The Anti-Establishment Election

Disgusted by an establishment which has wrecked the country, marginalized the voice of the people, and promoted timid conformity that elevates mediocrity, Americans are showing their disdain by rejecting the handpicked establishment candidates of both parties in favor of outsiders whom they hope will destroy the establishment and introduce a fresh political perspective.

Like so much of contemporary history, the seeds of this anti-establishment election cycle can be traced back to World War II and the tremendous social upheaval it unleashed on America. Having just experienced the deprivation of the Great Depression in the 1930s, Americans faced the horrors of war in the 1940s with its demands on the lives and psyches of millions of young men exposed to the brutality of combat. While American women were realizing newfound confidence in their ability to perform traditionally male jobs by working in the factories that supplied the Arsenal of Democracy, the young men were rapidly losing their naiveté discovering just how brutal they could be when faced with the prospect of surviving on the battlefield.

After the war, the men returned to an industrialized America intent on continuing its productivity by supplying all those items of which Americans had been deprived either through economic necessity or unavailability. With the money they had earned as soldiers making up their stake, they expected to return home to marry their sweethearts and raise a family determined to shield them from as much of the hardships of their upbringing as possible. The Fabulous ‘50s saw the rise of suburban prosperity with its two-car garages, abundance of kitchen appliances, and television sets. Life was a far cry from the economic deprivation of the 1930s and the wartime horrors of the 1940s, despite social dissatisfaction simmering beneath the surface.

At first, the majority of women dutifully returned to the kitchens of these domestic nests determined to fulfill their traditional roles, but reflection upon their wartime work, coupled with the dissatisfaction of being told what to do by husbands trying to deal with their wartime experiences, led to a feminist uprising that continues to reverberate today. Their initial drive to be taken seriously as individuals capable of more than running a household, raising children, and sexual satisfaction has morphed into a subculture of radical lesbian feminazis whose rabid man hating has spawned the rise of political correctness, campus speech codes, and a virulent culture that condemns men for being men. These unconstitutional abridgements of liberty and due process have thoroughly infected our culture and led directly to the current state of political timidity which sees politicians uttering twisted nonsense in an impossible dance to avoid offending anyone while saying absolutely nothing but appearing to sound intellectually profound to the voters.

The feminazis who hijacked the women’s movement aren’t entirely responsible for our current culture. They were aided by an entire generation raised in the socially repressive 1950s who rejected that oppression and the materialism showered upon them by parents seeking to shield them from the unpleasantness of their own upbringing. Instead of engaging their parents in a meaningful conversation to understand their motivations, the ‘60s generation decided to reject the establishment carefully constructed by their parents to protect them from the dangers of reality to form their own Utopian social order. They rejected their middle class lives as plain, boring, and lacking in social identity to embark on various paths which included social activism on behalf of the underprivileged, self-absorbed hedonism, and futile searches for meaning in life on spiritual quests to find themselves and understand their place in the world.

In doing so, they exposed themselves to even more dangerous and sobering realities than those faced by their parents who survived the deprivations of the 1930s and the wartime horrors of the 1940s. They found their pleasant forays into recreational drug use to be accompanied by deadly overdoses and soul-numbing addiction. Their social activism, at first welcomed by those grateful for attention to their plight, soon became mired in resentment as those they purported to help decried their ability to return to comfortable middle class lives when interest in the social experiment du jour waned. Hedonism has its limits, and the realities of drug addiction and unwanted pregnancies forced the Flower Children of the ‘60s and the Me Generation of the ‘70s to give way to the Wall Street Generation of the ‘80s with its focus on unbridled free enterprise and the pursuit of wealth to finance the lifestyles to which the Baby Boomers sought to become accustomed.

