Migrant Hordes

Europeans who smugly berated us Americans earlier this year for resisting President Obama’s unlawful attempts to open our southern border and allow in millions of illegal immigrants have found themselves besieged with millions of illegal immigrants overwhelming the capacity of their systems to handle such migrant hordes and have suddenly rediscovered the prudence of closed borders and immigration checkpoints as practical mechanisms to stem the tide of these invading masses.

Resettlement has been used as an effective tool to control and overwhelm populations since ancient times. The Greeks under Alexander the Great resettled peoples hostile to their rule to disperse them from being an effective force for agitation. This practice was emulated by the Romans, the British and other European colonial powers, Germany under Adolph Hitler, and the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. It is mentioned in The Bible as being carried out by Nebuchadnezzar when he conquered Jerusalem.

When utilized by a state intent on overwhelming a neighbor, the practice becomes a form of soft invasion in which large numbers of citizens from the hostile state are encouraged to resettle in the targeted state and begin demanding that the invaded state recognize their rights as a distinct group. As an offensive maneuver, soft invasion offers several advantages to a hostile state. It affords plausible deniability to the hostile state which can claim that there is nothing more at work than suffering people seeking better opportunities. This approach even allows the invading state to demand economic assistance under the guise of creating better economic conditions while continuing to conduct their offensive operation.

Soft invasion allows the state to exile undesirables onto the targeted neighbor. Criminals, agitators, dissidents, malcontents, and all manner of undesirables are foisted upon the targeted state which then suffers from their bad behavior. Fidel Castro famously employed the Mariel boatlift in 1980 to empty Cuban jails which saturated Miami with Cuban criminals and caused a huge crime wave in southern Florida during the 1980s. A hapless Jimmy Carter was forced to accept this wave of criminals paralyzed by his leftist views on immigration and his inherent inability to effectively stand up for American principles.

The progressive left in America constantly advances the fictional narrative that America was a land of peaceful natives before the white man arrived and began a selfish campaign of conquest which robbed these peaceful natives of their land and livelihood. This view is encouraged by Europeans who conveniently omit their past history of conquest to falsely claim the moral high ground upon which they can look down upon and scold America for its past sins. The Romans, the Vandals, the Visigoths, the Mongols, the Moors, the Danes, the Vikings, the Normans, the Saxons, and various other people groups invaded and conquered portions of Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte conquered most of Europe in the Nineteenth Century, while Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin repeated this act in the Twentieth Century.

Europe has absolutely no moral authority when it comes to haranguing America about its past expansionist policies. Furthermore, the progressive left has no moral authority to berate America for past events which they conveniently take out of context and then even more conveniently lay at the feet of present generations who had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the acts of those past generations. It is high time Americans began pushing back against this false narrative designed to excuse the progressive left from turning a blind eye to our immigration laws and allowing this soft invasion of illegal immigrant hordes across our porous southern border.

The progressive left is motivated to support this illegal immigration because they see these illegal immigrants as an instant Democrat voting bloc lured to America with the promise of government largesse and its subsequent debilitating political control. The policies of the progressive left are unacceptable to America and have been rejected time and again by center right voters unwilling to embark down the path of socialism currently strangling Europe. Fully aware of this, the progressive left has sought to enact its policies through imperialist executive orders, regulatory mandates by federal agencies staffed with bureaucrats sympathetic to the progressive agenda, and judicial fiat through the courts packed with judges sympathetic to the progressive agenda. As voters have pushed back against these unconstitutional schemes, the progressive left has determined to dilute the voting power of center right Americans by importing massive numbers of illegal immigrants whom they hope to legalize just enough for voting purposes.

The progressive left is aided and abetted by Mexico which has long resented American conquest of territories which it continues to claim despite being part of America for well over a century. Loss of territory is one of the prime outcomes of war and a reason for countries to carefully consider the consequences of embarking upon a course of war to resolve differences. Mexico failed to carefully consider this outcome when it chose war to settle its differences and has no right now to grudgingly continue thinking it has a claim on those territories which it ceded to procure an end to those past hostilities. Mexico’s stubborn revelry in past glories of an expanded empire causes it to encourage its citizens to illegally enter America as some sort of invading force to overwhelm America’s ability to process such large numbers of immigrants. Systemic corruption in Mexico, along with the prevailing attitudes among Mexican elites that lower class Mexicans should be forced upon America, only exacerbate the situation by limiting economic options for Mexicans who see better opportunity north of the border.

Europeans enraptured by decades of socialism and an aversion to confrontation have allowed their countries to be overwhelmed by a massive influx of immigrants from the Mideast. Following the past patterns of immigrant waves, these Muslim immigrants have clustered in closed neighborhoods refusing to assimilate into the culture of their host countries to the point of now demanding that their hosts change their culture and their laws to accommodate the immigrants. Alarmed by the reticence of their immigrant guests, some European countries have tried to push back against immigrant demands only to be met with massive protests and loud denunciations from these immigrant guests.

France, which once passed laws attempting to control the ability of American culture to corrupt French culture which they held in the highest regard as so much more refined and better than American culture in their smug elitism, attempted to ban Muslim women in France from wearing burqas as a security measure in the wake of the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attacks on America only to be met with cries of cultural insensitivity. European countries have bent over backwards to be culturally sensitive to immigrants to the point of eroding their own culture and now realize these immigrants have no intention of returning this cultural sensitivity to their hosts. Their kindness was always seen as weakness by the immigrants to be used against them as the immigrants always intended to overwhelm their hosts and take their countries from them as part of their soft invasion of Europe.

