America has had enough of the progressive assault on men in general and white men in particular that has demoralized the country and adversely impacted minorities in the left’s zeal to punish white men for all their imagined sins.

America is and has always been about freedom. Economic freedom took us from discovery to the world’s lone superpower in less than four hundred years while political freedom has allowed diverse ethnicities to assimilate together as a single people identifying as Americans. Freedom made us equal as citizens able to pursue our dreams and build our lives just as the Founders intended. However, the Founders made a crucial mistake by allowing the stain of slavery to infiltrate our founding documents and remain a legal institution. Regardless of all the reasons why it was necessary at the time, America is still paying for that mistake long past the time of the Civil War required to abolish its practice.

In the last century, the progressives began agitating that certain groups weren’t as free as others and began the balkanization of America along racial and ethnic lines by appealing to minority grievances. These grievances were legitimate at first, but as those claims were settled, the movement began uncovering more and more specious claims of grievance with which to divide and alienate Americans from each other. Today, we find ourselves living among a patchwork of groups with special rights and privileges totally alien to the intent of the Founders that all Americans be free to pursue their dreams and equal before the law. We are all well aware that some groups are more free than others and more equal before the law. Instead of redressing past grievances so that Americans could better come together as one people, this situation has resulted in massive alienation and hatred towards one another evidenced in citizens identifying as hyphenated Americans and the unreasonable demands that certain groups be absolved of their duty to follow the law. These groups demand the right to pillage, rape, and murder without the fear of facing any consequences for their lawlessness all in the name of the nebulous concept of social justice.

Americans have been beaten over the head with the irrational concept of multiculturalism which seeks to convince us that every culture and every worldview is equally valid to every other culture and worldview. Anyone with the least bit of acumen knows this to be a massive lie perpetrated to debase the Judeo-Christian concepts upon which this country was founded. As the basis for our laws and government, there is no philosophy or set of concepts more suitable for patterning a society to function smoothly than the Judeo-Christian concepts articulated in the Bible.

Those of us who have protested against the evil of multiculturalism promoted by the progressives have been subjected to the most foul abridgement of free speech in the form of the left’s tactic of political correctness which seeks to limit any disagreement with the progressive agenda through the pernicious threat of being labeled as some egregious unenlightened throwback such as a racist or xenophobe. Under the fascism of political correctness, complaints against unrestricted illegal immigration are met with charges that the complainer is a racist xenophobe seeking to deny the less privileged the same opportunities enjoyed by the complainer. Ignored are the obvious points that the immigration being complained about is, in fact, illegal, that our laws are being undermined and ignored at will even by those charged with their enforcement, and that it is not the responsibility of America to take in every underprivileged person on the planet at the expense of our own citizens.

The rise of feminism has created a situation whereby men are cast as evil brutes intent on forcing themselves upon the fairer sex at every opportunity all without their consent. This indoctrination begins at an early age and manifests itself most intently in college where hormones are at their peak as young men and women find themselves in close proximity in an environment ostensibly promoting interaction and the satisfaction of curiosity. Where in the past a poor choice would be regretted with the young lady learning a valuable lesson about allowing her conduct to get out of hand to the point whereby she is liable to make poor choices, that same situation now affords the young lady with the opportunity to claim she was forced into a bad situation and taken advantage of regardless of the actual circumstances. She can now claim that she was sexually abused and totally rely on the college to take her word over the man with absolutely no negative consequences on her part if she happens to be lying about the entire situation. The young man finds himself expelled from college with absolutely no due process over a situation he thought was completely consensual all because the young lady decided later it was a regrettable mistake.

This war on men extends to the dissolution of marriage whereby women with less than pure motives can now divorce their husbands for no reason other than their desire to divorce and seize his assets legally through the courts which have failed miserably to keep pace with societal changes that now see women with college degrees in greater numbers than men and able to secure employment leading to financial independence. Marriage has become an absolutely horrible proposition for men, and men are abandoning the institution in hordes. The rise of gay marriage means the state has completely removed the sacrament of marriage from the church and redefined it into nothing more than a contract filed at the courthouse for the purpose of distributing federal benefits.

Redefining equality before the law to allow for the creation of multiple special groups with multiple special rights means that some groups have more rights than others and some groups have fewer rights than the rest in violation of the Founders’ intent that all Americans are free to pursue their happiness and equal before the law. The biggest loser among groups has been men, and the biggest loser among men has been white men. It should be noted that minorities have suffered disproportionately in this arrangement as the shrinking pool of opportunities caused by this situation means that minorities are increasingly crowded out due to the fact that they are minorities in the first place. The bulk of opportunities will always statistically flow to the majority group by virtue of the fact that they are the majority group.

