Climate Inquisition

In a stunning display of their intolerance, the progressive left has launched a campaign against anyone daring to challenge its orthodoxy on the global/climate warming/change hoax it continues to perpetrate in the advancement of its incremental assault on American liberty.

Steve McQueen, that movie icon who exuded cool both on and off the screen, began his career staring in a Sci-Fi thriller back in the ‘50s known as “The Blob.” In the movie, an amorphous red blob menaced a town by slowly trapping its unaware victims and consuming them in its gooey substance growing larger with the addition of each new victim. The blob crept along slowly sneaking up on its victims until they trapped themselves unable to escape its clutches. “The Blob” was a perfect allegory of the times as America was locked in the grip of the Cold War with the Soviet Union and feared the creeping communist menace that had seduced so many Americans with its siren song of reasonableness in dealing with social issues facing postwar America.

Fast forward to today and we find another perfect allegory of current times in “The Walking Dead.” This hugely popular series is set in a post zombie apocalypse with survivors fighting desperately to hold off the creeping zombies to avoid becoming infected with their malady that leaves them as brain dead creatures seeking to feed off the uninfected. Without the slightest bit of remorse, the survivors kill zombies as fast as possible only to see more creeping towards them in a never ending procession of attackers. In this allegory, the zombies represent the brain dead progressives who keep incrementally creeping towards us conservatives with their inane arguments designed to drain us of our will to resist by having to constantly refute their basic points which are flawed by design. By constantly having to defend basic conservative principles, we conservatives rarely get to go on the offensive while the zombie progressives keep coming regardless of the number we destroy with logic. The release is that the protagonists on “The Walking Dead” get to kill their zombie antagonists while we conservatives must continue to suffer our zombie progressive antagonists.

With the rise of the TEA Party and renewed interest in America’s founding documents, the tide has been turning against the progressive left as Americans have come to realize the failure of their policies. In collusion with the establishment GOP, the left embarked down the path to globalization with prosperity promises that have turned out to be huge lies. These lies have left our manufacturing and industrial bases gutted and shipped overseas with millions of Americans desperately unemployed. Adding insult to injury, both the progressive left and the establishment GOP have decried the lack of skilled American workers as justification for the relaxation of immigration laws and the import of millions of illegal aliens to depress wages and enrich the wealthy corporatist class. Millions of Americans go begging for jobs while the political class insults us with lies of needed immigrants.

The high water mark of the progressive movement has been the presidency of Barack Obama in which the progressive agenda has been advanced by leaps and bounds by a true believer dedicated to the cause of running America into the ground and destroying the perception of American Exceptionalism. Americans have seen the progressive agenda on full display experiencing its pernicious effects on their lives, and they have recoiled in horror at the destruction it has wrought on their lives. Americans are pushing back in a mighty way through their support of Donald Trump whose outside candidacy threatens to roll back the progressive agenda and restore a sense of sanity to America.

Nowhere has the battle against the progressive agenda and its creeping incrementalism been fought more savagely than in the environmental realm. Progressives have attempted to perpetrate the greatest hoax in history upon an unsuspecting public using the trusted and seemingly impartial scientific community to induce fear mongering over a phenomenon as benign as that of the climate. From its humble beginnings as an attempt to clean up rivers polluted by decades of industrial runoff that led to such unusual occurrences as the Cuyahoga River fire of 1969, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has morphed into a regulatory behemoth extending its intrusive reach into myriad facets of American life to restrict access to natural resources and drive up energy prices needlessly for struggling Americans. Along the way, it has assembled a formidable team of sympathetic scientists dependent upon its grant largesse to produce numerous scientific studies purporting to demonstrate the pernicious effect man has had upon the invented concept of global warming.

In the 1970s, I well remember reading with fascination in Popular Science of the impending global cooling scientists were predicting would plunge the world into another Ice Age leading to global famine and the end of life as we knew it. Research was being conducted as scientists explained in convincing detail how we were doomed to experience another Ice Age and how we must immediately prepare for the inevitable. Somewhere along the way, as enthusiasm for this deep freeze scenario failed to materialize from a disinterested public who had grown used to such Chicken Little the-sky-is-falling doomsday predictions, the narrative morphed from global cooling to global warming with renewed predictions of even greater catastrophes which awaited us all in a bleak, drought-stricken future as we simultaneously baked in the hot sun and starved from lack of food.

At first, the global warming crowd was ignored by both the public and the scientific community as just the ravings of a few fringe scientists seeking to generate enough hysteria to scare up a few funding grants. The movement succeeded in attracting the attention of some sympathetic government funding reviewers plucked from the ivory towers of academia used to approving the grant applications of their colleagues in quid pro quo fashion, and momentum began to build. However, the information coming in from these scientific studies failed to demonstrate any conclusive evidence of global warming, so those involved began to employ such devious and unacceptable analysis methods as cherry picking the data included in the studies, selectively excluding temperature monitoring stations whose measurements conflicted with their global warming hypotheses, and adjusting their climate prediction models to purposely demonstrate global warming while ignoring several important inputs that would fundamentally alter the predictions of these models in a way conflicting with the hypothesis of global warming.

Just as the global warming movement was picking up momentum and its adherents were beginning to proclaim their hypotheses as “settled science” contrary to the Scientific Method, a dump of documents seized by hackers from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (UEA) revealed the massive deception being perpetrated by a core group of scientists at the forefront of global warming research. Details of faked studies, massaged data, and evidence of the intentional suppression of scientific research demonstrating errors in the methodology and results of myriad global warming studies was uncovered and released to the public as part of a massive trove of email documents between East Anglia Climate Research Unit director Phil Jones, Pennsylvania State University climate researcher Michael Mann, and others. The result of this document dump engendered a profound mistrust of the scientific community by the public and caused global warming proponents to go on the defensive as their deception was revealed for all to see.

