American Nationalism

Donald Trump has clinched the Republican nomination riding a wave of American nationalism that has developed as a backlash to the progressive policy of globalism built upon bad trade deals, open borders, and the intentional destruction of American exceptionalism that has left America less free, less wealthy, and more vulnerable. 

The Founders intentionally gave the Senate the power to review international agreements to prevent a corrupt or naïve president from entering into a treaty which placed America at a disadvantage. This constitutional clause has ensured that presidents negotiated in the best interests of the nation knowing that any proposed international treaty would have to secure a two thirds majority in the Senate. The advice and consent power serves as one of the many checks and balances built into our system of government to prevent anyone from gaining control over enough of the levers of government to rule as a despot.

However, Senate ratification of treaties has not prevented our leaders from entering into trade deals that have placed America at a severe disadvantage with its trading partners. These trade deals have been sold to Americans under the rubric of guaranteeing free and open trade between the countries involved with promises of prosperity on the horizon ushered in by a free trade boom in the export of American goods. Americans expecting to see an explosion in exports have disappointingly watched as their jobs have been exported instead. American manufacturing has been offshored at a record pace as our industrial heartland has been ravaged and left to the forces of globalization.

True unemployment is at its highest level since the Great Depression as millions of Americans have dropped off the unemployment rolls and given up hope of finding a job. We’ve watched countless small manufacturing firms move their operations to places such as China to take advantage of cheap labor rates, and we’ve seen numerous stories of the shoddy merchandise produced by unregulated Chinese firms that have no oversight into their production processes or the quality of their materials. A small number of American manufacturers have returned their operations to America to regain control over their production quality and their intellectual property. They’ve learned that you can’t return a shipload of shoddy goods because it’s impossible to afford. They just have to dump a bad load, take the cost hit, and hope the next shipment is produced with better quality.

Most of the manufacturers with operations in China are unwilling to return their manufacturing to America due to the imbalance in wages which make them highly profitable. The wealthy corporatist class has been pushing for open borders and unlimited immigration to pressure American wages downward. Their hope is to return their manufacturing to America while importing cheap overseas labor to have their cake and eat it too. In this manner, they retain control of their operations, product quality, and intellectual property while taking advantage of cheap labor rates. This unlimited immigration policy has been forced down the throats of incredulous Americans who have been screaming stop to deaf politicians for the last six years. Not even the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was enough to get the attention of the professional political class intent as they are to enact unlimited immigration and open borders for their corporatist donors.

Donald Trump has defied political expectations and predictions from the pundit class to emerge victorious in the Republican primaries heavily stacked against him by the establishment leadership and its complex primary rules. Trump was able to shrewdly tap into the seething anger of Americans frustrated at the lies emanating from the professional political class. The trade agreements were never free, the prosperity never happened, unemployment is at historical levels, and there are no unfilled jobs due to a shortage of American workers! These are all lies spun by the political class to sell their vision of globalization at the expense of American workers.

Trump has correctly pointed out that trade agreements such as NAFTA were never free, were negotiated horribly, and intentionally placed America at a disadvantage. There were never any adjustments to level the wage field of the countries involved, and it was a fool’s errand to expect low wage countries such as Mexico to compete with higher American wages supported by higher productivity. Low skilled manufacturing fled to Mexico before the ink dried on NAFTA! Countries such as Mexico and China control wages even as worker productivity increases meaning that their workers continue being exploited horribly with no way to improve their standard of living. Americans have cynically rejected the line that American jobs are going unfilled due to a lack of American workers when we are fully aware that the unemployment figures are manipulated by the politicians to hide the true picture.

President Obama has repeatedly revealed himself to be against the concept of American exceptionalism. As one who was raised steeped in communist ideology by the likes of Frank Marshall Davis and Tom Ayers, both friends of his maternal grandfather, President Obama rejects the idea that America should enjoy any form of exceptionalism and should be on a par with every other country in the world. To achieve the goal of reducing America to the level of other nations, President Obama has wrought havoc with our economy and hollowed out our military to prevent us from competing economically or militarily with other countries. China and Russia are both expanding their influence while President Obama shrinks American influence in the world.

