely because we know it to be so even if we don’t have the evidence in hand to prove it in a court of law. The court of public opinion is quicker to arrive at a verdict and much more severe in its punishment of the guilty.

In fact, Trump’s entire campaign this cycle has confirmed what we Americans have long known but been unable to prove – that the system IS rigged against us by a powerful group of elites who care only for enriching themselves and nothing for us. THAT is why Trump resonates so well with Americans. Despite decades of Democrats fanning the flames of class warfare, Americans on a core level still respect the ability of someone to become rich through their own hard work. What Democrats don’t wish to admit is that we resent wealth gained at our expense such as that of the Clintons who have enriched themselves mightily despite decades of their so called “public service” which has been nothing more than a criminal enterprise to shake down the wealthy using power as their weapon of choice. Once again, the cynicism factor rises as the Clintons get away with crimes with the flimsiest of unbelievable excuses we would get thrown under the jail for even thinking of committing.

Julian Assange has contributed mightily to the cause of exposing the corruption of the Clintons and their criminal empire with his steady drip of leaked emails. These emails confirm from the Clinton inner circle itself all the accusations made by Trump about the system being rigged against us. It has become more than the biased media can ignore, and their corruption is being punished in the court of public opinion with falling sales as Americans turn away from its corrupt products. The political class is selling us out to their wealthy elitist benefactors and using the corrupt media to distract and lie to us about the reality of the situation. Americans are damned tired of it and voting for Trump precisely because he is exposing this corruption and under constant attack by all facets of this corrupt enterprise for his efforts.

The desperation of the left has reached the point where they are actually manufacturing dirt on Trump by paying women to come forward and accuse him of past indiscretions which never happened. Our culture has become so corrupted by political correctness that a mere accusation is all that is needed to destroy one’s reputation with nary a demand for credible evidence to back up such a claim. Crooked Hillary can denigrate Trump based on these manufactured accusations while conveniently ignoring the mountains of evidence proving her husband is a serial rapist. Such hypocrisy contributes to the cynicism of the country.

Yes, there is voter fraud in America despite the holier-than-thou protestations of the corrupt media in service to the Democrats employing numerous voter fraud schemes to steal an election they could never win legitimately. Donald Trump is highlighting the power of the bully pulpit to expose issues to the public’s awareness and using it to effectively emphasize issues the left and its complicit establishment Republican conspirators would rather pretend didn’t exist. Most cynically expressed, suddenly, the media sees voter fraud!

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