Multiculturalism Is a Lie

Progressives have foisted the lie of multiculturalism upon the West not to elevate the acceptance of lesser cultures, but to depress the culture of Western Civilization down to the level of these lesser cultures.

Where it is still taught, Western Civilization is celebrated as a monumental breakthrough in historical cultural relations between humans with contributions by a litany of groups over several centuries. The Greeks contributed philosophy, democracy, and basic principles of the law which the Romans improved upon. European countries advanced science and industry until a civilization was created unlike any before it where human relations were guided by law instead of clan warfare and science advanced human understanding of the world around us. The myriad achievements of Western Civilization have advanced the state of mankind immeasurably and allowed for the prosperity currently enjoyed by industrialized countries of the West.

Contrast the state of countries that have embraced the values of Western Civilization and flourished under it with the state of those nations that have rejected Western Civilization as their cultural basis and the differences are stark and immediately clear. The prosperity, freedom, and peaceful relations enjoyed by those countries that have adopted and embraced Western Civilization are countered by the grinding poverty, totalitarianism, and constant war of those countries rejecting the values of Western Civilization.

Given the myriad contrasts between the success of Western Civilization and the failure of other cultures to advance, one would have to be insane to promote the fiction that all cultures are equally valid and equally suitable, but that is exactly the madness promoted by the progressives in their desire to convince Americans and Europeans that other cultures are equal to and just as valid as the culture of Western Civilization. If one begins with the premise that the progressives actually believe this to be the case, then it is insanity to promote such fiction, but one must acknowledge the fact that progressives know this is a lie and promote it anyway in their quest to destroy Western Civilization as unfair to the rest of the world.

To achieve its success, the culture of Western Civilization requires self-sacrifice and hard work over multiple generations to create and build up the foundations of that successful system of institutions which underpins it. Those who have chosen to work hard and abided by the requirements of Western Civilization to achieve success have flourished, not at the expense of those who chose to seek pleasure and to flout the requirements, but in spite of them. The majority of those who suffer in industrialized Western countries do so because of the choices they have made, not because someone else robbed them of an opportunity.

Hard work and self-sacrifice are anathema to the communists and socialists selling the lie that one’s poverty and poor condition in life are the fault of someone else and not the responsibility of the person suffering. These progressives argue that the wealthy have achieved their station in life at the expense of the poor, and maintain their position by continually exploiting the poor who have no chance to succeed and shouldn’t even try. How preposterous to argue that one shouldn’t even try to improve their lot in life through hard work and self-sacrifice! America has become a nation of credit card junkies mired in debt for the simple reason that consumerism is promoted as a religion where the promised land is endless payments pushed far into the future so one can enjoy themselves today. So, people like Dave Ramsey come along preaching the value of self-sacrifice that allows one to pay off their credit cards and free themselves from their crushing debt and is hailed as some prophet with a keen insight when all he’s really doing is returning to the values of self-sacrifice taught by earlier generations lacking the luxury of credit cards and time payments so easily abused today.

Lefty college administrators and professors were all too eager to embrace the progressive lies of multiculturalism and earnestly began indoctrinating their students in the fiction of diversity and its importance to the college experience without ever defining what the importance was. Any student daring to ask what was so important about diversity was met with derision as if this was a self-evident truth requiring no explanation that quickly devolved into blunt force political correctness to silence any criticism of the diversity indoctrination. Mathematics, science, engineering, and business all work the same regardless of the culture of the student studying them, and there is still no escaping the fact that these advancements came courtesy of Western Civilization and not some great Muslim renaissance.

Try as they might to spin the culture of Western Civilization as evil and uncaring, progressives can’t overcome the fact that Western Civilization is responsible for producing the highest levels of human prosperity and freedom in history. They are reduced to obfuscation and outright lying to avoid serious discussion on these points, so they have resorted to promoting the lie of multiculturalism. This lie began innocently enough with the promotion of respect for other cultures and acceptance through curiosity and learning. Nothing wrong with respecting others and satisfying curiosity about another culture, but their campaign soon crossed the line into subtle pushback when respect for other cultures morphed slowly into promoting dubious achievements by other cultures such as the lies underlying the acknowledgement of math and science contributions from Muslim civilizations which did not occur. When these inconvenient facts were pointed out, the progressives fought back with political correctness to silence critics by accusing them of racism and a refusal to acknowledge history.

Muslims have been embraced by the multicultural progressives as the poor and downtrodden of the planet as their political ambitions have grown beyond the borders of America to include the entire world. Blacks are no longer the minority cause of choice for progressives as their appeal is limited to America and its history of slavery while Muslims are a global cause which progressives can ride to political success on a much larger scale.

Bill Clinton refused to seriously engage the Muslims during his presidency preferring to answer their terrorist aggressions against American interests with limited pinprick cruise missile strikes that only reinforced their belief that America was a paper tiger with no appetite for war. Clinton’s avoidance of the problem emboldened the Islamic terrorists to undertake the 9/11 attacks which forced George Bush into an overwhelming military response that was soon diluted into retribution for past totalitarian aggressions in the region that obscured the focus on terrorism to the point where the terrorists faded into the background only to reemerge with a vengeance against American military targets in the Mideast. Meanwhile, Bush took pains to constantly promote the lie that there exists some group of peaceful Muslims while inferring that Muslims were poised to suffer at the hands of racist Americans bent on revenge for 9/11 despite the fact that there was not one shred of evidence any of this supposed retaliation was occurring. Americans are well capable of distinguishing between peaceful citizens and violent terrorists bent on destruction and mayhem despite what the government would have everyone believe.