Meanwhile, the Boomers were shocked to discover that their children were rejecting their values in favor of the more traditional values of their grandparents. Generation X viewed their parents as self-indulgent and socially irresponsible for basically partying their way through life and leaving future generations stuck with the tab. That partying at the expense of future generations explains a significant portion of the mess in which we find ourselves today. The Boomers who rejected their parents’ traditional values now find themselves responsible for America, and they have consistently kicked the can down the road in an effort to avoid that responsibility at all costs and keep the party going. However, we have reached the end of the line as the tab has come due and there is no money to pay for more beer and pizza. They’ve raided the parents’ liquor cabinet, maxed out the credit cards, dug the change out from under the sofa cushions, broke the kids’ piggy banks, mortgaged the house and their kids’ futures, and still have the gall to demand that they get taken care of first as their entitlement mentalities won’t tolerate talk of shared sacrifice!

The Flower Children have become the establishment they so thoroughly detested in their parents. They are now the patrons of exclusivity who sit around the country club discussing which candidate would most protect their privileged lifestyle. It is they who have amassed the wealth and privilege they detested their parents for achieving and which they rejected in their youth as their being unworthy to receive and enjoy. It is they who are shocked that their kids ungratefully reject all they try to do for them to avoid the imagined hardships of their youth. And, it is their political plotting and planning which is being rejected by newer generations being denied opportunity because the entitlement-minded Boomers refuse to release their grip so the young can have a chance to prosper.

The Boomers rejected the values of their parents who had suffered real hardships and protected America in its darkest days, and who sought to shield their kids from ever having to experience such as they has faced. These Boomers then convinced themselves that it was they who had suffered hardship and must strive to protect their children from such, only to become confused when their children rejected them and their self-deluded values precisely because they were delusions of fantasy with no basis in the real world.

We younger conservatives have watched the Boomer establishment turn its focus inward to the point where they no longer view the real world with any perspective. They have convinced themselves that their college bull sessions represent real truth and that the world can magically come together over a Coke if they only sit down and engage it enough. They have no concept of evil or its ability to cause others to resent them for their wealth and privilege and seek to take it away by force. Their childhood guilt over the materialism which their parents sought to bestow upon them manifests itself into an adult guilt that they have wealth and possessions while others do not, ignoring the reality that they have precisely because America was founded upon the free enterprise ideas that make such wealth possible while those who suffer impoverishment do so because their governments have rejected the truth of the free enterprise model.

In all their exhaustive searches for meaning and truth in life, it is astounding that the Boomer generation has consistently rejected obvious and well established truth as somehow being beneath consideration as if there is some grand explanation that has eluded mankind until they came along. This also is a reflection of the entitlement mentality possessed by Boomers that only they can discern truth because they are so much better than every other generation. Now mind you, I am speaking of the generalities of the Boomer generation and not of specific individuals. There are, of course, a great many enlightened individuals in the Boomer generation, just as there are in any generation, who recognize the self-indulgence and arrogance of their peers and who roll their eyes at having to be lumped in with such intellectual buffoons.

So, the Boomer establishment has allowed the unconstitutional stifling of free speech through political correctness and campus speech codes to infect their ability to recognize and publicly defend the truth that evil exists and must always be confronted and opposed no matter the form in which it rears its ugly head. They, in their quest to support radical causes while avoiding classes in neglect of their privileged education, fail to grasp any notion of history and its lessons on the futility and destruction of appeasement, show their ignorance in economics by rigid adherence to the failed policies of Keynesianism, and demonstrate their utter contempt of America by continuing their Utopian quest to tear down its institutions and remake them in their own arrogant view. Along the way, they’ve managed to erect a crony corporatist protectionism which has further impoverished the poor and eviscerated the middle class while enriching themselves and their crony corporatist donors who fund their grip on the levers of power.

Those of us not belonging to this privileged class of wealthy robber barons are justifiably enraged at the mess the Boomer establishment has made of America and of our lives. We are the ones who must suffer for their arrogance and entitlement, and we are sick to death of wasting our lives in the hopes that these addle-minded Boomers will see the errors of their ways and shuffle off the stage in shame over having been so wrong. Their narcissism and sense of entitlement will never allow them to admit that they have ever been wrong, and will justify the excuses which they’ve become so accustomed to providing as explanation for their failures. We are the ones who suffer constant unemployment while the establishment ships our jobs offshore and imports immigrants to depress our wages under the lies that there aren’t enough qualified American STEM graduates or that Americans refuse to perform such menial labor. They conveniently neglect to mention that Americans will not perform menial labor for the same low wages that illegal immigrants escaping from even worse poverty are willing to receive.

