Get Trump!

A die hard portion of the Republican establishment has joined forces with the progressive Democrats and their media acolytes to launch a full scale offensive on Donald Trump to destroy his candidacy in support of their anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton, and their first tactic is the distraction of demanding Trump release his tax returns with the implication that something sinister is afoot in his refusal.

Donald Trump has upset a lot of apple carts on his way to securing the Republican nomination for president. He turned his media savvy against the establishment Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, and completely eviscerated him early in the primary season. The preemptive victory left the establishment GOP leadership floundering about for another candidate to support, and each time they settled on another new face, Trump promptly left that candidate smoldering in ruins and the establishment GOP leadership humiliated in defeat. Trump’s coup de grace was to take out his last two challengers on the same day as he won an overwhelming victory in Indiana.

As Trump has emerged as the presumptive Republican nominee, establishment Republicans are faced with the difficult choice of either coming together to support the man who has emerged victorious from the primary process rigged by them to ostensibly give them the power of selecting the Republican nominee of their choice, or continuing to trash Trump as the threat to their grip on party power that he surely is in a perfidious effort to overtly support Hillary Clinton. Many prominent establishment Republicans are warming to Donald Trump impressed by his media savvy, ability to overcome tremendous odds to win their rigged nominating process, the enthusiasm he generates among his followers, and the millions of new members he brings to the GOP.

There are also a great many prominent Republicans who have refused to endorse Trump and have stated publicly their intention to continue working against him even as they float their support of Hillary Clinton in understated tones of her not being so bad a candidate. These establishment Republicans are committed to retaining their grip on party power at all costs, even if it means burning the GOP to the ground to do so. And this is exactly what they are doing as conservatives have sent the clear message that they are totally fed up with the establishment lies and complicity with President Obama’s progressive agenda. The obstinacy of these establishment Republicans is blinding them to the evidence plainly before them, and their refusal to acknowledge reality is but one more piece of evidence convincing conservatives that these establishment dinosaurs must be punished.

The trial balloon floated by this die hard anti-Trump establishment Republican bloc of running a third party establishment candidate was quickly shot down with a cold reception by the public. They have since trotted out Willard Mitt Romney, their handpicked loser in 2012, as if Romney possessed the slightest bit of credibility with anyone outside their inwardly focused group. Romney, in his new role as a progressive hit man, is blasting Trump for not releasing his tax records as if this act is of such paramount importance that it is immediate grounds for disqualification. Romney’s high minded prancing around is such an embarrassment that some such as Michael Reagan are calling for Romney to just shut up. Reagan correctly points out that Romney had his chance and blew it, so he needs to just sit down and shut up.

You would think that watching Donald Trump eviscerate his opponents would teach the establishment GOP leadership a thing or two, but the old adage of staying emotionally detached in a fight comes to mind. In a fight, it is tactically advantageous to enrage your opponent as his blind rage will shut down any ability he has to think logically through the fight. These establishment Republicans are attacking Trump in a blind rage while Trump carefully sets them up for destruction. In their rage, these die hard reactionaries can’t even see it coming.

Trump has patiently explained that he is being audited by the IRS and can’t release his tax returns until that process is complete. He explained this to Fox talk show host Greta Van Susteren by pointing out that she as a lawyer would surely advise any client not to release their tax records while they were being audited to which she replied that she as an attorney would certainly so advise. Yet she continued badgering Trump about releasing his tax returns in true liberal media fashion. Trump is absolutely correct in stating that he can’t release his tax returns while they are being audited. He went on to complain about being audited every year while noting that many of his wealthy friends never get audited in a clear implication that someone is using the power of the government against him, which is likely the case.

When asked what his tax rate is, Trump pushed back by saying it is “none of your business.” Trump is again correct that his tax rate is no one’s business but his, just as the tax rate of any American is no one’s business but their own. In fact, the law states that tax returns are protected from unauthorized disclosure, meaning that they are no one’s business except the person filing the return. The tradition of releasing tax returns stretches back to Richard Nixon’s famed “Checkers” speech, delivered to stem controversy over his finances, in which he called for his opponents, Democrat presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson and his running mate Senator John Sparkman, to release their tax returns, which they did, while he never released his own tax returns when running for vice president in 1952. The tradition of candidates releasing their tax returns has always been a completely voluntary action that has somehow become elevated into some sort of requirement by the liberal media as a precondition to holding office.

It is high time a candidate stepped forward to call out this liberal media tactic as the smear it is intended to be and refuse to play their game any longer. Donald Trump has shown himself to be unafraid of the liberal media while using his media savvy to turn their tactics against them to his own advantage. Trump should refuse to release his tax returns by acknowledging that Americans don’t care about his returns and already know that he is wealthy. The only group interested in Trump’s tax returns is the liberal media minority acting in their role as progressive acolytes to the Democrat Party. Trump has already correctly pointed out that one’s tax returns don’t tell anyone much about a person’s finances despite the media’s misinformation campaign to the contrary.

