New Hampshire Insights

The New Hampshire primaries confirmed without a doubt that Americans are completely done with the corrupt establishment leaderships of both parties!

The media has become increasingly desperate as it watches its power to control thought evaporate by Americans whose frustration at being duped morphs into awareness of media bias and the control process elites have employed to convince them that their elitist lies are reality. America is a vast country whose citizens have become increasingly disunited by political leaders profiting from their ability to divide Americans into ever smaller groups so as to dilute their ability to oppose the goals of these political leaders with any serious effect.

We see the media desperation reveal itself in the reactions of Fox News to Donald Trump’s public revelations about the overt display of its bias against him and the duplicity of its staff. Americans plainly saw Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly come after Trump in the first Fox News debate with the intention of putting him on the spot and creating an intentionally uncomfortable situation she hoped would cause Trump to blurt out some stupidity that could be used to demonstrate he was unfit for office. Kelly and the others consistently attacked Trump’s life at the expense of the other candidates and the issues they purported to care so much about exploring prior to the debate.

When Trump wisely opted out of the planned ambush Fox News was preparing for him in the debate just prior to the Iowa caucus, Fox news issued a bizarre statement attempting to mock Trump’s leadership abilities and his desire to conduct his own polling of his Twitter followers instead of relying solely on Fox’s biased claims that he must attend their debate. So, Trump was insulted by Fox News for conducting his own poll instead of just taking their word that he needed to allow them to ambush him again prior to the important Iowa caucus. At the time, Fox News was proudly revealing that they were in fact preparing to ambush Trump as they filled airtime discussing their process for developing candidate questions with the intention of making candidates “squirm” revealing that they had zero interest in allowing the candidates to seriously discuss the issues and were only interested in taking cheap shots to provoke reactionary responses. They were also revealing that the entire process was rigged to control the thinking of Americans by ignoring the issues and embarrassing any candidate they wanted Americans to ignore.

Americans have chafed under twenty-four years of increasingly leftist policies that have culminated in the presidency of community organizer Barack Obama and his hard progressive agenda of destruction. We’ve watched America being run into the ground by a duplicitous president hiding his Muslim bias behind a veil of Christianity and his communist proclivities behind claims of being some grand professor of constitutional law when reality reveals that he was merely an instructor employed to teach introductory survey classes. Bill Clinton’s attempts to embrace the progressive agenda early in his tenure were rebuffed by Americans rightly fearful of more government control over their lives. Clinton quickly tacked back to the center to secure his goal of a second term then the Monica Lewinsky scandal prevented him from any serious attempt to enact progressive legislation. The establishment GOP leadership, foolishly sensing that moderation led to the path of electoral glory, swung behind lefty Republican George W. Bush to barely reclaim the White House over establishment Democrat Al Gore and his environmental insanity. Their race became so close because they were both uninspiring establishment candidates whose moderation left Americans unenthused by either candidate. Bush proceeded to enact the progressive agenda for the left with entitlement expansion in the form of Medicare prescription drug coverage and No Child Left Behind that paved the way for his successor to enact further expansions. Ironically, while Bush was enacting the progressive agenda, the biased media propagandists were busy savaging his presidency to pave the way for an even more radical hard line progressive by convincing Americans that Bush was evil incarnate.

Then, along came Obama and his blank slate onto which voters were encouraged to project their political hopes, dreams, and fantasies in the irrational belief that those were exactly what Obama was all about. Attempts to reveal his sordid past as a community organizer trained in the methods of communist Saul Alinsky or detail his Muslim upbringing in Indonesia were intentionally ignored by the biased media invested in seeing their Democrat candidate elected at all costs. Obama has proceeded to ruin the American economy by enacting the failed Keynesian economic policies which deepened and prolonged the Great Depression of the 1930s. Obama has increased regulations that benefit his corporatist cronies at the expense of small businesses unable to meet their burden, raised taxes to encourage the relocation of American companies offshore, and thrown open the borders to import the cheap labor craved by the corporatists who wish to keep their manufacturing operations in America to control quality and protect their intellectual property.

Fed up with all of this are Americans who have watched their jobs disappear, their wages fall, their opportunities disappear, and their debt increase all while listening to the government lie incessantly to them through their media acolytes in opposition to all the failure that surrounds them. It worked for awhile as disjointed Americans worked through the catharsis that their situation was an anomaly not in line with the rest of the country. The politicians promoted this catharsis by pitting subgroups of Americans against each other such as the wealthy and the poor, blacks and whites, and men and women whose focus on their individual subgroup disparities distracted them from the fact that the real battle was between the “us” of the American people and the “them” of the elitist political class and their corporatist donors and media propagandists.

Iowa scared the hell out of the establishment and they swung their media propagandists into action in a pathetic attempt to convince Americans that Iowa was a fluke. Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders went from being fifty points down to within two tenths of a point of defeating handpicked establishment Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, but the media portrayed it as a victory by Clinton and vindication of her as the presumptive nominee. Texas Senator Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump topped a Republican field seeded with establishment candidates whose presence was meant to dilute Trump’s support but which only managed to fragment the establishment vote at the expense of the handpicked establishment GOP candidate Jeb Bush. The media loudly proclaimed that Trump had lost and boastfully speculated that he was done as a candidate while ignoring the obvious fact that the two outsider candidates had handily topped all of the moderate establishment candidates, with Bush garnering less than three percent of the vote.

Heading into New Hampshire, the media would have Americans believing that Hillary’s nomination was inevitable and Trump was a goner. They dismissed Trump for not having a sufficient ground game in the Granite State despite the fact that it differs from Iowa in myriad ways. Behind the scenes though, Hillary’s campaign manager drafted a memo announcing their intention to put a New Hampshire loss behind them and focus on later contests prior to the polls closing. They knew they were going to lose and had prepared for that. Trump continued to be himself while riding an enormous lead in the polls confident that the media propagandists were wrong as they’ve been from the start of this election cycle.

