Chaos Candidate

Labeling Donald Trump as the “Chaos Candidate,” Jeb Bush peevishly revealed his frustration at having been rejected by conservatives during what was supposed to be his turn as the handpicked candidate of the GOP establishment.

It is well known that Jeb Bush has desired to be president much more than his brother George, and he has worked tirelessly to ingratiate himself with the Republican establishment wary of taking a chance on another Bush after the media savaging W took during his presidency even though it is controlled by and beholden to the Bushes. To see his poll numbers in the basement while mega rich reality star Donald Trump soars in the polls held aloft by disenchanted conservatives no longer willing to believe another establishment GOP lie must grate incessantly on Jeb’s nerves as he watches his last chance to be president slip away.

The Bush family comes from old money up in the northeast. They went to all the right schools, know all the right people, and are plugged deeply into the old money social scene. Donald Trump is a shameless real estate promoter who managed to get himself rich enough to hang around old money without actually being accepted. And that crass reality show of his is only another testament to the fact that he definitely does not belong in the same class of people as the Bushes.

The Republican establishment is composed of all the right kind of old money people who went to those right schools and feel they know so much better than the rest of us exactly how to run our lives. They must know, or so they feel, because they are rich and well bred while we are just so much rabble. If we had any sense, why, we’d be rich like them! Oh, perish the thought! It’s all they can do to socialize with those country club Republicans who make up the middle management of the party and think they are part of the old money set just because they get invited to a couple of GOP functions a year. While everyone in the GOP establishment has been busy being all smug and condescending, Donald Trump, that embarrassing huckster of a condo salesman, has been enjoying lofty poll numbers at the expense of the establishment GOP’s handpicked candidate. Why, the nerve of those “conservatives” to reject our candidate over that shameless Trump!

Donald Trump realizes he was never part of the old money crowd, and he also realizes exactly what the old money crowd thinks of him. He made his money selling upscale housing to the old money crowd and parlayed his success into a fortune in the same way that the original founders of the old money set made their fortunes. He started with an idea, worked hard at developing that idea into a business, and worked even harder to develop that business into an empire. These concepts are as foreign to the old money crowd as the principles of interstellar space travel.

Conservatives have worked hard for the GOP during the last several election cycles on the promise that each new GOP majority would confront the unconstitutional practices of President Obama and his lawless administration only to suffer the abuse of watching those GOP majorities cower in fear as Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi threatened to pillory them for even thinking of shutting down the government. Their fear mongering has so thoroughly baffled the GOP that its leaders have rushed to assure Americans that no government shutdown would be contemplated before negotiations even began. The result of their cowardice has been exploited by the Democrats knowing that the sniveling Republican leadership is unable to refuse them anything they desire. House Speaker Paul Ryan, following closely in the footsteps of his disgraced predecessor John Boehner, recently reaffirmed this to be the case with this past budget deal that fully funded every initiative the Democrats and President Obama wanted without so much as a peep from the Republican leadership. House conservatives pitched a fit to no avail as Nancy Pelosi rallied Democrats behind the plan by alerting them that Democrats got everything they wanted.

An already pissed off conservative voting bloc of Americans is now even more pissed off as they watch the Republican establishment continue to sell America down the river to the egregious progressive agenda of the Democrats that is unraveling the social fabric of the country, destroying our economy, and devastating our influence around the world. Into this political powder keg has wandered hapless Jeb Bush with his patrician promises of staying the course taken straight from the losing establishment playbook while angry conservatives clued in to his establishment blather turn away in droves to the one man telling us what we already know – Donald Trump. And what we know is that the economy is in much worse shape than the Democrat media acolytes are telling us with their formulated shows of lies and distraction that pass for news. We see countries around the world ignoring America where they once wouldn’t make a move without our okay. We watch Obama administration officials stonewall myriad investigations up to their eyeballs in scandal while telling us they’ve done nothing wrong.

Americans in general, and conservatives in particular, are in no mood to hear another patrician establishment Bush tell us that mass immigration will help America while we’re facing record unemployment! We know enough about economics to know that an increased supply of workers during a period of declining worker demand equals lower wages and less employment! We don’t need Bush telling us that we should trust him on foreign policy because he is a Bush! We’ve already seen Obama promoted as the smartest man in the world by fawning media acolytes only to come crashing to the ground in a narcissistic huff while our foreign policy lies in shambles! Obama has managed to switch sides in two wars as our al-Qaeda enemies from 9/11 became the freedom fighters he and Hillary supplied with arms in Syria to depose Bashar al-Assad, and now Assad has been given the green light to remain in power as Kerry winked to Russian President Vladimir Putin to facilitate the newer fight with ISIS!

