Primary Trends

The liberal media has purposely ignored the seismic chasm in the Democrat Party reflected in the primary results in their quixotic quest to derail the increasing momentum behind Donald Trump.

That there has been a split in the GOP has been known since 2010 when TEA Party conservatives who had labored mightily to return control of the House to Republicans were unceremoniously stiffed by the House leadership under John Boehner in his refusal to stand up to President Obama and his unpopular initiatives. In a tearful speech, Boehner had sworn to conservatives that he would fight President Obama and put a halt to his progressive agenda. In reality, other than holding a number of show votes to repeal Obamacare which he knew would go nowhere, Boehner proved to be a poor fighter and an even poorer negotiator as he allowed Obama to extract whatever he wished holding the empty threat of a government shutdown over the heads of the timid House leadership.

TEA Party conservatives rallied to the GOP cause in 2012 and 2014 to keep the House in Republican hands and return the Senate to their control only to be disappointed as the empty campaign promises of thwarting President Obama’s progressive agenda again met with the reality of establishment GOP deal making to grant Obama’s every wish. Not one progressive initiative was stopped by the Congressional GOP leadership without massive pressure from outside lobbying groups such as the NRA. TEA Party conservatives have found their biggest hurdles to stopping President Obama’s progressive agenda to be the establishment leadership of the Republican Party. So wide has the rift grown between TEA Party conservatives and the establishment GOP leadership that the Republican Party no longer even hides its disdain of conservatives as hardheaded obstacles to the type of deal making they prefer to keep government growing and their legions of consultants and party hangers on employed.

Faced with multiple headwinds such as having an untrustworthy frontrunner, charges that the Democrat Party has rigged its primary system to favor Hillary Clinton’s nomination, and a general move away from serious consideration of another Democrat as president, the liberal media has thrown its entire biased effort into highlighting a Republican rift that is news to no one while concealing problems in the Democrat ranks. They have actually helped Republican frontrunner Donald Trump by concentrating an inordinate amount of airtime on his every utterance in the naïve belief that hearing what they consider to be Trump’s inanities enough times would turn off his supporters. This strategy has backfired on the media unable as they are to handle someone of Trump’s ability who has turned the usual media strategies on their head and used them against these media overlords to their consternation and frustration.

The more Trump is attacked by the biased media and the establishment GOP leadership, the more his support grows among conservatives pissed completely off by the establishment and its refusal to hear conservatives. The media has grown complacent over the years facing timid establishment GOP candidates trained in providing meaningless sound bites so as not to utter anything remotely controversial or truthful. Donald Trump not only speaks truth to power by tapping into the thoughts of the average voter, but he doubles down on his ideology refusing to play the media apology game so detrimental to other less media savvy candidates who eagerly walk back the least glimpse of the truth over the least amount of pushback.

Given all of this, it is no surprise that Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, and it is also no surprise that the establishment GOP leadership is working feverishly in collusion with the Democrats and their liberal media acolytes to deny Trump the nomination by any means necessary. Establishment support has shifted among candidates since their handpicked candidate Jeb Bush was sent packing with low poll numbers and an inability to survive the Trump onslaught. As each establishment favorite of the moment has folded, their support has shifted to the next big thing in the hopes that this will be the one to stop Trump until they’ve finally run out of candidates with little Marco Rubio. Now, talk is going around about a brokered convention in which the establishment would rig the voting against Trump. Former establishment nominee Mitt Romney has weighed in against Trump in a major way providing implicit support for this brokered convention strategy, but RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has played down talk of a brokered convention not wishing to exacerbate a Republican split which would leave Democrats better positioned to win in November. Meanwhile, Trump’s support continues to grow.

Democrats started their controversial primary season out under charges that DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had staffed the DNC with women and limited the debate schedule to favor Hillary Clinton as the nominee. Republicans pointing out the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party being undemocratic in the selection of its nominee and having a good laugh at the DNC’s expense have had the tables turned on them as they talk of denying their frontrunner Donald Trump the nomination of their party. When socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came close to defeating Hillary in Iowa before decisively defeating her in New Hampshire, Debbie began rapidly adding debates to the schedule in order to bolster Clinton’s chances. However, the story that emerged from Sanders’ New Hampshire victory was that Hillary actually walked away with more delegates despite having lost badly to Sanders and attention suddenly shifted to the use of superdelegates by the DNC as yet another way of rigging the nomination in Hillary’s favor.

Those feeling the Bern were suddenly feeling the heat as their candidate was winning the primaries but losing in the delegate count. Other than reporting the primary results and delegate counts with a straight face, the media haven’t pursued this gigantic story of primary rigging. Bernie’s overwhelming wins continue to translate into an increase in Hillary’s delegate count while his supporters continue to fume at the sheer audacity of the rigged process. This begs the interesting question of how the Democrat convention will unfold if Bernie wins the majority of the primaries while Hillary wins the majority of delegates. There is the potential for a substantial number of frustrated Sanders’ supporters bolting to Donald Trump in the general election, and this scenario is being confirmed in exit polls conducted after recent primaries.

