Denigrating Profit

The left denigrates profit as if it were the manifestation of some evil character flaw of man such as greed or avarice in their attempts to punish individualism and success to pave the way for the acceptance of their collective.

The left is composed of socialists and communists with no talent and/or no ambition. They either lack the talent to achieve success or they lack the ambition to develop what little talent they have. What they do have is a burning desire for the possessions that facilitate a comfortable life. Lacking talent and ambition, the left employs the only tool they have to acquire the wealth and possessions to which they feel themselves entitled. They band together to create a grievance movement demanding their supposed entitlements and employing emotion to convince those in power to force from us the productive class with talent and ambition a portion of our wealth to fund their entitlements. Those in power skim a portion off the top of the wealth generated by the productive class to fund these entitlements and the government bureaucracy necessary to administrate these entitlements.

The left is adept at employing the language of emotion through their media acolytes to weaken the resolve of producers into feeling guilty about their wealth when so many have so little. They pointedly fail to mention that most of those without are that way through their poor decisions and/or profligate behavior. Contrary to the emotional message of the left, there does exist an entire class of Americans with absolutely no intention of working for their own benefit. They prefer to exist off the hard work of others, and they are shameless in their quest to take from those who have. We are constantly bombarded with emotional pleas from every lefty charity imaginable to donate our wealth to their cause regardless of its actual benefit to mankind. We are variously implored to save pitiful animals, starving children, or endangered rainforests with our generous monthly donations. Investigations of these lefty charities often involve the discovery that most of the donated funds go towards lavish perks for those who run the charities and not to the actual cause represented.

The fact that these lefty charities can exist to implore us to part with our money through their emotional appeals is due to the existence of the free market concept of profit. Lefties will argue that it is because profit exists that they are forced to beg for their funding when they would much rather establish a socialist/communist system that would force us to part with our wealth on their behalf, although they don’t quite phrase it in such stark terms. The left is fond of denigrating profit as being evil and leading to the worst abuses of mankind. They cast profit as being the impetus behind greed and avarice, and portray corporations as being run by evil men with nothing on their minds but the relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of the environment and their fellow man. They imply that these corporate officers would gladly grind the average man under for the sake of increasing their profit.

The left has waged a propaganda campaign against the free market and the concept of profit for so long that most people accept their biased views as the truth and are no longer able to accurately determine what profit is and is not. Profit is the recompense for the investment of one’s sweat equity and talent in the manufacture of a product. Manufacturing requires effort and talent from the producer. The recompense of that effort and talent is profit. Manufacturing exists on a wide scale from the lone producer turning out products by hand to multinational corporations employing hundreds of thousands of people to produce a portfolio of products. The one thing they all have in common is the pursuit of profit through the manufacture of goods and services desired by consumers inhabiting the free market. Without a consumer and a need, profit cannot exist as there would be no buyer for the products manufactured.

We live in an age with the highest standard of living in world history made possible by the free market and the profit concept. America went from being settled as a colony in 1620 to the highest standard of living in world history in less than 400 years all because of profit and the free market. Profit is the motivation behind entrepreneurs harnessing their time and talents to create products and services that satisfy the needs of their fellow man. As these needs are satisfied, profits are generated and the standard of living is increased for everyone. For example, the need for indoor plumbing was satisfied through entrepreneurs who enjoyed profits from their ventures while vastly increasing the standard of living for everyone. Additionally, sanitation improvements from indoor plumbing increased life expectancy by decreasing the incidence of disease from unsanitary disposal of waste. Environmental improvements occurred through innovations in waste treatment which prevent raw sewage from being arbitrarily dumped across the countryside.

The manufacture of any product requires effort and talent. Only the most hard core communists on the left argue that a man shouldn’t be compensated for his labor. A worker surrenders the time he would normally have to spend hunting and gathering food to the production of higher order goods which he then trades for the food he wasn’t able to gather. This concept of compensation allows for the specialization of labor which leads to the manufacture of better goods as the worker hones his talent in the production of these goods. The manufacture of goods of increasing quality improves the standard of living for all. The motivation behind this increase is the pursuit of profit. Consumers in need are supplied with goods from producers with profit as the reward for the producers’ investment of time, labor, and talent.

It is astounding that those on the left think nothing of denigrating the energy industry as evil and destructive of the environment. The use of fossil fuels has been an incredible boon to mankind and is responsible for the rise of the Industrial Revolution that has resulted in modern manufacturing techniques and the production of so many goods benefiting mankind. Yet the energy industry is disparaged as destructive agents of the environment with no regard for the consequences of their evil actions on future generations. No regard is given to current generations and their need to stay warm or be transported or employ products manufactured at reasonable costs. Those leading the Malthusian charge toward a regression into the past are the wealthy leftists who can most easily afford the tremendous price increases that will result from their folly. They jet around the world to luxurious summits espousing their communist tripe creating huge carbon footprints while hectoring the rest of us to do without in pursuit of their visions of communist grandeur.

