Shell Game

America is run by two huge corporations – the RNC and the DNC – funded by wealthy elites and multinational corporations whose interests they protect while giving voters the illusion that they actually have a say in their own government in a giant shell game assisted by a complicit media feeding Americans a carefully crafted narrative that perpetrates the illusion.

It is always instructive when one begins investigating on his own those things which he has always taken for granted because he thought he knew all he needed to know. Often, he will find a much different narrative from the folklore upon which he had previously relied. Many Americans take for granted the founding of our country having heard from childhood stories about the Revolutionary War and such heroic figures as Nathan Hale who regretted he had but one life to lose for his country and George Washington whose resolve carried the ragged Continental Army through the winter at Valley Forge with the belief that their persistence would eventually be rewarded.

Often lost in recounting the historical high points of that era are precisely the reasons why the colonists revolted against Great Britain in the first place. Oh sure, we’ve all heard about the Stamp Act, the numerous taxes, and the Boston Tea Party whereby colonists dressed as Indians dumped British tea into Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Tax, but those highlights fail to get at the heart of colonial discontent with British rule. After all, we Americans are saddled with far more taxes taking an even greater proportion of our wealth than were ever imposed upon the colonists and we aren’t organizing a Continental Congress to draft a Declaration of Independence, are we?

No, there is a lot more to the story than the highlights we’ve been taught in school and which find their way onto bumper stickers with pithy sayings from the era such as “Don’t Tread on Me” or “No Taxation without Representation.” The real reason behind the colonial dissent was Great Britain’s view that the American colonies existed to serve Great Britain with nary a thought to the views of the colonists themselves. The British set up elaborate schemes to extract as much wealth from the American colonies as possible over the objections of the colonists who had absolutely no say in their treatment by the crown. This situation festered for decades and had reached a boiling point by the time such egregious actions as the Stamp Act and the Tea Tax were levied upon the colonists.

No less a figure than George Washington chaffed at this treatment and resolved to do what he could to arrange his affairs so as to deny the British crown as much of his wealth as possible. Washington was an astute businessman as a tour of his home, Mount Vernon, amply demonstrates. Washington set about to plant tobacco one year on his sprawling estate with its lush farmland as tobacco was the preferred cash crop at the time. After a successful harvest, Washington dried his tobacco and packed it into huge hogshead barrels for shipment to Britain as was the custom of the day. The British mandated that all tobacco produced in the American colonies was to be shipped to Great Britain where it was to be assigned to an agent who saw to its sale and afterwards used the proceeds gained to purchase British goods which were to be returned to the colonist whose tobacco had been sold. One can easily see the numerous possibilities for fraud and deceit inherent in such an arrangement, and Washington had no trouble seeing them either. His tobacco had been sold at a low price to insiders with the meager proceeds used to buy shoddy goods at inflated prices with numerous duties and shipping costs eating away at much of his profit.

Unsatisfied with this arrangement, Washington determined to plant corn as his next crop since it could be sold in the colonies without interference from the machinations of the British crown. Having been rudely introduced to the mandates of the British crown, Washington sought to keep as much of his business affairs under his control and out of the reach of prying British agents as possible with the result that his farming operations prospered and his wealth grew. In this, Washington was not alone as more and more colonists sought to deny the British crown the ability to extract their hard earned wealth causing the British to resort to additional wealth extraction methods such as taxes upon paper, stamps, and other everyday colonial necessities which could not so easily be avoided. As the clever colonists devised methods to avoid the hated British taxes, the British crown sought to impose ever harsher penalties and taxes to extract their pound of flesh. After all, the colonies belonged to Great Britain, and Great Britain was determined to profit from them at all costs!

Thus Great Britain took on the role of totalitarian master over the American colonies imposing her will over the colonists without regard to their concerns and confident that as British subjects, the colonists would knuckle under and eventually come around to the crown’s way of thinking. However, Great Britain had badly underestimated the ability of the colonists to imagine themselves as subjects of their new land as the distance across the Atlantic had loosened the bonds which the colonists previously felt for their mother country. The hardships imposed by the British crown exacerbated these feelings moving more of the colonists away from a love of Great Britain as British subjects and more towards a feeling of independence from Britain and a kindred spirit for their adopted land as colonists.

When viewed in this light, the colonial struggle for independence from Great Britain is much easier to understand and begins to look much like our current struggle against those of the progressive left who seek to impose upon our independent spirit mandates which are diametrically opposed to our core tenets as Americans. Our Founding Fathers sought to maximize our personal liberty so that we would be free to pursue that which each man felt was his calling in life. This personal freedom was tempered by personal responsibility which was in abundant supply back in that era as respect for others was rigidly taught by parents and reinforced by those who refused to be trifled with in adulthood. The institutions of the day well prepared citizens to take their place in society with nary a thought of the senseless demands currently being made by the irresponsible troublemakers with their entitlement illusions.

