Feeling the Bern

In contrast to the mildly contentious GOP convention held earlier this month, this week’s Democrat convention harkened back to 1968 with protesters taking to the streets to denounce the DNC’s manipulation of the primary process denying socialist Bernie Sanders the nomination as his supporters mixed with protesters from various other aggrieved party factions such as Black Lives Matter and Hispanic groups all decrying the corruption rampant at the DNC that is stifling their voices.

The infamous 1968 Democrat convention held in Chicago pitted anti-war protesters supporting Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy against more conservative establishment Democrats supporting Vice President Hubert Humphrey. When the protests threatened to get out of hand, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s cops stormed in to suppress the protesters and ended up creating a nightmarish spectacle broadcast on televisions across America. Americans watched in shock as protesters clashed with police and the convention erupted in chaos.

The 1968 Democrat convention closely parallels this convention due to the fact that Humphrey skipped the primaries and amassed his delegates in caucus states controlled by party leaders in a situation similar to that of Hillary compiling her delegates through party leaders. Also, both conventions were held during a year of violence, political turbulence, and civil unrest. 1968 saw rioting and the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, while 2016 has seen multiple murders of police officers across the country coupled with Islamic terrorist acts around the world.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz orchestrated Hillary Clinton’s nomination by filling key DNC positions with other women supporting Hillary, and worked with Hillary to select Democrat superdelegates who supported her. Beleaguered Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would walk away with upwards of 80% of the vote in some states only to see the majority of the delegates go to his vanquished opponent. Only with the Democrats can someone win the vote and lose the election! The Democrats have truly turned the system upside down from one where the majority rules to one where the minority rules!

Sanders complained throughout the primaries that the system was rigged against him by the DNC, and DNC emails recently leaked by hackers through WikiLeaks provides the evidence that Sanders and his campaign were correct all along. Sanders campaigned on the premise that the systems in America were rigged against Americans to favor the wealthy, and no greater evidence exists of that premise than the fact that the DNC primary system was rigged against Bernie himself. Those primary voters feeling the Bern have witnessed their disenfranchisement by a corrupt DNC establishment leadership exercising rules emplaced back in 1980 creating the superdelegates but never used until this year. The corrupt RNC has similar rules to allow party leaders to select their nominee over the preference of their party membership, but their subtlety was no match for Donald Trump who steamrolled right over them supported by a base disgusted with the corruption of the party’s establishment leadership.

Unable to overcome the bludgeoning effect of the DNC’s blunt control tactics, those feeling the Bern have been left to stew in their disgust of their party’s corrupt establishment leadership confused as to whom they hate more: Republican Donald Trump mercilessly caricatured by their corrupt media sirens as an uncontrolled racist buffoon, or Hillary Clinton who really is a thoroughly corrupt, power hungry character whose operatives rigged the system against their candidate. Many of those who were feeling the Bern and are now burning with the feeling are giving Trump a second look as the true outsider candidate poised to tear down the entire system of corruption underpinning both parties. Liberal actress Susan Sarandon has declared her support of Trump, and many other prominent liberals are following her lead unable to stomach Hillary’s corruption and empty resume.

The release of thousands of DNC emails through WikiLeaks prior to the convention was a bombshell that totally threw the DNC into chaos and panic mode as Hillary’s big moment was threatened with yet another scandal to be added to the already voluminous collection of scandals littered throughout her past. Having no shame and never taking no for an answer, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was literally forced to resign as she had no intention of leaving. When the DNC leadership committee drafted a statement for Shultz to take responsibility for the email content, Debbie argued that the statement should be issued in DNC CEO Amy Dacey’s name to which the DNC leadership firmly disagreed. Finally, Schultz was forced to resign by members who could no longer abide by her in-your-face tactics and corruption. Debbie is also in deep trouble back in her home district as her challengers are seizing on her unpopularity to remind district Bernie supporters of her treachery.

Bernie supporters were planning a last-ditch effort to have their voices heard at this week’s convention through protests designed to disrupt convention events and speakers. Their plans were anticipated by party leaders who took steps to isolate and remove protesters to prevent their disruptions. After all, nothing can be allowed to spoil Hillary’s big moment and no hint of party disunity can be allowed to be shown to Americans as they might get the idea that all is not as rosy as corrupt party leaders would have them believe. After all, the Democrat Party has prided itself on its lockstep unity with nary a hint of dissention to bolster its claim to moral superiority in politics.

Bernie’s delegates were isolated and held hostage by party leaders to prevent them from speaking to the press while Bernie supporters attempted to free them. Unsuccessful in their efforts, Bernie supporters began marching down Broad Street towards downtown Philly where they encountered a throng of Black Lives Matter protesters marching towards the convention hall. Insults were traded as the Black Lives Matter protesters shouted for the whites to get to the rear of their march. Flags were burned, barricade walls surrounding the convention hall were shoved over, and police intervened repeatedly during the convention, but no one watching the Democrat media sirens were ever shown these chaotic scenes. Only Fox News covered the chaos of protesters railing against the corruption of the Democrat Party in silencing their candidate’s voice.

