Fear and Loathing at the RNC

The establishment GOP leadership fears and loathes Donald Trump not because of their perceived belief that he can’t win the general election, but because of their very real fear that he can win the presidency and thus end their lucrative careers atop the party structure.

The Republican Party used to espouse traditional conservative values like fidelity to the Constitution as envisioned by the Founders using reference works such as the Federalist Papers to provide deeper insight into their mindset when crafting the blueprint for our government. They believed in the free enterprise system with limited government interference as the engine behind America’s success as the world’s lone superpower with the highest standard of living in world history. Ideas absolutely essential to the success of any nation such as property rights, sound currency, and rule of law were held dear by the GOP and fought tenaciously for against the liberal Democrats with their nebulous notions of social justice, equality, and multiculturalism that promoted social discord and chaos.

It took conservative Senator Barry Goldwater to force the Republican Party to seriously consider conservative values on a much deeper philosophical level than just being good for business. His 1964 campaign gave rise to another conservative who would find much more success espousing the ideas of conservatism less than twenty years later. His name was Ronald Reagan, and his economic approach would lead to the greatest peacetime economic boom in American history. Sadly, the lessons of Reagan’s presidency are pointedly ignored by current leaders of both political parties for their own selfish reasons.

After Reagan’s presidency, the GOP drifted away from conservatism as they refocused on winning elections with no platform beyond winning for the sake of winning and denying power to their Democrat rivals. A rare conservative bright spot was Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America which swept Republicans to victory in 1993 and allowed them to retake control of the House for the first time in forty years. Under Speaker Gingrich, President Bill Clinton was forced to abandon the progressives in the Democrat Party for the more pragmatic centrist policies which he had championed to win the presidency. Clinton’s first three acts as president were a stimulus plan to reward the big city Democrat mayors who had helped him get elected, a BTU tax to raise fuel prices as a reward to the environmentalists under Al Gore, and the push for universal healthcare led by Hillary and her now forgotten secret panels of experts crafting plans behind closed doors in violation of open government laws. All these were failures and allowed Clinton to push back against the party progressives itching to push their agenda onto Americans unwilling to accept it.

Consumed with the thought of winning and seduced by the progressive media who convinced them to abandon conservatism as a losing issue that resonated negatively with the voters, the establishment GOP leadership began actively purging the party of conservatives and training Republican candidates to avoid taking hard conservative positions on the issues for fear of upsetting a voter. The result has been a generation of Republican candidates so seized with fear that they would actually have to take a position on an issue that they have worked to realign their thinking and craft answers that sound serious and thoughtful without saying anything substantive or indicative of a position, and that can be nuanced and backtracked as the case requires. This nebulous thinking has extended from the campaign trail to thoroughly infect any of these mushy moderates who succeeded in being elected to office to the point where their legislative careers are studies in the art of compromise and surrender.

The poster child for this moderate surrender has been former House Speaker John Boehner whose promise to fight against President Obama and his unconstitutional overreach on the campaign trail quickly morphed into compromise, an unwillingness to fight, and outright surrender in Congress. Towards the end of his Speakership, Boehner would surrender before Obama even made his demands, thus signaling Obama that he could have whatever he desired. Conservatives chafed under Boehner’s Speakership unable to affect serious change and hoping that he would become more emboldened as Republican control extended further over government. He didn’t.

Mad as hell and unwilling to take it any longer, conservatives have ceased listening to the establishment GOP leadership’s siren song of working to extend Republican control as they finally began to realize the establishment was only lying to perpetuate their control and never had any intention of adhering to conservatism. There was no way these establishment Republicans could embrace conservatism given that they have spent their careers practicing moderate mushiness to the point where it has thoroughly infected their speech and actions. It has gotten to the point where it is even difficult for these establishment Republicans to espouse conservatism behind closed doors to those in the party base, so they were always past the point of no return.

Many of us conservatives abandoned the GOP long ago well aware that the establishment had absolute control over the party and had thoroughly wrecked it beyond repair. We have worked to elect TEA Party conservative candidates in opposition to the establishment GOP candidates and had great success with such notables as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Utah Senator Mike Lee, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst. All of these candidates were opposed by the establishment GOP leadership until it was apparent they were going to win.

Now, after having watched the establishment GOP leadership rig the primaries to favor nomination of their handpicked moderate candidates only to lose several winnable elections against weak Democrat candidates, we conservatives have shunned any Republican candidate reeking of the odor of an establishment moderate loser to take a serious look at outsiders such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina with our support behind Donald Trump due to his willingness to stand up to the progressive media and fight for his ideas. Every attempt to discredit Trump and destroy his lead in the polls by the establishment GOP leadership has been met with even more support from conservatives and higher poll numbers for Trump.

The establishment GOP leadership is exasperated at watching Trump’s rise in the polls at the expense of their handpicked candidate Jeb Bush who was supposed to roll to the nomination with a huge war chest, name recognition, and the full force of the Bush political machine greasing his way. Bush has been thoroughly rejected by conservatives well aware of his status as the handpicked establishment candidate, and their tactics of loading the race with numerous candidates designed to split the vote and blunt Trump’s effectiveness. Trump is much more media savvy than the establishment GOP leadership and any of their candidates and has managed to destroy their plans to take him out with effective media counterattacks.

