Clash of Civilizations

With the recent Muslim attacks in Paris, Europeans have suddenly been shocked into the realization that their political leaders have sold them down the river with their unwavering support of unlimited immigration and open borders all while assuring that Europeans had nothing to fear from these immigrants or reports that radical terrorists were using the refugee influx to evade border security and slip in amongst them.

There can be no doubt that the world is currently in the midst of a clash of civilizations between the Judeo-Christian values of Western Civilization and the Islamic ideology of conquest and control which masquerades as a religion. Regardless of the numerous attempts by liberal progressive media acolytes at the behest of the progressive Democrat establishment to deny such is the case, or the self-serving assurances offered by progressive Democrat politicians to deny this reality, it remains a reality just the same. Denying reality never changes reality, but merely prolongs misery as the situation remains undefined and the resolution process remains stuck at the first step which is the necessary defining of the problem. One can’t solve a problem or improve a situation without first defining exactly what the problem or situation is.

This current clash of civilizations is not without precedent as the world has experienced several clashes between opposing civilizations throughout history. The Old Testament of the Bible is filled with accounts of civilization clashes documenting the rise and fall of Israel according to their faithfulness to God and adherence to His commandments. The Dark Ages witnessed a clash of civilizations as the Catholic Church battled the state for control over the lives of Europeans with the state ultimately winning to somewhat expand personal freedom and allow for the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. Currently, the world faces yet another clash of civilizations between the forces of political and economic freedom responsible for the highest standard of living in world history as espoused in the ideas of Western Civilization and the forces of subjugation and control that would drag us back to the Dark Ages as espoused in the ideology of Islam.

American leaders ignored the threat of Islamic terrorism which cost the lives of Americans and produced attacks on American soil until the Islamic terrorists were emboldened enough to perpetrate the 9/11 attacks. Despite our awakening from the slumber of ignorance towards Islamic terrorism on 9/11, our leaders continue to pointedly refuse to acknowledge that we are involved in this ideological battle of civilizations. They repeat ad nauseam the specious claim that there exist a group they claim are “peaceful Muslims” as some invented counterbalance to what they refer to as “radical elements” despite all evidence to the contrary. As has been stated before, Islam is Islam and there are no gray areas in its ideology. Muslims are admonished to convert or kill anyone they encounter who is not a Muslim, and any Muslim who ignores this maxim is not a “peaceful Muslim,” but merely someone only paying lip service to the Muslim ideology. There are no “peaceful Muslims;” just lazy Muslims going through the motions.

Islam seeks to conquer the world and erase the existence of Western Civilization, and the worst thing about this is the fact that our leaders are aiding and abetting these Islamic terrorists in their quest to do so. It is well past the time to acknowledge that the Obama administration, from President Obama and his most trusted advisor, Valerie Jarrett, on down, is thoroughly corrupted by Muslim ideologues who are assisting this process! Obama was raised a Muslim in Indonesia with ample evidence from those who knew him back then attesting to his praying in a Mosque and studying the Quran. Valerie Jarrett was born and raised in Iran, and the inner circle of the Obama administration came together in Chicago in the congregation of Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology church with its message that all the ills of the black community were the fault of whitey. Not only are the members of the Obama administration inner circle Muslims, but they are also committed communists with their own radicalized agenda to boot!

Obama has realigned American Mideast policy away from our traditional allies whose secular leaders kept the Islamic terrorists somewhat in check and towards the Shiite Iranians who are the worst sponsors of Islamic terrorism in the world. Obama outlined this very strategy in his Cairo speech back in 2009 as part of his Mideast Apology Tour. The instability Obama has introduced into the Mideast with his foolish realignment of American policy is directly responsible for the Arab Spring uprising which toppled several secular leaders working with America to thwart Islamic terrorism, the Libyan overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi to raid his arsenal and arm the Syrian resistance against Bashar al-Assad, and the entry of Russian President Vladimir Putin into the Mideast in support of al-Assad in a reawakening of the Russian bear with all his hegemonic and territorial aspirations.