Eventually, the discredited global warming label was replaced by the more amorphous and easier to defend label of climate change in a bid to burnish the public image of the radical global warming environmentalists seeking to impose government control over energy policy through the hoax of global warming. Marching in lockstep, the global warming crowd immediately dropped the global warming label in exchange for the more benign sounding climate change label. However, the damage had been done and an unconvinced public still maintains the belief that global warming / climate change is a hoax having been exposed as they were to the depths of deception employed by the global warming scientists. Continuing to refer to these charlatans as scientists is a disservice to real scientists who rigorously apply the Scientific Method in their search for the truth regardless of the consequences upon their hypotheses. Many of the global warming “scientists” at the core of this deception were hounded out of the profession as they rightly should have been, but the damage to the reputation of science for impartiality has been done.

Unable to convince the public to buy into its deception with fear mongering, and no longer capable of convincing a skeptical Congress of passing legislation to extend government control into the energy industry employing the global warming tactic, the radical progressive environmentalists have realized some measure of success through fellow traveler President Obama’s penchant for the use of Executive Orders to bypass Congress and a complicit EPA releasing ever more invasive rules perniciously throttling the energy industry to the point of destroying entire sectors such as coal. However, as the drumbeat of skeptics grows louder and the public begins experiencing higher energy costs while losing millions of energy industry jobs, the radical environmentalists have resorted to that favorite tactic of the progressive movement when unable to achieve its goals through legislation or executive action, that of judicial intervention. The radical progressive environmentalists seek to unleash the courts upon anyone daring to oppose their agenda through the rebuttal of their flawed scientific justification. These radical global warming environmentalists have employed the progressive tactic of labeling their opposition as “climate deniers” in an attempt to cast aspersions on their work and ridicule their serious efforts, and are now attempting to employ judicial intimidation to silence critics of their deception as they are no longer able to defend their lies to a public aware of their deception and willing to listen to these critics.

The progressive crowd loves to invoke the idea that they represent tolerance of others and their ideas while pushing the lie that it is conservatives who are intolerant bigots unable to see the reasonableness of the progressive agenda, but it is the progressives who continually demonstrate an entire lack of tolerance when it comes to those opposed to their radical agenda of government control over Americans. As secular humanists, progressives truly believe that the ends justify the means and continually employ the most depraved tactics to achieve their radical agenda. They think little of employing such nefarious tactics as outright deception, intimidation, coercion, and destruction of the lives and careers of anyone daring to oppose their agenda. In true passive aggressive fashion, progressives do all of this and more while portraying themselves as reasonable and tolerant public servants in benign service to their fellow man.

Progressives are quick to throw up examples of past intolerance by any group they can associate with the right. One of their favorite examples of intolerance is that of the Spanish Inquisition of the Catholic Church where Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada ostensibly sought to drive heresy from the church in Spain but ended up punishing dissent and oppressing diversity of thought. The power of the Church was misused by those eagerly pursuing their own ambitions and agendas for the Church, and the Spanish Inquisition, along with the many other less famous inquisitions prevalent in medieval times, is rightly condemned for its suppression of dissent. Being indoctrinated so deeply in the progressive and secular humanist doctrines and unable to comprehend that their own actions may be intolerant, progressives only see intolerance in those who oppose the progressive agenda regardless of the unfailing logic upon which their opposition rests.

The progressives have now launched their own Climate Inquisition with the goal of punishing any dissent to their global warming hoax despite the irrefutable nature of the logic being employed by opponents to this global warming hoax. What they could not achieve through scientific chicanery or legislative duplicity, progressives seek to accomplish through the suppression of dissent enforced by threats of legal action designed to chill opposition to their radical environmental agenda. Their Grand Inquisitor is none other than Democrat Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse who has repeatedly called for prosecution of “climate skeptics” under racketeering laws designed to prosecute mafia organizations and drug cartels.

That such an egregious effort so antithetical to the principles of freedom as enshrined in the Constitution could even be contemplated, let alone be seriously pushed by a member of the Senate, is truly astounding and demonstrates just how far we have allowed our government and its administrators to stray from constitutional fidelity! Imagine what the Founders would have to say if confronted by such an unconstitutional and immoral act as the punishment of thought and reasoned discourse in dissent to an idea propagated by a determined minority advancing an unpopular agenda concerned with extending government control further into the lives of its citizens! These men who so tenaciously fought the British for their freedom would recoil in horror at such a lunatic prospect! Yet, we find ourselves and our country at the point whereby such nonsense and other even more inane ideas can garner serious attention without an overwhelming expression of outrage emanating from either the Legislative or Judicial branches of government. We citizens have been so beaten down by our government under control of the radical progressives that many no longer even bother to exercise their right to vote feeling that participation in a rigged election system is no longer worth the effort.

Those of the progressive left, who wax so eloquently against intolerance, continue to demonstrate egregious intolerance of any dissent to their radical agenda by working to use our judicial system against anyone daring to challenge their lies and deception. Progressives have grown so lazy with their lies that they no longer bother to put enough effort into them to make them plausible. Americans no longer have any trouble recognizing these lies and have turned in disgust from both political parties to support an outsider promising to substantially roll back the deceptive progressive agenda and restore sanity to the system. The prospect of this leads the progressives to demonstrate even more conclusively their intolerance of opposition, and Americans are rightly recognizing the Democrat Party as the party of intolerance infested as it is with the pernicious progressives.

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