Ransom or Political Smear?

Did President Obama willingly and enthusiastically pay the Iranian government a $400 million ransom for the release of Americans held hostage by Iran and use a past incident to conveniently explain away this treacherous act of funding the very terrorism America and the world is fighting to suppress, or is the Republican establishment attempting to use the incident to smear Obama and inflame their base for political purposes?

I became an independent conservative because I realized back in 2009 that the Republican Party no longer had the desire or the ability to act as an effective opposition party against the creeping incrementalism of the progressives in the Democrat Party. The GOP had remained in the minority so long and had grown so resistant to change that they had begun to look inward and had focused on their desire to win at all costs. To accomplish this, the establishment GOP leadership sacrificed conservative principles in obedience to the liberal media sirens which lectured that conservatism was the very thing costing them elections. After the conservative anomaly of President Reagan’s two terms, establishment President George H.W. Bush promptly broke his “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge and was relegated to one term by Americans who had taken him at his word.

In service to their slavish devotion to seniority, the GOP establishment selected Bod Dole to face Bill Clinton in 1996. It was clear to everyone except the establishment GOP leadership that Dole was completely outclassed politically by Clinton, and he went down in flames. Desperate to regain the White House after two terms of Slick Willie, the establishment got behind George Bush early with a huge war chest which practically froze other Republicans from the race. Pulling out all the stops with their choice of “compassionate conservative” Bush, they managed to pull off a win over robotic Al Gore preaching environmentalism and boasting of fantastic deeds such as inventing the Internet. Bush’s win convinced the establishment GOP leadership that watered-down, “Democrat lite” candidates were the ticket to winning, and they proceeded to nominate John McCain and Willard Mitt Romney who were slaughtered by Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, the pernicious mantra that Republican candidates must never offend a voter by actually taking a stand on an issue when answering questions quickly insinuated itself deep within the party to the point where Republicans wouldn’t even fight for conservatism after they were elected for fear the liberal media sirens would call them out to the voters. Newt Gingrich’s Republican Revolution and Contract with America whereby Republicans won back the House in 1994 campaigning on a conservative platform were dismissed by the establishment GOP leadership as an aberration convinced as they were by the liberal media sirens that conservatism was a loser in America.

Eventually, by emulating the corrupt progressive Democrats whose only goal was winning to advance the incrementalism of the progressive agenda and perpetuate their power, the establishment GOP leadership became just as corrupt as the establishment Democrat leadership and the two parties morphed into one Big Government Party right before our eyes. House Speaker John Boehner bent over backwards to fund President Obama’s progressive agenda while holding show votes on abolishing Obamacare he knew would never get a vote in the Senate under hyper partisan Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Then along came Donald Trump to completely eviscerate the corrupt establishment GOP leadership whose inward focus had prevented it from developing the talking points necessary to articulate and defend conservatism and whose laziness had prevented them from recognizing and understanding America’s shift away from the discredited traditional media towards social media. Trump is a disruptive force destroying the old way of doing politics by ushering in a change the establishment neither understands nor cares to know about. Recognizing that Trump threatens both the corrupt Democrat and Republican leadership teams, the parties have joined forces in an all-out assault on Trump to deny him the election knowing that Hillary will not change anything in D.C. The problem with this strategy is the fact that Trump has already changed everything about politics, but the corrupt establishment leadership of both parties is too ignorant to realize this.

Americans have caught on to the media bias and political spin directed their way by a corrupt media which no longer even pretends to hide its bias as it blatantly repeats the talking points handed to them by the Democrat Party. We learned long ago listening to Bill Clinton carefully explain away his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in a tangle of lawyer-speak lies only to have President Obama become so blatant as to lie about his lies despite having the Internet available to catch his lies. The Big Government Party has become so corrupt that fact-checking their lies is just a wasted effort in the two-week news cycle where we’re quickly distracted by the next even more egregious scandal.

I say all of this leading up to the main thrust of this article. I believe Barack Obama has been the absolute worst president America has ever had, and I remember Jimmy Carter! The difference between Carter and Obama is that Carter was just inept while Obama has intentionally pursued adoption of the progressive agenda despite the damage it has caused America while fully aware of the damage he was causing. I do not want anyone to misconstrue anything about this article as being supportive of President Obama in any way. Now, let’s move on to the rest of the story.

In 1979, exiled Muslim cleric Ayatollah Khomeini staged the Iranian Revolution which saw the overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. The weak leadership of President Carter emboldened Khomeini’s followers to depose the Shah confident that Carter would do nothing to aid the Shah despite being installed as ruler by America during World War II. At the time of the Iranian Revolution, America had agreed to sell a consignment of F-16 fighter planes to Iran for which the Iranians had made a deposit of $400 million. With the overthrow of the Shah, the sale was suspended and an international court was established to settle all claims between Iran and the U.S.

