Iowa Insights

After months of speculation, the Iowa caucus aligned the political landscape for the 2016 primary season, but the most interesting nuances were revealed by the media reaction to the results.

Heading into Iowa, most people expected the front runners in each party to come out somewhere close to their polling positions and were not disappointed. On the GOP side, polls indicated a close race between Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump with the only thing in play being which candidate would come out on top. Iowa voters chose Cruz over Trump, but both were well above the rest of the GOP field. On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders managed to stay so close in the voting that a clear winner never emerged, although the raw vote totals were kept secret leading to charges of vote manipulation by each side.

As is always the case, Iowa forced many of the candidates to face the sober truth about their quixotic presidential aspirations. Former Maryland governor Martin “Rain Tax” O’Malley never had a chance against Hillary and Bernie and managed to garner less than one percent of the vote. Hillary’s wealthy liberal wing of the Democrat Party slugged it out with Bernie’s crowd of progressive Democrats for party control with O’Malley as a mere distraction and not much of one at that. O’Malley didn’t appeal to the wealthy Wall Street liberals backing Hillary or to the socialist progressives feeling the Bern and merely served to demonstrate that the entire Democrat Party is aligned with either one of these camps or the other. O’Malley promptly ended his candidacy and headed back to Maryland.

Those on the GOP side whose donor money dried up with the Iowa vote included Mike Huckabee who won this contest back in 2008. However, the world has become a much more dangerous place since 2008 and it is no longer enough to appeal to Christian values when voters realize they have to first be protected from that dangerous world before they can practice their Christian faith. Likewise, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum folded his tent for lack of pure Christian values voters. Also getting caught short of voters looking for a fighter instead of a principled isolationist was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who also folded his hand and headed back home to try and save his Senate seat. Next week’s New Hampshire primary will winnow the rest of the GOP field of those delusional few refusing to admit they never had a chance.

Iowa has somehow managed to convince the parties that it deserves its status as the first-in-the-nation primary stop despite its lousy record at picking eventual nominees. Rarely does the winner of the Iowa caucus go on to win the nomination of their party. Iowa does serve to pare down the field, but any first primary contest could accomplish that feat. Iowa is a conservative state in the middle of flyover country with an unusual primary style that has voters clustered in caucuses convincing each other to vote for one candidate or the other. Those candidates who spend an inordinate amount of time visiting voters and appealing to their conservative Christian values to gain an air of trustworthiness on the important issues of the day tend to do well.

This primary season can be summed up as the year of the angry voter. Conservatives who have been jilted by the establishment Republican leadership are mad as hell and in no mood to support any candidate reeking of the stench of having been handpicked by the GOP leadership to win the nomination. Establishment candidate Jeb Bush managed to garner less than three percent of a record setting Iowa caucus vote. Career politicians touting their experience were ignored by Iowans who went overwhelmingly for outsider candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Cruz has proudly worn the outsider label as the most hated man in the Senate for forcing the establishment leadership to cast very public and very embarrassing votes that they were unable to hide from their constituents back home. He has demonstrated a willingness to buck the leadership and place the concerns of ordinary Americans above his personal comfort of going along to get along and he was rewarded for that courage in Iowa.

Likewise, Donald Trump has energized the electorate with his blunt outspokenness on the important issues the establishment leadership would prefer to be swept under the rug and ignored. Americans are sick to death of the stranglehold on free speech that the corrupt political correctness movement has unleashed on this country to stifle any criticism of their destructive progressive agenda. Trump boldly rejected political correctness and thrived on the withering media criticism by doubling down on his comments as they drew the ire of the progressives and their media acolytes appalled at his threat to their creeping incrementalist political approach to enacting their agenda of destruction. The left is loathe to relinquish any incremental gain it has managed to wring out of the American system and fights like a cornered wildcat whenever its agenda is threatened. Trump has shown Americans that he is not bothered in the least by the left’s media tactics and employed his media savvy to demonstrate just how hollow these lefty media tactics are.

The left is on the verge of seeing Planned Parenthood being defunded in a death blow to its abortion bloc with Obama being the only thing preventing it at the moment. A conservative president will immediately sign legislation to defund the abortion grist mill known as Planned Parenthood with its phony claims of supporting women’s health. Americans have gotten the full taste of the progressive agenda of destruction under President Obama and are overwhelmingly rejecting it whenever they have the chance. Progressives realize that Obama’s presidency is the high water mark of their movement and can’t stand the realization that their incremental advances are about to be shoved a long way back to the starting point of sanity. Their demoralization was evident in the Iowa voter turnout as the GOP enjoyed an all time record setting turnout while the Democrats were forced to rouse their apathetic neighbors and herd them to the polls. Momentum definitely rests with the right this political season in spite of the establishment Republican leadership which has revealed themselves to be nothing more than traitors in collusion with the progressive Democrats in the Big Government Party against the American people.

