Undermining the Rule of Law

The recent decision by Obama administration officials to recommend no charges against Hillary Clinton for her flagrant violations of national security laws along with the recent targeted attacks against police which have resulted in numerous officer killings underscores the progressive agenda of undermining the rule of law to further destabilize American society.

To be successful, a country must have three things: sound currency, property rights, and the rule of law. Its citizens must be confident that the currency is a stable store of value with which to perform transactions if business is to flourish beyond a simple barter system. Its citizens must also be assured that their property claims are guaranteed before they will invest the sweat equity for necessary improvements which increase its value and productivity. And finally, its citizens must believe that the rule of law applies equally to each regardless of rank or wealth before they will buy into the concept of following those laws for a smoothly functioning society.

During his tenure, President Obama has more than doubled the national debt to the astounding sum of over twenty trillion dollars. This is an amount whose repayment is inconceivable given the anemic condition of our economy ravaged as it is by Obama’s stubborn adherence to Keynesian economic policies long proven to be an immense hindrance to economic recovery. The value of the U.S. dollar continues to erode as its constant printing further dilutes its value relative to the backing of real assets such as gold. A number of economic factors have kept inflation somewhat checked, but government subterfuge in calculating and reporting inflation is the main reason why it is portrayed as being so low. Real inflation shows up in the tremendous increase in food prices which are conveniently omitted from inflation calculations by Obama administration economists. By undermining the value of our currency, the Obama administration’s progressive ilk have wreaked havoc on the U.S. economy and wrecked the lives of millions of Americans.

There has long been a government assault on property rights conducted by Executive Branch agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the imposition of local zoning laws which deny property owners the right to dispose of their property as they see fit. The Obama administration has hastened this assault on property rights through its war on coal prosecuted by its hyper partisan EPA colluding with radical environmental organizations to enact their extremist agendas. The Department of Justice (DoJ) under Attorney General Loretta Lynch has undertaken a campaign to enforce progressive orthodoxy promoting homosexuality against business owners who rightly complain of the denial of their constitutional rights to protection of religious freedom in refusing to serve those desiring to put the religious beliefs of these business owners into conflict with the demands of these homosexual agitators. When the government demands the use of property in defiance of the owner’s wishes, this leads to a serious undermining of property rights which causes property owners to rethink their investment in property improvements.

Americans have witnessed President Obama’s eagerness to wade into the middle of every racially charged incident arising during his tenure starting with the infamous case of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates being arrested outside his home in 2009 and crying racism because he was black. In every case, President Obama has promoted the cause of blacks in these incidents without bothering to wait for all the facts and has been proven wrong in his initial assessments of these incidents. These numerous incidents have inflamed racial tensions by infuriating whites as Obama consistently refuses to recognize anything other than white fault while absolving the most egregious black thugs of any wrongdoing or intent that clearly contributed to the case at hand. Aided by the Obama administration, the media attempts to contort every possible conflict into a racial conflict by manipulating the fact to fit the progressive narrative of white hatred towards blacks. White Americans are infuriated at this tactic of laying the blame of every racial grievance at their feet while blacks are whipped into a frenzy every time an incident arises which can be promoted into racial animosity. Who can forget President Obama’s mournful lament that Florida thug Trayvon Martin “could be my son” implying that Martin was just an innocent teenager who became a tragic victim of circumstances despite reams of evidence documenting his thuggish lifestyle? The media were all too glad to portray Martin as an innocent kid while ignoring evidence to the contrary. Any hope by liberals that electing a black man as president would heal past racial wounds has long since evaporated watching President Obama’s racist actions and rhetoric.

The revelation that Hillary Clinton had explicitly installed a private email server while Secretary of State in violation of federal laws for the preservation of government records shocked Americans at her brazen disregard for the law. It was further revealed that Hillary conducted official State Department business on her private server, that her closest aides also had accounts on her private server, that its security was woefully inadequate, that it had been hacked by foreign agents, and that it contained numerous classified emails and emails containing classified information at the highest levels despite Hillary’s constant dance of assurances that there was nothing further to reveal followed by admissions in a steady drip of newsworthy revelations.

In addition to violating federal laws concerning the preservation of government records and the denial of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by conservative watchdog groups seeking information on Hillary’s involvement in a number of scandals such as Benghazi, Hillary was also guilty of violating federal laws concerning the handling of classified information such as the Espionage Act. Those who hold security clearances are required to undergo annual training to maintain their proficiency at safeguarding the classified information to which they are entrusted, and they are further subject to immediate loss of their clearances for the most minor infraction of these rules whether from malicious intent or carelessness. Numerous cleared individuals have lost their clearances, been immediately fired with no possibility of ever holding another government or contractor position, and even been prosecuted for security violations far below the level of those committed by Hillary, yet she gets a pass since she is a celebrity running for president. The announcement by FBI Director James Comey that he was not recommending changes be brought against Hillary for these violations despite taking several minutes to detail her wrongdoing sent a tremendous demoralizing blow throughout the ranks of those holding government clearances and prompted D.C. law firms handling cases involving the loss of security clearances to begin filing requests for dismissal en masse invoking the new Hillary defense.

