Denying the Obvious

Donald Trump is surging in popularity with the electorate because the Obama administration, the progressives, and Hillary Clinton continue denying the obvious reality of Islamic terrorism despite the recent attack in Nice, France coming as the next in a long series of Islamic terrorist attacks against the West that is painfully obvious to Americans.

When faced with a situation requiring the application of a solution, one must first carefully identify the real problem underlying the situation at hand. Failure to properly identify the problem risks the misapplication of resources towards addressing symptoms of the problem while doing nothing to alleviate the problem. In fact, failure to properly address the problem while concentrating too much on the symptoms of the problem risks aggravating the problem and making it that much worse.

Good managers are aware of the need to properly identify and address the real underlying problem of a situation so as to minimize the amount of resources required to address the problem in the shortest time possible. Poor managers often rush into a situation only to concentrate scarce resources on addressing symptoms of the problem while doing nothing to alleviate the problem itself.

Much has been written concerning the aptitude of President Obama with various pundits speculating on Obama’s lack of intelligence given his refusal to release his college transcripts combined with his seemingly obtuse policy positions. They speculate the Obama’s transcripts might reveal him as an average or poor student while he attempts to maintain an image of superior intellect that strokes his narcissistic ego. Or, it may be that Obama’s transcripts would reveal that he was allowed to coast through college as his handlers paved the way for his ascension up the political ladder.

President Obama has certainly confused Americans with his policy positions and apparent lack of leadership, but his actions are only confusing when one adopts the presumption that President Obama seeks the good of the country. When one starts with the assumption that President Obama is seeking to sow as much discord as possible, create as much chaos as possible, and undermine America’s leadership around the world, then his actions become a lot clearer and a lot more calculated. President Obama may indeed be a man of average intellect narcissistically stroking his ego by taking on the persona of superior intellectual ability, but he is definitely pursuing an agenda of radical transformation that is destroying America.

Along with President Obama’s hidden college transcripts and forged birth certificate are the obfuscated details of his past. From the murky details of his conception and birth emerge a child raised in Indonesia by a Muslim stepfather and educated in a Muslim school who now denies ever being a Muslim despite eyewitness accounts from childhood friends attesting to his prowess at reciting the Quran and the Muslim call to prayer as a devout follower of Islam. This is an important detail President Obama would want to hide as he covertly supports the Muslim cause of bringing sharia law to America through the importation of thousands of unvetted Muslims.

Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin referred to those true believers of communism as useful idiots because they truly believed in the cause without realizing that the Soviet leadership merely used communism as a means to acquire power. The useful idiots of the progressive cause allow themselves to defend Muslims who would like nothing better than to be given the opportunity to kill these useful idiots. The homosexual community supporting the Democrats and their progressive agenda of defending Muslims as misunderstood people would be killed off as one of the first acts of Muslims who suddenly found themselves able to impose sharia law on America. Women defending the progressive abortion industry would be enslaved by Muslims just like their Mideast female counterparts wearing burqas as their only fashion statement and not being allowed to drive or even venture out alone. No more girls’ night out, bikinis at the beach, trips to the mall, careers as professional working women, or voting in elections. They could look forward to second-class citizenship with no rights and a lifetime of drudgery under sharia law.

So, why do these groups who stand to lose so much if Muslims are allowed to expand their control around the world continue supporting the progressive elite so determined to help Muslims achieve this goal? There is a saying in the Mideast that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is a pithy way to sum up realpolitik aligning the short term interests of otherwise mutually exclusive groups towards the common goal of defeating an enemy of both. The trouble lies in the fact that absent the resolution of differences which make these two groups antagonistic towards each other they quickly resort to infighting once their common enemy is defeated. By aligning with the Muslims who threaten America, progressives wish to buttress their agenda of undermining American power and authority to overthrow conservative ideas of morality and launch an era where there is no right or wrong and progressives are free to do as they please without fear of having to be reminded of the wickedness of their ways. Little do these useful idiots of the progressive movement realize that they are also being used by the Muslims who plan to turn on them once their common goal of destroying conservative morality is achieved.

