About What I Expected

Despite all the bluster of the establishment vaingloriously attempting to derail Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and return to that time when they were firmly in charge of the GOP, the Republican convention went about as I expected with bold opening talk, backroom skullduggery, and delegates who swung into line to jump on the bandwagon realizing the inevitable that Donald Trump is, despite the establishment’s ire, the GOP’s best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton for president, capped off by the last-minute petulant whining of a defeated adversary.

Leading up to the convention, the establishment displayed the peevishness of a spoiled child who isn’t getting his way with their endless scheming to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination he had won handily in the primaries besting a field of some seventeen candidates composed of seasoned politicians and political novices. Trump received more primary votes than any Republican ever received, energized the conservative base to frenzied heights, and brought more people into the GOP than anyone since Ronald Reagan in 1980. In spite of this track record of success, the GOP establishment still sought to deny Trump the nomination as their candidate and void the will of millions of Republican primary voters to retain their grasp on party power while condescendingly looking down upon Trump as unfit to wrest party control from their grasp. In their actions, the establishment sealed their fate as the out-of-touch elites they are while confirming that Trump was exactly the anti-establishment candidate conservatives have been seeking to upend the establishment and restore America to its rightful place in the world.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus recognized some time ago that allowing the establishment to destroy Trump would bring destruction to the GOP itself and sought to tamp down as best he could the establishment subterfuge aimed at denying Trump the nomination primary voters meant him to have. Priebus understood that the inward-looking establishment had lost the ability to control their party and never possessed the ability to understand the new brand of retail politics Trump has mastered with its reliance on social media in lieu of the mainstream media controlled by the establishment. Trump ran circles around the establishment leaving them an utterly helpless, befuddled mass seething with rage over the brashness of this political upstart refusing to play their game their way. So piqued was their ire that they were incapable of learning from Trump’s bold style to turn the political tables on the Democrat establishment still clinging to the opposition research and demographics which proved so futile to the GOP establishment in stopping Trump. Priebus doesn’t understand this new political style though, and it is imperative that his inevitable replacement does.

Trump’s nomination is sweet vindication to those of us from the TEA Party who worked to get Republicans elected in 2010 only to have the establishment swat us to the back of the bus and blame their failures on us in 2012 while derisively calling for our departure from “their” party. Determined that we were not going to take another election season having the establishment deride us as unwanted, we resolved to nominate a candidate as anti-establishment as possible, and Trump proved to be that candidate living up to our expectations as a winner who would not back down from or allow himself to be corrupted by the establishment we’ve come to loathe with their broken promises of resisting Obama’s progressive agenda exposed by their funding of his initiatives despite being the majority party in Congress.

Donald Trump introduced America to his family and proved himself to be exactly like us with respect to family values, the desire to succeed, and the astonishment at our government being so out-of-control and out-of-touch as to encourage and abet the Islamic terrorism and thuggish domestic terrorism sweeping across our country and endangering our lives. Trump understands that the first priority of any government is to protect its citizens, and he pledged to protect us Americans as our president by restoring law and order and halting the immigration of unchecked Muslims. With his billions, Trump reminded us that America is the land of opportunity where success is achieved through hard work and that these values are embodied in the American spirit. After eight years of listening to President Obama beat us down with condescending lectures that we ought to be grateful for whatever he allows us to have, Trump is a refreshing change energizing our spirits.

Once the actual convention voting got underway to officially nominate Trump, establishment resistance melted quickly in the face of overwhelming support from delegates wary of crossing the voters back home. Trump emerged with several hundred votes more than he needed to secure the nomination as once defiant delegates wisely climbed aboard the Trump bandwagon preferring to support a winner over making a futile gesture. This was not unexpected as the establishment never really got past the point of grumbling loudly about Trump without ever actually accomplishing anything. After all, this was the group which failed to defeat President Obama in 2012 by nominating weaker-than-water Willard Mitt Romney and refused to update their tired old campaign machinery to take advantage of social media and newer technology like the Democrats. I wasn’t expecting much out of the establishment, and I wasn’t disappointed.

In spite of his pledge to support the eventual nominee, Texas Senator Ted Cruz infamously reneged on his word by refusing to endorse Trump under the silly pretext that Trump had insulted his family. This, notwithstanding the fact that Cruz started in on Trump’s family first and the expectation that a politician would put the good of the country over his personal feelings, or that a seasoned politician would deign to display a lot thicker skin when mixing it up in the rough-and-tumble world of politics. For all his trouble, Cruz managed to commit political suicide in prime time without even landing a glancing blow on Trump.

One surprisingly bright spot was Ivanka Trump’s speech Thursday night introducing her father for his acceptance speech. Ivanka did a marvelous job delivering her speech in front of an overwhelming crowd like a pro and came across as warm and funny while endearing herself to the public. Ivanka demonstrated that she might have a future in politics if she decides to pursue one.

Much was expected of Trump’s acceptance speech as a vehicle to unify the party, display his presidential timber, and lay out a clear vision for America in contrast to that of the progressives over the past eight years and continued by Hillary Clinton. In this, Trump delivered in abundance with a brilliant speech delivered flawlessly on message.

As expected, the media cast the Republican convention as having a dark and foreboding vision of America exuding xenophobia and emphasizing an all-is-lost attitude. Donald Trump’s nomination is stark evidence that Americans have caught on to the media’s lies in service to the progressive agenda, and their influence continues to diminish and be discounted. The media hyped Cruz’s refusal to endorse Trump as some monumental rupture in the GOP signaling its inevitable demise while totally missing that it is Trump’s nomination which actually signals the establishment’s eventual demise.

The GOP convention unfolded pretty much as I expected with a chastened establishment ignored by party members longing to win, petulant pretenders to the throne holding their breath like spoiled children, and the party nominee rising to the occasion to unify the party and belie his naysayers. Donald Trump refused to play by the establishment’s rules and secured the GOP nomination in spite of the establishment. Continued defiance of the political conventional wisdom will secure Trump the presidency this November. All in all, it was about what I expected.

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