The fact of the matter is that Americans don’t care about the tax returns of any candidate! We correctly presume that any candidate who has climbed the political ladder high enough to be running for an office where the release of tax returns is a matter of concern should surely be accomplished enough to structure his finances in a way in which nothing inflammatory would show up on his returns. Does anyone seriously think that someone as conniving as Crooked Hillary would be dumb enough to have a smoking gun on her tax return surrounded as she is by shyster attorneys and political fixers?

Romney’s call for Trump to release his tax returns is nothing more than a distraction designed to keep our attention shifted away from the pertinent issue that President Obama has seriously damaged this country advancing the progressive agenda over the interests of Americans, and that he has been intentionally aided in this skullduggery through the complicit actions of the establishment Republican leadership. Romney slunk off into obscurity after his embarrassing loss to Obama in 2012, yet he dares raise his head heeding the establishment call to attack this threat to establishment power in the form of Donald Trump.

Trump endears himself to his supporters precisely because of his refusal to bow to their false god of political correctness or play the political game by their rules. Progressives loathe Trump because they realize he will monumentally roll back their agenda setting their cause back 50 to 100 years as he restores a sense of sanity to the country needed in preparation of making America great again. Trump knows that America can never be great again distracted by the insanity of homosexual marriage, transgender bathroom rights, and other such nonsense promoted by an infinitely small minority of radical troublemakers attempting to bring America down using its own systems against her. These despicable tactics come straight from the pages of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” which is dedicated to Satan and serves as the progressive bible.

By refusing to release his tax returns and calling out the media for hyping a distraction which Americans care nothing about, Trump could further endear himself to his supporters while continuing to demonstrate that he is willing to break with traditions that serve no useful purpose other than perpetuating the political class which has run America into the ground. Trump should turn this media tactic against the media and use it to his advantage as he has so capably demonstrated all throughout this campaign season. The fact is that the media, in all its years of complacency, has lost the ability to control the political process when faced with a media savvy individual bold enough to call them out and smart enough to realize their posturing for what it’s worth. The media simply can’t compete with Donald Trump.

Having vanquished his Republican opponents and driven a stake into the heart of the establishment Republican leadership as the bloodsucking vampires they all are, Trump turns his attention to Crooked Hillary while millions of Americans breathlessly await the looming showdown eager to savor the political fireworks Trump is sure to unleash on so ripe a target. Crooked Hillary’s network of political fixers and media acolytes will work feverishly in collusion with their establishment GOP sympathizers to chip away at Trump’s support, but it will all be for naught when they take to the debate stage for a political rumble of epic proportions.

Donald Trump will annihilate Crooked Hillary unprepared as she will be protected by her political handlers and fixers and ushered through a nomination process rigged by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her carefully appointed group of women determined to see Crooked Hillary as president. Trump has been afforded no such luxury and is battle tested with opposition from all sides including the establishment leadership of his own party. We relish the thought of Trump hammering on Crooked Hillary until she explodes in one of her infamous tirades directing invective at an opponent she is powerless to control. When Crooked Hillary loses it on the debate stage, it will all be over except for the crying.

Blinded by their hatred, Trump’s opponents have learned nothing of their nemesis, and their pathetic efforts to “get Trump” will fail as miserably as they have all along. They will dig dirt and release items from Trump’s past searching for that elusive smoking gun that will cause his support to evaporate never realizing how little his supporters care about Trump’s past and how much they care that he is hated by all the groups his supporters detest for running America, and their lives, into the ground. The more his opponents seek to destroy him, the more Donald Trump is embraced by his supporters as being the best man to destroy the status quo and restore sanity to the country. Trump’s opponents lack the ability to realize the counterintuitive nature of this situation.

The progressive agenda has done real damage to the country and to the lives of Americans. We’ve had more than enough of this evil agenda and seek its demise and the demise of its supporters. We are no longer willing to believe the lies of globalism and its illusion of prosperity that sacrifices American sovereignty to unelected world bureaucrats. Nationalism is the order of the day as we Americans seek to reclaim the sovereignty of our country and restore the prosperity once experienced and fondly remembered. Donald Trump is the only candidate seeking to thwart the plans of the globalists to restore our sovereignty and make America great again. Attempts to get Trump will continue to fail as Americans are focused on Trump’s ability to fulfill his pledge to make America great again.

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One Response to Get Trump!

  1. I don’t know who will win this contest, but I disagree about one of your assertions. I know dozens of people personally who care very much about what a candidate’s tax forms reveal about them. It’s something senior voters focus on more than younger ones. It’s not as simple as what rate they pay. It shows whether or not they are charitable, whether they give money to the causes they say they care about. There are questions about Trump’s honesty in that regard, because even though he held that big event for veterans during the Iowa Caucuses, most of the six million dollars he says was raised hasn’t been received by any organizations.

    Tax forms say a lot about whether or not candidates are the kind of people they say they are. It’s the same reason transcripts of Clinton’s highly-paid speeches are important. We all know things like debates and rallies are spin, that you can say anything you want whether it’s true or not. Documents are a different kind of evidence, just like in a court case.

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