Boehner Reality Check

The sudden resignation of establishment Republican House Speaker John Boehner yesterday reflects the realization that there was no way he could placate conservatives by defunding Planned Parenthood and keep the government open by placating the progressives determined to fund its evil at all costs.

Familiarity breeds contempt and ever since racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger founded the forerunner of Planned Parenthood to rid America of the minorities she felt were inferior to whites and not deserving of life, the evil of aborting helpless fetuses inside the womb struggling to avoid the abortionist’s tools has morphed into myriad ways to profit off of their mangled bodies in total callous disregard for the sanctity of life. These practices are nothing new and have been documented before, but the sycophant media was always able to suppress the news in the past due to its control over the flow of information to the public. Inspired by other successful undercover video journalists such as James O’Keefe, the Center for Medical Progress launched an elaborate thirty-month undercover operation with operatives posing as fetal tissue buyers to thoroughly infiltrate Planned Parenthood and its affiliates and document their illegal activities and shocking callousness towards life.

Caught on videotape in all their vainglorious lust for wealth, the leadership of Planned Parenthood has attempted to divert attention away from its evil by arguing that no laws were broken when the videos clearly demonstrate this is not the case. They then attempted to cast doubt on the veracity of the videos by claiming that they were heavily edited to take events and statements out of context. CMP responded to these charges by releasing the raw video footage from which their videos were made to prove conclusively that nothing was taken out of context, but only edited down to a format that could be easily viewed. Their latest attempt to cast doubt on this compelling video evidence has been to accuse CMP of trickery and unfair tactics. Well yes, those were exactly the tactics which CMP had to employ to catch the duplicitous Planned Parenthood mafia, but, tactics aside, we’re still left with the leadership of Planned Parenthood caught on videotape engaging in illegal, unethical, and immoral behavior that cannot be defended on any grounds.

As multiple states began launching investigations into Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities, Congress began launching its own investigations to determine if federal laws were broken. It was revealed that Planned Parenthood receives some half a billion dollars from the federal government to ostensibly provide “health care services for women.” Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has defiantly portrayed her organization as the only provider of these “necessary health services for women” as if there were no other organization providing medical care to woman despite the overwhelming evidence against this lie. The fact of the matter is that Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business and has managed to get public funding to finance its lucrative evil enterprise. They prey upon vulnerable women to profit off of their misfortune, then further profit off of the fetal tissue obtained during the abortion procedure while castigating its opponents as conducting a phony war on women and we the taxpayers foot the bill for the entire criminal conspiracy.

Conservatives outraged over the grisly revelations from the CMP videos began demanding that Congress immediately cut off funding for Planned Parenthood, and conservatives in Congress took up the cause. Defunding the evil of Planned Parenthood has become a line in the sand for conservatives who will brook no compromise between a weak leadership given to accommodating the progressive opposition determined to protect the lucrative abortion industry and its network of wealthy donors at all costs. President Obama immediately launched his preferred first strike weapon against the establishment Republican leadership in the form of a veto threat against any legislation daring to defund Planned Parenthood. The establishment Republican leadership responded predictably with overtones of surrender to avoid a fight they felt they could not win; their need to avoid a government shutdown; their need to show the American people they could govern by compromising; yada, yada, yada.

The establishment Republican leadership has always failed to understand American voters and continues to draw the wrong conclusion that voters want them to “govern” and that they must compromise to do so. After Bush 41 lost to Bill Clinton in 1992, they set out to build a broad moderate base they felt would be inoffensive enough to voters to allow them to win consistently. Along the way, they have lost election after election by not being able to distinguish the Republican brand from the progressive Democrat brand enough in the minds of voters. They come across as Democrat lite, and voters have opted for the real thing instead of the Johnny-come-lately Republicans. Conservatives have tried in vain to get the establishment GOP leadership away from this losing moderate strategy and into a solid defense of conservative principles which clearly highlight the destruction being wrought on America by the progressives with their appeasement and entitlement handouts.

The establishment Republican leadership never really embraced Ronald Reagan and his conservatism. They fought against him in 1976 and 1980, and worked against him during his tenure as president by implicitly supporting the Democrats to water down his legislation and thwart his conservative agenda as much as possible with overtures that it could only pass if it would give a little here and there. The establishment leadership has always been fond of mushy moderation over conservatism because defending conservatism is much harder work in a world where the progressive Democrat opposition controls the media and sets the terms of debate. Conservatives want to be liked and are just as prone to avoid conflict as anyone else, and these weaknesses are consistently exploited by progressive Democrats who shed their inhibitions early by engaging in what we conservatives view as ridiculous stances. Once you’ve defended the indefensible to conservative derision and survived, you’ve developed a thick enough skin to never care what conservatives think of you again and conflict becomes that much easier.

Barack Obama’s presidency has changed the political landscape in innumerable ways, not the least of which is the speed with which he has accelerated American decline. In its quest to build a broad moderate base, the establishment Republican leadership failed to realize that the political landscape had shifted dramatically as Americans began realizing the importance of what was at stake and demanding that Republicans stop it. Americans suddenly weren’t interested in not being offended and were demanding stiff opposition to Obama and his progressive agenda of destruction, but the establishment Republican leadership, conditioned to avoid conflict and the appearance of extremism at all costs, were never up to the job.