This international court, based in The Hague, has been slowly grinding away all these years processing evidence in this case and finally reached a point back in 2015 where it was preparing to render a judgement. The case was looking grim for the U.S. and the Obama administration decided to settle out of court rather than face the prospect of losing badly to the Iranians for an anticipated sum of around $10 billion. The negotiations for this out-of-court settlement took place during the negotiations for the Iranian nuclear deal, albeit with a different set of negotiators who conducted their negotiations separate from those of the Iranian nuclear deal negotiators. The parties reached a settlement in January of this year where the U.S. would pay Iran $1.7 billion, amounting to about $300 million of interest on top of the originally frozen assets considering inflation. The timing of the settlement announcement coincided with the same day that Iran received its first round of sanctions relief from the nuclear deal, while the cash payment occurred on the same day – January 17 – that the four hostages were released.

The payment was made in foreign currencies due to laws preventing the transfer of U.S dollars to Iran, and coincided with the release of the four American hostages held by Iran. The Obama administration transferred the $400 million dollars to the Swiss Central Bank, which was then converted to Swiss francs, Euros, and other currencies for transfer to Iran in a time consuming process since it’s not easy to assemble $400 million in cash. To make matters worse, the Iranians spun the story to Iranian state media as a ransom payment for the hostages then released.

Republicans immediately seized on the story as a ransom payment to Iran for American hostages complete with pictures of the cash-laden pallets immediately infuriating Americans suspicious of President Obama’s Muslim ties and Iranian sympathies. Republican congressmen immediately took to the airwaves to denounce the deal and began calling for hearings to investigate the incident. Americans are incensed at the idea that President Obama is paying Iran a ransom for the release of hostages, and that this money will likely flow to terrorist organizations to finance their destruction.

I would point out that there is no more reason to trust media sirens biased towards the corrupt Republican establishment than it is to trust those biased towards the corrupt Democrat establishment. Americans are so used to hearing about liberal media bias that they never consider the existence of media bias towards the Republican establishment. Make no mistake – I’m speaking of media bias towards the corrupt GOP establishment leadership and its talking points, not conservative bias and certainly not the fake conservative bias fabricated by the corrupt establishment Democrat leadership to distract from the very real presence of liberal media bias.

If we conservatives could trust the corrupt establishment GOP leadership, then we would not have spent the last six years fighting against them to get TEA Party candidates elected, nor would we have had to watch them attempt to eviscerate Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. And really, who actually believes the Iranian media isn’t spinning the story of a U.S. ransom for American hostages? When it comes to believing the Iranian state media, let’s all just give a collective roll of the eyes and exasperated sigh. Of course the Iranians are going to say it was a ransom payment so they continue looking tough against the West to further their power.

The timing on this deal was politically lousy, along with the details of the cash payment and the lack of full disclosure concerning the timing and terms of the deal. The Obama administration got their clocked cleaned on this one for sure, but was it actually a ransom-for-hostages deal? The original Republican talking points stated that it was a ransom payment for the Navy sailors captured in the Persian Gulf on January 12, 2016, but this was impossible given the time it took to assemble the cash in foreign currencies and the fact that the sailors were released the next day along with their riverine boats and all their equipment. Also, it is suspicious that these incidents all occurred back in January but are just now being revealed to the public during the presidential race as if it were the result of a months-long investigative effort. All of this indicates that this was a rush to judgement designed to score political points with the voters.

Further investigation may reveal nefarious intentions on the part of the Obama administration to funnel money to Iran as part of its effort to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a reversal of the American position on ousting him as Syria’s leader. Any number of things could come to light in the future, but Americans have come to distrust both political parties for their constant political spin, i.e. lying, and we are well aware of the GOP’s treachery concerning conservatism and Donald Trump. I mean, how corrupt is it to hear establishment GOP figures publicly stating their intention to vote for Hillary over the nominee of their own party?

American politics has reached the utterly ridiculous phase, and we are witnessing the end of the Republican Party as it is absorbed into the Big Government Party alongside the Democrat Party. Americans should prepare themselves for the formation of another major political party and get used to the idea of supporting alternate parties as our political system fractures. Corrupt establishment GOP figures are stating their intention of voting for Hillary with the goal of convincing other party members to follow their lead. On the Democrat side, those who were feeling the Bern only to watch as the corrupt establishment Democrat leadership blatantly stole the nomination from their candidate are faced with the prospect of voting for corrupt Hillary or secretly voting for Trump as the only candidate promising to change the system.

These are indeed interesting times in the realm of American politics. The Obama administration may or may not have paid a ransom for the release of the hostages, but our politics and media have become so corrupt that we Americans can no longer adequately discern the truth from the lies as the political spin machines continue to whiz along.

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