The rioting and general animosity towards whites by inner-city blacks in cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. are precisely why whites have fled to the suburbs.

George Zimmerman, an Hispanic neighborhood watchman, was viciously attacked and compelled to defend himself with deadly force by young black thug Trayvon Martin on his way home from purchasing the ingredients for a popular drug cocktail known as purple drank. Despite overwhelming evidence conclusively demonstrating Martin to be a thug and thief, the black grievance industry kicked into high gear to perpetrate a multitude of lies such as the portrayal of Zimmerman as white, the portrayal of Martin as an innocent child, and a false narrative of the events of that night all in an attempt to fit the incident into their preferred narrative of white on black violence in contrast to its actual scarcity.

In the media firestorm that followed, the police Chief of Sanford, Florida, despite the lack of police involvement in the incident, was forced to resign, the Sanford Police Department was placed under Department of Justice review to ensure compliance with racial sensitivity, and Zimmerman was tried by overzealous prosecutors looking to burnish their political careers. Zimmerman was eventually acquitted, but his life has been destroyed nonetheless as his wife divorced him, his every move going forward is under constant scrutiny with every misstep widely reported, and he has been unable to secure steady employment for fear of the media scrutiny surrounding him.

Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson was called to the scene of a convenience store robbery and eventually caught up to the suspected perpetrator, another young black thug by the name of Michael Brown, whom Officer Wilson confronted to question. According to witnesses, Brown became angry and rushed towards Officer Wilson, striking him multiple times and forcing him to retreat towards his patrol car. Brown then attempted to go for Officer Wilson’s sidearm whereupon Wilson was forced to draw his weapon and shoot Brown in defense of his life. Again, the black grievance industry flew into action manipulating the facts to create a narrative to suit their purposes of demonstrating racial animosity by white police towards black residents. Like Martin, Brown was portrayed as an innocent child gunned down for no other reason than the fact that he was black despite eyewitness testimony by blacks at the scene contradicting this false narrative and overwhelming evidence from Brown’s past demonstrating his thuggish behavior.

In the aftermath of the predictable media firestorm that followed, the Ferguson Police Department was placed under DoJ review, Office Wilson was scrutinized by a District Attorney desperate to bring charges against him but unable to find enough evidence, Wilson was eventually forced to resign from the police force, and like Zimmerman, he has been unable to secure steady employment.

Freddie Gray, a black thug with a long record and a history of attempting to injure himself to avoid police custody, was arrested by Baltimore police and placed in a van for transport to the city jail. While in the van, Gray began throwing himself against the sides of the van until he succeeded in severely injuring himself to the point that he later died of his injuries. The six police officers at the scene have been brought up on charges by Baltimore City Attorney Marilyn Mosby whose family history includes several members with checkered pasts involving the NYPD. Downtown Baltimore erupted into yet another riot as the black grievance industry swung into action distorting the facts and obscuring the truth to create another false narrative that stoked racial animosity.

In each of these cases, President Obama saw fit to insert himself into the situation by declaring his opinion to lend credence to the false narrative and further stoke racial animosity. As the facts became clear in each case, it was obvious that the president was uninformed and acted rashly without bothering to wait for the facts before becoming involved. It was also clear that the president was seeking to divide Americans and stoke racial animosity. Americans are catching on to the antics of race charlatans such as Al Sharpton who never misses an opportunity to fan the flames of racial animosity to profit himself on the misfortune of others he purports to help. It has reached the point where families and community leaders now demand that Sharpton and his ilk stay away whenever an incident arises as they seek to avoid the media attention and prevent Sharpton from using them and the situation to line his own pockets.

These incidents, and many more just like them, combined with gun control which prevents citizens from being able to defend themselves in many large cities, corrupt city politicians draining city finances and forcing police departments to downsize, and cultural shifts propagated by the progressive left which signal that criminal activity will be tolerated and lightly punished if at all, are responsible for the white migration to suburbia. Adults who have witnessed the destructive changes wrought by a progressive left determined to remake society in its own tortured image willingly pony up the huge sums required to live in suburbs that keep criminals at bay due to their inability to afford such areas.