Americans are distracted by the progressives and their media sirens into believing that Muslims are peaceful people merely wishing to be left alone and that Americans are prejudiced against them for the actions of a small radicalized sect not representative of Muslims as a whole. We are constantly lectured to by the Obama administration that we should not retaliate against Muslims as if Americans are dragging them out of their homes and lynching them from the nearest tree. This is an absurd implication with absolutely no basis in truth and is insulting to Americans simultaneously experiencing Islamic terrorist attacks and unwarranted lectures in civility for actions which are not occurring. Americans are sick to death of President Obama’s support of Muslims and his insulting lectures in civility delivered in his elitist haranguing and condescending manner while failing to address the problem of Islamic terrorism which is costing American lives and growing worse.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University, defines three parts necessary for a comprehensive strategy to defeat global jihad. Those three parts are: 1) Identify the enemy; 2) Empower allies; and 3) Delegitimize the ideology of jihad.

Dr. Gorka begins with identification of the enemy as the primary step in defeating global jihad. Identification of the enemy allows us to precisely focus our attention on the root problem of global jihad. In refusing to name our enemy as radical Islam, President Obama has forced an insulting agenda of political correctness down our throats that demoralizes Americans and undermines our allies in the Muslim world. These allies are powerless to resist the radicalization of Islam while Obama promotes the narrative that terrorism is the result of poverty and lack of education, not religion. It is essential to recognize that jihad is fueled by religion and that the conflict is a religious war within Islam that the jihadists are winning. As Dr. Gorka states it, “This isn’t a war with Islam. This is a war inside Islam. But the enemy is using religion. We cannot defeat them unless we understand how religion informs their operations and how they define their strategies, their tactics, their procedures, and their techniques.”

By refusing to call Islamic radicalism by name, Dr. Gorka asserts that President Obama is injecting politics into warfare using political correctness to silence critics of his policies and allowed radical Islam to infiltrate the government as Obama enlists the advice of various groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Dr. Gorka, “When the enemy says they’re jihadists, you don’t get to call them unemployed disenfranchised individuals who need a better education. We have to prosecute this war objectively and understand the enemy as they understand themselves.”

Dr. Gorka’s second point is that we must empower our allies by understanding that this is not a war against Islam, but a war within Islam that must be waged by warriors from within Islam. We must work closely with our regional allies such as Jordan and Egypt to empower them in their resistance to radical Islamism. America must realize that we are losing the war against the jihadis and be prepared to assist our regional allies in what has become a low-tech struggle that places superior American battlespace technology at a disadvantage.

Dr. Gorka’s third point is that we must delegitimize the ideology of jihad by de-glamorizing it. The jihadis have waged a successful social media campaign glamorizing jihad to the point where young middle-class Americans are traveling overseas to join their ranks. We must discredit jihad by delegitimizing the ideology, and we must use social media to launch a counter-propaganda campaign to do so. The Soviet Union was brought down when Soviet citizens lost faith in the cause through the efforts of Cold War propaganda operations such as Radio Free Europe. We must also realize that force is only part of the solution, and that winning the war means winning the debate over who has the better vision for the world.

In past wars, America has faced an enemy on foreign shores, but radical Islam has brought the war to the American homeland with catastrophic results. Our studies of conflicts such as Vietnam reveal that we not only faced a military enemy, but that every citizen was a potential enemy either directly or indirectly supporting the military forces of our adversary. We now find ourselves at war with global jihad that is being waged on our shores and it is imperative that each American be prepared to execute our mission against the jihadis. We can’t allow ourselves to be cowed into silence by the PC tactics of President Obama and his progressive ilk. We must be prepared to defend ourselves, our families, and our way of life in forceful and morally unambiguous tones.

We can no longer afford the lunacy of denying the obvious truth that America is at war with global jihad. We must busy ourselves defending America and our way of life. We must stop the madness of refusing to identify our enemy as radical Islam while assisting our Muslim allies as they wage the war within Islam and reiterating why our vision for the world is better than the radical Islamic vision for the world.

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