It’s The Illegal Immigration, Stupid!

Donald Trump is surging in the polls precisely because he is the only candidate with the cajones to address the one issue Americans are livid about in the exact manner in which Americans wish that issue to be addressed, and that is to defy the establishment narrative that illegal immigration is somehow good for America.

Yes, we know all the progressive liberal talking points by heart that piously claim America was founded by immigrants and their ponderous descriptions of the great waves of immigrants that arrived in America during the 19th Century and the early part of the 20th Century. The classic rebuttal to these progressive liberal talking points is that the original immigrants to America who landed at Plymouth Rock and elsewhere were not illegal immigrants since America was not yet a country. Not being a country, America had no borders to secure and no government to secure those borders. As for the immigrant waves arriving later on, they were processed through the system and checked for diseases before being released to family members who could help with their assimilation. Those without sponsors or family members were returned to their country of origin along with any diseased or criminal elements.

The tired, huddled masses arriving at Ellis Island were quarantined and highly processed through a selective and discriminating system before being allowed into America. America’s borders were never thrown open to allow just anyone to come in. That is the difference between past immigration waves and the current fiasco President Obama and his progressive administration acolytes have subjected America. Those previous immigration efforts were legal immigration and Obama’s destabilizing efforts are highly illegal in opposition to current law and the Constitution.

Americans have become extremely media savvy having recognized the liberal progressive media bias that constantly shills for the Democrats and their favored positions. Rush Limbaugh recently pointed out that the rise of conservative media has broken the grip of liberal progressives on the media messaging that gets out to Americans, and he is absolutely correct. Traditional media in the form of newspapers and broadcast television news is eroding at an increasing pace as Americans have tired of paying for newspapers that lie to us or waste time viewing television news which lies to us. When these outlets aren’t outright lying to us, they seek to shade the story in such a way as to evoke a particular response that aligns with the liberal progressive agenda. Their grip on the media broken, the liberal progressives have cast off any illusions of objectivity as could well be seen in CNBC’s recent Republican debates.

Republican debate moderators Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, and John Harwood made such fools of themselves that even Democrats felt compelled to call out their bias as they purposely avoided serious discussion of the economy to dredge up all manner of distracting questions hoping to ignite a war between the Republican candidates. Serious talk of the economy would have exposed their beloved President Obama to ridicule as his tenure has been an absolute disaster for the American economy despite all the rosy projections and constant lies coming from his administration. The Republican candidates were far too smart to fall into their poorly designed traps, and they made a mockery of the debate moderators and their silly questions to the point that CNBC emerged seriously damaged as a viable financial news organization. Fox Business Network was quick to capitalize on CNBC’s stumble as they hosted the next Republican debate and conducted it as the antithesis of the CNBC debate debacle. Serious economic questions were posited by moderators Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, and Gerald Baker who conducted themselves professionally and succeeded in undermining CNBC’s coveted status atop cable financial news.

My brother and I recently travelled to London where we were constantly asked about American politics whenever Britons recognized we were from America. One thing I quickly noticed was that the British lack the sophisticated cynicism and distrust of the media possessed by us Americans. We were asked how we could support that clown Donald Trump to which we patiently explained the Trump’s intelligence was evident in his establishment of successful business ventures and that he is extremely media savvy as evidenced by his ability to turn attention away from him and onto the issue which he is addressing. We also explained the seething rage Americans are experiencing just below the surface and how the establishment political classes are so out of touch that they fail to see what is plainly evident to all of us. Once they had it explained to them, they came away with a very different take on American politics.

The liberal progressive media has attempted to convince Americans that open borders and unlimited illegal immigration is good for America. They claim that amnesty for the illegal immigrants already in America will lead to prosperity and a thriving economy, but they fail to mention how this is at all possible given the fact that these illegal immigrants are already in America! Amnesty won’t lead to prosperity precisely because the presence of these illegal immigrants in America has not already led to prosperity. The media conveniently and pointedly ignores the massive outbreaks of disease in the areas where the Obama administration have located massive numbers of these illegal immigrants. They ignore the evidence that there are terrorist and criminal elements crossing into America through our porous borders which are being aided and abetted by the very government charged by law with protecting American sovereignty by policing the borders and keeping these undesirables out.

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate consistently opposing the illegal immigration being promoted by the Obama administration and its liberal progressive media acolytes. Trump managed to turn the original media firestorm of his stance against the flagrant illegal immigration support of the Obama administration into conservative support in the polls. The media’s constant attacks on Trump, combined with his pointed refusal to back down the least bit, created sympathy for Trump as an underdog despite a net worth of several billion dollars and resonated with conservatives exasperated by an establishment Republican leadership unwilling to fight for conservative principles and only interested in conspiring with the progressive Democrats to enlarge government to their advantage. Finally, here was a man willing to fight and who had a large enough net worth to be his own man beyond the control of the GOP establishment!

Trump’s refusal to back down in the face of the media’s favorite tactic of withering criticism against any stance that opposed the progressive agenda emboldened other candidates who suddenly sought out controversy so that they too could demonstrate fortitude against the media. Trump demonstrated what we conservatives have known all along that the media onslaught was only good for about a week before it would run out of steam and the news cycle would move on to something else. But, it took media savvy Donald Trump to demonstrate this to America. Suddenly, Trump’s comments about illegal immigration were no longer the issue and attention was directed towards the issue of illegal immigration itself.

Conservatives have repeatedly warned that the progressive Democrats were supporting open borders and unlimited illegal immigration in an effort to increase their electoral majority by diluting conservative areas around the country. We’ve also warned that the establishment GOP leadership was supporting illegal immigration as a sop to their big money corporatist donors who were interested in cheap immigrant labor at the expense of Americans whose wages would come under additional pressure from an increase in the labor pool. These illegal immigrants are willing to work for much less than Americans which is why the crony corporatists can’t wait to throw open the borders and import them. Instead of having to locate their manufacturing operations in China where they lack quality control or protection for their proprietary property, they can relocate their manufacturing back to America and import the cheap Chinese labor to have the best of all worlds.

