It’s All About Control

The progressive left foolishly believes it can control evil men to prevent them from committing evil while completely ignoring the obvious need for these evil men to control themselves and their own evil impulses.

With the left, it has always been about control because the left morphed out of the communist movement and the central tenet of communism is control of the populace to align it with the goals of the state. Under communism, the state rigidly controls every aspect of daily life to ensure each citizen under its control is working towards the goals of the state at peak efficiency. The state demands production quotas and sets the populace to achieving those quotas regardless of their ability or desire to do so. America’s leftist establishment has decided that a desired goal of the state is the reduction of private gun ownership under the aegis of reducing gun violence. In pursuit of this goal, all facts, studies, and opinions are preconceived to achieve the desired outcome of gun control ignoring any evidence that doesn’t fit that preconceived narrative.

Americans are naturally resistant to gun control because the idea violates several principles of common sense derived over the millennia and innate in every human. The idea of self preservation is ingrained in every human down to their core being. When threatened with injury or death, it is the natural instinct of anyone to defend themselves from harm using whatever weapons are at hand. Gun control violates this instinct by removing from availability a tool useful for self defense and self preservation. We have no way of knowing what future threat we may face, but having a gun at least demonstrates the ability to prepare for the unknown and brings some measure of comfort that basic preparations have been made.

Americans realize that the evil men who may one day threaten their lives will almost surely have a gun with which to carry out that threat. It is absurd to Americans that their access to guns for self defense should be curtailed when the threat they most fear is that from another wielding a gun. We know criminals are criminals because they break the law, and we know that using a gun to threaten another is a criminal act, so we therefore correctly deduce that a criminal predisposed to criminal acts has no qualms about breaking the law in obtaining a gun to commit those criminal acts. It defies all logic to curtail access to guns for law abiding citizens wishing to defend themselves and their families from criminals having no qualms about breaking the law to illegally obtain and use guns against us, the law abiding.

Yet, the left continues to defy logic in their promotion of gun control. Lefty leaders know they are promoting a lie and continue to do so in the hopes of convincing enough Americans to surrender their Second Amendment rights to own firearms. There are enough useful idiots on the left who are the true believers that this is some sort of lofty higher idea of enlightenment that will lead mankind into a Utopian existence without violence. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the useful idiots of the left never grasp, violence is not born of the weapons available to carry out that violence, but exists in the hearts of men who will find alternate weapons with which to carry out their evil intentions. Eliminate guns and knives will become the weapon of choice. Eliminate knives and the bad guys will run over you with a car. Ridding the world of guns will not rid the world of the evil which lurks within the hearts of men, and Americans are all too aware of this fact.

Changing hearts and minds is a messy business the left knows all too well, and this is why they prefer to use the state to coerce the populace into submitting to their will instead of attempting to convince them to ignore their innate knowledge of survival. America was founded upon the concept of rugged individualism by men who had the courage to question the state’s ability to dictate their lives. This rugged individualism was woven into the Constitution in the hopes that Americans would never allow anyone to control their lives and thus destroy the ability of America to remain a great country. The Founders knew that men controlled were not the men of vision, daring, resourcefulness, enterprise, and courage that America would need to survive in a world of hostile enemies seeking her demise and control of her resources. That innate rugged individualism does not lend itself to coercion and control, which is why the left desires so greatly to remove from Americans their ability to resist the coercion and control they favor so much.

Gun control is a pivotal goal that will enable the left to extend its control over Americans without fear of retaliation by an armed citizenry resistant to that control. What the communists couldn’t achieve by outright revolution, they seek to achieve through the creeping incrementalism of gradual control promoted under the auspices of reasonableness. This is why the left erupts with cries of gun control in the wake of every mass shooting. They say “look what happened” and “this is why we need sensible gun control” all while ignoring any facts inconvenient to their favored narrative. Most of the mass shooters of the past few years obtained their guns legally or stole them from someone else who obtained them legally. These mass shooters also targeted “Gun Free Zones” where signs conveniently proclaimed their intended victims would lack the ability to fight back during their rampage.

It is evident to the vast majority of Americans that declaring an area to be a gun free zone invites attack by those who are intent on creating as much collateral damage as possible. It is also plainly evident to the vast majority of Americans that Muslims are the group most likely to contain members looking to take advantage of these gun free zones to commit atrocities with as much damage as possible. Americans also realize that our leadership is weak and ineffective when it comes to protecting us from Islamic terrorism because it is thoroughly infected with that most unconstitutional disease of political correctness which causes them to prostrate themselves at the feet of our enemies.

The primary purpose of any government is to protect its citizens. The core purpose of the federal government is to protect Americans from foreign invasion. It accomplishes this primarily through the preservation of a strong national defense, and secondarily through the negotiation of treaties favorable to the protection and interests of the United States. Its secondary purpose is to resolve disputes between the states. A careful reading of the Constitution confirms these premises, which is why the left endeavors so hard to keep Americans ignorant of the Constitution by ignoring its teaching in the public schools which its adherents control, and why they work so diligently to convince Americans that it is a “living document” subject to liberal interpretation favorable only to the left to undermine its effectiveness as a governing document.

