Diversity is the lie upon which multiculturalism is built by progressives seeking to destabilize America as a pretext to seizing greater control.

Winston Churchill once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Back in 2009, Rahm Emanuel reiterated this quote by saying “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Both men were speaking of the possibilities of enacting policy inherent in a crisis scenario, with the difference being that Churchill was inclined to take advantage of opportunities which fell to him by fate whereas Emanuel is not above abusing the power of government to create the crisis with which he purports not to waste. It was Emanuel’s poor decision to leave the Obama administration, where the president enjoys a larger ability to abuse government power for the sake of fabricating crises, to become mayor of Chicago where a corrupt entrenched Democrat machine is responsible for creating crises Emanuel lacks the power to resolve. But, I digress.

The progressives speak of diversity as if it is some universal truth understood by all with any form of explanation rendered as unnecessary. Americans have been inundated with talk of diversity for decades and its importance to strengthening all manner of things from economic success to educational settings to life experiences. We are constantly told that diversity is important for this or that, but we’re never told why or by what mechanism diversity accomplishes this effect of being important. I was constantly inundated with the importance of diversity in graduate school, yet no one could explain how diversity was going to enhance the truth. No amount of diversity will negate the fact that two plus two equals four, yet I was constantly told that diversity was needed to enhance my educational experience. The truth is the truth and no amount of diversity will ever change that, but enough of it could be used to obscure the truth for those with weak minds and a willing nature.

Diversity has become one of those advertising words such as fresh that evoke a certain quality in the hearer that he can’t readily explain, but with which he can identify in vague terms. Since he can’t readily define the concept of diversity, he can’t disagree that it is present and affording some benefit. Such is the mechanism of advertising whereby vague concepts are used to evoke a sense response in the consumer. This food is “fresh” so it must be good, or better than that brand of food, or healthier, or whatever concept the advertiser is attempting to convey to the consumer. The advertiser has conveyed a concept to the consumer without actually providing him any real information.

In real terms, fresh is the opposite of spoiled, and one must consume fresh food to avoid become sick. However, when elevated to the rarefied atmosphere of advertising, fresh takes on a host of new connotations invoking everything from the nostalgia of grandmother’s home cooking to a just-picked-in-the-field taste depending on the direction which the advertiser wishes to lead the consumer. Fresh is no longer just a mere description of the food’s edibility, but a useful term to invoke a multitude of additional attributes that work to further persuade the consumer to purchase the food product.

So it is with the term diversity. We are constantly bombarded with the importance of diversity and the usefulness of diversity and the need for even more diversity and the strength which diversity provides, but we’re never told how or why diversity contributes anything to the topic at hand. We are just led to believe that diversity is just, well, important and doesn’t need to be explained because everyone knows how important diversity is. Just like everybody knows how important it is for food to be “fresh.”

In this way, diversity has ceased to be a merely descriptive term connoting the state of being diverse or a range of different things and has instead become an advertising word by the progressives with all manner of ideas attached to it. Advertising words take the concept of persuasiveness to an entirely new level and are used with such abandon in marketing as to be lying in a sense to the consumer. Americans have grown much more adept at spotting these advertising falsehoods and are much more cynical when it comes to their use. Skeptical American consumers might ask themselves if perhaps the advertiser is hiding something about the product quality when these advertising words are encountered. This is certainly the case when the pejorative term diversity is encountered by skeptical conservatives who chafe at its constant use by progressives as if it were the Holy Grail to be obtained at all costs with nary an explanation as to why.

Progressives are adept at masking their true intentions in opposite terms. The left claims to be oh so tolerant, but resorts to the most vile intolerance imaginable when thwarted in their attempts to impose their will upon Americans resistant to their evil lies. Witness the rampant intolerance demonstrated by the progressive left and its minions on display at presidential candidate Donald Trump’s political rallies where opposition members violently attack his supporters for exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceful assembly and free speech. The left, which claims to be such supporters of the First Amendment, especially when it comes to their ability to express their inane opinions or to the protection of the right for young women to strip naked in front of leering men while dancing in a lewd and lascivious manner, suddenly become apoplectic when encountering massive support for conservative ideas antithetical their worldview and resort to violence they would never tolerate from conservatives, not that conservatives would stoop to their level.

Diversity is entirely a lie perpetrated by the progressives as a pretext for enacting their evil scheme of multiculturalism upon America. Diversity might be responsible for the establishment of some interesting dining options, but it doesn’t strengthen anything or enhance any educational experience. Diversity is invoked as a pretext for multiculturalism without having to resort to a lengthy explanatory discourse. In true progressive form, diversity masks the true intentions of the progressives which are not to strengthen America’s social fabric, but to weaken it beyond its ability to resist tearing through the loss of our national identity.

Diversity actually weakens our social fabric by acting as a dilution agent. Much as water is added to a concentrated liquid to dilute the concentration of that liquid, diversity is used to add immigrants to America at a pace far quicker than our ability to absorb and assimilate them. Bombarded by constant invocations of the need for diversity, Americans watch as the immigration rate skyrockets past legal limits while our borders go unprotected and the Obama administration facilitates this assault on our immigration laws to import millions of refugees from around the world.