European citizens, alarmed by the unreasonable demands of these Muslim immigrants and their penchant for attacking and murdering Europeans, have gravitated to political parties on the right which emphasize nationalism and resistance to the absurd accommodating immigration policies of the feeble socialists and their worship of appeasement.

In contrast to the policy of soft invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin is employing the tactic of hard invasion to take full advantage of the weakness displayed by President Obama and European leaders. Putin invaded the Crimea and took control of a substantial portion of the area confident that warnings from Obama were nothing more than the blustery talk they’ve turned out to be. Putin is repeating this tactic to prop up his protégé in Syria while upping the rhetoric by warning Obama to clear American warplanes from the area lest they interfere with Russian military actions. Having survived Obama’s cheap talk of red lines and consequences, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has proven worthy of Russian support and provided Putin with an opportunity to conduct yet another proxy war against America to reestablish and expand his influence in the Mideast. Given Obama’s past penchant for cutting and running in the face of a fight, Putin has little to worry about from America until new leadership emerges.

Syrian rebels, exasperated at the west’s refusal to provide material support in their attempts to overthrow Assad, decided to bring the war to the west by organizing a massive immigration wave designed to land on Europe’s doorstep and force them to act against Assad to stem the tide of refugees. The Syrian conflict has been going on for about five years with much privation and displacement, but only now has a massive wave of refugees decided to flee to Europe. These refugees have been green lighted by Turkey as it is the first country through which they must travel with their ultimate destination being Germany and its generous benefits programs.

Wishing to demonstrate their moral superiority to America and its policies of closed borders and limited immigration, the Europeans at first welcomed these refugees with German Chancellor Angela Merkel announcing that Germany would accommodate those refugees willing to call it home. Predictably, this announcement created a massive wave of immigrants flowing to Germany encouraged by the implicit promise that all would be welcomed and provided generous benefits. Realizing too late the error of their policies and welcoming announcements, European countries suddenly overwhelmed by this massive influx closed their borders to new immigrants and began attempts to turn them back. Millions of Mideast immigrants began the trek to Europe only to meet closed borders and be forced into more dangerous alternate routes with winter coming on and no place to go.

Even after all of this, the left never learns. Dozens of cities across America have newly declared themselves to be sanctuary cities despite evidence of Muslim terrorist infiltration, the high profile murders of several Americans at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants, and the outbreak of contagious epidemics in those areas where immigrants have been resettled by the government without health checks so as to facilitate their integration in time for the upcoming electoral season. Americans are just as incensed by this illegal immigration and our government’s facilitation of it as ordinary Europeans, and we too are embracing those political entities dedicating to stopping this illegal accommodation by our leaders.

The accommodation by the progressive left, our government, and our leaders of illegal immigration is just one symptom of a larger force at work. The progressive left has so thoroughly infiltrated our government and our judiciary that they are poised to enact their will upon the American people despite our overwhelming opposition to their agenda. In this, they have successfully emulated their European socialist mentors while we, like our European counterparts, struggle to resist their efforts which we too recognize as the catalyst for our destruction. The rise of ultra nationalist parties in Europe coincides with the rise of TEA Party conservatives in America as both are dedicated to the return of the rule of law and commonsense policies that have protection of their citizens as their primary concern.

And, like our European counterparts, the right is being loudly denounced by the left incensed at seeing their agenda being pushed back against by citizens who do not share their elitist ideas, and upon whom they continually look down as unsophisticated and unenlightened. Our views are obscured and maligned by the left’s complicit media, yet we know exactly what we believe and have learned to tune out their distortions. These parties of the right will continue to grow in numbers and influence as citizens recognize and rightly resist the destruction being wrought upon their lives by leftist elites.

It is indeed ironic that the Catholic Church under Pope John Paul II aligned itself with American President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to ultimately cause the demise of the hated Soviet Union and its support for the Axis of Evil that existed at the time, only to realign itself under Pope Francis in service to the progressive agenda of the left based upon the evil of Secular Humanism so antithetical to the Christian mission of the Catholic Church. The left has achieved its goal of co-opting the highest levels of the Catholic Church in service to its progressive agenda of evil to provide it with the moral authority it has long sought. For its part, the leftists aligning the Catholic Church to the progressive agenda are rapidly diluting the moral authority of the Church as people see this maneuver for what it is.

Time will tell if the American form of government has been more successful at resisting the influx of the migrant hordes, but we have the advantage of seeing the destruction wrought by unlimited immigration from European leaders hoping to appease their immigrant guests only to be met with their scorn and derision whenever attempts are made to gently encourage their assimilation. It has become painfully clear to European leaders that they are just as unable and unwilling to throw open their borders to massive migrant hordes as the Americans whom they believe to be so much more inferior. The wake up calls being loudly trumpeted by ultra nationalist parties dedicated to stopping unlimited immigration which their countries are incapable of handling are now being supported by images of rioting immigrants refusing to assimilate and demanding of their hosts just as predicted by the leaders of these parties.

Faced with their own overwhelming crisis of migrant hordes exacerbated by their socialist pronouncements, European leaders so quick to berate America for its immigration policies are now blissfully silent as they are up to their necks in unwanted immigrants and facing irate voters. These smug European leaders are also learning the painful lesson that the flow of illegal immigrants can’t be simply turned off with a policy announcement. Europe is experiencing a soft invasion of Muslims intent on diluting their populations and erasing their culture to pave the way for Europe’s inclusion in their scheme of a grand caliphate. If European leaders intend to recognize that the primary goal of their governments is protection of their citizens, then they best get busy resisting this soft invasion with confrontational policies that seal their borders, deport those unwilling to assimilate, and stop treating immigrants as a protected class somehow above their laws.

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