The three tenets of sound currency, property rights, and rule of law provided a reliable framework upon which Americans could rest their hopes and build their fortunes. As American prosperity grew, so did America to finally take her rightful place as the world’s lone superpower in less than 400 years from colonization. All of this was made possible by the freedom enshrined by the Founders in the Constitution, and enjoyed with limited availability by the colonists only by virtue of the vast distance of the Atlantic Ocean which separated the iron-fisted rule of Great Britain from her colonial possession.

Gazing around America today, we see an oppressive government seeking to impose its will upon a citizenry resistant to the immorality of its mandates. Our currency has been debased to the point where serious consideration is being given by other world powers to its replacement as the world’s reserve currency as its ability to be trusted as a store of value is under increasing jeopardy by politicians more interested in retaining their power than in preserving its value. The rule of law has been undermined repeatedly by crooked politicians, wealthy elites buying their way out of trouble, police forces increasingly resembling paramilitary organizations imposing their will upon the people, and lame excuses of public safety disguising revenue generation for local government bodies. Federal regulatory agencies increasingly adopt rules in defiance of the Constitution that erode property rights and force Americans to comply with expensive mandates with little benefit other than the ability of regulators to delve further down rabbit holes of regulatory burden.

We Americans are constantly being told what to do by a wealthy elite class that has little in common with us and is interested only in their ability to profit at our expense. The current American situation increasingly resembles that of the American Colonies of the Eighteenth Century, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that there are limited options available to Americans to redress their grievances despite the best efforts of the Founders to guarantee the peaceful transfer of power. Our rights are continually under assault as we watch our hallowed Constitution increasingly being ignored by a power hungry class impatient with the protections it provides us citizens from despotic control.

These progressive elites have perpetrated lies to us to the point where they no longer even take the trouble to lie convincingly to us. Aside from necessary military secrets, America began as an open society whereby an educated and informed populace debated the issues of the day to determine the direction of the country as best they could with the information at hand. During the Nineteenth Century, a radical sect of progressives determined that they could seize control of the institutions underpinning America to radically transform America into something foreign to the intent of its Founders to serve their interests at the expense of the people. They couched their intent in terms of progress and improvement, and their creeping incrementalism was barely noticed by Americans intent on westward expansion and realization of dreams. More elaborate lies were constructed in the Twentieth Century as the nation grew more complex and joined its counterparts on the world stage. In the later part of the Twentieth Century, those who pushed back against the lies did so through elaborate explanations which the progressive crowd ridiculed as the ravings of conspiracy theorists, and it was a difficult proposition to convince Americans that there was more going on than was readily apparent.

That is not the case today as the progressive left has wearied of taking the time to construct elaborate lies and lustily seeks the power it has craved but been denied so long. The election of Barack Obama as president has been the high water mark of the progressive movement and comes at a time when it is totally bankrupt of ideas but in mastery of the power of persuasion and media propaganda. Obama’s election has caused the progressive movement to abandon its pretences and greedily grab at power while Obama has increasingly ignored the Constitution as a relic of a foregone era serving only to hinder the good work he feels he could do were it abandoned.

Americans are increasingly subjected to the lamest of lies that takes little effort to rebut and expose. We have cynically come to expect these lies whenever trouble surfaces. Hence we get the lame excuse that an obscure Internet video was the impetus behind the Benghazi attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whose shifting cover stories sought to protect an Obama administration operation supplying Libyan weapons to the Syrian rebels in violation of American law. That an obscure video which Americans used to exploring the furthest reaches of YouTube were unaware existed could have been found by al Qaeda terrorists in technology-challenged Libya during a period of unrest totally stretches the credibility of anyone daring to propose such nonsense with a straight face, yet that was exactly what UN Ambassador Susan Rice did in her capacity as an administration lackey and true believer in the progressive cause.

Or, how about the one where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, now Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, established a private email server to conduct her official State Department business in violation of numerous laws concerning public records and the protection of classified information? Clinton signed numerous papers attesting that she understood national security laws and agreed to conduct herself in accordance with these laws only to pass classified emails among her inner circle on an unprotected personal email server fully acknowledging in the emails the classified nature of the information being passed. Lesser Americans violating these laws even unknowingly have suffered loss of clearances, loss of employment, imposition of fines, and served jail time for even minor infractions of these secrecy rules, yet politically connected Hillary Clinton continues her quest for the Democrat nomination without fear of prosecution and even taunting her FBI investigators as she does so. The fact that she established a personal email server in the first place indicates that Clinton intended to violate numerous laws with premeditation, and the presence of accounts by those in her inner circle such as Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills indicates that they too violated the law with premeditation.

The fact that Huma Abedin and Valerie Jarrett, with their close connections to radical Islamic terrorist groups, are the closest advisors of Hillary Clinton and President Obama respectively is yet another incredulous lie that the progressives don’t bother to hide nor does the Republican opposition seek to shine a light upon. Huma Abedin’s father was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood whose terrorist arm Hamas operates in the Palestinian territories, and her mother was a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the Muslim Brotherhood’s division for women. Valerie Jarrett was born and raised in Iran, and her parents were communists affiliated with noted radical Chicago communist Frank Marshall Davis. To suggest there are no radical communist and Muslim influences existing at the highest corridors of American power is indeed an insult to rational thinking Americans.

