The Walking Dead

Much like the zombies on the popular AMC show, liberal progressives keep incrementally moving forward ignoring any pretense of logic or reason and oblivious of anything other than advancing their agenda of destruction.

In the popular television show, an army of zombies slowly advance upon groups of uninfected humans with the singular goal of eating their brains and infecting them with the zombie virus that will turn them into hapless zombies doomed to wander as the walking dead. This show is extremely popular among conservatives who instantly recognize the allegory portrayed by the show that the zombies are a metaphor for brain dead liberal progressives. The uninfected humans cannot reason with the zombies and are forced to kill as many as possible to make their escape. For conservatives frustrated by decades of obstinate progressive arguments devoid of logic or reason, the idea of being able to simply kill the brainless liberal robots incrementally advancing their agenda of destruction is a tempting flight of fancy.

Of course, rational conservatives keep themselves in check and would never resort to actual violence towards mindless liberals knowing full well that these liberal progressives are infected with the type of faulty reasoning that con artists such as Saul Alinsky have foisted upon them. Much like non Christians, these liberal progressives walk in the dark having not been exposed to the light of reason and truth. They are fully captivated by the dark forces that keep them from exercising rational thought that we conservatives take for granted.

A survey of liberal progressive positions reveals the stark contrast between irrational liberal thinking organized around the advancement of their agenda and rational conservative thought that objectively considers the facts surrounding the issues to reach a rational conclusion. Liberal progressives educated in ivory towers away from the real world can’t seem to grasp the fact that humans are basically selfish beings capable of great evil in the service of their own self interests. Conservatives occupying the real world have no trouble grasping this concept and apply it as the basis for much of their thinking.

Take the issue of firearms. Liberal progressives favor gun control based upon the irrational reasoning that men kill each other because they have a firearm handy with which to commit their crimes. Conservatives recognize that men are basically evil and those inclined to commit murder will do so regardless of the availability of a weapon. If a firearm is not handy, a murderer will resort to a knife, hammer, rock, or even his bare hands to accomplish his evil intent. Conservatives also realize that the victim may not have the physical strength to prevent his demise at the hands of his attacker and requires the ability to defend himself against such an attack.

It matters not to the liberal progressive zombies the reams of evidence that firearms prevent much more crime than they facilitate. They care nothing for the reasoning and logic presented by conservatives seeking to protect their Second Amendment rights to own firearms for their personal protection, their right to hunt, or for the mere enjoyment derived from firearm ownership. Liberal progressive zombies mindlessly repeat their talking point mantra that firearm ownership is bad as they incrementally advance their agenda of stripping away our Second Amendment rights to own firearms.

There is, of course, a secondary agenda at work with liberals when it comes to their penchant for gun control. A disarmed America is a much more compliant America. The Founders realized that independence from Great Britain would never have been possible without the private ownership of firearms, and they wisely included its protection with the Second Amendment to the Constitution. They also wisely realized that despite their best efforts, tyrants would one day come to control the government they so painstakingly designed despite their best efforts, and that private ownership of firearms would come in handy in routing America of these tyrants.

Let us turn our attention to government dependence. Liberals view poverty as an economic condition that can be solved by the application of direct government payments to what they define as the economically disadvantaged. These payments are intended to help the poor gain a foothold from which to launch themselves up the ladder of economic success. Conservatives recognize that multigenerational dependence on the government robs citizens of the ability to attempt to improve their lives derived through private employment that promotes self sufficiency. The mere pittance provided by the government keeps its recipients beholden to the politicians all too willing to keep them dependent upon the government for their subsistence.

America’s past is stained with the abomination of slavery that accompanied its founding, and that abomination is frequently invoked by those agitating for an increase in the government dependence that makes virtual slaves of millions of Americans in a situation of cruel irony. The slavery imposed upon Americans today is far more insidious than the overt slavery imposed exclusively upon blacks in the past. It looks down upon those ensnared in its web as being incapable of providing for their own needs in a manner reminiscent of the worst forms of past racism which viewed blacks as inferior to whites and incapable of learning or grasping complex concepts.

