Press Play

The media is intentionally directing the presidential candidates away from discussion of the serious issues America faces in the hopes that voters distracted by their biased sleight of hand will keep their establishment masters entrenched in power.

The Founders were well aware that men were not angels, and that they required constant oversight from multiple sources to keep their devious natures in check. When designing the federal government, they included numerous checks and balances in the Constitution to prevent the accumulation of power among a concentrated group who would then be able to act in a tyrannical manner over the people. Even after all of that, they still recognized the need to include the Second Amendment as the ultimate failsafe provision, knowing that their best efforts would someday be undermined.

As an integral part of this checks and balances system, the Founders enshrined freedom of speech and freedom of the press as part of the First Amendment. They rightly believed that a free press, operating without fear of government repression, was necessary to keep public officials honest and aboveboard in their dealings with the public. The fourth estate proudly boasted of its integrity to maintain the public trust and reveled in its oversight of public officials to root out corruption and expose it wherever it could be found. Taking its responsibilities seriously, the stories compiled by reporters were scrupulously edited and fact checked to prevent grammatical mistakes and shoddy reporting which tended to undermine the public’s ability to trust them as a worthy source of accurate news.

Those on the front lines of the fourth estate referred to themselves as reporters and prided themselves on their abilities to perform the exhaustive research necessary to ferret out corruption no matter how cleverly it was hidden. They developed deep cover sources who fed them the leads on potential corruption and the details after their interest was piqued. The established norm in reporting was to deliver a tight story which answered the basic questions of who, what, where, when, why, and how in a straightforward informative and entertaining style that did not waste precious space or expensive printers ink. Anyone daring to abuse their position by fabricating stories or failing to confirm their leads through multiple sources was summarily booted from the newsroom in career ending shame, and no self-respecting reporter would ever succumb to the lure of short term fame gained through dishonesty secure in the knowledge that his crimes would eventually come to light.

As America’s slide down the slippery slope towards complete immorality has gained steam in the last decades, so too has the morals and ethics of the fourth estate eroded at a faster pace. Where it was once shocking to discover a grammatical or spelling error in a serious newspaper, it has become laughably common to expect as much these days. Americans are all too aware of the bias exhibited in news reporting as once proud reporters, trained by apprentice to seasoned reporters with years of experience, have morphed into journalists educated by specialized university programs in shaping public opinion to fit their particular worldview through selective inclusion of detail and emotional appeal. Where the reporter once objectively provided the basic information that allowed the reader to draw their own conclusions, the journalist now subjectively slants the story so the reader draws the biased conclusions of the journalist.

Americans have caught on to this journalistic chicanery, and the fortunes of traditional media have fallen dramatically as Americans refuse to pay for what they increasingly view as bias and outright lies designed to influence their decisions. Newspapers are closing at a rapid pace and viewers are tuning out broadcast news in record numbers as cynicism about the media increases. The one area where media still has a foothold is its ability to rapidly deliver news on breaking events, and broadcast media has always had the advantage over print media in this area. People will still tune in to get updates on breaking news but quickly turn away after the facts have been reported and the journalists begin filling airspace with their “analysis.”

In the world of politics, the media has entrenched itself as the ultimate arbiter of political fortunes under the guise of the ritualistic debate format. What began as a ratings gimmick at the dawn of the broadcast era, televised debates have become an expected right-of-passage for any candidate who must subject themselves to the whims of journalistic bias. Serious and sober questions designed to provoke thoughtful deliberation that highlighted candidate differences gave way first to opportunities to provoke candidate outbursts and fireworks before descending into the theater of the absurd to which we are subjected today with its ambush questions designed to trip up candidates at every opportunity.

