Prosecuting Hillary

The evidence against Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly demonstrates that she violated federal laws concerning the protection of classified material by using a private server to conduct official State Department business while Secretary of State.

Bill and Hillary Clinton came to some sort of marital agreement long ago which allowed her to overlook his behavior as a sexual predator in exchange for her access to power. Those of us who were around well remember the huge pass Bill got from the media and women’s groups over his multiple bimbo eruptions during his campaign for president in 1992. We noticed the corruption evident in the willingness of women’s groups to overlook Bill’s boorish behavior while espousing empowerment for women and their right not to have to suffer from unwanted sexual advances. Their desire for power to enact their agenda outweighed their desire to publicly condemn the man whose behavior most contradicted with their public agenda but who was also most able to help them achieve their goals.

During Bill’s presidency, the Clintons became embroiled in a number of investigations into their shady pasts, the most famous of which were Whitewater and the Vince Foster suicide. Being the likeable good old boy that underpins his political persona, Bill managed to deflect most criticism with an “aw shucks” demeanor and genuine likeability. Hillary, on the other hand, was a prickly shrew whose arrogance instantly turned off people, leaving her with little likeability or sympathy. Hillary was investigated all the way back to her days as a partner with the Rose Law Firm where her billing records, when subpoenaed, were mysteriously lost, then found secretly stored in the White House. It was revealed that Hillary had profited handsomely on a complex cattle futures contract arranged by broker Robert L. “Red” Bone of Refco and James Blair, outside counsel to Tyson Foods.

Attempts were initially made to dredge all of Hillary’s myriad scandals back up to influence voters against her run for the Democrat presidential nomination, but they were met with the expected response that these matters had all been thoroughly investigated with no wrongdoing ever uncovered. It was immediately clear that the media was not interested in reminding voters of Hillary’s shady past and that these scandals held little traction among voters anyway.

However, there was one huge issue upon which Hillary was vulnerable, and it was revealed when Hillary dared to drag Donald Trump’s personal life into the campaign as an issue. Hillary miscalculated gravely by not realizing Trump was a public figure long used to having details of his personal life scrutinized by the media. In his characteristic outsized media personality flair, Trump declared his past to be fair game for media scrutiny and upped the ante by reminding the public about Bill’s past as a sexual predator. This was a brilliant move on Trump’s part because he correctly realized that the current landscape concerning women and famous sexual predators was much different than it was back in 1992 when liberals were so desperately seeking the White House that they were willing to overlook Bill’s behavior.

As if on cue, the women from Bill’s past such as Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Gennifer Flowers appeared on the scene to remind Americans of the events surrounding their association with Bill the sexual predator. Women’s groups who were so willing to ignore Bill’s treatment of women back when they sought power, were now willing to publicly condemn Bill’s behavior as their movement was now staffed with younger women who owed no allegiance to Bill Clinton and had no memory of Bill’s ability to wrest the White House away from twelve years of Republican occupancy. After all, Americans have watched comedian Bill Cosby castigated for his alleged preying upon unsuspecting women by drugging and raping them. We’ve come to the point where the mere allegation of an unwanted sexual advance is enough to have male college students expelled without the benefit of Constitutional due process.

Along with their condemnation of Bill Clinton as a sexual predator, attention was turned towards Hillary as the primary enabler of Bill’s behavior as a sexual predator. After all, it was Hillary in her pink suit who stood by Bill during the Monica Lewinsky impeachment hearings and declared that her husband was the victim of “a vast right-wing conspiracy to end his presidency.” Women’s groups now composed of younger women with no allegiance to the Clintons were forced to consider that their anointed candidate as first woman for president was tainted beyond belief in a way that was irreconcilable to their core beliefs. If not for Hillary’s attack on Trump’s personal life and Trump’s media mastery that allowed him to turn her attack into an even greater attack of his own, the media would never have covered this story and women supporting Hillary as the first female president wouldn’t be wringing their hands in angst.

It is certainly no secret that the Clintons and the Obamas despise each other with a passion. Bill Clinton forced the Democrat Party far enough towards the center to win two presidential terms in the 1990s – a feat not accomplished since FDR in the 1930s. In their power sharing marital arrangement, it was supposed to be Hillary’s turn in 2008, and Bill worked behind the scenes to advise Hillary on the proper steps such as getting elected to the Senate in New York to pave the way. When 2008 finally arrived with Hillary all prepped for the nomination, brash progressive Illinois Senator Barack Obama stood up to challenge Hillary for the nomination and stole the progressive wing of the Democrat Party away from Bill’s control. The progressives had chaffed under Bill’s triangulation which saw them moved to the back of the bus over Bill’s more pragmatic centrist politics. Their failure to win in 2000 with Al Gore meant they were no longer willing to suffer under another centrist Clinton.

Bill’s control of the Democrat Party evaporated leaving Barack Obama in control of a party now overwhelmingly composed of progressives. The conservative Democrats who once favored Bill Clinton had long ago been ostracized and banished from the Democrat Party, and it is surprising that a master politician like Bill Clinton failed to grasp this obvious fact. Prominent Democrats Bill thought he could count on to support Hillary such as Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy deserted Bill in favor of electing the first black president in Barack Obama to make up for their white guilt. This especially galled Bill Clinton as he had gotten into politics from meeting JFK as a boy and had led the party into power when no one else could. Bill had also been anointed by the media as the first black president back in a time when it was inconceivable to imagine there would ever be an actual black president.

