Islamic Terrorist Deniers

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision to release edited transcripts of the 911 call Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen’s 911 made during his Pulse nightclub attack is absolutely ridiculous and demonstrates just how unwilling this corrupt administration is to admit that Islamic terrorism exists and is exploding in America from the million Muslims President Obama has ushered into this country.

Progressives have perpetrated the narrative that they have some special insight into the thinking of Americans. They have played upon emotional appeals to secure the passage of hate crimes laws which carry extra severe penalties based on the supposed emotional state of criminals perpetrating crimes against their favored protected classes. In their latest Orwellian move towards Big Brother and thought control, Attorney General Loretta Lynch decided to release edited versions of Mateen’s 911 calls under the reasoning that she has determined that Mateen was not an Islamic terrorist committing this atrocity, but a misguided individual committing a lone wolf attack.

Lynch is quoted as saying “What we are not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda.” She went on to say “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State].”

Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ron Hopper defended the decisions by saying “[Mateen] does not represent the religion of Islam, but a perverted view.” He later added “Part of the redacting is meant not to give credence to individuals who have done terrorist attacks in the past. We’re not gonna propagate their violent rhetoric.”

This is an absolute stunning admission from the Attorney General, reiterated by an FBI Special Agent, that the Obama administration policy concerning Islamic terrorist attacks in America going forward would be to absolutely ignore any references to Islam or Islamic terrorist groups by perpetrators of these attacks. Americans have long suspected President Obama sympathized with these Islamic terrorists and their agenda of destruction by his absolute refusal to label their attacks as the product of Islamic terrorism. Stunning confirmation of this administration’s sympathy towards these jihadis now appears in the form of Justice Department policy.

Islamic Terrorist Omar Mateen stated twice in a call to 911 during his attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando that he “pledged allegiance to ISIS.” Mateen spoke to negotiators “in a chilling, calm, and deliberate manner” in three separate calls of nine minutes at 2:48 A.M., sixteen minutes at 3:03 A.M., and three minutes at 3:24 A.M. During these calls Mateen reiterated his pledge of allegiance to ISIS while demanding a halt to U.S. bombing of Iraq and Syria.

Despite the calm and deliberate manner with which Mateen expressed his allegiance to ISIS and his clearly Islamic terrorist motive of perpetrating the Pulse nightclub massacre, the Obama administration is choosing to ignore any pretense at reality to push the false and misleading narrative that Islam played no part in Mateen’s motives nor was this a case of Islamic terrorism. This intentional attempt at deceiving the American people is absolutely astounding. Americans saw, heard, and clearly understand exactly what Mateen was thinking and the motivation for his deadly attack, yet the administration wishes us to believe them over our own eyes and ears.

The mere attempt to so blatantly edit the record of this atrocity to present a misleading account of the events which transpired in Orlando can be interpreted as nothing other than a stunning admission that the Obama administration has no intention of ever admitting the truth that the million Muslims admitted into the country under Obama’s watch contain a significant portion of dangerous individuals committed to unleashing terrorism in the name of Islam. President Obama has refused to identify the clear and present danger of Islamic terrorism facing America throughout his term, and his continued insistence on avoiding references to Islamic terrorism bring his Islamic sympathies into sharper focus.

America is facing a tumultuous election defined precisely by the refusal by progressives under President Obama to admit the reality which is all too clear to the rest of us, and the absolute paralyzing refusal of the Republican opposition to perform their constitutional duty to limit President Obama’s abuse of power. Make no mistake, refusing to clearly identify the deadly Islamic terrorist threat facing America is an abuse of presidential power tantamount to treason. Neither the progressives nor the establishment Republicans complicit in this treachery deserve to hold elective office and it is up to us voters to rid ourselves of their presence. America can no longer afford the luxury of deliberately ignoring this threat in the hopes that it will go away. These Islamic terrorists have demonstrated repeatedly that they have no intention of going gently into the night with their warnings that nothing short of America’s destruction will placate them in the least.

Donald Trump is the only national political figure publicly recognizing the situation and calling for a halt in Muslim immigration. For his effort, he is lambasted by both parties and their complicit media lapdogs. It is a testament to the pervasiveness of political correctness and the evil which it services that there are so few willing to stand up for the truth and so many willing to ignore reality in obedience to a lie.

Irving Kristol famously observed that “a neoconservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.” Homosexuals mugged by the reality that Muslims wish only to kill them in a gigantic purge are reassessing their resistance to gun control and support of Muslim immigration. They are starting to give serious thought to Trump’s candidacy as they privately reflect on the Orlando massacre. They follow a number of celebrity liberals shocked into reality with the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11.

America has lived with Islamic terrorism in one form or another for the past 30 or so years since the Beirut Marine Barracks bombing in 1983. There was the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia in 1996, 9/11, and various American embassy bombings to go along with the Afghanistan and Iraq wars fought to subdue the evil of Islamic terrorism directed against America, but which were prematurely halted by President Obama amid his divided loyalties. We became much more aware of Islam and its doctrine of conquest in the wake of 9/11, and we have witnessed Muslims celebrating Islamic terrorist attacks perpetrated against America. Pathetic attempts by the Obama administration to deny the reality to which we’ve all grown accustomed merely serve to increase our cynicism and redouble our efforts to rid ourselves of these Islamic terrorist deniers.

It appears that this amateurish attempt to mislead us by Attorney General Lynch has succumbed to the outcry which arose from Americans unwilling to passively accept her invisibly thin reasoning. The DoJ has reversed course and will release a full, unredacted transcript of Orlando attacker Omar Mateen’s 911 call after all. It appears that Lynch’s attempt to whitewash Islam from Mateen’s terrorist attack was a bridge too far and has been beat into retreat. Of course, Lynch seeks to put this embarrassing episode behind her as fast as possible by calling the furor over the omissions “an unnecessary distraction.” Next, we can surely expect the predictable progressive call to move on from this episode.

Lynch’s attempt to mislead the public through these omissions from the 911 transcript failed because the contents of Mateen’s 911 call had already been widely reported by journalists caught up in a news feeding frenzy awash in a primal ratings bloodbath oblivious to their progressive indoctrination and unable to control their reporting of the actual events. The carefully constructed narrative aligning with progressive ideology only comes after the bloodlust subsides and ideology retakes control of journalistic senses. Lynch’s appearance on the Sunday talk shows to push the progressive narrative failed because we had already glimpsed the truth and stands in contrast to Susan Rice’s appearances to promote the false Benghazi narrative that an obscure video was responsible for the Islamic terrorist attacks there. Americans have never been allowed to glimpse the truth of Benghazi and can only speculate on the unreasonableness of Rice’s narrative.

It appears that the Muslims will continue to be uncooperative with the official Obama administration line that there have been no Islamic terrorist attacks in America since 9/11 by committing terrorism attacks and invoking Islam as their justification. The Obama administration will have to continue their struggle to control the narrative in this atmosphere of non-cooperation, but there is really no need since we Americans aren’t buying it anyway. Like I said, this is ridiculous! The Obama administration is chock full of Islamic terrorist deniers.

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