Liberal progressives are adept at using language and imagery to evoke emotional appeals designed to suspend the critical thinking necessary to solve complex social problems. Conservatives who resist these blatant attempts to distract from critical thinking are labeled as cold and aloof individuals who care nothing for the human condition. Nothing could be further from the truth as conservatives seek to apply critical thinking that actually arrives at workable solutions to these social problems instead of mindless emotional appeals designed by liberal progressives to distract the populace into providing them with more power to control the laws and the lives of Americans.

The incrementalism of the liberal progressives has advanced to the point where the establishment Republican leadership has conceded that it is powerless to stop the encroachment of the liberal zombies. The establishment GOP leaders surrendered any pretense towards conservatism long ago to reach a deal with the liberal Democrats to share power as the two wings of the Big Government Party. Establishment Republicans speak in reverent conservative overtones on the campaign trail only to abandon any pretense of conservatism after their election once they are firmly ensconced in Washington, DC. They conspire with their liberal Democrat counterparts to engineer votes which allow them to go back home claiming they voted against whichever unpopular liberal agenda issue angers their constituents the most.

Conservative firebrand Senator Ted Cruz became the most hated man in Washington DC when he forced Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and dishonest establishment Republican Senators from using this tactic to pass their compromise budget deal in league with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a couple of years ago. Cruz used a procedural maneuver that forced a government shutdown until establishment Republican Senators were forced to go on record with their dishonest scheme to con the voters back home. Cruz weathered that storm to emerge as a Republican presidential candidate this year held in high esteem by conservatives seeking outside alternatives to those candidates favored by the establishment GOP leadership. He correctly realized the anger building among conservatives and tapped into that anger to position himself as an alternative the establishment status quo.

Americans are royally pissed off at an establishment GOP leadership that has consistently backtracked on its promises to stop the incremental advance of the liberal progressive agenda and confront President Obama over his unconstitutional overreach to illegally ignore laws and advance the progressive agenda through executive orders. Instead of standing up to the progressives, they have lamely caved in to their every demand with the weak excuse that they lacked the ability first, because they didn’t control the Senate, then because they didn’t have a veto-proof majority. The idea of forcing President Obama to defend unpopular stances through the issue of a veto, then forcing his Democrat cohorts to go on record with him never occurs to these weak kneed establishment Republicans as a coherent strategy that might be more effective than they imagine.

And so we’ve seen the emergence of an unlikely popular candidate in the form of self made billionaire Donald Trump who has captured the anger Americans are feeling by railing against the carefully constructed establishment and its media acolytes who perpetuate the crony capitalism which is destroying America and ruining the lives of millions of Americans. The more the establishment attacks Trump, the more his poll numbers rise as Americans realize Trump is the fighter they can’t cower and the thorn in their side which gives them nightmares. Trump was the first American of note who withstood the favored media firestorm tactic designed to force anyone expressing an opinion contrary to their liberal orthodoxy into apology mode backtracking their insolence at having breached liberal political correctness and protocol.

So successful was Trump’s popularity boost from having doubled down on his immigration comments, that immigration suddenly became the major issue of the campaign, and others such as Mike Huckabee rushed to emulate Trump’s confrontational media style to boost their sagging fortunes. The handpicked establishment candidates have been thoroughly rejected by the voters and are left clumsily complaining that their vaunted experience is no longer cherished by the voters. What the establishment fails to grasp is that it is exactly our experience with their leadership which currently informs our candidate selection process.

The liberal zombies play right into Trump’s hand as he exercises his mastery over the media. By going apoplectic every time Trump calls out their hypocrisy or reveals the unvarnished truth of their failures by stating his positions in politically incorrect language we Americans savor, they can’t help but loudly splash his words across their front page headlines and lead off their news entertainment shows with his memorable sound bites to keep him firmly planted at the forefront of Americans’ thoughts.

We conservatives are left to live vicariously through watching the Walking Dead and imagining ourselves unleashing destruction upon the zombie hordes to stop the incremental encroachment of the liberal advance. In the real world, we can relish the experience of watching Donald Trump continue giving fits to the liberal progressives with the hope that their heads begin to explode as their apoplexy reaches extreme overload.

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One Response to The Walking Dead

  1. BOHICA says:

    Disarming over time will help create people with a dependent attitude, rather then the independent, can-do spirit which Americans have been known for. Government welfare payments, and so many other things in modern society have the effect of creating a dependent, helpless population, which ‘needs Mommy’: the liberal dream of course is to be “mommy”.

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