Ignoring Reality

The American political establishment, inhabited by the elites who disdain the common clay composing the heartland, continues to ignore the reality that Americans are more acutely aware of their situations than the ignorant intelligentsia is willing to admit.

The Democrat Party has been infested with the absurdity of the progressive movement for so long that it is no surprise to hear their complaints that those who persist in their opposition to any party plank is to be demeaned as ignorant and unworthy of consideration. The progressive stock in trade is to resort to ad hominem attacks in a massive display of transference casting their character flaws upon the target of their enmity. Most rational Americans have figured this out for themselves as they compare the behavior of progressive politicians to the reality of their experiences. If every opposition figure is cast as an extremist right-wing Christian zealot racist, then it becomes obvious to the casual observer that there is more at work here than just a sudden epiphany confined to that particular encounter. There is the realization that collusion is occurring with a shared set of talking points distributed in service to a common strategy. While there is nothing overtly wrong with having a common strategy practiced by members of a group to achieve a common goal, there is a lot wrong when that group goes to great lengths to deny that they are in collusion. This is especially true when that group is aligned with groups such as the media who purport to be objective observers of events and dedicated to reporting on those events in an unbiased manner.

Americans expect Democrats to attack Republicans in political contests, although we would prefer a return to those genteel days when the rhetoric was confined more to the issues than to the individuals in today’s mean spirited environment, if those days ever really existed at all. As has become plain to rational Americans, the Democrats long ago exhausted any pretense of having the best intentions of Americans as their goal, and instead sank into a swamp of mediocrity in service to the acquisition of power for power’s sake. There is no attack beyond the pale for a Democrat when it comes to smearing his Republican opponent to win a race. Democrats have become caricatures of the conniving politician who will say anything, do anything, or espouse anything to win.

The surprising facet of this election season has been the revelation that the Republican establishment is just as corrupt as its Democrat counterpart when it comes to the tenacity it is willing to exercise in service to winning and protecting its grasp on power. Americans have witnessed a Republican establishment willing to denounce its own candidate for president with prominent Republicans unashamed to publicly declare their intention to vote for the Democrat nominee over their own nominee. This is corruption on an unprecedented level and signals a monumental realignment of the political landscape, yet the establishment core of both parties ignores what is plainly evident to most Americans who welcome this realignment as a chance to be heard over the elitist element of the country which has merrily skipped along feathering its nest at the expense of the rest of us Americans.

Donald Trump has given voice to those of us who have for far too long screamed our opposition to the elitist agenda of globalization and its pernicious destruction of the American experience for those of us not occupying the lofty perches of the elitist plane. The establishment, in service to its elitist benefactors, has pushed globalization because it is beneficial to the elites while attempting to convince the rest of us that it will be to our benefit even as we witness the economic destruction it has left in its wake. We see our factories moved offshore, our employment opportunities diluted by massive immigration, our security threatened by the importation of terrorist elements, and the refusal of our government to identify the Islamic terrorist threat their political correctness refuses to admit exists. We have known for years that globalization was only for the benefit of the wealthy at our expense, and our complaints have fallen on deaf political ears for far too long. We bristle at being lectured by the Republican establishment that we need to fall in line to support their agenda when we fully realize that their agenda is aligned with the progressive elites of the Democrat Party.

As if we conservatives needed any further proof, the Republican establishment attacks Trump in collusion with the Democrats. They no longer even pretend to hide their disdain for the man who has exposed their corruption and elitism in service to a global order they intend for themselves at our expense. Pundits such as George Will go the most ballistic precisely because they see their positions threatened with irrelevance as Trump the outsider defies their conventional wisdom to defeat their handpicked establishment candidates. Instead of embracing Trump and his revolutionary political tactics as effective tools to counter the empty rhetoric and failed policies of the Democrats, the Republican establishment lacks the vision to see past their own selfish interests in preserving their positions and power.

As a businessman, Trump is certainly aware of the concept of disruption to overturn the established order in an industry and promote its realignment. New companies employ disruptive technology to leave their establishment competitors in the dust as they either refuse to adopt the new technology or are unable to understand the disruption causing their demise as viable companies. Many of the prominent Republican establishment members display one or both of these tendencies in their refusal to acknowledge Trump as the legitimate nominee. Repudiated Republicans such as the Bushes are steadfast in their refusal to adopt the new technology introduced by Trump, while George Will and his ilk are unable to understand the new political reality Trump has introduced.

One of the most sickening aspects of this campaign season has been the overt lying by Hillary Clinton and her media acolytes in their attempts to destroy Trump as a viable opponent. It is one thing to attack a candidate’s record or credentials, but quite another to flat out lie about their opponent to cast aspersions on him as a person. The Clinton campaign, including the media which is aligned with her agenda, committed a criminal act by obtaining and releasing Trump’s tax records in violation of federal law and continues to persist in the fiction that there is wrongdoing being covered up in Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, but there is no outcry over their egregious criminal acts, just the continued distraction of promoting their fictional narrative at Trump’s expense.

No intrepid mainstream journalist seeks to expose Hillary’s criminal past extending back decades to her time in Arkansas. There are no embarrassing questions related to Benghazi or the email scandal which saw her sending classified emails on a personal server in violation of numerous federal laws concerning security and the preservation of government records. There is no effort to determine if her health issues render her unfit for the presidency. There is only silence concerning Hillary in a concentrated effort to deceive Americans into supporting her candidacy. Some Americans will persist in believing what the rest of us find incredible as they march happily along to the sounds of Hillary’s pied piping amplified by her media cohorts, but the majority of Americans have caught on to the lies.

As America continues to slide down the slippery slope of immorality into the pit of degenerate despair, it is worth contemplating if anyone exists who could turn the country from its path of destruction. With the rise of agitator groups funded by leftists such as George Soros, we are witnessing the breakdown of society and the undermining of the rule of law in America. A cursory study of history reveals that societies follow a familiar trajectory whereby their standard of living eventually achieves a level high enough to afford the leisure time that eventually dooms them as a civilization. Along the way, their morality is relaxed by those who wish to deny the need for morality as an essential component of a flourishing civilization. Civilizations progress towards eventual destruction while never demonstrating the ability to swerve from the path of their destruction.

We can only hope that we are not witnessing the decline and fall of America at this point in history. For my part, I have grown quite fond of the high standard of living we enjoy in America and do not want to see it destroyed by the ignorant mob for its own perverse pleasure. Once destroyed, civilization returns to the dark ages to begin the process anew. The irony is that no amount of civilization recycling has been enough to teach the lesson that submission to the forces of societal decay eventually leads to the destruction of civilization and a return to the dark ages. This is what is at stake in this election and most Americans readily grasp this insight as they prepare to vote.

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