Sick and tired of watching America shrink from the world to become just another uninspiring nation, Americans used to remembering America as the world’s lone superpower, victorious in two world wars and the Cold War, protective of Americans and American interests across the globe, watch helplessly as Russian jets buzz our warships while China thumbs its nose at us by building islands in the South China Sea. We’re told by the political class that times have changed and this is as good as we can expect going forward, but we know damn well this is a lie because we’ve heard this lie before from Jimmy Carter only to watch Ronald Reagan return us to the pinnacle of world power where we belong.

Americans are ready to throw off the shackles of communist tyranny clamped on us by President Obama and his progressive cronies. We’ve heard one too many lies from the establishment political class and wish to throw them off for good. Trump has tapped into our anger and his support has grown in proportion with the escalating attacks upon him by the establishment political class. We have no intention of going gently into the night seduced by the lies of those selling us out to profit from our misery. Our support of Trump is a total rejection of the globalist one world government schemes of the progressives and their establishment accomplices.

President Obama fears a Trump presidency precisely because he knows that Trump will roll back the progressive agenda and destroy his legacy. Progressives absolutely loath the idea of giving up the least bit of their hard won incremental gains and a Trump presidency will mean a monumental reset back to the point of common sense. Frustrated Americans from both parties, fearful of watching the damage being done to our nation, are hitting the panic button in a major way by supporting Trump. This rise in American nationalism is being savagely attacked by the progressives, intent as they are on protecting their vision of a global government. Their pathetic attempts to ridicule Trump and distort his record are being seen for the lies that they are by a populace savvy to the ways of media manipulation as practiced by the progressives.

Great Britain resisted European Union overtures to give up the pound and adopt the Euro, preferring to keep some semblance of their sovereignty. Brits are now weighing whether to exit the European Union altogether as the unelected European Union leaders continue tightening their grip on the continent while erasing the last vestiges of sovereignty from member nations. European Union member nations are powerless to stem the tsunami of Muslim immigrants overwhelming their nations. They have completed rejected the notion of unlimited European Union freedom of movement when it comes to immigrants by erecting border fences to prevent their movement in violation of European Union laws. The European immigrant crisis has revealed a great many flaws in the European Union design, and the British are rightfully afraid of remaining in what is rapidly becoming a failed experiment in government.

Americans are stubbornly resistant to the idea of ceding the American sovereignty so hard won by our Founders. We have always gone our own way, and history reveals that we have been right to do so multiple times. We rescued Europe from its infighting three times in the last century while promoting free enterprise and self-reliance only to allow the progressives to seriously threaten our sovereignty and our viability as a nation. We have no desire to entangle ourselves in a world government or cede our sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats sick as we are of our own bureaucrat class and its pernicious intrusion into every aspect of our day. Progressive nanny state badgering on food, light bulbs, sugar, salt, power sources, recycling, and a host of other topics is even more unpalatable on a global scale.

Americans are soundly rejecting globalism and its failed promises of prosperity and are enthusiastically yearning for a return of American nationalism with America as the world’s lone superpower. This doesn’t mean a return to George Bush’s meddlesome interventionist policy of global wars with no underlying American strategic interest. It does mean a revitalization of American military power demonstrating strength and resolve that causes potential adversaries to tread lightly for fear of awakening the sleeping giant. It means protection of Americans and American interests abroad, and the ability to negotiate treaties from a position of superior strength with terms favorable to all Americans. It also means not subjugating American sovereignty to treaties poorly negotiated for political purposes.

Along with this return to American nationalism, we seek the end of pointless political exercises such as political correctness used by progressives to abridge our free speech rights. The progressive agenda incrementally advances while the ability of Americans to criticize this agenda is curtailed. Political correctness has led to an era of incredible intolerance as progressives have adopted the idea that any criticism of their agenda is an attack upon their very being to be shouted down with the vilest invective they can muster.

Trump has adopted “Make America Great Again” as his campaign slogan, and this is precisely what Americans wish him to do. We want our manufacturing and jobs back, our right to speak freely without fear of progressive intimidation, fidelity to the Constitution and the rule of law, property rights, sound currency, return of American sovereignty, and a strengthened military. With his business success and personal savvy, Trump has proven that he is able to roll back the progressive agenda of President Obama and once again make America great.

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