As American manufacturing has moved offshore, American jobs have disappeared. These jobs were held by working class American men who are now unemployed with fewer opportunities to earn a comparable living. Note that working class does not imply an inability to learn or infer that an individual is less smart. Being that America is all about freedom, it follows that this freedom extends to the choice of a man’s trade and no inference can be made about that choice. There are many reasons why a man chooses a particular trade. Perhaps it’s a family trade, or there was a lack of educational opportunities, or there was a preference for a particular trade, but it is disgusting that the media implies that working class people are somehow less capable and less deserving than those who have earned a college degree.

Not only have white men suffered from the loss of American manufacturing jobs, but minorities have suffered even more. Even though great strides have been made in the struggle for Civil Rights, there exists a grievance industry dedicated to promoting the fiction that all the ills of the minority community are the fault of systemic racism and convinced too many minorities not to even try to improve their lot in life. The result has been that there are fewer opportunities available to minorities laboring under this delusion, and fewer still as these limited opportunities disappear overseas. The Obama presidency has been a horrible deal for minorities as unemployment has skyrocketed among minority communities leaving these people ripe for grievance industry appeals that keep them mired in poverty.

Having been assaulted on all sides for years and watching their opportunities decrease, white men have decided that enough is enough! They are sick to death at seeing the free trade deals they were told would increase their job opportunities and prosperity result in the loss of their jobs as our leaders fail to enforce American claims of abuse by those profiting from these free trade deals at our expense. They are tired of being branded as low information voters for supporting candidates that promise to redress the imbalance in these free trade deals, and they’re sick of being branded as racists and xenophobes for complaining about the illegal immigration which is further diluting what few opportunities they have left. They loathe anyone lecturing them that all cultures are equally valid to theirs when they know better, and they are furious at being clubbed over the head with political correctness whenever they complain.

It is for these reasons and many others that this group is supporting Donald Trump for president. Not only this group, but many minorities who have watched their lot become much worse under the progressive agenda of President Obama and the wealthy corporatist class seeking to benefit from their political connections to profit at the expense of the American worker. Donald Trump is campaigning against the globalist order that the progressives and their establishment GOP fellow travelers in the elitist political class wish to foist upon America over the objections of those who feel they no longer have a voice in the decisions affecting their lives. Trump’s support is built upon those Americans shouting “Enough!” at the top of their lungs to an increasing deaf political establishment unwilling to hear them at any volume and proceeding as if their opinions did not matter in the least.

The media, the politicians, the wealthy donor class, and every other component of the political establishment are proceeding towards globalization in violation of the Constitution and American sovereignty as if it is an inevitable done deal and with the opinion that any resistance is futile and uninformed. The rise of Trump is very much a signal from Americans that nothing is inevitable and this is certainly not a done deal. Before our sovereignty is traded away and we are left at the mercy of a world filled with countries that hate us and seek our demise, we intend to have our say and put a stop to the reckless train upon which we’ve been herded like so many cattle approaching our doom as if it were inevitable.

We’ve watched the incrementalism of the progressives as they’ve slowly worked to enact their agenda over time to the detriment of America and her sovereignty. We’ve chaffed at not being able to complain due to the stifling of political correctness which has robbed us of our freedom of speech. We applaud Trump’s ability to resist the pernicious evil of political correctness and double down to throw the media into fits as its tactics have been robbed of their power to silence. Where it was necessary for so long to remain silent in fear of the embarrassment of being labeled a racist, we’ve now been unshackled to speak our minds as the free Americans we were always meant to be by the Founders. It is Trump who has made this possible to the consternation of progressives and their establishment acolytes.

Trump has made it possible for us who have had enough to shout that we’ve had enough and be heard by the establishment political class who cowers in fear of a Trump presidency and what it will mean to their grip on power. They continue to delude themselves that they have the ability to pick our presidential candidates and that their agenda is inevitable, but their fear of Trump is evident in their constant attempts to attack and discredit him. Having tasted the liberating effect of Trump’s candidacy, it will be impossible to put that genie back in the bottle. With Trump’s candidacy, we are witnessing a seismic political shift that will resonate for decades. This is a truly refreshing historical moment for those who have labored so long under the totalitarianism of the progressives and their weapons of political correctness and multiculturalism designed for intimidation and fear.

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