Unable to convince Americans to support its schemes at the ballot box with tearful pleas of reasonableness and iconic emotional images, the left resorted to the courts to advance its unpopular agenda of coercion and control. In this, they applied the principles of Saul Alinsky, a man dedicated to exploiting the weaknesses of the system for his own enrichment at the expense of programs created to help those he purported to be representing through his community organizing efforts. Alinsky mentored the likes of Barack Obama who followed in his footsteps as a community organizer in Chicago, and Hillary Clinton who worshipped at his feet as a young acolyte. To Alinsky, community organizing was merely a way of applying the criminal principles of the Mafia to a much broader community so as to perpetrate criminal schemes on the state under the guise of social justice. Packed with leftist sympathizers, the courts evolved to side with the emotive pleas of those cast as the downtrodden by these community organizers skilled at emotional manipulation.

Aware that the leftist agenda could be advanced only so far by the courts, the progressives sought to capture the political process by placing one of their own in the White House supported by a Congress they controlled. It was originally thought that Bill Clinton would be their man in the White House converting their progressive ideas into legislation and cementing their control over America. What they didn’t count on was Clinton’s pragmatism and desire to serve as president at all costs. Clinton’s initial attempts to enact the progressive agenda through the BTU tax, the stimulus package to reward the urban leaders behind his candidacy, and the notorious attempt by Hillary to take over the healthcare industry all failed and caused Clinton to further reject any attempts to overtly enact progressive legislation. Presented with a Republican controlled House united under Newt Gingrich, Clinton signed welfare reform legislation to the consternation of progressive supporters reluctant to cede any ground gained in their incrementalist approach to salvage his chances at reelection. Being the savvy politician that he is, Clinton recognized the growing anger of Americans turned off by the progressive agenda and triangulated back towards the centrist approach he had long advocated and which was responsible for his election in the first place.

Disappointed that their man Clinton had turned his back on their agenda to preserve his presidency, and especially perturbed that he had risked it so foolishly by taking advantage of a young intern, the progressives began to cast about for one of their own and found their man in an Illinois Senator with a thin resume and the funny name of Barack Obama who had a background in community organizing and ties to sketchy communists like Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers. Obama was promoted as the future of the Democrat Party even as Clinton was preparing Hillary as his eventual successor.

After preparing the way by demonizing the Bush presidency through their media acolytes, the establishment Democrats shafted Bill Clinton by dumping Hillary in favor of the more reliably progressive Obama in 2008, thus prompting a hatred of epic proportions between the Clintons and the Obamas as each vied for control of the Democrat Party. In a move worthy of the Godfather, Obama installed Hillary as Secretary of State to keep his enemies closer so he could keep an eye on her. Fully aware of this move, Hillary thwarted Obama by moving her communications onto a private server of which Obama was unaware and unable to spy on her actions. Meanwhile, Hillary set about creating a giant criminal enterprise of shaking down countries with business before her by requiring them to donate generously to Bill’s foundation. Furious that Hillary had evaded his careful eye and cast a negative light on his administration through her criminal dealings, Obama has unleashed his Justice Department to investigate Hillary, but he’s torn between indicting her and causing the spotlight to shift away from his narcissistic self, or letting her escape his retribution and possibly being his successor. Recall that Hillary is not trusted by the establishment Democrats as a reliable progressive dedicated to advancing the progressive agenda.

As a side benefit of undermining the Bush presidency with their constant media attacks, Democrats convinced the weak establishment Republican leadership that its best chance at electoral success was to go along with the progressive Democrats in the advancement of their agenda despite alienating the conservative base who is now deserting them in droves to support anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump. Americans are recoiling from the control exerted by the political establishment and their wealthy crony corporatist masters as the progressive agenda slowly destroys the country. We are rejecting the lies emanating from their media acolytes that the economy is improving despite record unemployment rivaling the Great Depression, that our enemies are on the run despite their ability to strike on our soil, that our leaders have America’s best interests at heart, and that we continue to exert influence around the world in support of American interests.

As the establishment tightens its grip on Americans, we increasingly look for ways to escape through their fingers. Conservatives have rallied behind Donald Trump and are reveling in Trump’s ability to make the establishment squirm at the thought of him becoming president. Their every attempt to discredit and destroy Trump is rewarded with an increase in his poll numbers. We are ecstatic over sticking it to the establishment which has ignored and belittled us after all our hard work to elect their candidates to give them control of Congress under the promise of confronting and stopping Obama’s progressive destruction only to be stabbed in the back by their inability and unwillingness to fight. Trump is a fighter and cares nothing for the establishment which has impeded his way. Americans sick of being controlled are rallying behind Trump because he isn’t controlled by the political elite which work tirelessly to exert control favorable to their interests often at the expense of our interests.

The Founders endeavored to design a system of government in which a very small amount of power was granted by the people to the government to enable it to protect Americans. They warned in the strictest terms not to grant additional power to the government regardless of the temptation or the situation with the admonition that power granted would never be returned and could never be reclaimed. Their warnings have proven to be prescient. Those who presently control the power of government have made a thorough mess of things and left Americans in the lurch as they have seen to the establishment of their own soft landings at our expense. They abuse this power to enrich themselves and reward their friends, and Americans are seething at the injustice of the situation perpetrated upon them all in the name of control.

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  1. Progressive Socialism is a morally bankrupt ideology.

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