It Was Ransom

The State Department finally confirmed that the $400 million payment to Iran was choreographed as a ransom for the release of four American hostages, to which President Obama merely shrugged nonchalantly, and even though Republicans were right in labeling this a ransom payment, it does not change the fact that the establishment GOP leadership is just as duplicitous and corrupt as their Democrat counterparts.

Amid charges that the $400 million paid to Iran under the pretense of settling an outstanding debt stemming from an arms sale canceled in the wake of the Iranian takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran and subsequent hostage crisis where Americans were held for over a year, a State Department spokesman was forced to admit that the payment was timed to secure the release of four Americans being held hostage by Iran. Iranian officials had emphatically insisted that the money was indeed being paid as a ransom for their release, and at least one of the released hostages described conversations with his captors in which they stated that their release was dependent upon the plane loaded with cash taking off first.

Given the preponderance of evidence available, the State Department could no longer keep up the charade with a straight face. President Obama, having little to fear in the form of a political backlash being that he is a lame duck president waiting out his final few months in office, with a smirk and a “so what” attitude, dropped what he viewed as a useless pretense anyway and admitted what everyone already knew. Republicans succeeded in forcing Obama to admit something already known which he never really cared about hiding in the first place. As such, this was really a Pyrrhic victory for Republicans who allowed this issue to distract from the more important work of exposing and defeating Hillary Clinton.

Despite being right about this being a ransom payment to terrorists on behalf of the Obama administration, and notwithstanding Obama’s repeated assurances and blustery talk insisting that America does not negotiate with terrorists or ever pay ransoms, it does not change the fact that the establishment GOP leadership has become just as corrupt and duplicitous as the establishment Democrat leadership. Years of swimming in the same cesspool while dreaming of wresting power away from the Democrats has led the establishment GOP leadership to abandon conservatism in obedience to the siren songs of a biased media insisting oh so reasonably that it was their stubborn clinging to conservatism which was preventing these frustrated Republicans from realizing their final victory.

This insidious corruption of the left which has crept into the ranks of the GOP establishment has caused them to adopt the same scorched-earth political tactics as Democrats, focused as they are on the secular humanist tenet that the ends justifies the means to excuse employment of the most egregious cutthroat methods in pursuit of victory to achieve the progressive agenda. The institution of politics has become so corrupted by both political parties that Americans barely bother to tune in anymore with election turnouts continuing to decline precipitously. Americans have wisely deduced that the massive corruption of the political parties, so prominently displayed in this primary season, means that their vote counts for little as corrupt establishment leaders connive to promote their handpicked candidates as the nominees.

Only Donald Trump has managed to frustrate the designs of this corrupt system as he arranged to wrest the nomination away from a piqued GOP establishment who has now publicly declared their intention to support his opponent in the general election in a stunning display of corruption speaking volumes to the idea that both parties are little more than insiders wishing to preserve their grasp on power. Blowhards such as George Will and Bill Kristol who profess to be conservatives aghast at Trump’s style of retail politics long ago abandoned any pretense of conservatism complicit in their support of the GOP corruption which has sustained the Obama administration over these past eight years with a steady stream of funding. Their apologies and excuses justifying the actions of a corrupt House Republican leadership providing the funding for President Obama’s progressive initiatives under Cryin’ John Boehner and his protégé Paul Ryan reveal them to be nothing more than liberal shills.

Conservatism is an adherence to the principles of America’s Founding Fathers enshrined in the Declaration and the Constitution, and espoused in works such as the Federalist Papers which explains the reasoning behind the Constitution. It is a commitment to the ideas of limited government, observance of the checks and balances placed upon government by the Founders, unfettered belief in the free enterprise system as the only way to improve the standard of living, unassailable property rights, a sound currency that does not rob citizens of their hard work through lost value, and an absolute belief in the rule of law equally applied to all citizens so as not to undermine their faith in the system under which they have voluntarily agreed to live. It is these ideas which ultimately preserve our freedom, and freedom from tyranny was the utmost goal of the Founders as they went about their work of creating a new government from scratch.

The progressive agenda is the antithesis of conservatism, and those who compromise their beliefs to tacitly support progressivism in the false belief of securing a future strategic victory are traitors to the cause of conservatism. These traitors deceive both themselves and an unsuspecting public with their subtle adoption of progressive language and talk of strategic compromise. So thorough is their deception that they no longer recognize just how far they have strayed from the conservative cause. In forcing the Obama administration to admit its deception on the payment of ransom to Iran, these so called “conservatives” merely succeeded in burnishing what they believe to be their conservative credentials now seen as any victory gained at the expense of progressive political pretense and nowhere near true conservatism in pursuit of those ideas of the Founders.

The political game as practiced by the current parties is one of spin and incremental advantage gained at the expense of the American people all for the sake of political bragging rights. The only goal of the players is increasing their political power with a short-term focus on the retention of power already accumulated. Gone is any sincerity that their power exists for the benefit of Americans with only allusions to working for the people uttered in staged campaign events for the folks back home who are held in disdain as an unpleasant necessity. The fact that Republicans happened to correctly identify this Obama administration spin perpetrated lie and call it out effectively enough to garner an admission in no way lessens the application of political spin employed by Republicans to maximize their advantage or increase the likelihood that its revelation was intended to inform Americans in a show of transparency. Republicans are just as invested in hiding details from the public as are Democrats when it suits their purposes.

Given that the establishment GOP leadership has revealed the extent of its utter corruption in the public declarations of its members’ intention to vote for their Democrat opponent over their party’s own nominee duly selected by its rank and file during the primary process, is it not time for conservatives to finally admit that retaking the Republican Party from these corrupt establishment leaders is no longer worth the effort? Surely it must be apparent that conservatives should abandon the GOP to form the TEA Party as an alternative to the corruption on such prominent display in both the Republican and Democrat parties and dedicate it to the cause of conservatism. It is better to leave the corruption of the GOP behind to forge a new party untainted by past prejudices and dedicate it to restoration of the conservative ideas envisioned by the Founders which brought America from discovery to the world’s lone superpower with the highest standard of living in history in less than four hundred years.

Let us leave the GOP to those who long ago sacrificed conservatism on the altar of political victory with their constant reminders to us of their disdain for our presence in “their” party while lecturing us that our rigid adherence to conservative principles threatens their grasp on power. Allow them to eventually fold the GOP into an alliance with the Democrats in a Big Government Party opposing the limited government ideas of the TEA Party. We see this alliance already forming in the public declarations of prominent Republicans intent on voting for Hillary. There is little one can conclude other than that they have obviously corrupted themselves to the point where they can no longer discern their opposition because their goals have aligned in support of big government above all else.

Yes, the Obama administration did pay a ransom to Iran for the release of American hostages despite their denials and insistence that no such policy existed. President Obama lectured us that this was not a ransom while insisting that it was American policy never to deal with terrorists or pay ransoms. Obama administration officials attempted to downplay their politically spun lies with more political spin insisting that this was good policy to return Americans to their loved ones. All of this was true and Republicans lambasted the Obama administration for its lies, but these facts still don’t change or excuse the corruption of the establishment GOP leadership and the political spin it employs to distract Americans from its complicity in funding ad tacitly supporting the progressive agenda of bigger government.

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