Stolen Sovereignty

The Founders’ original intent to create a federal government with just barely enough power to defend the country from foreign invasion and resolve disputes between the states has evolved into a tyrannical government behemoth that imposes its will upon the states while completely brushing aside their sovereignty with the complicit backing of an all-powerful federal judiciary in total defiance of the Constitution.

Much deliberation occurred at the Constitutional Convention as delegates argued over the amount of power to grant the new federal government they were intent on creating to replace the failed government operating under the Articles of Confederation. Some favored a very powerful federal government while more sober minds counseled against investing too much power in a government composed of men who were susceptible to the temptations of all men when it comes to the exercise of power. Once power is granted to a government, it was argued, the government will never voluntarily relinquish that power, and it will be up to the people to wrest that power away from the government. And so this has been the case over the last two centuries as Americans have watched men expand the power of the federal government to the point where the sovereignty of the states has become nothing more than a concept mentioned in the Constitution and given great fanfare in the Tenth Amendment, but ignored in the reality of governing.

Those state officials daring to raise the concept of state sovereignty over the federal government with talk of the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment are quickly reminded of the largess flowing from the federal government and how quickly that revenue stream can dry up until their persistence wanes. Those few who charge forth anyway quickly encounter the federal courts packed with federal judges all too cognizant of their benefactors and suddenly blinded to the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment when it comes to state challenges to federal authority.

We Americans see that the federal government has eliminated the sovereignty of the states in total defiance of the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment, yet we somehow magically believe that a righteous man will come along to right this travesty of government and restore that which has been lost. In this, we completely ignore the warnings of the Founders that power granted is power forever lost with no way to reclaim it for the people. Even if such an angel of a man did appear and prevail in this righteous struggle, his successor would quickly reclaim that power and all would once again be lost.

The progressives have managed to infiltrate the federal government on all levels to work in a coordinated effort against the American people for the good of the few over the interests of the many. Their agents occupy strategic positions throughout the federal government in all three branches, including the Civil Service, where they work to incrementally advance the progressive agenda. Their infiltration is so deep that they no longer bother to disguise their intentions or their affiliations. Civil servants boldly display political materials at their places of work in defiance of the Civil Service Act which specifically forbids such displays on penalty of dismissal. Americans seeking assistance from government workers are treated with contempt when asking for records under the Freedom of Information Act, and the concealment of illegal activities is conducted as a matter of course by government agencies.

Decisions by government officials to violate state sovereignty in defiance of the Constitution are given legitimacy by federal judges with states having no legal recourse to challenge these usurpations of state sovereignty expressly forbidden by the Constitution. States looking to Congress to exercise their constitutional duty to check the power of the federal government through their control of the federal purse are met with timid excuses from those supposedly in the opposition party as they wring their hands and shrug helplessly.

When the political situation with Great Britain came to a point where the efforts of the colonists to reach out peacefully and negotiate a compromise favorable to all were met with derisive contempt from King George III and the British parliament, the colonists had no choice but to declare their independence from the tyranny of the British government. They assembled a Continental Congress of leading colonists and listed their grievances in the Declaration of Independence which they forwarded to the King and his government. Then, with steely determination, they got on with the grim business of conducting a revolution to wrest their independence from the tyranny of the British government which taxed them at will and dictated the terms of their commerce so as to extract as much of the wealth of the American colonies for themselves as they could possibly get while leaving mere crumbs for the colonists as payment for their labors.

The Founders devised a system of government whereby we could periodically engage in a bloodless revolution to depose our leaders, but they recognized that eventually men who were not angels would come to control the power of the government needed in the first place precisely because men are not angels. James Madison, principal architect of the Constitution, eventually came to regret the amount of power invested in the federal government despite having argued for the need for such power in the Federalist Papers and how the various checks and balances built into the system of government as enumerated in the Constitution would hold this power in check. He realized that the day would come when a small group would gain control of the government to advance its own agenda to run roughshod over the American people. It was the hope of the Founders that Americans would strive vigorously to prevent that day from ever coming, and to resolve to retake their country from the despots controlling the federal government when it did come.

We now find ourselves at the mercy of our own federal government controlled by the progressives dictating all manner of unconstitutional and immoral edicts upon us in violation of the Constitution, the Founders’ intent, our religious convictions, and our sense of justice to serve their own perverse ends. The sovereignty of our states has been stolen and emasculated as a check on the power of the federal government. Our election system has been perverted to manipulate the results and thwart our ability to engage in the bloodless revolution intended by the Founders. Our media is complicit with the progressives amplifying their lies to sow confusion among us and manipulate us into ratifying their agenda. Lies are portrayed as truth while the truth is ridiculed as an anachronism no longer worthy of our respect or belief. All manner of perversion is held up as the moral standard while the progressives redefine the state to replace God as our moral arbiter.

Given all of this, is it any wonder Americans despair in these troubled times? At what point do we conservative Americans professing faith in the Living God and fidelity to the Constitution rise up to declare our independence from a tyrannical government seeking to enslave us in direct opposition to the principles enshrined in the Constitution? A careful reading of the Declaration of Independence, written by our Founders to declare our independence from the tyranny of King George III and the British government, is just as applicable to our own federal government today as it was back in that day! When the federal government can run roughshod over the sovereignty of the states despite being expressly forbidden to do so by the Constitution, then the time has come to examine the situation with an eye towards freeing ourselves of such tyranny. We Americans no longer have any legal recourse to challenge the tyranny of the federal government whose judiciary is controlled by the very despots which oppose us. We can no longer seek the sanctuary of state sovereignty to oppose the immense power of the federal government emasculated as it is by these despots. We no longer have an opposition to challenge these despots from within the federal government as they have become complicit with the tyrants to secure their feeble grasp on power.

If the Founders were here today, they would instantly recognize the situation and know exactly what measures were needed. They would begin drafting a declaration of independence to set down the grievances we the people have against the tyranny of the federal government. They would recognize the futility of attempting to address our grievances through the current system administered by the federal government and corrupted by the despots controlling it. They would begin organizing Americans to oppose the federal government and get on with the grim business of revolution to seize our independence from the tyranny of these despots. Then, they would set about to attempt another design at a federal government holding only enough power to protect the country from foreign invasion while resolving disputes between the states. And finally, they would warn us in the gravest terms to be ever vigilant in defending our freedom so as to avoid having to repeat this grim cycle while privately musing that their words would eventually be ignored as they always are by successive generations far removed from the desperate struggle endured to secure that liberty.

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  1. The Progressive era was a disaster for the United States.

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