The results proved what Americans were expecting despite the ardent attempts of the media to convince them of their preferred alternate reality. Sanders and Trump both emerged with overwhelming victories while the media was left saying that this was all expected but the real story lay further down in the details. Having little to work with on the Democrat side, they focused on the rise of Ohio governor John Kasich who emerged in second place behind Trump, and his potential to be the next establishment candidate to potentially halt the Trump juggernaut.

The media have ignored the fact that DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has loaded the DNC staff with women and limited the debate schedule to rig the nomination for Hillary. A revolt among Democrats feeling the Bern forced Schultz to add more debates which she was happy to do when Hillary got into trouble in Iowa and needed a pubic platform to rehabilitate her tarnished image. Debates are quickly being added after her New Hampshire schlonging in a pathetic attempt to right her sinking candidacy. Schultz’s rigging of the nomination process was revealed for all to see in the delegate count from New Hampshire, and not even the media propagandists could disguise the blatant manipulation of the process. Despite defeating Hillary in a landslide, Sanders emerged with fewer delegates, thus effectively nullifying the vote and any voice New Hampshire Democrats thought they might have in the process. Rush Limbaugh summed it up nicely by reminding his listeners that Sanders campaign points emphasize that the system is rigged against ordinary Americans, then asking them to imagine how Sanders is going to feel when he realizes that the New Hampshire primary had been rigged against him!

Kasich’s second place finish was heralded by the media as the emergence of an establishment candidate who could finally take on Donald Trump and stop his momentum. This was the same story line they were pushing in the wake of the Iowa results with Marco Rubio playing the establishment Trump spoiler until New Jersey governor Chris Christie torpedoed Rubio for coming across as too scripted and lacking any depth with the pundits unkindly referring to Rubio and “Rubot.” Ignored was the fact that Kasich had ignored Iowa to concentrate on New Hampshire where his hippy dippy style appealed to a sizable segment of the Granite State population being as they are located next door to hippy haven Vermont with its trendy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and love of all things tie-dyed.

While totally ignoring the disparate vote count in Iowa where Republicans far outpolled Democrats, the media had the gall to misleadingly state that Sanders got more votes than several of the top GOP candidates combined while ignoring the fact that GOP votes were split among a larger field, thus inferring that Democrats were more popular than Republicans and destined to win. This pathetic tactic would be laughable if not for the fact that there are a great many Americans too stupid or lazy to realize they are being duped by a biased media in the tank for the Democrats.

Like Iowa, there were more candidates who awoke to the reality that they had no chance and were wasting what little donor money they had left. With the Democrat field narrowed to two after Iowa, it was the GOP field which continued to narrow with the departures of Christie, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, and former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, though his departure almost went unnoticed due to his being practically invisible. Gilmore and former Ney York government George Pataki never had any business in the race to begin with as neither had a national following and no path to the presidency.

New Hampshire confirmed the political phenomenon that Americans are disgusted with the establishment leadership of both parties for their blatant manipulation of the political process and impudent disregard of their voter bases. Democrats have become the party of the free government giveaway taking from the productive class whose largest members they protect to pay for it all at the expense of Americans who must become increasingly dependent upon government because the Democrat politicians have thoroughly reduced their options to remain productive and independent. Republicans have become the party of mushy moderateness incapable and uninterested in defending conservatism while filling their roles as junior partners in the expansion of government which keeps their connected insiders employed and their protected corporatist donors writing checks to fund their grasp on political power at the expense of Americans who are left with no voice to protect them from the ravages of the destructive progressive agenda.

Americans ARE angry, but not in the wild-eyed, lunatic fringe way the media is fond of portraying us. Americans are much more aware of the manipulation being exercised by the elitist political class at their expense and they’re sick to death of it. Media attempts to highlight Donald Trump’s conflicting past support for liberal policies fall on deaf ears because his supporters only care that his election will destroy the establishment GOP leadership which ignores them, and revel in the hand-wringing contortions of an increasingly desperate class witnessing the loss of their control.

Those Democrat voters feeling the Bern are disgusted by Hillary’s scandal-ridden past, self-preserving evasive lies, and ties to Wall Street corporatists enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary Americans. Hillary’s entire life is defined by scandal from her days in Arkansas with the Rose Law Firm billing records and improbable cattle futures trades to her present entanglement in the Benghazi massacre and email scandals. They are figuring out that there never was a vast right-wing conspiracy, and even if there were, it wasn’t responsible for Hillary’s decision to employ a home server to hide her official government emails from FOIA requests or her decision to promote a fictitious cover story to conceal her involvement in an illegal scheme to supply Syrian rebels with Libyan arms that went horribly awry. The only right-wing conspiracy has always been the one to hold Hillary accountable for her sleazy actions and arrogant disregard for the rules under which the rest of us are forced to live.

New Hampshire confirmed that Iowa was no fluke and 2016 is the year of the outsider as Americans look to destroy a corrupt political system which has unnecessarily ruined their lives so the political class could live large. Donald Trump can no longer be ignored or belittled as a serious candidate by those threatened with his nomination and election. The desperate establishment leadership has had to resort to flagrant manipulation of the process in a losing attempt to preserve its power. The media propagandists have lost control of their ability to berate and humiliate candidates who have watched Trump turn the tables on them to expose their pathetic tactics. And, the entire process will become increasingly blatant as the elite are stripped of their power. These are the insights revealed by the New Hampshire primary results.

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