What really irks me in the aftermath of the Paris attacks is the notion that America is next in line for attack in a repeat of the Paris attacks. America is not next in line to be attacked because America already suffered through the attacks of 9/11! How quickly those attacks have been forgotten and complacency has set in with the media’s refusal to show the airplanes flying into the World Trade Center buildings and the ability of Americans to adjust to the new normal of Islamic terrorist threats. We suffered the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, the 1993 truck bomb attack of the World Trade Center, the 1996 Khobar Towers attack, the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, 9/11, the 2009 Camp Chapman homicide bombing, the 2009 Fort Hood massacre, and numerous other attacks perpetrated by Islamic terrorists which took the lives of innocent Americans. The goal of these attacks was to undermine Western Civilization and destroy American resolve in the War on Terror by Muslims emboldened to move their war out into the open by western cravenness and weakness.

Under President Bush, America retook Afghanistan to deny these Islamic terrorists a safe haven in which to train and coordinate attacks. When Saddam Hussein refused to destroy his weapons stockpiles and assure the world he was not supporting Islamic terrorism in contrast to his past blustery rhetoric, Bush aligned world opinion against Iraq and led an international coalition to remove Hussein from power and neutralize Iraq as a regional threat. Captured Islamic terrorists were imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay as the conflict was realigned from a police action to an actual war with insurgent combatants and all the implications of asymmetrical warfare.

Apoplectic at the thought of a Republican president whom they believed had robbed them and their progressive Democrat cohorts of the presidency actually succeeding in office, the media launched a campaign to undermine the Bush presidency and cast him as the cause of ills they imagined and hammered home to Americans with a constant drumbeat of negative stories. Barack Obama waded into the 2008 campaign virtually assured by the media of a Democrat presidency as they so riled up Americans with the notion that Bush was evil amid a suspension of rational thought by voters. In this, Obama was assisted greatly by the feckless Republican establishment which rigged the nominations to ensure their handpicked candidate John McCain would be the nominee despite his weakness as a candidate, thus once again ignoring the conservative base in slavish devotion to the media’s insistence that the path to electoral success lay through moderate mushiness thoroughly unappealing to the conservative base.

There have been quite a few of us screaming that the refusal of the Obama administration, aided by the political correctness unleashed by progressives upon America to stifle dissent and free speech, to identify Islamic terrorism as the impetus behind these numerous attacks and properly label the conflict in which we are mired as a clash of civilizations is both hampering the identification of a solution to the problem and unnecessarily costing lives. This point was once again driven home by the Paris attacks. Former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo neatly summed up the situation in a recent post to his Facebook page which has drawn the ire of progressives everywhere as it speaks volumes of truth to their pitiful power.


The progressive left is expert at using images and personal stories to evoke empathy and support for their policies such as the image of a dead Syrian boy washed up on the shore of Turkey with the heart wrenching storyline of tragedy suffered in pursuit of a better life to goad Europeans into grudging support of open borders, unlimited immigration, and acceptance of refugees. Yet the left explodes with indignation if their techniques are used against them such as Tancredo has done.


This image is disturbing, but not for the reasons the media would have us believe. They conveniently omit certain details critical to the context of the situation which readers require to properly form an opinion. No mention is made of the fact that the Syrian War, from which these refugees claim to be escaping, has been ongoing for the last five years, yet the refugee surge has just now begun. The back story on this point involves a realization by the Syrian opposition that the west was going to continue ignoring their plight unless western leaders could be made to feel their pain, hence the conscious decision by the Syrian opposition to visit pain upon the west in the form of a massive refugee crisis. By creating a problem for the west, it was believed that the west would intervene with assistance to make this problem disappear. Another key point overlooked in the coverage of this tragedy is the fact that this boy’s parents would risk his life in the first place by attempting to traverse the Mediterranean Sea in such a risky manner all so the Syrian opposition could make a political point. Yes, the family was probably trying to escape to a better life, but it is still inexcusable to risk the lives of children in such a hazardous manner.