These lessons are unfortunately lost on their children too naïve to understand suburban life and its protections from the evil lurking out in the real world. They see themselves as prisoners consigned to featureless enclaves of endless cul-de-sacs unable to forge a unique identity in such a vanilla upbringing. They rebel by adopting outlandish personas such as the thuggish gansta rap culture of the inner city from which their parents have sacrificed so much to escape to their constant consternation. The music industry is well aware that the largest consumers of gansta rap are suburban white kids, and they target this audience mercilessly.

American parents who had survived the horrors of the Great Depression and World War II sought to construct a society of strict rules and social institutions designed to promote adherence to morality in the 1950s to protect their children from the inhumanity they had experienced with the rise of the Nazis. They combined this with materialistic consumerism to ensure that their children did not suffer the privations they had endured during their upbringing. American parents sought the best for their children, but, as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The result of all their attempts to protect and provide for their children went misunderstood by the children themselves as their social repression, combined with the guilt they felt over being provided so much they felt to be underserved, morphed into the rebellion of the 1960s and 1970s. These children had never experienced privation on the scale of the Great Depression and had no reference point with which they could understand the importance their parents placed on shielding them from want. They also had no reference point to the horrors of war which their parents had experienced and could not understand the strict social repression their parents hoped would reinforce societal morality.

In much the same way, today’s children have no reference point with which to understand why their parents choose to live in featureless suburbs, and today’s parents also fail to provide a reasonable, coherent, and rational explanation their children can understand. This dichotomy underlies much of what is commonly referred to as the generation gap whereby the parents don’t understand their children and their children don’t understand their parents. And so, the cycle carries on as the children rebel against the values of their parents without attempting to appreciate those values while the parents experience frustration at being unable to articulate those values.

Complicating this cycle is the fact that the children of the earlier generation have now become adults and those unable to comprehend the situation have gravitated to the progressive left in continuance of their rebellious ways. In rebelling, they have managed to tear down many of the institutions which underpin American society and frayed the moral fabric of society to the point where today’s parents have little outside help to resist the rebellion of their own children. During the 1950s, parents could rely on the shared values of community to watch out for their kids and keep them on the straight and narrow. With the advent of secular humanism, the progressive left has shattered these community values and distributed them all over the map. Americans have learned to ignore just about everything with the result that parents have no idea what their kids are into these days.

American families go through the Kabuki Theater of strained small talk at the end of the day where the parents obligingly ask how their kids are doing and the kids dutifully answer with the scripted language they know their parents want to hear. The result is an abysmal lack of communication that all too often leads to a shocking scene whereby the kids get into some devastating situation that comes as a complete shock to their parents convinced that they were involved in their kids’ lives but blissfully unaware of their real lives.

Americans have retreated to the safety of the suburbs determined to raise their children in a safe environment that keeps violence, drugs, and crime relegated to the inner city whose residents have neither the means to live in such environs nor the ability to travel there. Despite all of their expense and careful planning, President Obama is determined to bring the inner city to the suburbs in his perverted communist view of equality which seeks to spread misery to everyone equally instead of striving for its elimination like the free enterprise model. The Obama administration is working through the Department of Housing and Urban Development to construct a detailed database of every zip code in America that maps the racial makeup of that area with the goal of resettling predominately white neighborhoods with minorities in the name of racial equality and the amorphous social justice so favored by the progressive left as an excuse for their meddlesome involvement in our lives.

It is initiatives such as this that conservatives point towards when they warn that the damage Obama and his progressive minions are doing to America will continue far past his tenure in office. When made aware of initiatives such as this, Americans recognize their danger as big government intrusions into their lives preventing them from exercising their right to be left alone to live as they wish. It is for this reason that the Obama administration keeps these initiatives hidden away from public view and describes their intentions to remake America in the broadest and most innocent sounding language purporting to help Americans achieve their dreams. It is left to the individual to define their particular dream and fill in the blank space allotted to them by the progressive left seeking to play upon their imagination and natural desire for rosy projections.