The corrupt media sirens constantly referred to the GOP convention as dark and foreboding while criticizing Trump’s acceptance speech as having a dark and ugly tone despite it being well received by the record number of Americans who tuned in to watch its delivery. Meanwhile, viewership of the Democrat convention has been historically low with the lowest viewership coming on the night of President Obama’s speech praising himself and his tenure while giving Hillary’s leadership abilities faint praise as almost an afterthought. Americans have long since tired of Obama’s rhetorical chicanery and don’t wish to waste their time hearing more of it. The corrupt media sirens were intent on portraying the Democrat convention as a Potemkin village of calm and unity while ignoring the massive protests kept outside as much as possible. A few Bernie supporters managed to sneak in sign and banners, but they were quickly escorted out once they made themselves known.

The Trump campaign has been courting disaffected Bernie supporters despite their overwhelming hatred of anything Republican. In the coming months, as they stew over the corruption which denied their candidate a fair shot at the nomination, it may be that many of these Bernie supporters see the choice of Trump as the lesser evil that allows them to once more voice their hatred of Hillary and her corrupt Wall Street ties to the wealthy that are poised to gain under her administration at the expense of ordinary Americans. Like Susan Sarandon, they may come to see Trump as the outsider he is, loathed by members of both parties who see him as disrupting the system and pushing them out. Hillary is supported by establishment Republicans because they know she will never change anything about the system which benefits them so well. Those feeling the Bern did so because they realized Bernie was right about the system being rigged against Americans by the wealthy and that Hillary has no desire to change that system since she profits off of it through the Clinton Foundation.

Think about this situation for a moment. Donald Trump has managed to so disrupt the Republican Party and its corrupt establishment leadership that they are publicly stating their support for the opposition Democrat candidate despite her history of corruption and their hatred of her throughout the years. This is a stunning achievement for a man so many have written off so many times this election year! Trump has managed to single-handedly expose the corruption of the GOP establishment leadership and the political institution as a whole while exposing the corruption endemic to other institutions such as education, immigration enforcement, and the hypocrisy in prosecuting the war against Islamic terrorists. Anyone willing to overcome their political prejudices and take a serious look at Trump has to see a candidate overthrowing the corrupt political status quo that is dragging America down into oblivion. Bernie’s supporters saw their candidate as a guy willing to overthrow the corrupt political establishment, and Trump’s outsider candidacy should appeal to them also, especially when compared to Hillary’s support of leaving the corrupt political system intact.

Those feeling the Bern and hoping to finally make their voices heard at this week’s convention were not only disappointed, but provided with a new set of grievances by a corrupt DNC leadership intent on silencing them and hiding them away as if they never existed in service to their need to display party unity. Hillary and the DNC not only failed to unify the party, but their corrupt actions actually widened the chasm and weakened the party. This is a rift ripe for Trump to exploit with wedge issues designed to further inflame Bernie supporters by reminding them of the corruption which cost their candidate the nomination and directing their ire towards Hillary as its true target.

This election year is a watershed that will be studied in history books as a turning point away from the centralized control of corrupt party leaders towards the dispersed control of disaffected Americans seeking to reclaim the power of the people to control their government and make it work for them and not against them. Great Britain’s vote to exit the European Union was a vote to reclaim its independence and rejoin the rest of the world in opposition to the globalist mantra of centralized control. The GOP convention ran smoothly because Trump was able to wrest power away from the corrupt party leadership and give a voice to the disaffected GOP base, but the corrupt Democrat leadership thwarted the will of its base in voicing its displeasure with the globalism under which they suffer causing its convention to erupt in chaos and disunity.

It was not a good week either for those feeling the Bern or the DNC leadership as they clashed during the convention and provided a glimpse into the massive disunity that not even their media sirens could hide from Americans. Now that the conventions are over and the candidates are set, we get to the much anticipated main event of watching Trump eviscerate Hillary during the campaign. Let the games begin!

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2 Responses to Feeling the Bern

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Trump is everything Bernie’s been fighting against.
    Bernie knows that a Trump victory would be fatal to the Revolution. Period.

  2. Tom Roberson says:

    Are you telling me that Bernie is fighting for the corruption of the Democrat Party on full display during the primaries? Do the ends really justify the means like the secular humanists would have us believe? Remember that Trump is hated by the corrupt GOP establishment leadership because he threatens their way of doing business with disruptive change. What I liked about Bernie was his stated intention of changing the way things were done in D.C. because Americans are getting the shaft from the connected wealthy insiders and elites. Now that Bernie has been shafted by the wealthy Democrat elites, Trump is the only candidate left promising change. Perhaps you should get past the biased media spin and give Trump a new look.

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