We Deplorables

In a stunning display of elitist arrogance, Hillary Clinton revealed her utter disdain for the vast majority of patriotic, hard-working Americans living in what the left euphemistically refer to as “flyover country” by labeling us as deplorables because we dare to oppose her policies designed to replace American sovereignty with an elitist global governance scheme.

America was settled by Europeans who were persecuted for following their religious convictions and wished nothing more than to live their lives as they saw fit in peaceful coexistence with their neighbors. European authorities were unwilling to tolerate this arrangement and sought to force these religious sects to conform to the official state religion. After moving to more tolerable climes across the Channel, they eventually acknowledged that their best chance for survival as a people was to relocate to America, then a vast unsettled wilderness that offered promise, but nothing in the way of civilized comforts. When they said their goodbyes prior to sailing for America, it was with the certain knowledge that they would never see Europe or their friends and loved ones again.

It was determined people such as these who made their way to America knowing they would find a difficult path before them in their attempts to carve out some rudimentary civilization from the wilderness to which they had embarked, but also knowing that they would be free to live their lives under their own terms and worship as they saw fit without fear of persecution from state authorities. Their eventual success inspired other to make the arduous journey to America to live as free men unencumbered by state persecution. These were hardy, independent souls who settled America and forged a civilization out of the wilderness.

After these colonists had succeeded in doing the heavy lifting required to make America a going concern on their own initiative and with their own financing, Great Britain decided the time was right to capitalize on the great wealth America possessed in the form of rich agricultural lands and abundant resources. Britain laid claim to America as one of its colonies and set about bringing the American colonists under British rule. This was done under the pretense that it was for the colonists’ safety and protection, but the truth was that Britain coveted America’s wealth for its own benefit and set about to seize as much of it as they could.

Realizing what the British government was up to, and reflecting back on how the colonists had originally settled America escaping from British religious persecution, unrest over Britain’s actions began to foment until it coalesced into resistance which eventually led to revolution and the removal of British domination over American affairs. The Founders set about developing a government for America to ensure the maximization of personal liberty tempered by personal responsibility in a government that respected the liberty of its people while retaining just enough power to ensure their protection from foreign invasion.

One part of the maximization of personal liberty was adoption of the free enterprise system to allow Americans to prosper at whatever trade they chose to fulfill needs as they arose. The American economy took off as Americans set about fulfilling needs and earning profits. America went from discovery to the world’s lone superpower in less than 400 years because Americans were allowed to pursue their dreams unencumbered by unnecessary government intrusion into their affairs.

Along the way, vast fortunes were built up by those dreamers and achievers able to seize upon an opportunity and employ a vision to realize great achievement. With great wealth came resentment from the heirs of these great industrialists as they lacked a reference point from which to compare their lives of wealth to the lives of their patriarchs before they had achieved great wealth. One who builds a vast fortune from nothing has the ability to reflect back on starting with nothing, seizing upon an idea, and building an empire that provides needed goods and services to others. Those who are born into wealth know nothing of poverty, hardship, the hard work needed to launch an idea or build up a business, or the satisfaction of knowing they’ve worked hard to provide needed goods and services to others. Those a couple of generations removed from the founder have lost all perspective of the founding and what it took to get to the point at which they find themselves.

Educated at the finest schools and enjoying a modicum of success built upon ivy-league connections and family wealth, these products of family fortunes began to convince themselves that they were naturally endowed with intelligence and genetic qualities superior to others and that it was their responsibility to give back to those other, less fortunate ones who were shortchanged in the genetics needed for success. This eventually led to a very elitist mindset where these absurd notions were coalesced into attitudes of grudging responsibility to care for the less fortunate, which were in conflict with their natural desire to pursue the personal pleasure and leisure made possible by their family fortunes. To resolve this conflict, they hit upon the idea of having the government do the hard work of caring for what they considered to be the less fortunate, which was anyone who didn’t enjoy the same level of wealth and prestige as themselves.

To this end, the elitists have supported the progressive movement and the enlargement of government to run the lives of Americans they consider unable or unfit to run their own lives. The choices made by Americans in their pursuit of happiness as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, supported by their right to do so freely as enshrined in the Constitution, are to be dictated by the government as the elitists can neither understand why Americans make the choices they make nor care to as they believe that Americans should only be allowed to make choices the elitists believe are beneficial to them and beneficial to the elitists in their view of fulfilling their misguided responsibility to care for the less fortunate.

It matters not to the elitists that someone might decide to buy a large soda because they’ve been working and need something to drink. All that the elitist sees is that someone is ruining their health buying a much too large sugary drink that contributes to obesity, and no amount of scientific evidence documenting that the crackdown on perceived unhealthy foods is really one of the main culprits for obesity will suffice to change their minds that they know best.

