Weekend at Hillary’s

After weeks of hiding behind a veil of secrecy over questions of her health by ignoring, shrugging off, ridiculing, then scolding the media over questions about her health, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was finally forced to acknowledge their candidate has pneumonia when they could no longer hide her fainting spell emerging from the 9/11 Memorial Service in yet another lie designed to conceal the fact that Hillary has suffered a couple of strokes with her collapses indicative of Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs), stroke precursors that cause her to appear as if she’s in her own Weekend at Hillary’s.

Early in her career, Hillary Clinton served as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal. One of the left’s frequent complaints of Richard Nixon was his seeming obsession with secrecy and keeping the press at arm’s length. In a case of becoming that which she so vigorously fought against, Hillary appears to have exceeded Nixon’s fear of the press and lack of transparency. During this campaign season, Hillary has not held a press conference since December, and only recently began allowing select members of the press to travel on her campaign plane. Members of the press constantly gripe about her lack of transparency and refusal to take press questions. In comparison, Donald Trump relishes speaking with the media when they check their bias at the door and treat him fairly.

The Clinton pattern for dealing with the press over sensitive topics begins by ignoring the issue before moving into a period of ridicule to brush the issue aside. If the issue persists, they launch into a tirade against the vast right-wing media elements always out to get them with their attack dog David Brock from Media Matters backing up their fantastic claims. The liberally biased press then spins the vast right-wing conspiracy myth into an apparent tsunami of press momentum defending Hillary until the next issue comes along to replace it as front page fodder. Hillary has been shielded by the press for years as she built an air of invincibility around the idea of her becoming the first female president. Barack Obama managed to upset this air of invincibility in 1988, but Hillary merely shifted focus to set about enriching the Clinton Foundation as Secretary of State by selling access to power.

Hillary has become so guarded about the least detail of life that her first instinct is to lie when asked about anything. Her scandals stretch all the way back to the ‘70s to her days in Arkansas with the fraudulent Rose Law Firm billing records and shady cattle futures speculation arranged to boost her meager income. Forty years of scandal and the evasiveness that comes along with it is enough to cause anyone to become a pathological liar. It is indeed ironic that Hillary has become even more leery of the press that her nemesis Richard Nixon when the press so favors her and so loathed Nixon.

As to questions of her health, Hillary has suffered a number of coughing attacks in public where it took several minutes for her to recover enough to continue her appearances. Legitimate questions concerning her health were met with silence leading to speculation that tended to gravitate toward more serious end of possible causes. She has appeared wearing a form of prismatic glasses causing the pundits to speculate that she might be suffering from vertigo caused by all manner of conditions. She has appeared to be inebriated in photos leading to speculation that she may have passed out and hit her head causing some serious brain injury that might possibly have resulted in a stroke. Throughout all of this, her handlers have ignored, ridiculed, and attacked the press for these speculations without ever offering up a transparent answer for their causes. It’s even reached the point where normally sympathetic members of the press are now starting to chafe at her attacks and begun to demand answers from an increasingly reclusive Hillary.

When the inevitable collapse occurred that the campaign could not hide from the press, speculation about Hillary’s health was renewed in a major way and her attempts to control her image to the press were revealed for all to see. Hillary continues to be untrustworthy to the public while hiding behind layers of security hoping for press distractions in the form of breaking news stories to cause interest to wane. Her explanations for various aspects of the classified email scandal change constantly to reflect evidence that contradicts some portion of her latest story, and she even lies about having lied previously despite video proof that she did say what she is now claiming she didn’t say. Despite all of this, her fanatical supporters remain oblivious to the notion that Hillary might not be telling the whole truth.

At this point, what choice do they have? They managed to steal the nomination from socialist Bernie Sanders in a stunning display whereby Sanders would overwhelmingly win the popular vote only to see Hillary walk away with the same number or more delegates. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz managed to rig the system for her this time around to avoid having someone come out of nowhere to beat her unexpectedly like Obama did back in 2008. The Democrats are stuck with Hillary and have to prop her up in some surreal situation of life imitating art like the movie Weekend at Bernie’s. The large black man suddenly appearing at Hillary’s side we now know is there to help prop her up. The Democrats have been dead from the neck up for decades lacking any fresh ideas to extend the legitimacy of their failed welfare state, but it appears they’ve now resorted to propping up a dead candidate to run as their nominee.

Now that her health issue secret is out in the open, expect the press to come after her demanding the gory details. Meanwhile, expect Hillary to retreat further into her cocoon of seclusion propped up by campaign operatives attempting to make everyone think she’s perfectly fine and having a grand time as we get to spend the Weekend at Hillary’s.

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