Donald Trump has maintained that he has strong support among Latino voters to the derision of the media who insist that Hispanics are fleeing from Trump in droves. The establishment GOP leadership has bought into these lies as they have always bought into the media lies concerning their electoral strategy and what they need to do to win despite the fact that they keep losing following the media’s advice. The establishment GOP leadership seems to be the only group in America completely unaware that the media is the propaganda arm of the progressive Democrat Party. Donald Trump is extremely shrewd and it is likely that he will gain a substantial portion of the Hispanic vote. Other than being used by Democrat operatives breaking voting laws, illegal immigrants don’t usually vote as they are smart enough to realize they will get the government benefits being promised them without having to actually vote. In this, they are much like the entitlement blacks who decades ago realized this truism. And, those Hispanics which have become assimilated tend to be conservative and tend to be the ones who actually vote. They are socially conservative religious people who oppose abortion and homosexual marriage as opposed to Catholic Church teaching. They also realize that the illegal immigrants flowing into America with the assistance of the Obama administration are putting pressure on their wages just like the rest of working Americans. Come Election Day; expect Trump to capture a sizable portion of the Hispanic vote that will shock the establishment pollsters who never saw it coming.

Europe has been overwhelmed by an influx of illegal immigrants streaming through Turkey on their way to Germany and its generous government benefits. German Chancellor Angela Merkel foolishly encouraged this massive influx by announcing that Germany would take all illegal immigrants who could reach the country. Merkel had to quickly back off this promise when it became apparent that millions of illegal immigrants had decided to take her up on her offer and began streaming towards Germany. Europe’s ability to handle this massive influx of illegal immigrants has been overwhelmed and strained to the breaking point, yet the illegal immigrants keep coming. With them also come ISIS terrorists infiltrating Europe to establish terror cells in preparation for conquering Europe and adding it to their Caliphate.

Last night, the world witnessed a deadly coordinated attack in Paris as ISIS terrorists conducted murderous operations against some six different locations culminating in an attack on a sold out theater hosting an American rock band. Some 130 people have been killed and scores of others wounded in the attacks with the death toll expected to climb as the situation is sorted out. Warnings of terrorist infiltration among the swarms of illegal immigrants that went unheeded and were ridiculed by a press invested in promoting the progressive agenda have now cost the lives of over a hundred French citizens. This dastardly attack has justified the rise of nationalist parties campaigning on fears of terrorist infiltration of Europe through the unwanted promotion of illegal immigration by feckless politicians unable and unwilling to articulate opposition to chaos and anarchy. Countries such as Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Holland, Hungary, and Germany have seen massive influxes of illegal immigrants which have overwhelmed their ability to assimilate such large numbers of illegal immigrants. Europeans are reacting by voting out these feckless politicians and supporting the nationalist parties which promise to stop this madness and restore national order.

The European Union is also suffering under the weight of illegal immigration supported by the establishment political class against the wishes of the people. European Union rules dictate that the citizens of any member country are free to travel anywhere within the European Union member countries without impunity. This means that illegal immigrants recognized by Germany can travel to France or anywhere else they wish to plan whatever nefarious terrorist schemes they wish to enact without fear of being checked on by any nosy border guards. Europeans have reacted with fear by purchasing anything they can get their hands on for self defense. With most of Europe under strict gun control policies, that isn’t much. Austria, one of the few European Union countries where it is still legal to own guns, has seen its citizens purchase every available firearm in the country as Austrians rightly fear the illegal immigrants in their midst. Germans are arming themselves with pepper spray as their only available option for self defense, and Europeans are suddenly regretting allowing the politicians to talk them into gun control as the terrorists gather among them.

Frightened Europeans will be even more frightened by the terrorist attacks in Paris as they await the next set of attacks hoping they aren’t anywhere near them. Europeans who have placed so much of their trust in the ability of their governments to protect them are seeing the folly of their ways as they awaken to their own version of 9/11. The fears foretold by nationalist parties warning of coming terrorist attacks perpetrated by terrorist infiltration of the illegal immigrant wave have suddenly taken on a whole new context of reality and aren’t nearly as abstract as they once were. Socialist French President François Hollande has closed the French borders and promised a crackdown vowing to bring those responsible for this travesty to justice, but it is the European politicians themselves who are responsible for these terrorist attacks and those that await Europe. It is their failure to oppose evil in the form of anarchists demanding a breakdown of the social order to appease their grandiose entitlement designs which has allowed a space for the terrorists to operate within. The anarchists used the system and its laws against the state to tear down the social order and introduce chaos all while the feckless politicians stood by and encouraged them to do so.

The stakes of the presidential election are crystal clear to Americans even as the establishment political classes fumble about in the dark unable to grasp the least bit of insight into the minds of Americans seething with anger at what is being wrought by the progressives or understanding of the destruction which is underway. To all those in the establishment political classes, we conservatives are screaming with our consistent support of Donald Trump and their inability to destroy him with their tired old tactics of personal destruction that “It’s The Illegal Immigration, Stupid!” The more Donald Trump is attacked by the establishment classes, the more convinced we Americans are that he is exactly the right man to lead America and purge the establishment class from American politics to end their destruction of America in support of themselves and their Big Government Party. Again to all you clueless establishment politicians, it’s the illegal immigration, stupid!

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One Response to It’s The Illegal Immigration, Stupid!

  1. Leftist political types accuse people who oppose illegal immigration as being racist. However, Leftist political types are the true racists.

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