Then, we are cautioned by a scolding president through his media acolytes that we must be respectful of the customs of these immigrants which we neither wanted nor with whom we feel safe being around due to their extremist beliefs. We Americans are told we must change to accommodate these interlopers, many of whom are here in violation of our laws, so it is no surprise that we chafe at having to accommodate illegal aliens who are taking our jobs and destroying our way of life. It grates incessantly upon us to see millions of illegal aliens being helped into this country by a corrupt and complicit administration in violation of our own laws while millions of Americans have been unemployed so long they’ve actually dropped off the rolls as the Obama administration dares to spew its lies of the need for more foreign workers because no Americans are available to fill these jobs so our economy can expand.

Multiculturalism is invoked by progressives to explain why we need to be culturally sensitive to these interlopers. We conservatives picked up pretty quick that the only culture not worthy of sensitivity by the progressives is that of Americans. When Muslims were few in America, they pleaded for tolerance and acceptance to be left in peace so they could live as Americans. Now that Muslims have become much greater in number, they suddenly demand adherence to their beliefs and compliance with sharia law in violation of our constitutional rights, yet we are implored to be culturally sensitive to these Muslim interlopers who only a few years ago humbly asked to be allowed to stay in peace. Their hostility to the American ideas of freedom and genuine tolerance is on full display as their members violently attack and kill us with increasing frequency. They hijacked passenger jets to bomb our cities and kill thousands of Americans, they shoot up our military bases and recruiting stations, and they murder us by the dozens when we attempt to enjoy a night out, yet President Obama not only can’t bring himself to utter the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” but he deigns to lecture us as if these attacks are somehow our fault for daring to be ourselves in our own country!

The entire lie of diversity and multiculturalism must be called out forcefully and without the least hint of backing down by not only conservatives, but by all Americans if we are to stop the incremental occupation of this country by an enemy determined to defeat us and impose their will upon us. The progressives are willfully complicit in the Muslim occupation of America and must be held accountable for their treasonous actions. The Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando should not be the pretext of a renewed call for gun control in a fervent attempt to follow Rahm Emanuel’s advice of never letting a serious crisis go to waste, but should be recognized as yet another demonstration of the intolerance Muslims have for America and Americans.

President Obama did his best to be disingenuous in shifting the focus of this horrible act of terror away from the Muslim perpetrator and onto Donald Trump for daring to speak the truth that millions of Americas have absolutely no trouble whatsoever in seeing – that President Obama takes every opportunity to sympathize with and defend Islamic terrorism directed towards Americans with deadly consequences. Americans don’t need another lecture about why Obama won’t utter the words “Islamic terrorism.” We want to see our president respond to this crisis in a manner that restores our confidence and sense of safety. We want to know that steps are being taken to prevent this from happening again without the usual political bullshit of calling for the progressive wish list item of gun control in a moment of political expediency!

President Obama looked neither presidential nor American as he impetuously talked down to us for daring to demand he recognize the truth by referring to the Orlando massacre as an act of Islamic terrorism. It wasn’t workplace violence, nor was it a domestic terrorist incident, nor was it the work of intolerant right-wing Christian zealots, or any of the other tortured descriptions conceived by the progressives to avoid the truth of calling it what it was – an act of Islamic terrorism! It also wasn’t an isolated terrorist incident committed by a radical Muslim because all Muslims ascribe to the same set of beliefs as espoused by their Koran, Quran, or whatever the hell they call it this week.

We Americans are all about living and letting live, but that favor is not being returned to us as we are not being allowed to live in the same peace we are willing to grant to the Muslims. The Muslims invading America are demanding that we change to accommodate them, and they are obviously willing to kill us to make their point. Despite the painful lessons learned on 9/11, our leaders continue to ignore the truth in the hopes that we will not notice the Muslim invasion nor take steps to repel it. Once again, our complicit leaders insist on treating these attacks as a law enforcement situation instead of recognizing them as the acts of war which they are.

This situation is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in which he calls for using the system’s rules against the system to overwhelm the system and cause its failure. With his radical community organizer background, President Obama is well versed in Alinsky’s teachings and knows exactly what he is doing as he directs the federal government to illegally suspend enforcement of our immigration laws while working to import thousands of radical Muslims under the guise of their being refugees. He is using the laws concerning the acceptance of refugees against America to import radical Muslims and resettle them across America in predominately conservative regions to dilute the conservative vote and cause these conservative regions to become more amenable to voting Democrat. And, when these radical Muslims begin launching murderous attacks against Americans, President Obama uses these fabricated crises to direct his administration lackeys such as Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson to launch gun control efforts under the guise of gun control now being a Homeland Security issue required to protect Americans. President Obama abuses government power to manufacture a crisis by overwhelming America’s ability to assimilate these millions of illegal immigrants and radical Muslim refugees, then calls for gun control when they predictably cause mayhem as his solution to deal with his fabricated crisis.

Diversity and multiculturalism are evil lies being perpetrated by the progressives to stymie serious action addressing the situation all too clear to most of America. Homosexuals misled by the lies of diversity and multiculturalism into accepting Muslims who loathe them while these Muslims take every opportunity to express their desire to kill homosexuals at every opportunity were mugged by reality in Orlando as a Muslim terrorist followed through on his threat to kill gays by massacring them at the Pulse nightclub. Suddenly, Donald Trump’s call to halt Muslim immigration and enforce our borders doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea to a lot of homosexuals as they privately contemplate this act of terror directed at them.

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