A Great Man

America has been laid waste by ordinary men who call themselves progressive, and so we turn to a great man because we no longer trust ourselves being the ordinary men we are.

G.K. Chesterton wrote in Heretics “Men trust an ordinary man because they trust themselves. But men trust a great man because they do not trust themselves. And hence the worship of great men always appears in times of weakness and cowardice; we never hear of great men until the time when all other men are small.” Such is a time in which we find ourselves as ordinary men have abused our trust to run roughshod over us. It is no wonder Americans have turned to a great man, or at least the perception of a great man given our culture of celebrity worship, in the form of Donald Trump to restore America to its former state as a great and powerful nation.

Prior to the Obama administration, America was perceived as regaining its status as a powerful nation to be feared by those who would wish its demise such as the Islamic terrorists who thrust themselves into our consciousness with their symbolic attacks of 9/11. Two wars conducted in the homeland of the Islamic terrorists had them on the retreat attempting to protect what they once considered unassailable. 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden was hiding in an Afghanistan cave in fear for his life while targeted strikes decimated the leadership of his pitifully inadequate al Qaeda organization.

Ironically, all the progress made in the War on Terror was undone by those who pretend themselves progressives when their inadequately ordinary leadership in the form of the Obama administration suddenly withdrew American forces which had the terrorists on the run with pitiful excuses that only served to signal their weakness to the rest of the world. This was no miscalculated move made by an inexperienced politician occupying a position far above his head, but a carefully orchestrated step in their plan to sow chaos and disorder throughout American foreign policy so as to deliberately weaken our nation around the world.

Obama and his ilk believe American exceptionalism to be the undeserved creation of imperialists at the expense of third world countries and not the result of the adoption of the free enterprise system by the Founders as the most logical means of achieving economic independence and raising the standard of living of America to first world status. It is their intention that America be pushed down to third world status so as to feel the pain of third world countries instead of encouraging third world countries to adopt the sensible policies which have served America so well. In this, they are exhibiting all the classic traits of the communism in which they have been steeped which seeks to equalize everyone to the lowest common denominator instead of elevating everyone to the heights of the greatest achievers.

Their intentions are the intentions of ordinary men who distrust ordinary men because they do not understand ordinary men. These progressives perceive themselves to be more than ordinary men and so demonstrate that they are less than ordinary men by seeking to control ordinary men for what they believe to be their own good. Great men would realize they are only ordinary men with no pretensions beyond understanding other ordinary men and seeking to serve their best interests by respecting them as ordinary men. It is this realization that makes them great men in the eyes of other men. Alas, the progressives who fancy themselves great men can never be great men precisely because they distrust ordinary men to have the ability to run their own lives without help from the progressives.

Americans realize the establishment of both parties has failed them miserably because they distrust ordinary Americans and place their faith in globalist organizations which leave ordinary Americans behind while serving the interests of the elitists pushing globalization. Into this murky swamp of distrust Trump has waded to give voice to the fears of ordinary Americans whose previous attempts to express their distrust in and opposition to the establishment march towards globalization have been met with derision and scorn by the elitists demonstrating their distrust in us ordinary Americans.

The man portraying himself as the amorphous everyman in 2008 on which voters could project their fantasies of the ideal candidate has revealed himself to be just another politician out to advance his own agenda. As the public muses on Obama‚Äôs agenda, it becomes apparent that the “ordinary” man seeking to be all things to all people sinks into the abyss of reality. Americans are revolting against this sorry state by turning to a man who portrays himself to be great enough to stand as a bulwark against the destruction wrought by the Obama administration. The establishment and their media acolytes profess confusion as to how it is that Americans identify with a billionaire seemingly existing on another plane while failing to notice that Trump articulates the angst felt by Americans blinded as the establishment and media are by their inherent bias.

In this, Trump is more an ordinary man than Obama will ever be because Trump has interacted with ordinary Americans in the course of building a successful business while Obama has confined himself to agitation as a community organizer. Trump values the contributions of the ordinary Americans involved in his business ventures because he is aware that their contributions help to form the basis of his success. In this Trump demonstrates his respect for the ordinary man and his sanity to connect to the ordinary man on multiple levels.

On the other side, Obama spent his time as a community organizer whose interest in the common man extended only so far as to what the common man could do for Obama grouped as a collective with no respect for his individuality. To Obama, the common man was seen merely as a number deserving of no respect for his worth as a man. Only as one of many was he viewed as having any worth. He was a means to the end of aggregating political power which Obama could exercise for his own use. Obama never connected with the common man because the common man never had any worth to Obama.

Like a slick con artist, Obama managed to convince a great many young and inexperienced voters into following this siren song to a promised land which never had any chance of existing. Voters believed because they wanted to believe and believing was easier than facing a reality which demanded of them the personal responsibility required to exercise the personal liberty intended by the Founders. Eight long years of economic stagnation and American decline in the world have awakened Americans into the realization that the progressive agenda is one of destruction at the expense of ordinary Americans. Disgusted at allowing themselves to be so easily deluded, Americans are distrustful of politicians portraying themselves as common men and determined to place their trust in a great man. The feeling is that only a great man can stop the destruction of these common man politicians and repair the damage their agenda has wrought.

Donald Trump may not be a classical great man in the mold of a Churchill or Reagan, but neither of these men was a great man until each rose to power and claimed the mantle of greatness by respecting the common man because they themselves were merely common men occupying positions of power. The establishment insults hurled at Trump through their media acolytes sound eerily familiar to the insults hurled at Reagan back in 1980. Reagan was derided as a cowboy who couldn’t be trusted to have his finger on the nuclear trigger, and a dimwitted second rate actor destined to lead us into a war. In reality, Reagan demonstrated a deft ability to communicate with ordinary Americans on complex issues and was respected by world leaders as a man not to be trifled with on his way to becoming one of the best presidents ever to lead America.

It is entirely possible that Donald Trump can rise to the same level with his ability to connect to ordinary Americans despite possessing a level of wealth far above that of the average American. Hillary Clinton has never connected to voters dependent as she is on the fact that she is a woman destined to fulfill the quota system of electing minorities to the presidency. America’s presidency is not a quota position to be filled by whichever minority whose turn it is to occupy the office. Our president should be selected based on their ability to articulate a positive vision for the country that protects us as citizens while removing obstacles that thwart our ability to improve our own lives.

Hillary articulates a vision of bigger government infiltrating deeper into our lives to control us for our own good with no respect for our ability to control our own destinies. Trump articulates an alternate vision that respects us as individuals capable of determining our own destinies and is far more democratic in its treatment of us than that of the controlling progressives which treat us with contempt. For the most part, Americans have decided that a change is needed from the failed policies of the progressives and view Hillary with contempt for her criminal behavior which is covered up and excused by those in power because it serves their interests. It has not gone unnoticed by Americans that two legal systems now exist in this country – one for the rich and politically connected, and one for the rest of us.

Americans expect Hillary and the Democrats to cheat in this election because of her past duplicity and the past track record of the Democrats. This is just one more way of demonstrating her contempt of the common man and her inability to connect with Americans on a personal level. Privately, prominent Democrats admit that Hillary is damaged goods whose only chance for victory lies in dishonest election manipulation. The fact that Democrats fail to practice democracy in their treatment of Americans is just one more irony in the long list of ironies that plague their party.

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