There are a few companies which get a pass from these hypocritical communists on the left because they manufacture products beloved by lefties. Apple produces iPhones and iPods favored by the trendy lefty set and supports gay rights and other causes favored by the left to insulate themselves from criticism by lefty agitator groups. As fond as the left claims to be for human rights and social justice, they conveniently overlook the fact that Apple outsources the manufacture of its trendy products to Chinese company Foxconn which employs a virtually slave labor force enduring little pay and long hours which would never be tolerated by American workers. Apple gets a pass from the left while American energy companies employing thousands of American workers get castigated as evil destroyers of the environment despite the fact that their energy powers Apple’s trendy devices and their wages allow their workers the ability to afford Apple’s trendy devices. As basic and necessary as energy is to our survival and our way of life, it isn’t perceived as being cool and trendy like Apple’s products.

The left doesn’t want to destroy corporations because they are fully aware of their necessity to maintaining the standard of living to which the left has become accustomed. A review of communist regimes from the last century abundantly details the fact that communist leaders prefer to live in lavish luxury at the expense of their unfortunate populaces. What was true for those communist regimes is also certainly true for the American left with its long and deep ties to communism. The American left has modified communism with the addition of a socialist statism akin to that of the Nazis whereby corporate entities are charged with running the economy while the state provides protection from competition through onerous rules and regulations. Those that are wealthy under this arrangement are allowed to remain wealthy while everyone else is prevented from joining their ranks through confiscatory taxes and onerous regulations which thwart their entrepreneurial aspirations.

So, the left vilifies profit as being evil and the free enterprise system as being unjust. They bombard Americans with biased news highlighting unfortunate corporate accidents as the result of ignoring government required safety precautions in pursuit of profit over the lives of citizens despite the fact that most of these safety precautions are useless nanny state intrusions into industries designed by government bureaucrats with little knowledge of the industries over which they regulate. They imply that oh, if not for the evil pursuit of profit, that accident would never have happened and those people would be alive today. They invoke the nebulous concept of social justice as the moral underpinning of their righteous cause.

These media acolytes pointedly ignore the fact that corporations are composed of people who love their families and would never intentionally seek to do the public harm. They ignore the intrusion of government into the free market which distorts the ability of the market to police itself and root out the minority which would prey on consumers at their expense. They ignore the onerous regulations which force companies to expend scarce resources on their satisfaction at the expense of infrastructure improvements, product improvements, or manufacturing improvements which would result in safer products produced at a lower cost to the consumer.

No, the left conveniently fails to mention the role of government bureaucrats in making a bad situation worse. Nowhere was this more evident than in the government’s handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Instead of allowing BP Shell to handle the problem and minimize the loss of its investment by stopping the flow of oil into the Gulf, the Obama administration’s gang of feckless politicians intervened to needlessly prolong the process by second guessing oil industry experts and applying unnecessary pressure to an already stressful situation that interfered with the clear thinking needed to solve the crisis. BP Shell was highly motivated by the risk to its profit stream to solve the oil spill problem and was hindered from that effort by the government and its posturing political leaders. Attention was diverted away from plugging the leaking well by the government in its simultaneous finger pointing attempts to pin blame on those involved in the plugging operation.

Their media acolytes portrayed these feckless politicians as taking charge of a dire situation to single handedly bring order to the chaos and solve the crisis when the exact opposite occurred. Their bungling interference prevented industry professionals with vast experience dealing with exactly that type of situation from doing their jobs and solving the crisis in a timely manner. BP Shell was forced to cough up $20 billion to mitigate a situation that the government had made vastly worse, all so the politicians could appear to be in charge of the situation forcing that evil energy company to pay up for raping the environment. Meanwhile, oil production in the Gulf dried up in the wake of a government ban on new drilling, and hundreds of offshore services companies in Louisiana were forced to lay off workers and close their doors in the aftermath.

The next time you hear a lefty media journalist denigrating profit, remind yourself that profit is the recompense for the investment of your effort and talent into the production of goods which benefit mankind and raise the standard of living for us all. Then, imagine how you would feel if you were an entrepreneur and the lefty journalist was impugning your ability to profit from your effort and talent. Now, remind yourself that you are an entrepreneur, even if you work for someone else, who is compensated for his effort and talent in the production of goods and services for whichever entity that employs you. The concept of profit begins to take on a whole new meaning when cast in those terms.

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