Additionally, abuses of the eminent domain laws to seize private property for government use along with abuses of the asset forfeiture portion of the drug seizure laws whereby police seize private funds from individuals who are never charged with a crime conspire to undermine our faith in the rule of law. Americans have grown cynical watching elite establishment figures escape punishment while realizing their susceptibility to the law for much lesser offences and realizing that the rich can afford to get away with crimes we ordinary Americans can’t afford to defend ourselves against.

Contrast this reality with the burgeoning rise in homegrown terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter which has explicitly called for the premeditated murder of police around the country as a means of protesting the false narrative of white police killing blacks being promoted by the progressives, the Obama administration, and the media to sow racial discord across the country to gain an appreciation of the chaos being sowed in undermining of the rule of law. Recall that President Obama began as a community organizer in Chicago with Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as his guidebook. Recall too that Hillary Clinton was also a disciple of Alinsky, and that Alinsky called for sowing chaos to effect social change.

In reality, Saul Alinsky was just another con man using political agitation as a means to the end of enriching himself. Jesse Jackson moved on from Martin Luther King to become a shakedown artist selling racial protection to corporations reluctant to encounter negative publicity while Al Sharpton subdued his conscience and ability to feel shame to promote any racial grievance available whether supported by facts or not. Now Jackson and Sharpton are old men who have made their money and disappeared from the racial grievance scene replaced by younger, more militant firebrands who think nothing of unleashing violence to accomplish their goals. White Americans are acutely aware that there will never be a time when the progressives will allow racial healing because they profit so handsomely by its promotion. President Obama’s promotion of racial tensions has amply confirmed this reality.

Under President Obama, racial tensions have been exacerbated to the point of erupting into an all-out race war, currency manipulation has exploded the national debt and devalued the dollar, the law is contorted mercilessly to excuse the criminal behavior of elites while being employed effectively to control the rest of us, the economy is strangled by discredited economic theories resulting in massive unemployment, immigration laws are flouted to erase our national borders, and Islamic terrorist incidents are portrayed through false narratives that defy any reasonable sense of logic all in an effort to sow chaos and discord throughout the country. Barack Obama promised fundamental change during his campaign and he has delivered on that promise in spades!

This year, Americans watched both political parties employ little understood rules they have had in place for decades but never had to use until now to blatantly deny the will of the people in choosing their party nominees. The RNC effort failed being over reliant on subtlety which Donald Trump easily brushed aside even as efforts continue by the RNC establishment to deny him the nomination which voters overwhelmingly affirmed. More overt was the DNC tactic of stealing Bernie Sanders’ primary wins by awarding the bulk of delegates to Hillary through the use of superdelegates controlled by the party elites preselected to favor Hillary’s nomination. Bernie’s supporters are rightly incensed at watching the nomination being stolen from him despite primary wins in which he received over 80 per cent of the vote, but saw Hillary walk away with the same number or more of delegates. Americans saw a rigged political system and responded by voting against establishment candidates in massive numbers as they registered their dissatisfaction against the establishment.

Americans have heard the constant promises of the establishment that their lives would improve if they would support the establishment plans to globalize the economy, yet their experience is that these establishment globalist plans have left them much worse off and they are unwilling to give the establishment another chance. British voters confirmed this realization by voting to leave the European Union in defiance of British establishment elites warning of the dire consequences of separating from the EU. The establishment elite dream of globalization is crashing down everywhere in the wake of populist revolts arising from the realization that the only beneficiaries of globalism are the elites themselves.

The left in general and the racial agitators in particular are fond of purposely confusing right with white. They accuse blacks who live by right principles instead of becoming thugs and criminals of being white implying that those blacks who try to do right are really trying to be white. Right and wrong have nothing to do with color, but the racial agitators like President Obama and Eric Holder are myopically focused on color and promoting it as the basis of all black ills instead of the much harder work of identifying individual responsibility as the basis for choices made and consequences suffered. An individual is responsible for the choices they make, and those choices have nothing to do with color. At some point in life, we are taught or learn on our own that bad choices lead to bad consequences, and that these choices and consequences have nothing to do with color despite the lies progressives and racial agitators would have us believe.

Confusing right with white is just one more tactic employed by the left to undermine the rule of law and sow chaos in America. By undermining the three pillars of success upon which America thrives, the left creates chaos which they then demand power to subdue. Once power is granted under these false pretenses, the government is reluctant to give up these newly acquired powers and the left seeks to use these powers to do what it defines as good regardless of whether Americans agree or not. Eventually, the left would like to create enough chaos to undermine the Constitution so that Americans demand they relegate it to the dustbin of history. Remember that the Constitution was drafted by the Founders to protect the American people from the government they were creating. If we allow the left to scrap the Constitution, then there will be nothing left to protect us from our government and the whims of the tyrannical autocrats populating that government.

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