In confronting Islam in this clash of civilizations, we must be more cognizant of the images of innocent civilians massacred by intolerant Islamic conquerors intent on the subjugation of Western Civilization than to allow ourselves to be swayed by the emotionally wrenching images of dead children used as political agitprop. Ample evidence exists that Islamic terrorists have infiltrated Europe posing as Syrian refugees to obtain new identities and papers which would allow them to travel freely throughout the European Union, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks. Details are emerging of Syrians attempting to illegally enter the U.S. with fake passports including eight caught at the Texas border and another five arrested in Honduras.

The infiltration of Islamic terrorists among these refugees requires immediate suspension of efforts to relocate Syrian or any other Muslim refugees to the U.S., and closure of the European Union borders along with reestablishment of border checkpoints for European Union member countries to stem the flow of these terrorists. Despite administration assurances that these refugees are being properly vetted, administration officials will provide no details on the process nor identify the locations of refugee resettlements to governors concerned with the safety of their citizens. This is the same administration who is currently ignoring the immigration laws passed by Congress to throw open the borders and protect illegal immigrants from deportation in pursuit of a Democrat electoral majority. There is little wonder at why these Obama administration assurances are falling on deaf ears. In response, the House just passed a bill requiring the administration to cease all Syrian refugee resettlement efforts by a veto-proof majority that caught the White House off guard. This, along with the refusal of some thirty governors to accept Syrian refugees has forced the Obama administration to backtrack and attempt to shore up support of its stance on the acceptance of Syrian refugees.

Ignoring the problem hasn’t worked as the Islamic terrorists have managed to bring war to America despite our reluctance to engage in that war. Refusing to properly identify the enemy is also not working out too well as the enemy continues its assault on America and Western Civilization. This refusal to identify the enemy has also frustrated efforts to confront the problem and devise a proper solution as the Obama administration lurches from one attack to the next with its progressive media acolytes downplaying each event to the consternation of Americans cynically ignoring both the administration and the media as they quietly go about the business of ensuring their survival in the coming conflict. Tragic as it is, the image of a dead boy does not require suspension of either reason or the immigration laws just so progressives can feel good about themselves while undermining America and the Judeo-Christian values upon which it is built. Nor does it require America to skip happily down the path of socialism and politically correct crapola such as multiculturalism just because the Europeans were dumb enough to fall for it.

Europeans are scared and with good reason as evidenced by the recent Paris attacks and the earlier Charlie Hebdo attacks perpetrated by Islamic terrorists incensed at the west and its refusal to capitulate before the Islamic Caliphate. Austrians have snapped up every available firearm for sale in one of the few European Union countries where their sale is still permissible, while Germans have armed themselves with pepper spray in preparation for self-defense as Europeans are acknowledging that the state can no longer protect them from the growing Islamic terrorist menace. Europeans are already inundated with Muslims as more arrive daily to seize upon the generous government benefits afforded to those who can make the journey. Europeans are turning in droves to nationalist parties such as Marine Le Pen’s Front National in France, Nigel Farage’s UKIP in Britain, and Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom in the Netherlands in a bid to impose border controls by halting entry of the refugees and express their skepticism over the European Union and its erasure of national identities in subservience to the artificial European Union government.

The image we must keep in mind is that of innocent civilians massacred by adherents of an intolerant ideology bent on the destruction of Western Civilization and the subjugation of people through the elimination of political freedom. In past conflicts, we were fortified with sayings to remind us of why we were at war such as “Remember the Maine” or “Remember Pearl Harbor.” We need to “Remember 9/11” and “Remember Paris” to remind ourselves of why we are at war and exactly with whom we are at war in this clash of civilizations. Remember these.


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