The establishment GOP bemoans us TEA Party conservatives and decries our stubborn insistence on adherence to conservative principles, or as they derisively call it, our rigid ideological litmus test, they claim stands in the way of their ability to govern, but this argument is really a diversion from their collusion with the Democrats to enact the evil progressive agenda which is destroying America.

Liberal Republicans have been around a long time in the form of Senators such as Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania and John Chaffee from Rhode Island whose votes were always in doubt when it came down to supporting conservative legislation. More often than not, these liberal Republicans disappointed conservatives by siding with the Democrats when it really counted leaving conservatives to wonder what their constituents were thinking in reelecting these RINO traitors.

Somewhere in the middle of George W. Bush’s presidency, the establishment GOP leadership became convinced that the only path to electoral success consisted of a soft liberalism such as that espoused by Bush in 2000 when he ran as a “compassionate conservative” which was really nothing more than code for soft liberal. Bush lived up to his billing by enacting the largest expansion of entitlements since Medicare in the form of the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit. This liberal expansion of the entitlement state came out of the blue from Bush despite the lack of Democrats even suggesting such an idea. Bush was not forced into some unpalatable deal with Democrats as part of a larger strategy to advance conservatism, but initiated a wholesale surrender to Democrats who weren’t even massed to attack.

After all, the establishment GOP reasoned, Bush had won a close fight over ultra-liberal Al Gore by emphasizing “compassionate conservatism” to contrast with Gore’s insipid global warming strategy. Bush then went on to expand the entitlement state to flesh out his soft liberal credentials in the mistaken belief that conservative Democrats would gravitate towards the GOP if the progressive narrative of Republicans being unfeeling tightwads were countered with demonstrative soft liberal programs. Bush won a second term, and the establishment GOP leadership was sold on soft liberalism as a winning strategy.

The problem with this theory is that Bush and the establishment GOP leadership failed to understand why Ronald Reagan won over conservative Democrats in the first place back in 1980. Reagan succeeded in convincing conservative blue collar Democrats who had not yet been run out of the party by the ultra-liberal progressives to support him by appealing to their conservatism on such issues as strong national defense to counter the communist axis of evil threatening America during the Cold War, and on getting the economy restarted to provide jobs to a demoralized American workforce. Reagan’s appeal lay in his conservatism, not some soft liberal platform that promised government largesse, but just not as much as the Democrats. After all, as Republican pundit Brent Bozell once famously observed, “You can’t out-Democrat a Democrat.”

What began as a strategy to counter liberal media’s false narrative of Republicans as the party of the rich ambivalent and oblivious to the needs of lower and middle class Americans struggling to make ends meet by adopting soft liberalism has morphed into full blown collusion with the Democrats. When electoral success eluded the GOP in 2008, the establishment leadership doubled down on liberalism and continued to do so in 2012 convinced, much like the communists, that their failure stemmed from not going far enough with their socialism.

All the time, we conservatives were shouting for the establishment GOP leadership to cease and desist with the liberalism that was turning conservatives off in droves. We warned the leadership that mushy moderate nominees such as John McCain and Mitt Romney were not up to the task of defending conservatism and would not fight against the progressives. The establishment GOP leadership ignored our warnings and steamrolled their handpicked candidates through the primaries and into the nomination. We were left to protest their heavy handed approach by staying home on Election Day, which many did in fact do. The conservatives who refused to vote for the handpicked establishment GOP nominee were only one factor in Barack Obama’s win as independent and undecided Americans went for the candidate who sounded like he had a plan instead of the GOP nominee whose platform consisted of not being that other guy.

TEA Party conservatives worked hard to help the GOP win back the House in 2010 only to see moderate establishment Republican John Boehner cry his way through acceptance of the gavel as a bad omen on his Speakership. Boehner cried when he ascended to the Speakership, but he has left conservatives crying with his overt collusion with the progressives. Boehner has engineered crisis after crisis to allow for his positioning so that the public is left with a carefully crafted image of a man boxed into a corner with no alternative but to accept a lousy deal with the Democrats to preserve the country. Boehner’s act finally wore thin for conservatives prompting North Carolina Representative Mark Meadows to submit a motion to vacate the chair this summer which effectively placed Boehner on notice that his days were numbered as Speaker.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Boehner exercised the last option available to him by abruptly announcing his resignation from the Speakership and his retirement from Congress. This move left Boehner in position to make one last set of bad deals with the progressives before leaving office as the trifecta of a budget showdown to keep the government open, a hike in the debt ceiling, and the fight over defunding the evil of Planned Parenthood all loom on the horizon. Boehner punted the budget battle to December with yet another continuing resolution even as new TEA Party conservative Dave Brat from Virginia was spilling the beans on Boehner’s deception. As Brat relates it, the work of the Budget Committee was finished back in the spring, but Boehner chose to sit on it until the last minute so as to engineer another of his infamous government shutdown crises that allow him to collude with the Democrats.