The Democrat primaries tell an interesting story also. Hillary has done very well in the South winning with overwhelming majorities thanks to its large black populations and her solid support among blacks. Outside the South, Sanders has been winning with overwhelming majorities in places where young voters and women have been rejecting Hillary in astounding numbers. This trend suggests a divide in the Democrat Party between the segments prone to supporting government assistance and the idealistic young seeking to change the world but rejecting government assistance as a failure when it comes to actually helping anyone. Bernie Sanders’ message railing against corporatists and the wealthy that have rigged the system against the middle class is resonating with young and blue collar Democrats while Hillary’s message of continued government assistance is resonating with blacks and Hispanics.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan attracted substantial support among blue collar workers who had watched their job prospects and wages erode under Jimmy Carter’s mismanagement of the economy. These “Reagan Democrats” were open to Reagan’s message of restoring America to world prominence while revitalizing her economy and voted for him in substantial numbers to give him the win over Carter. Reagan is the only conservative to have won the presidency as a Republican, and he was hated by the establishment GOP leadership who disdained his supporters as uneducated, low information voters despite his ability to attract substantial numbers of new voters into the Republican Party. With the establishment GOP leadership’s attacks on Donald Trump, we are witnessing the same phenomenon playing itself out yet again. Exit polls from Democrat primaries confirm that substantial numbers of Sanders supporters plan to vote for Trump if Hillary winds up with the nomination. Donald Trump is energizing the process and attracting legions of new voters into the Republican Party much like Reagan did in 1980, but the establishment GOP leadership disdains these voters as uneducated, low information voters much like they did in 1980.

Another trend being overlooked by the liberal media is the thousands of Democrats who are leaving the party to become independents and Republicans so they can vote for Trump in the primaries. Some 20,000 Democrats left the party in Massachusetts to vote for Trump in the primary. These voters realize the middle class has been shafted by the wealthy corporatists under the Bush and Obama presidencies as their policies have remained essentially the same. These voters are not looking for four more years of the same failed economic policies and lax immigration which has funneled thousands of new workers into the country to compete for their jobs while willing to work for lower wages. They are not interested in hearing talk about new free trade agreements which have turned out to be anything but free as they’ve watched their jobs flee offshore. To them, Hillary is another Wall Street politician cozy with the wealthy corporatists who isn’t likeable and isn’t trustworthy and isn’t wanted. Bernie Sanders voices their frustration at the erosion of the middle class by the wealthy corporatists using their political connections to rig the system in their favor, and if Bernie is denied the nomination because these wealthy corporatists rig the primary process against him as they appear to have done, then they will gladly vote for Trump as the agent of change they are desperately seeking.

Conservatives don’t enjoy the plethora of options available to frustrated Democrats who have the luxury of Trump as a fallback option in case Bernie is denied the nomination. If Trump is denied the GOP nomination by the establishment leadership, there is no way conservatives are supporting the establishment nominee, there is absolutely no way they are supporting Hillary, and there is no way they are supporting an avowed socialist for president no matter how resonate his message may be. Of course, these frustrated Democrat voters only have the luxury of supporting Trump if he does succeed in becoming the nominee which is why a great many of them are leaving the party to ensure Trump wins the nomination.

If Donald Trump is denied the Republican nomination due to a brokered convention or any other shady establishment tactics, then it is absolutely imperative that he run as an independent against Hillary and the Republican nominee handpicked by the establishment leadership. An independent Trump bid would be fiercely opposed by the establishment GOP leadership and the liberal media who would trumpet the foolishness of splitting the GOP vote to hand Hillary the presidency. The liberal media would be echoing the establishment GOP leadership in this because it would serve their purpose of implying that Hillary has a lock on the presidency with a split Republican vote and that resistance is futile. However, this overlooks the fact that conservatives would defect in huge numbers to Trump after watching the establishment GOP leadership rig the process against him to handpick yet another moderate loser. It also overlooks the fact that the millions of new voters attracted to the GOP to vote for Trump because he represents the change they are seeking would continue to follow Trump as an independent candidate. The absolutely pissed off voters currently supporting Trump would not hesitate for one second to support him as an independent as they have no love for the establishment leadership of either party, and an independent Trump win would further upset the process and hasten the demise of the detested establishment.

The 2016 primary process has revealed a number of trends signaling a seismic political shift that promises to be historic. Americans are resisting the push towards globalism that is costing them jobs and eroding the sovereignty of the United States despite the best efforts of the establishment to realize their Utopian vision of a one world government favorable to the wealthy corporatist donor class upon which they are so dependent at the expense of the rest of us. This is definitely an election cycle in which all of the rules are being rewritten, and there is a great deal more to come as it unfolds. The biased establishment leadership ignores these trends at its own peril, and their denial will not change the outcome desired by the American people. Change is going to come one way or the other, and that change does not include the current establishment leadership.

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