Americans are looking to outsiders who will fight this collusion, and Trump and Cruz are the only candidates who have demonstrated their willingness and ability to fight. Cruz has fought the political collusion as a Senator while Trump has fought the pernicious tactics of the left and its media acolytes with great skill. An energetic Iowa electorate turned out to select these fighters as their standard bearers in the coming election. This insight was predictably buried by the media interested in promoting the distraction of a battle between Cruz and Trump. They trumpeted loudly the message that Trump had lost to Cruz despite all of his momentum and blustery talk, and sought to punish his independence by blaming his loss on his refusal to attend the Fox News debate in which Megyn Kelly was laying in wait to ambush him.

The fact that the media attacked Trump so viciously after the vote continues to demonstrate to us conservatives their fear of Trump and his ability to so effectively counter their worn out tactics. Coming in second in Iowa with a record setting turnout to another political outsider in a year of voter anger is not a loss in any way, shape, or form! It is vindication that voter anger against the establishment Republican leadership is very real this year and will not be thwarted! The media would have us believe that Trump lost and is finished as a viable candidate, but nothing could be further from the truth as New Hampshire will demonstrate next week. The media would also have us believe that Marco Rubio is the candidate that the establishment should have been backing all along and is poised to defeat Trump even though Trump beat him in Iowa and will beat him in New Hampshire.

Now that Rubio has managed to beat off the rest of the field to become the favorite establishment candidate, he can expect a gauntlet of withering attacks by Trump and Cruz over his support for illegal immigration as a new Senator. Despite the establishment preference that it should remain in the shadows, illegal immigration has become the leading issue of this campaign thanks to Trump shining a spotlight on it in his presidential candidacy announcement and withstanding the media firestorm which followed. Rubio’s support for illegal immigration will be highlighted to demonstrate his inability to be trusted on this issue and his ties to the establishment which is already not trusted with good reason on this issue.

The Democrats are hardly worth mentioning given the apathy of Iowa voters sensing like the rest of America that they have no chance of winning the presidency after eight disastrous years of Obama creating an economic depression and consigning America to an isolationist backwater in international affairs. Hillary represents the wing that wants the rich to keep getting richer at the expense of the rest of us with her corporatist policies of protectionism through state overregulation and higher taxes. Bernie represents the wing of talentless leftists who want the government to give them the things they’re too lazy to go out and work for themselves while forcing the productive class to pay for it all as a bunch of suckers. Americans who are part of the productive class have had enough of that under Obama and would like nothing better than to see a Trump or Cruz kick that lazy bunch of whiners to the curb and force them to get a job!

DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has done everything in her power to rig the Democrat nomination for Hillary including staffing the DNC overwhelmingly with women and limiting the debate schedule. This was all necessary because the Democrat Party is controlled by the progressive wing which does not trust Hillary’s ties to Wall Street and the wealthy Democrat elite. Progressives see Hillary as a tool of the corporatists they detest precisely because she is one. Elizabeth Warren was their preferred candidate, but she wisely refused to buck Hillary’s chance to become the first woman president given her and Bill’s substantial influence in the party. The progressives turned to Bernie Sanders and his socialist past as their alternative to Hillary. The media played up Hillary as the winner in Iowa despite the fact that she barely edged out Bernie by two-tenths of a percent while hiding the raw vote totals. The fact that Sanders was at one point a fifty point underdog to Hillary only to come back to within two-tenths of a percent of beating her is being played down by the media even though it is split between supporting both candidates.

The media will continue protecting Hillary like it did back in 2008 until it becomes painfully obvious that she can’t win. Despite their best efforts at promoting a Hillary candidacy, the media is all too aware that this is a GOP year and the real effort will be focused on creating turmoil in the Republican ranks. They feel that if they can manage to create enough turmoil among the Republicans, the race may tighten up enough to become interesting.

The real insights from Iowa are garnered through the actions of the media in what they don’t tell us and in how they tell us what they do. By playing down the apathy of Iowa Democrats, we know that Democrats are demoralized and expecting to lose the presidential election. By focusing on Hillary as the winner while ignoring just how close Bernie came to beating her, we know they’re propping up Hillary’s candidacy and that she is in deep trouble to Sanders. We also know that Democrats are evenly divided between liberal statists and progressives who are fighting for party control. By their inordinate focus on Trump not winning in Iowa, we know that the media and their establishment masters are still afraid of Trump and his ability to neutralize their worn out tactics. We know from the vote that Americans are voting in droves overwhelmingly against the establishment GOP leadership and any candidate believed to be favored by them. We know from the record setting GOP turnout in Iowa that Americans finally getting a chance to vote against the progressive agenda and its tacit supporters in the establishment GOP leadership are enthusiastically doing so in favor of those candidates they feel are mostly likely to follow through on its repeal. Now, it’s on to New Hampshire and another media spin job on the election results.

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