Donald Trump is exactly right when he points out the media double standard that allows other candidates to criticize his hair with nary a peep from the smug journalistic class while he is roasted alive by these suddenly outraged journalists when he dares to criticize the looks of an opponent. Ben Carson is also right when he points out the fabricated media outrage over his comment that he believes a Muslim should not be allowed to be president while ignoring similar comments from candidates the media is sympathetic towards. Trump showed the way in weathering the temporary crises created by this fake media outrage until the story shifts to the actual point of the comment, and some of the other candidates have learned from his success. Trump has capably countered the weapon of political correctness so effectively wielded by the media by weathering it for the week or so the media is able to keep it alive before public interest moves on to another topic.

Meanwhile, Americans continue to be frustrated by the lack of attention towards the serious issues of the day as the media continues to distract with its biased focus on absurd hypothetical situations designed to keep the candidates guessing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin instead of addressing more substantive topics. We voters remain uninformed as to the candidates’ positions on the issues because the fourth estate has abdicated its responsibility to inform the public in lieu of promoting the establishment which we’ve come to hate and which keeps them safely employed in the current malfunctioning political culture. The media has morphed from objective presenter of the news to subjective arbiter of the news to arrogantly decide what we the public should believe, thus shifting its interest from one of oversight integrity to one of crony minion to become just another protected class in a country now rife with protected classes.

In the previous presidential election cycle, Newt Gingrich enhanced his profile by consistently calling the media out for its obsequiousness to hypothetical situations and refusing the premises of their biased questions whose sole intention was to trap him in improbable situations impossible to answer from either a logical or conservative position. He would then reframe the question in such a manner as to allow him to apply conservative principles to the situation without coming across as unfeeling or unsympathetic. As Americans have become much more aware of the media’s bias, tactics such as loaded questions with tortured premises that once went unnoticed now appear as obvious and contrived.

As a successful entertainment figure, Donald Trump is knowledgeable in the subtleties of media manipulation and is using his experience to call out and attack the media for their bias against him. As part of the cabal of politicians and activists which comprise the establishment, journalists very much have a stake in preserving the status quo since it benefits from this symbiotic relationship as the information gatekeeper between the establishment and the people. Trump launched what appeared at first to be a perplexing war against Fox News calling out its unfair treatment of him in the debates and on their political programs.

Fox enjoys portraying itself as “Fair and Balanced” when it is anything but fair and balanced. Fox adopted this clever tagline to appeal to the underserved conservative market while also going after the left wing viewership so favored by every other news outlet. Along the way, its rivals have convinced themselves and Americans that Fox News is some bastion of conservative journalism applying a kooky right-wing bias to every story it reports. In reality, Fox News is just as liberal if not more so than its competitors, and merely hides behind their clever tagline to obscure their liberal bias while avoiding the more kooky left-wingers employed by the likes of MSNBC. Fox News is very much an establishment network dedicated to promoting Jeb Bush’s candidacy, and Trump is absolutely correct in calling them out for their duplicity.

Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News, was one of the strategists behind George H.W. Bush’s come-from-behind victory over Michael Dukakis in 1988 and has maintained ties with the Bush family ever since. Ailes guides Fox News and its personalities in the promotion of Jeb Bush at the expense of other candidates who are subjected to much more rigorous examination with petty questions about their past having nothing to do with their candidacies and everything to do with embarrassing them as much as possible. Fox News personality Megyn Kelly was in full attack mode during the first Republican presidential primary and came after Trump with both barrels blazing. Her bias against Trump was obvious to anyone watching the debate, and she was severely criticized by Trump supporters on social media during and after the debate.

That debate opened with the Fox News moderators asking the candidates if they would pledge to support the Republican Party and not launch a third party campaign knowing full well that Donald Trump was the only candidate who had expressed that sentiment if he was not treated fairly by the establishment leadership of the GOP. The question was intended to put Trump on the spot, but he was able to deftly explain that he would only do so if he was marginalized by the GOP establishment leadership, and he was applauded by Americans for standing up to the establishment and refusing to cave in to their demands. Trump went on to handle himself well during the debate as the Fox News moderators, led by Megyn Kelly, proceeded to attack him repeatedly while the other candidates were mostly marginalized with little opportunity to differentiate themselves or shine for the voters.