We’re sick of establishment policies that refuse to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law merely because their opponents signal their displeasure at a fight by threatening a veto. We’re sick of establishment collusion which undermines the rule of law, property rights, and sound currency – the three most basic ingredients of a successful and prosperous economy – so that the politicians of both parties can retain their offices while cavalierly ignoring our demands. We’re sick of working tirelessly to elect those who promise to support our demands only to be told to sit down and shut up by establishment leaders who never had any intention of promoting our positions on the issues. We’re sick of the media lies which protect this establishment collusion among the parties and their crony corporatist donors at our expense.

And so, having heard the lies and experiencing the frustration of being ignored one too many times, and having watched our lives upended through unemployment and decreased opportunity, we have decided that the best way to be taken seriously is to upend the entire establishment by supporting outsider candidates that frustrate the establishment for a change. Establishment warnings that a Donald Trump presidency would be a disaster fail to resonate to a populace living through the disaster created by them. We laugh at their political pundit hacks like George Will and Karl Rove who attack Trump and warn of impending disaster if we don’t come to our senses and listen to our establishment betters. We revel as they twist in the wind completely at the mercy of Trump as he unleashes his media mastery upon their tired formulaic attack strategies. We fully expect and are prepared for their devious attempts to marginalize Trump as we have learned to look beyond their misleading headlines and outright lies to get the rest of the story.

Donald Trump isn’t a perfect candidate, isn’t a master at meaningless political trivia, doesn’t have all the answers written up in neat twelve-point position papers, doesn’t always have the answers to their rapid-fire questions designed to purposely make him look bad, but then, neither are we, and we realize as much. We like Trump precisely because he is riddled with flaws, shoots from the hip, refuses to be intimidated by their political correctness, focuses on the issues by voicing our concerns instead of those of the crony corporatist class, and honestly explains exactly how their collusion and corruption works to undermine America by sharing personal stories of the political influence gained by his wealth. We all know it’s a rigged game, and Trumps confirms our suspicions by revealing his personal experiences inside their club. He calls out their hypocrisy by revealing which politicians he’s bought off and which ones have cozied up to him seeking cash for favors.

The establishment is at a total loss of how to quash Trump’s candidacy knowing full well that he is beyond their control. They now realize that Americans are onto their game of rigging the primaries to favor their own mushy moderate candidate, and that they seek an outsider to counter establishment influence in the process. Their blunt ad hominem attacks on Trump (and us by extension as his supporters) have only served to raise his estimate with those of us interested in ending their establishment control over the political landscape. They have lately resorted to subtly promoting Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina as preferable alternatives to Trump believing that they are both more corruptible than Trump and therefore easier to bring under establishment control, or at least they would dilute Trump’s support enough to allow one of their candidates to win. Carson and Fiorina are outsiders, but both have, so far, played the game with the genial attitude preferable to the establishment that makes them believe either would maintain the establishment façade.

2016 will be an anti-establishment wave election whereby Americans thoroughly reject the totalitarian politics of the spineless moderates colluding to oppress us while enriching themselves and their crony corporatist donors at our expense. The establishment leaders of both parties are totally bankrupt of ideas and their dishonesty is revealed for all to see. America lies smoking in ruins from their efforts while they continue to demand that we believe them instead of our own lying eyes. On one hand, the Democrat establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, is being sidelined by socialist Senator Bernie Sanders as the Obama administration continues to leak details of Hillary’s criminal stint as Secretary of State to derail her candidacy. On the other hand, Republican establishment candidate Jeb Bush has been so thoroughly rejected that not even the fake polls can prop up his candidacy as Americans have no wish to see another Bush in the White House. Flooding the Republican slate with establishment candidates did nothing to help Bush as Americans quickly realized that tactic and ignored it in their zeal to support outsiders like Trump and Carson. Americans are pissed in a major way and that bodes ill for the establishment. As we say down South, “It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!”

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