Then, in a moment of monumental self-delusion, America elevated a man raised as a Muslim and steeped in communist ideology to the presidency along with his Muslim advisors all in the false belief they were atoning for past racial sins when all they were really doing is falling for the progressive lies of white guilt over the past. This white guilt was promoted as the lie that whites should feel guilty about the plight of blacks since their white ancestors were the ones that enslaved their black ancestors and the white elevated stations in life had come at the expense of the blacks. Barack Obama then proceeded to disappoint these deluded fools by increasing racial strife to the highest levels in generations while continuing to promote the peaceful Muslim lie. As one of his first official acts, President Obama undertook a world apology tour to grovel before and beg forgiveness from numerous Muslim despots tacitly supporting the very terrorists upon which America was waging war. This egregious act served notice that Obama did not believe in the concept of American exceptionalism and would no longer promote western values of freedom and democracy.

The multicultural lie had come full circle with Obama dragging America and its culture of Western Civilization down to the level of Muslim totalitarian regimes over the objections of Americans cognizant of the lies being promoted in service to the progressive agenda. Europeans who succumbed to the lies of multiculturalism over the strenuous objections of clear-eyed visionaries such as Dutch politician Geert Wilders opened their borders to massive numbers of Muslim refugees who have refused to assimilate to the point of creating multiple “no-go” zones throughout Europe where Shariah law is allowed to flourish despite constitutional protections and police are forbidden to patrol all as predicted. These Muslim safe havens have allowed local mosques to radicalize the Muslim populations and terrorists to engage in widespread recruitment of jihadis while fomenting plans for terrorist acts across the continent. Brussels, Belgium has served as the recruitment, planning, and staging scene of numerous Islamic terrorist atrocities with safe houses scattered throughout several Muslim no-go zones.

The recent carnage inflicted upon Brussels came courtesy of Islamic terrorists seeking to inflict damage upon those who adhere to the superior values of Western Civilization over the backward and militant culture of Islam. Unable to achieve what those adherents of Western Civilization have produced, Muslims are reduced to sowing destruction and death in a pathetic attempt to take by force what they do not have and what no sane adherent of Western Civilization would part with on their own. Superior civilizations do not need to resort to violence to achieve their superiority, yet the progressives constantly argue that communism and socialism have failed throughout history because they have not been attempted on a scale large enough to guarantee success. Their argument is also applicable to Islam, yet it fails because there is no scale large enough to actually guarantee success as evidenced by the need of these cultural systems to resort to totalitarianism to force compliance.

The values of Western Civilization applied to America with determination were responsible for taking us from discovery to the world’s lone superpower in less than four hundred years with the highest standard of living in world history. No coercion was required as the forces of liberty and free enterprise were unleashed under a government dedicated to property rights, sound currency, and the rule of law to maximize personal liberty tempered by personal responsibility. Compared to the carnage in Brussels, it is impossible to argue that Western Civilization is not far superior to any other culture or that Islam is in any way, shape, or form its equal.

Brussels AttacksThese attacks came shortly after a bloody shootout in which Belgium police captured one of the leaders of the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris last November. Those grisly Paris attacks reawakened a slumbering Europe to the prevalence of Muslim terrorism in their midst which the European politicians and media have been pointedly ignoring for years. How quickly Parisians have been lulled back into complacency following the Charlie Hebdo attacks where gunmen murdered a French policeman in cold blood.

The Muslims have promised a continual reign of terror across Europe as they seek to establish a Muslim caliphate over the continent. They have fanatical followers embedded across Europe in safe zones they have purposely carved out from the cowardly European politicians who foolishly seek to accommodate the evil lurking around them. They are planning and stockpiling materiel with which to conduct this reign of terror even as European politicians refuse to confront the Muslim terrorist threat with tacit admission of its existence and widespread infiltration throughout the continent. These politicians continue clinging to the lies of multiculturalism despite its overwhelming failure to secure the accommodative peace they seek.

Picture4After all the Islamic fanaticism, terrorist attacks, and promises of more to come, the progressives continue to insist that there exist peaceful Muslims contrary to the teachings of Islam and their inability to make themselves known. If there really were peaceful Muslims decrying Islamic terrorism, the progressive mainstream media would be constantly throwing them up in our face, but such is not the case.

Now stories of Muslim men harassing, groping, and even raping innocent European women in public spaces are flooding the underground media to the point where the mainstream media can no longer overlook their publication. A tremendous backlash against Muslim immigration and the refusal of Muslims to assimilate is spreading across Europe in the rise of nationalist parties such as the UK Independence Party in Great Britain under Nigel Farage and the National Front in France under Marine Le Pen. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under attack for her open arms policy of welcoming Muslim immigrants and refusal to consider a halt in Muslim immigration in the wake of recent Muslim terrorist attacks.

The Islamic reign of terror will continue across Europe until the politicians get serious about confronting this evil and eliminating it by any means necessary. It will find its way back across the Atlantic to American shores with renewed vigor as the Muslim terrorists have vowed to shift their focus away from the Mideast and pivot to attacks on the West. This calamity has been encouraged and abetted by the lie of multiculturalism spread by the progressives in their quest to erase the concept of American exceptionalism they feel is unjust in a world they believe is only just when they exercise totalitarian control.

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