Thus began the seeds of their accommodation and appeasement. As the minority in 2009, they could resist the unpopular Obamacare knowing they could do little to stop it. Opposition cost them little and they were happy to play the underdog minority Don Quixote jousting at President Obama’s windmills. TEA Party conservatives, launched as a movement in 2009 by Rick Santelli’s rant from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, quickly formed local groups and marshaled their services in support of Republicans retaking the House in 2010. With their success, Cryin’ John Boehner wrested the gavel away from perpetual progressive loon Nancy Pelosi and assumed the Speakership as conservatives readied themselves to stop Obama’s progressive agenda.

As Boehner’s early missteps were multiplied, conservatives began getting the uneasy feeling that Boehner was not the conservative champion we had all hoped he would be. Then, Boehner was instrumental in orchestrating the disastrous Sequester legislation that progressives were only too happy to pass as they had skillfully maneuvered Republicans into defunding the Defense Department so hated by liberals and surrendering their ownership of the national defense issue to boot. Boehner has stumbled from one political misstep to the next like a drunk staggering back home from the local tavern. Conservatives have come to expect Boehner to surrender without a fight while employing his usual litany of excuses. First, it was that Harry Reid controlled the Senate, then we TEA Party conservatives worked to wrest it back under Republican control with equally incapable establishment Republican Mitch McConnell as the Majority Leader. At last an issue has come along so central to the theme of conservatism that Boehner and McConnell have no way to move forward without violating their most sacrosanct tenet of avoiding a government shutdown. Conservatives will not be moved in their desire to defund Planned Parenthood, and progressive Democrats will not be moved in their desire to protect the funding of its evil.

All of these legislative machinations are the direct result of Boehner’s inability as Speaker to adapt to the tactics of President Obama and his progressive Democrat allies in Congress. Boehner consistently allowed the Democrats to set the terms and timing of legislation so as to maximize their leverage at the expense of the Republican opposition. Warnings from conservatives for the Speaker to complete spending bills ahead of time so as to not allow themselves to be caught playing catch up to avoid government shutdowns with stopgap funding where Democrats could insert all manner of legislative contrivance knowing Republicans would be forced to make a deal all went unheeded by Boehner and his arrogant leadership team. Every September we were subjected to the same old government shutdown drama with the usual Republican capitulation that allowed Boehner to complain that it wasn’t the best deal, but at least they had avoided a government shutdown.

Boehner never learned from his mistakes, and he was too arrogant to listen to anyone else except his close knit circle of sycophant cronies. It eventually had gotten to the point where the mere threat of a veto from Obama was enough to completely veer Boehner’s legislative agenda off course as he quickly abandoned that opposition plan as hopeless. So thoroughly infected with the establishment Republican mindset of moderation with its avoidance of government shutdown at any cost, John Boehner was unable to muster up enough conviction for the inevitable fight which lies ahead and so he chose the lesser path of resigning in the face of conflict. Boehner never had it in him to fight for conservatism, and the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood proved to be his Waterloo. No, that’s not right. Although he lost, Napoleon at least fought the Battle of Waterloo. A more apt description would be that Boehner surrendered without a fight in the same spirit as the Romans who through open the gates to the Vandals and allowed them to plunder the city at will to avoid being slaughtered.

I have pleaded with conservatives to leave the Republican Party and its insidious moderation perpetuated by an establishment leadership which consistently fails to properly read the will of the American people due to its elitist arrogance in believing its thinking is superior to that of conservatives watching the decline of the country. I have lamented how these conservatives cling to the GOP like battered wives cling to their abusive husbands fearing to leave what little security they think they have. I’ve urged those conservatives who have had the forethought and courage to abandon the GOP for the TEA Party or independent status to form the TEA Party as a refuge of clear conservatism that gives voters a distinctive choice on the political spectrum away from that space currently occupied by the Republicrat Big Government Party. I’ve been met with the establishment whining that it couldn’t be done, we would guarantee Democrat victories, and other such nonsense that I know is the product of establishment moderate indoctrination.

Please, realize that John Boehner’s resignation is the subtle recognition that he himself realizes he does not possess the ability to win given his establishment moderate indoctrination, and that therefore, the GOP does not possess the ability to win against the insidiousness of creeping progressivism that is incrementally smothering America. Sure, the Republicans can win elections, but these are mere battles in a much greater war of ideas. Either conservative fidelity to the Constitution and its ideas of personal liberty tempered by personal responsibility with limited government that protects its citizens and affords the rule of law, property rights, and sound currency underlying the free enterprise system that has allowed America to go from discovery to the world’s lone superpower with the highest standard of living in history in less than 400 years will be the guiding foundation of America, or the entitlement mentality of secular humanism promoting group identity and division in the pursuit of government largesse at the expense of productive entrepreneurs will finally become entrenched to the detriment of America as she accelerates her slide into historical obscurity as just another fallen civilization full of promise but brought down by internal strife fueled by a prosperity which allowed it the luxury of plotting its own demise. With Boehner’s resignation, the GOP has admitted that it can’t stop the progressive agenda, and there is no reason we conservatives should cling to such a losing and bankrupt operation.

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  1. Touchdown says:

    Not to mention: is Planned Parenthood kicking back money to the Democrat party as campaign contributions, as the SEIU and other democrat-supporting organizations do?

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