The establishment GOP leadership supports a vast army of consultants, pollsters, former candidates, and party structure that relies on their control over the Republican Party to remain in their lucrative positions. If an outsider like Donald Trump were to get elected without their involvement in his campaign, then it would demonstrate their total lack of effectiveness and their liability as campaign advisors. They would no longer be needed and would be forced to find jobs elsewhere, which is why the establishment leadership is working so hard to destroy Trump and any other outsider such as Ted Cruz that they cannot control.

Donald Trump is hated by the establishment GOP leadership because he’s an independent personality who is media savvy and wealthy enough not to need their fundraising network. The establishment leadership has nothing over which they could threaten Trump when he disagrees with their agenda. This trend was on display when Trump threatened to launch a third party bid if he was not treated fairly by the establishment leadership forcing RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to meet with Trump and address his concerns that the establishment GOP leadership would work behind the scenes to discredit his candidacy. Further evidence of Trump’s power was his threat to boycott the CNBC debates if they persisted in their plan to add an additional hour to the debates to enlarge their slate of commercial time. Trump and Carson were rightly incensed at CNBC’s attempt to profit off the debates knowing that it was their star power that made the additional commercial time possible in the first place. Being media savvy, Trump knows all too well it is his star power Americans are tuning in to experience, and he is taking full advantage of that star power to his advantage in the race. Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live as guest host generated the highest ratings that show had seen in several years.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has no shortage of enemies in the clubby establishment GOP due to his refusal to allow his fellow Republican Senators to do business as usual with the Democrats under cover of complicated votes which allow them to appear as though they are voting conservative to the folks back home. Cruz forced his fellow Republican Senators to go on record with their votes over the budget deal to the great consternation of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who had arranged a series of complicated votes with Harry Reid that would pass the budget deal while making it appear that the Republicans were voting against the deal. Cruz has been a constant thorn in the side of clubby Senators used to doing business under cover of special Senate rules hidden from the view of their constituents. It is rumored that Cruz is so hated in the Senate that he was for a time forced to eat alone in the Senate cafeteria which doesn’t seem to bother him in the least. Due to the efforts of TEA Party conservatives, he has more company in the form of Utah Senator Mike Lee, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. Even as they tighten their grip over the GOP, the establishment leadership can’t keep from losing control of the party as the conservative base revolts against their moderate mushiness.

The establishment Republican leadership went from courting us TEA Party conservatives in 2010 to working against us in 2012 and, finally, to downright hostility towards us in 2014. Once they saw we couldn’t be co-opted, they adopted a siege mentality towards us and alienated the base of their own party. Leading establishment figures such as Karl Rove have publicly stated that the establishment leadership is at war with TEA Party conservatives and that we have no place in the GOP. This is an absolutely stunning policy position, and the establishment has poured money and effort into defeating conservative candidates at the primary level largely through the efforts of Rove and his American Crossroads Super PAC. Conservatives have left the GOP in droves to become independents no longer able to stomach the hostility shown to them by the establishment GOP leadership which prefers its cozy collusion with the progressive Democrats to perpetuate their power over the hard work of articulating a case for the conservative agenda.

Exasperated at watching Republicans cave to President Obama’s destruction of America, conservatives have longed for someone, anyone, to stand up and fight for conservative values. Donald Trump has been a welcomed breath of fresh air to conservatives who witnessed his stance against the media attack machine which swung into full destruct mode over his comments calling out illegal immigrants. Without backing down an inch, Trump doubled down and refused to walk back his comments until the issue shifted from his comments to the actual issue of illegal immigration. Americans are pissed at the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws, and Trump tapped into our anger in a most savvy manner which instantly erased his status as a wealthy elite and made him another one of us being attacked by the progressive machine we so despise.

Try as they might, the attacks launched against Trump by the establishment GOP attack machine and the various pathetic attempts by establishment candidates to attack Trump have only further endeared him to us conservatives as being the right man to win the presidency and begin the arduous task of unraveling Obama’s insidious destruction. It’s bad enough that we conservatives have to wage war against the progressives totally bent on the realization of their agenda in defiance of logic and the understanding of its destructive effect on America, but it’s unforgivable that we have to also war against the Republican Party which values collusion with the progressives to protect their positions above working to enact the conservative policies which would return America to greatness.

On the domestic front, deregulation and tax reform are desperately needed to revive the American economy and get Americans working again. Border control and enforcement of the immigration laws are necessary to protect from the threat of terrorists entering the country. Internationally, relations with our traditional allies must be repaired to regain our leadership position in the world and thwart the forces working towards our destruction. To achieve these goals, we need a leader willing to fight for conservative principles who truly believes in American exceptionalism.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the only two candidates from either side who have demonstrated the capacity to fight on in the face of withering media attacks, yet they are feared and loathed by the establishment GOP leadership precisely because they have demonstrated that they are unwilling to be controlled. These two men are a threat to the cozy collusion of the establishment Republicans with the progressive Democrats, and the establishment leadership will do everything in its power to destroy their chances for the nomination. In the process, the establishment leadership will be watched by Americans who are onto their game and unafraid to walk away from the GOP to leave it smoldering in ruins as a victim of its own scorched earth politics.

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