The 2016 political season has exposed a monumental lie that has existed for decades in the process for choosing party nominees for president. Both the RNC and the DNC have constructed elaborate procedures for guaranteeing the ability of party leaders to choose their preferred nominees for president. The RNC has instituted arcane rules at the state level to frustrate the ability of candidates to qualify for individual state ballots. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus walked out the lame excuse that every candidate was aware of these rules and any difficulty experienced by a candidate is their own fault for not being better prepared as Colorado awarded its delegates to Ted Cruz without even holding a primary election. The fact that these arcane rules insult the sense of fair play espoused by Americans is conveniently ignored by Priebus in offering such a devious excuse that only a weasel could love.

DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz loaded the DNC committees with women sympathetic to electing Hillary Clinton as the first woman president and recruiting superdelegates loyal to Hillary to ensure her nomination. The DNC created superdelegates decades ago to ensure that party leaders could effectively block the nomination of any candidate not aligned with their agenda. Wasserman-Schultz’s original strategy of limiting debates to protect Hillary was called out for the lame tactic it was and Debbie was only too happy to increase the debate schedule when communist Bernie Sanders began defeating Hillary in the primaries.

These rules have existed at each party for decades with little notice by Americans due to the fact that they have only been needed during the 2016 primary season. Conservatives have long complained that the GOP leadership was favoring establishment candidates over more conservative candidates but had little evidence to support such theories because the conservative candidates failed to make a substantial impact on the nomination process due to their inability to win a significant number of primaries. With the rise of anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump in 2016, the RNC has been forced out into the open with its intention to rig the nomination process to get a candidate favorable to the establishment GOP agenda.

As Trump continues to rack up state wins, the establishment RNC leadership has become increasingly frustrated with his success over their favored candidates and forced them into increasingly desperate actions and statements. The establishment’s preferred candidate was Jeb Bush, but he quickly flamed out as conservatives frustrated with establishment moderation deserted him in droves. The RNC was forced to leap from one candidate to the next until the candidate field narrowed from seventeen to three leaving the establishment with the unpalatable choice of Trump or Texas Senator Ted Cruz whose antics in the Senate have repeatedly frustrated and embarrassed his establishment colleagues.

Cruz is being used by the establishment leadership to frustrate Trump’s chances to secure enough delegates to win on the first convention ballot, but Cruz appears to know this and is playing along anyway. There is talk that the establishment seeks a brokered convention whereby they can introduce their own candidate at the last minute to rid themselves of both Trump and Cruz. In continuing to allow himself to be used, Cruz must believe he can win over Trump despite Trump’s advantage in delegates and momentum going into the home stretch of the primary season.

The Democrat primary season is even more comical and more illustrative of the rigging of the nomination process. Despite all the advantages the DNC has built into the process to favor Hillary Clinton, avowed communist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continues to rack up state wins as Hillary continues to walk away with the majority of state delegates thanks to the superdelegate tactic. One has to laugh watching Bernie defeat Hillary by margins of up to 60% only to watch Hillary walk away all smiles with the majority of the delegates at stake. Only in a massively rigged contest could the winner of the contests walk away as the loser! This is antithetical to the sense of fair play instilled in Americans despite the decades of political underhandedness that has reduced the political process to the point where only 20% of Americans even bother to vote anymore.

On the GOP side, we have Donald Trump reinvigorating the moribund Republican Party with massive numbers of new recruits including those cherished Reagan blue-collar Democrats long sought by party leaders who were nonetheless uninterested in appealing to their values as they pushed the losing strategy of moderation so hated by Americans for the lukewarm fence straddling it is. Yet, the establishment GOP leadership and its media acolytes disavow Trump as unelectable despite his numerous state wins and delegate lead. This is utterly astounding and reveals the RNC as a corrupt organization not even bothering to lie convincingly to the American people!

The DNC is no better as its two remaining candidates are an utterly untrustworthy old nag full of harsh scolding and utterly lacking in convictions except the desire to win at any cost, and an avowed communist who wishes to completely burn down what remains of the free enterprise system to distribute government goodies to the entitlement-minded generation and who is blissfully unaware of the damage that two terms of progressive President Obama’s socialist policies have done to destroy the American economy and the standing of America around the world.

Americans are seeing the shell game in all its glory as both political parties experience a slow-motion implosion right before their eyes. They hear the complicit media pissing on their backs and trying to tell them that it’s raining as their lies don’t even pass the smell test any longer. The American colonists reached a point where they no longer believed the lies of the British crown, and Americans have reached a point where we no longer believe the lies espoused by our corrupt government and its media acolytes. Revolution was the order of the day redress colonial grievances and may again be the order of the day to redress American grievances should this election, so precariously balanced, go awry.

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