The only person in America wondering why Jeb Bush isn’t doing better (besides the establishment GOP leadership) is Jeb Bush! Torqued off conservatives are fleeing Bush’s candidacy like rats from the Titanic! Donald Trump certainly understands how to tap into the voter anger at the establishment GOP leadership and its failed promises to the rank and file. Americans aren’t pining away at the injustice of controlled immigration. That’s a luxury unemployed Americans can’t afford this political season, and one which they know will only exacerbate their current economic distress.

We’re sick to death of being lectured to by the wealthy establishment class that we are somehow intolerant of Muslims because we voice concerns for our safety after every Islamic terrorist attack perpetrated against us in our own country! Trump taps into this anger by demanding a halt to Muslim immigration, and we heartily endorse his policy because the current ruling class is unwilling to take any reasonable steps to assure our safety! We watch the Obama administration import thousands of Muslims into America while pointedly refusing to provide our state elected officials with any information whatsoever as to their whereabouts or even the numbers being brought in, and we’re supposed to just trust Obama that all is well while we also watch him lie about the myriad scandals engulfing his administration? Hey, we’re not stupid here, much as the progressive media and wealthy establishment ruling class would like to believe! If the ruling class is unwilling to be reasonable to protect us citizens, then we can also be unreasonable and demand a halt to Muslim immigration!

In this case, unreasonable does not mean that it is not possible to halt Muslim immigration because it very much is possible. The media portrays Trump’s policy of halting Muslim immigration as unreasonable because they see it as ground they have won from which they would have to retreat. Any retreat by progressives in their incremental march to enact their agenda of destruction is automatically characterized as unreasonable.

The time for us conservatives to be “reasonable” has long since passed. We were never willing to define reasonable the same way as the progressive Democrats, their media acolytes, and the establishment Republican leadership wish it defined. Their definition is for us conservatives to roll over and accept whatever they define as reasonable. That is and always will be an untenable position, and its arrogant assumption has led directly to our present state of polarized politics. The progressive left became hardened in its radical policy positions after tasting success under the Obama administration and is even less willing to compromise in any policy area. Their intractableness has forced conservatives to adopt a more hard line stance on conservative issues to resist the unworkable policies of the left. The media constantly portrays this situation as conservatives being right wing zealots with hard line conservative tests which no Republican candidate can pass. In reality, conservatives are tired of RINOs selling us out by preaching conservatism on the stump only to go over to the dark side of the progressives once they hit DC.

Trump has tuned into voter anger with the wealthy Washington ruling class and the establishment wings of both parties. We realize there is no longer a two party system in America whereby Republicans and Democrats oppose each other and compromise to act in the best interests of the country. There is only the Big Government Party with its Republican and Democrat wings controlled by the wealthy corporatist class through the establishment party leaderships with their media acolytes keeping us divided along social, ethnic, and economic lines while the only real division is the one between us the people and them the establishment ruling class! Trump is accepted by conservatives because we see both sides attacking him out of the fear they have of the turmoil to their grip on power he will unleash if elected.

Trump has stymied the establishment who sit befuddled at how to stop him because he refuses to play by their rules and they no longer possess the ability to think outside the box of their inward focused strategies. The Democrats and Republicans know only each other as foes and have no critical thinking left to oppose an outsider unfamiliar to their strategy of political war. He mocks their crude attempts to topple him and we conservatives reward him with increased poll numbers as the establishment slinks off to lick their wounds and try another page out of their worn playbook.

Jeb Bush correctly identified Donald Trump as the Chaos Candidate, but he intended that slur to be taken by voters that Trump would unleash chaos on America if elected. We conservatives know full well that Trump is unleashing chaos on the lazy GOP establishment leadership which long ago surrendered its conservative principles to cozy up to the progressive Democrats in a Big Government Party power sharing arrangement at our expense. Jeb’s childish huff is clear testament to his frustration at seeing his chances to be nominated evaporate. The establishment GOP leadership brought this crisis on themselves for ignoring the conservative base and cozying up to the Democrats. Much as they would like to blame it on us ignorant voters ungrateful for all they’ve done to help us, they have only themselves to blame.

I can’t wait to vote for Donald Trump and give the finger to the establishment GOP leadership man that has lied to us and kept us down all these years! Trump IS the Chaos Candidate, and he’s creating chaos for exactly the right bunch of tyrants selling America down the river. Jeb Bush can do us all a favor and drop out so he can get back to doing all those things he’d rather be doing instead of wasting his time trying to help all us poor unfortunate voters by offering himself for public service in the form of a presidency and all the perks it entails! I’m voting for Trump and sticking it to the Man!

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