America faces a host of difficult problems on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts. Our economy is in a shambles after seven years of lefty Keynesian interference in the form of currency manipulation and crippling financial and environmental overregulation. Our borders are under assault as waves of illegal immigrants thumb their noses at our laws and cross at will while the Obama administration ignores the law and looks the other way in direct violation of the oath of office he took to uphold the nation’s laws. Our allies have come to distrust us as Obama has cozied up to the Muslim Brotherhood and Shiite Iranians while hanging Israel and our traditional Sunni allies out to dry. America’s influence has waned considerably around the world to the point where world leaders are now emboldened to act with nary a thought of first notifying America of their intentions in what was once an unthinkable posture. China is conducting an overt expansionist policy that is destabilizing the region while attempting to supplant the dollar as the world’s reserve currency which would be devastating to American economic interests.

Yet, despite the gravity of these issues and the need to identify competent leaders with plans to address and rectify these complex and dangerous situations, Megyn Kelly chose to attack frontrunner Donald Trump over politically incorrect remarks he made in the past about Rosie O’Donnell and women in general as an entertainer. Americans watched in opened-mouth disbelief at the audacity of media bias being demonstrated by Kelly in her attacks on Trump for what should have been a trifling issue at best to be raised as an afterthought if at all. Her attempts to embarrass Trump and put him on the defensive backfired as Trump first laughed off the question with a reference to his famous feud with Rosie O’Donnell then patiently explained that he was acting in his role as an entertainer. As Kelly doubled down to continue the attack, Trump called her out for her attacks and the Fox News moderators quickly moved on to another topic. Trump’s media experience as an entertainer served him well by allowing him to remain unflustered by Kelly’s ambush attack and focused on providing both an explanation and a counterattack of his own.

After the debate, Americans complained that too much time was spent on Donald Trump defending himself against trivial attacks motivated by adherence to political correctness instead of discussion on the issues, and they were exactly right. The establishment media chose to focus on trivial political correctness issues designed to inflame the passions of agitator grievance groups sympathetic to the establishment at the expense of ignoring serious issues of substance. Their explanation revolved around a combination of the old canard of asking what they believed Americans wanted to ask the candidates and the need to keep the debates entertaining enough for viewers to remain tuned in to the broadcast.

Of the thousands of questions Americans submitted in advance, Fox News chose those relative few which allowed them to claim that Americans really cared about the fluff while ignoring the vast majority dealing with serious issues. As for ratings, it is generally acknowledged that Trump’s presence was responsible for the overwhelming ratings as Americans were interested in the entertainment value of his refreshing perspective on both the issues and the political scene in general. What Americans did not enjoy in the least was the arrogant media bias displayed by the Fox News moderators against frontrunner Trump and their implicit suggestion that his supporters are unsophisticated rubes too dumb to realize he is throwing them red meat to bait them.

It is exactly this type of press play which has soured Americans on the establishment media and its overt protection of the status quo which threatens America and the American way of life. As our cynicism towards the establishment media has grown, so too has our resentment of being told what to think by an arrogant class of supposed intellectuals too dumb to realize they are pointing a loaded gun at their own feet and preparing to pull the trigger while condescendingly informing us of our stupidity for not blindly following them. Once America ceases to exist after her institutions are undermined through ignorant arrogance, there will be no other refuge, and the high standard of living to which we have become accustomed will die along with it in a repeat of destroyed civilizations past. We must continue to call out the media for its biased protection of the establishment by ignoring their attempts to marginalize Trump and remaining focused on his threat to their grip on power. We must reward the establishment’s biased media attacks on Trump with increased poll numbers until they finally get the message that Americans are truly pissed at them and their establishment cronies who live large while we suffer for their arrogance and elitist entitlement mentality.

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