The Founders expressly enshrined the freedom to own guns in the Second Amendment of the Constitution precisely because they knew that without proper access to guns, they would have had no chance to resist the British and wage a revolution. They also knew that Americans would be powerless to protect themselves from foreign invasion or to resist their own government if they did not own firearms. The elitists mistakenly believe that gun control will lead to fewer guns and less violence when studies show overwhelmingly that this is not the case. I should clarify this by saying that the useful idiots of the gun control movement believe this tripe, while the elitists themselves could care less as their goal is to remove any chance by Americans of resisting their attempts to enlarge government and have it run our lives in defiance of the Constitution.

And so we come to Hillary Clinton’s statement that half of Trump’s supporters fall into what she calls a basket of deplorables. Hillary stated “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.” This is a stunning admission that all who disagree with Hillary Clinton and her globalist view are deplorable racists unfit to call themselves Americans!

The progressives have worked tirelessly to incrementally weaken the institutions which undergird America in their vainglorious attempts to weaken America. They so do in the misguided belief that American Exceptionalism made possible from America’s embrace of the free enterprise system somehow comes at the cost of third-world countries whose leaders refuse to embrace free market reforms which would weaken their grasp on power. In true communist fashion, these elitists would like to push America down to third-world status to share the pain of the third-world as punishment for their belief that American world preeminence was achieved at the cost of the rest of the world. They can’t control the dictators enslaving their people, but they can control what happens in America, so they choose to demote America unable to promote the rest of the world.

So America, which only came into existence as a country less than 300 years ago, achieves world superpower status because it somehow cheated and/or abused the rest of the world? There’s no acknowledgement that adoption of the free enterprise system allowed America to develop her vast natural resources, or that European infighting weakened the continent and led to two world wars which America was forced to enter and win, or that American strength during the Cold War checked Soviet aggression and allowed most of the world to remain free of Soviet domination? No regard for any of the actual history of the 20th Century and America’s role in keeping the world free? None, according to the elitists who wish to rewrite history to fit their preferred narrative of American aggression at the expense of the rest of the world.

Those of us who resist the idea that America needs to be flooded with undocumented and unvetted Muslims who wish our demise are labeled as xenophobes for merely wishing the enforcement of laws already on the books. It is illegal for anyone to cross our borders at will without proper documentation and prior approval, yet the Obama administration ignores these laws to flood America with undocumented cheap labor while castigating unemployed Americans for chaffing at the wage pressure being applied by official government policy. Demanding that women who casually throw around rape accusations be forced to undergo the rigors of trial-by-jury to determine if rape has actually been committed like the laws demand instead of just taking their word is not being sexist, yet we are called sexist for desiring to follow the law and not the whims of the progressives. Resistance to the idea that a group which comprises less than one percent of Americans should be allowed to dictate legal policy to force Americans into choosing between the law and their religious convictions in defiance of America’s founding and the Constitution defining its government does not make one homophobic, yet the left constantly redefines terminology to frame the arguments of the day to their advantage while transforming America into a country that would be utterly unrecognizable to the Founders. Recognizing that Islam is an ideology that promotes the destruction of anyone unwilling to become one of its adherents and resisting this by defending our lives and our country does not make us Islamaphobic against those who practice this ideology while living in peace with others, yet the progressive elites label us as such because we oppose their efforts to transform America into a Muslim society complete with Sharia law in defiance to our Constitution. And finally, disagreement with a president who acts in open defiance of the Constitution to fundamentally transform America against the wishes of the American people to satisfy his hidden agenda does not make us racist just because he happens to be black, yet the progressives label us as such because we resist his efforts to undermine America while insultingly lecturing us on our intolerance even as he and his supporters act with the utmost intolerance towards us and our beliefs.

The progressive left truly believes that we Americans who resist their worldview are a basket of racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic deplorables. The left begins with the premise that their ideas are already a foregone conclusion and any resistance to them should be met with the attitude that they are such and that resistance is out of place since it wasn’t brought up before everyone accepted their ideas as a given. The trouble is that only the left accepted them as givens before springing them on the American people as givens. When Americans finally get the chance to voice their displeasure, they are labeled as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic deplorables for daring to oppose what the left considers a given premise.

Well, we deplorables are getting ready to voice our displeasure in a major way come November! We support Trump precisely because he opposes the lunacy of the progressive left and their media propaganda machine. They have insulted us Americans with their arrogant lecturing attitudes for far too long and we’re damn sick of it! We’re tired of being told we’re deplorable because we oppose their lunacy. We’re tired of sending our kids overseas to fight the Islamic terrorists while the Obama administration is busy bringing the Islamic terrorists right into the heart of America, then intolerantly lecturing us on our intolerance! If the progressive left considers us to be deplorables, then we deplorables are getting ready to make life miserable for the progressive left and their elitist bankrollers! As the left runs off the rails and becomes ever more desperate, they reveal themselves to be the intolerant despisers of America they’ve always been.

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2 Responses to We Deplorables

  1. SocialJustUs says:

    Note to Westerners: third-world hellholes are NOT the fault of the West, so stop feeling guilty about it and allowing your selves to be manipulated by Marxists and anarchists.

  2. Hillary Clinton destroyed herself politically with her basket of deplorables comment.

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