Globalist Defeat

Globalists suffered a major defeat with Great Britain’s vote to exit the European Union despite overwhelming government and media support for the Remain campaign including dire predictions from the wealthy elites concerning economic collapse.

After World War II, European integration was proposed as an antidote to the extreme nationalism which had devastated the continent, and the European Union traces its roots back to the 1952 creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). This was followed by creation of the European Economic Community (EEC), also known as the European Common Market (ECM), and the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) in 1957. The 1992 Maastricht Treaty consolidated these three European Communities into the European Community (EC) which in 2002 adopted the Euro as the common currency replacing the individual currencies of EC member countries except Great Britain which retained the Pound as its currency.

Since WWII, Europe has steadily crept toward further integration under a common European federal government composed of bureaucrats appointed by member countries with no direct input from voters who have watched helplessly as the sovereignty of their individual countries has been subsumed into the European collective. These Brussels bureaucrats have increasingly enlarged their power to direct the affairs of member countries whose own parliaments have been powerless to resist the onslaught.

Conservative parties sprang up across the European Union to resist this usurpation of sovereignty making incremental gains as the citizens of EU countries began to fear the federal behemoth increasingly directing their lives. The recent exodus of Muslims from the Mideast making their way into Europe through Hungary quickly overwhelmed the ability of EU countries to absorb and process them despite assurances from politicians such as Germany’s Angela Merkel that all illegal Muslim immigrants who reached Germany would be welcomed. Merkel’s announcement touched off an even large exodus which quickly forced Hungary to close its border by erecting fences and repatriating Muslims it no longer had the means to accept. Germans reacted to Merkel’s announcement with mass protests forcing her to quickly back off of her original statement and adopt immigration quotas for this Muslim wave.

European Union rules established the ability of citizens from member countries to travel freely throughout the EU with no border checks. This meant that any illegal immigrant managing to make it into any EU country offering asylum was then free to travel to any other EU country. These Muslim immigrants naturally took advantage of this policy to travel on to those EU countries offering the most generous welfare benefits such as Germany and Sweden. The number of Muslim immigrants entering the EU has skyrocketed to the point where Muslims actually outnumber Europeans in a number of places. Numerous no-go sections now exist across the EU whereby police are forbidden to enter as the Muslims inhabiting these enclaves practice sharia law in defiance of EU and member country laws.

Europeans fed up with the overwhelming influx of Muslims who sneeringly snub their generous hosts by refusing to assimilate, demanding the adoption of sharia law, raping European women, and increasingly perpetrate criminal attacks on these Europeans they consider inferior, have turned to the conservative parties promoting resistance to these interlopers. European media have refused to report the numerous criminal attacks on Europeans, including the explosion in rape statistics by these Muslims against European women, to protect the globalist narrative that these Muslims are peaceful refugees fleeing war, reprisals, and poverty.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, tired of being dogged by British Eurosceptics in Parliament, called for a referendum three years ago to force a decision on EU membership he calculated would finally settle the question and assist in his push for greater British integration into the EU. Cameron and his Tory party waged a relentless campaign on behalf of remaining in the EU as British citizens have endured numerous Islamic terrorist attacks and watched as Islamic terrorists have waged jihad across the EU. French police are currently waging war against thousands of Muslims in the French port of Calais who are seeking entry into Great Britain by stowing away on trains, ferries, and any other means of crossing the English Channel. These Muslims are creating havoc while battling French police attempting to subdue their efforts.

As the Brexit vote neared, nervous global elites intensified their campaign with dire warnings of economic doom and gloom should Brits be tempted to leave the EU. During a state visit in April, President Obama arrogantly lectured the British on the consequences of leaving the EU. Angry Brits resentful of Obama’s unwanted interference in an issue of British sovereignty began moving to the Brexit camp as polls shifted. In desperation, the Bremain camp employed the media to falsely report on a phony last minute shift in the polls towards British sentiment to remain in the EU. Pollsters, the media, and even the bettors believed that Britain would vote to remain in the EU as polls finally opened Thursday morning.

Despite thunderstorms and inclement weather, turnout was surprisingly high as some 86% of the British electorate headed to the polls to cast their votes. When the dust had finally settled and the votes were counted on Friday morning, the Brexit camp had prevailed in a 52% to 48% stunning upset despite last minute polls predicting a 52% to 48% Bremain vote. Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation effective in October while the leaders of conservative parties across the EU called for similar referendums in their home countries. France, Italy, and the Netherlands were among the first EU countries to call for referendums on EU membership as the world handed a massive defeat to the globalists seeking the erosion of national sovereignty in service to their dreams of one world government.

Unacknowledged by an intense media blackout, the biggest loser in the Brexit vote was President Obama who was rebuffed by Brits angry over his unwarranted intervention in their politics. The Brexit vote is a repudiation of Obama’s globalist policies of massive illegal immigration into the United States aided and abetted by his administration and comes on the heels of a deadlocked Supreme Court upholding a 5th Circuit Court ruling against his unconstitutional attempt to provide amnesty to these illegal immigrants. People are beginning to awaken to the intentions of the globalists and their Muslim sympathies which threaten us with annihilation by a group dedicated to our destruction. We have watched President Obama increasingly refuse to acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorism despite its overwhelming presence as he impetuously lectures us on tolerance in the aftermath of their terrorist attacks while revealing his true loyalties to the Muslim cause.

Astounded to their core, the globalists are scrambling to protect their progress towards world government in the wake of the Brexit vote. Their grave warnings are causing turmoil in stock markets around the world despite the fact that the Brexit vote is merely the first step in a two year process to negotiate Great Britain’s exit from the EU under Article 50 of the 2009 Lisbon Treaty which formally established the European Union. In an attempt to calm roiling markets, Germany has already announced that it would be foolish not to negotiate a trade treaty between the EU and Britain as Britain represents a sixth of the economic output of the EU. Despite the dire predictions of the globalists, it is highly likely that Britain will negotiate a more favorable trade treaty with the EU while retaining its sovereignty and eliminating the burdensome unlimited immigration policies of the EU responsible for the influx of Muslims beyond Britain’s capacity for assimilation.

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump released a statement praising the British for reclaiming their sovereignty from the globalist forces wishing to impose their will upon the British people. The Brexit vote portends favorably for Trump’s election as president as globalism is now on the run around the world. It is only a matter of time before other EU member countries demand referendums to renegotiate the terms of their EU memberships. Those wishing to preserve the EU should recognize the reality of the situation and call for an immediate halt in immigration and the establishment of border checks to prevent the unrestricted flow of immigrants into those EU countries already overwhelmed by Muslim immigrants.

There is widespread recognition among the populations of Europe and America that Muslims intend to overwhelm us through an immigration influx that swells their numbers beyond our ability to cope with them. The numerous Islamic terrorist attacks throughout the EU and America, coupled with the lies emanating from governments sympathetic with their chaos through their media organs, has awakened us to the threat these Muslims pose and the complicity of our respective governments in their goal of establishing a global caliphate under sharia law. The Brexit vote was the first major blow struck by voters registering their disapproval of the globalists and their plans.

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