Heir apparent Kevin McCarthy committed a major faux pas by alluding to the Benghazi Committee as being formed specifically for the purpose of hurting Hillary Clinton’s run for president. McCarthy demonstrated an appalling lack of political awareness in his poor choice of words. Instead of emphasizing that the Benghazi Committee, in its quest to uncover the truth about Hillary’s role in the massacre of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens, uncovered Hillary’s deceptive use of a private email server which contained classified emails in violation of the Espionage Act and official government policy on the preservation of government emails for official government business which the public would not have known except for the Benghazi Committee’s investigation, McCarthy stated that the Benghazi Committee had hurt Hillary’s chances of being president by uncovering the email scandal. House Democrats, led by hyper-partisan Elijah Cummings, immediately pounced on McCarthy’s comments and have rode the narrative that the Benghazi Committee was nothing more than a Republican political vehicle to get Hillary mercilessly ever since. Hillary has fanned the flames and cast her appearance before the Benghazi Committee so successfully as part of a Republican witch hunt to get her, that she actually emerged from her marathon testimony session looking like a victim and gaining a measure of public sympathy despite her incompetence as Secretary of State that cost American lives and her blatant cover up to protect her political fortunes.

McCarthy’s abrupt withdrawal on the cusp of his almost certain coronation as Speaker, the House GOP is left in disarray groping for someone with the gravitas necessary to assume the Speakership and unite the various GOP factions in the House. The last man standing that came close to fitting the bill was Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan whose adamant insistence that he was not interested in the Speakership made him an even more viable candidate. Sensing opportunity, the establishment GOP leadership begged Paul to take the job for the good of the party. Paul reluctantly agreed under the condition that all GOP factions in the House swear allegiance to him. Thus, the scheme would be complete. Ryan would assume the Speakership able to remind House members they had begged him to take the job and sworn their allegiance to him if he would do so, while the GOP establishment would have another of their own as House Speaker.

Recall that Paul Ryan was Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, and Romney was the GOP establishment’s handpicked nominee to face Obama in what would have been a cakewalk for a tenacious conservative willing to fight. Obama’s dismal record and progressive transformation of America against its wishes was ripe for conservative attack, but the moderate mushiness of Romney prevented him from going on the attack and taking the fight to Obama. Molded in the establishment GOP image of carefully calculated straddling to avoid the appearance of offending a voter, Romney was just not a fighter and didn’t stand a chance against Obama’s Chicago street thug tactics. Ryan was selected by the GOP establishment because he was always one of them, and was only able to appear conservative because Obama provided such a stark contrast in past budget battles. Ryan had held his own admirably in the budget summit Obama held in 2010, reading Obama the riot act on budgeting and quoting budget numbers at will in true policy wonk fashion.

The establishment GOP leadership has long sought to appease its corporatist donor base with an open border policy of unlimited immigration to provide them with cheap labor as unskilled Americans clamor for an unreasonable $15 an hour minimum wage. As Speaker, John Boehner did everything in his power to collude with the Democrats seeking illegal immigrant votes to appease the corporatist donor base, and it was only through the efforts of Americans pushing back against this scheme that it has failed so far. Boehner did manage to thwart Congressional resistance to Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional efforts to open the borders by refusing to investigate administration efforts to ignore the law and bypass Congress.

With establishment disciple Paul Ryan as Speaker and empowered by a loyalty pledge from GOP factions, the establishment GOP is poised to throw open the borders and allow unrestricted immigration for the benefit of their corporatist donor base. All that is missing is the election of an establishment Republican such as Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. This means that the only thing standing between an open border policy of unrestricted immigration and a shutdown of all illegal immigration is none other than Donald Trump. This is why Trump enjoys such strong support across America. Americans realize that unrestricted immigration pushes their wages down and creates a class of people unwilling to assimilate into the country. Americans also realize that these immigrants will tip the balance of electoral power to the Democrats and allow them to enact the entire evil agenda of the progressive movement. Even more important, and this is a theme which Donald Trump has picked up on, is the fact that Hispanics in America also realize this wave of illegal immigrants pushes down their wages and restricts their ability to get ahead in America. So now both the blacks and the Hispanics are catching on to Obama’s unrestricted illegal immigration as a way to keep them forever mired in the underclass dependent upon government as slaves from now on held hostage to the Democrat Party which has no intention of ever doing anything for them but abuse them.

Americans are sick to death of watching the progressives run the country into the ground, and we’re damn sick of Obama’s arrogant disregard of the Constitution and selective enforcement of the law. Conservatives are sick of the establishment GOP’s collusion with the Democrats and demanding adherence to conservative principles to the consternation of the party elites. Their complaints that TEA Party conservatives are being unreasonable in their demands to conservative fidelity are a smokescreen to hide their true intention of colluding with the Democrats to enact the progressive agenda that is destroying America. Make no mistake because Paul Ryan is an establishment Republican out to collude with the progressives to enact the open border unlimited immigration policy sought by the Democrats for electoral advantage and the establishment GOP donor class for cheap labor. His feigned reluctance to assume the House Speakership is nothing more than an act to fool conservatives into supporting his collusion with the Democrats.

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One Response to Collusion

  1. SHAME says:

    Since the late 1800s the progressives, in their pursuit of “scientific management” of the American people, have bemoaned the “obstructionist, out of date” Constitution as being the major obstacle to realizing their dreams of a Utopia created by the Administrative Bureaucracy. It was fully intended to be obstructionist, to tyrants and to others who would enslave a free people; that’s the point. Abraham Lincoln sought to foster among Americans an almost religious reverence for the Founding Principles and the Constitution and other documents which established our form of government; progressives began their efforts to remove the “obstruction” around the beginning of the 20th century and they have only increased their efforts to reverse what Lincoln tried to do.

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