As the social fabric has become more frayed due to the progressive left’s meddlesome attempts to recreate America into its image of a communist Utopian paradise, violence and crime are surging as expected. The left deflects these inconvenient unintended consequences by blaming the prevalence of guns despite overwhelming evidence that crime and violence are surging precisely in those areas suffering the most burdensome gun control laws that disarm residents and leave them as helpless prey before the savage criminal wolves. At no time do they take responsibility for their failed policies or acknowledge their complicity in creating this societal decay.

The Founders sought to maximize the liberty of American citizens with the creation of the Constitution secure in the knowledge that a strong social fabric underpinned by carefully constructed institutions would lead Americans to exercise the personal responsibility necessary to guarantee that freedom. Knowing the nature of men, they sought as best they could to construct a government which would protect that liberty as much as possible, but they were aware that there is always a minority seeking to impose its will upon the people despite their resistance. The progressive left has finally insinuated itself throughout society and the government to the point where they are able to impose their minority view upon Americans alarmed at their audacious plans.

The progressive left has instituted censorship in the social construct of political correctness to stifle the expression of ideas by free men exercising their constitutionally protected right of free speech. They have co-opted all forms of media to obscure its intentions through propaganda, outright false narratives, and omission of facts to further stifle free speech in abdication of its oversight responsibility towards government in violation of its constitutionally protected right of a free press. A press answering to government is definitely not a free press.

America was founded by those fleeing the repression of their right to freely practice their religion without fear from government intrusion. Freedom of religion, not the false freedom of worship canard President Obama constantly invokes to perpetuate yet another subtle progressive shading of language with grave consequences to nudge Americans towards the left, is ingrained deeply into the American psyche. However, the Judeo-Christian model upon which America was founded and whose Founders sought to so deeply embed into the law, is under constant assault by the left enraptured with its false religion of secular humanism. The religious sacrament of marriage has been completely appropriated by the state and redefined into an unholy abomination antithetical to Judeo-Christian theology and deeply offensive Christian Americans. The abomination of homosexuality has been endorsed and celebrated by the government which seeks to force Christians to accept this abomination through intentional confrontation staged to force Christian Americans to comply or face fines and confinement to prison.

The progressives have long sought to abridge the ability of Americans to gather as free men exercising their constitutionally protected right of free assembly. Much social upheaval has been undertaken with the aim of desegregating our schools including busing children to schools far outside their communities for the sake of equality and the ever amorphous concept of social justice. American churches have come under fire from the left as bastions of racial intolerance despite the ability of Americans to form and attend the church of their choice, and despite the many churches across America with integrated congregations. Humans display an affinity to gather with their own as a form of innate protection stemming from earlier periods where survival depended upon banding together as a group and group conflict over scarce resources was a common occurrence. The comfort with which Americans are able to naturally approach members of their own race is intentionally mistaken for an insidious racial bias that progressives feel must be eliminated no matter the cost of social upheaval.

The last bastion of free assembly in America is the ability to choose where one lives and who his neighbors will be. The Obama administration seeks to unnecessarily intrude on this right to free assembly by introducing chaos into the suburbs all under the rubric of the amorphous concepts of equality and social justice. Are you beginning to sense a pattern with all of this talk of social justice and fairness? The real goal of this initiative is to dilute the conservative vote in every zip code in America to the point where conservatives no longer have the power to elect conservative representation. All for the sake of politics, the progressive left wishes to destroy property values and disrupt the economic well being of millions of Americans by resettling inner city minorities to the suburbs. All of the careful planning and expense endured by Americans seeking to escape those responsible for the crime, violence, drugs, and poverty of the inner cities will vanish. Americans will be forced to devise another plan to escape these criminal masses and endure the associated costs all because of the progressive left and its amorphous notions of social justice disguising their true agenda of political control.

The progressive left has finally managed to seize just enough power to enact their Utopian agenda, and Americans are witnessing its destructive effects as our social fabric is fraying past the point of repair. Their divisive politics have pitted Americans against each other through the promotion of group identity instead of emphasizing the common attributes shared by Americans as a people. All of the social angst experienced by parents and their children misunderstanding each other over the concept of suburbia is merely a diversion to mask the true agenda of political control sought by the progressive left.

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