During the campaign for the Democrat nomination, Obama famously called Hillary out for staying in the race long past the time when she had any chance at the nomination by rhetorically asking a crowd of supporters when Hillary was going to leave the race. Given this history of acrimony, it was surprising to many when Obama offered Hillary the position of Secretary of State in his first administration. Those of us who are fans of the Godfather movies recalled Vito Corleone’s advice that one keeps his friends close and his enemies even closer. By making Hillary his Secretary of State, Obama intended to keep a close eye on his political rival. The Clintons well understood this which is why Hillary had the private servers installed to handle her email. Obama intended to spy on Hillary by monitoring her email traffic and Hillary thwarted this by resorting to private email accounts for her and her top staff. This is what most people don’t understand when attempting to figure out why Hillary would do something that seems so foolish in hindsight.

The Clintons have lived a life whereby they consider themselves above the rules that the rest of us are forced to live by. They ignore rules they find to be inconvenient, and the rule for conducting official government business on official government computers because it is subject to public records searches was inconvenient to Hillary’s desire to prevent President Obama’s inner circle from spying upon her as she and Bill conducted their scheme of extorting companies with business before Hillary into giving sizable donations to Bill’s foundation. As it turns out, their foundation is nothing more than a front company for funneling billions of dollars to the private use of the Clintons themselves. Hillary not only sought to protect her everyday business from the prying eyes of Obama’s inner circle, but she also sought to protect her racketeering scheme from their knowledge.

Revelation of Hillary’s private email server has presented Obama with a quandary. On one hand, he would like nothing better than to see Hillary indicted and convicted for preventing him from spying on her and for conducting a criminal conspiracy as part of his administration which will surely taint his legacy. On the other hand, a Hillary indictment would take the media focus off of our most narcissistic president and leave him out of the limelight during his last year as president which might hinder any grand designs he harbors to achieve last minute goals and burnish his legacy. Note that only a narcissist of the first order could fail to realize how much Americans already disdain his tenure after suffering for years under his inept stewardship which has seen a collapsing American economy and loss of American respect abroad.

It is without question that Hillary Clinton has violated the law in a grievous manner. By conducting official government business with private email accounts on a private server, Hillary knowingly sought to circumvent the law governing preservation of government records and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. That she and her staff sent classified material through these accounts only compounds her culpability by also violating the Espionage Act along with several other statues and Executive Orders. It has been determined by the Inspector General that classified information was included in thousands of emails on Hillary’s server and were exchanged through private email accounts with others such as Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Patrick Kennedy, and Sydney Blumenthal. Portions of the released emails in question show that Hillary and her staff conspired to exchange classified information in violation of the law by intentional misclassification.

Those who work with classified information on a daily basis are vetted through an intense process to ensure their loyalty and intention to protect this information. They sign multiple statements attesting to their understanding of the penalties involved in the intentional disclosure of classified information and are required to participate in annual training to stay focused on the retention of classified material. Any individual working daily with classified material who had committed the acts that Hillary and her staff have committed would have been immediately stripped of their security clearances, fired by their employer, arrested for violation of the Espionage Act of 1917, and, depending upon the severity of the breach, either offered a plea deal for an immediate prison sentence or prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by a U.S. attorney. It is galling to these professionals to watch Hillary and her cohorts flagrantly violate a law they live in fear of each day without the slightest regard that they have committed any wrongdoing or face any consequences for their acts.

There exist a number of individuals who have lost their careers and their freedom for committing security lapses much less serious than those revealed of Hillary and her cohorts. Even an unintentional security lapse can land one of these professionals in jail, and to see Hillary and her gang not immediately prosecuted for their intentional evasion of the law is especially troublesome. They, like millions of other Americans, see the double standard applied to those in power that so effectively undermines our trust in the American system so corrupted by those in power.

We see an increasing disregard for the law precisely because Americans are witness to public corruption that has undermined their faith in the system. Why try to do the right thing when so many others are using the system against us and profiting while we are ground under the crushing weight of that system? The not so subtle message is not lost on the average American that the accumulation of wealth, privilege, and power are the only things that truly secure one’s liberty in this system so corrupted by those possessing wealth, privilege, and power. Both the Clintons and the Obamas have abused their positions of power at the expense of the American people, yet they both seek public acceptance of their particular personal platforms as right over the other. They are both dragging America down with their intentional disregard for the law which has significantly undermined American trust in its institutions and laws. They are both cut from the same narcissistic cloth to imagine that their legacies are of such import that the destruction of America in pursuit of public legitimacy is not too small a price to pay.

Hillary Clinton and her cohorts should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, not because it validates the Obama legacy over the Clinton legacy, but because it validates equality before the law all Americans are intended to be subjected to by the Constitution. The message that wealth, privilege, and power place one above the law must be destroyed to reinforce Americans’ belief in the law as the great equalizer. This is just one of the steps necessary to make America great again, and she won’t be great again until she returns to the principles of her Founders embodied in the Constitution.

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