The Next War

America is already under attack in its next war, and most Americans don’t even realize this fact because they are distracted by the previous and ongoing war against Islamic terrorism.

In terms of conventional warfare, the American military is unsurpassed by any other conventional force in the world. Our military leaders conduct extensive after action reviews on previous wars and battles. These in-depth reviews reveal the strengths and weaknesses of our tactics and weapons systems – the instances of what worked well and what failed to work, if you will. This information is distilled down into a set of lessons learned which is applied to new tactics and weapons systems to better prepare for the next war.

This is a necessary and useful process that improves our military strength, but it often leaves America better prepared to fight the last war rather than the next war. The trouble lies with the fact that our adversaries also conduct their own after action reviews and develop their own sets of lessons learned, and the one lesson they’ve learned well is that it is useless to challenge America in a convention war, so they don’t. American military planners realize all of this and have units which analyze and plan for the unconventional warfare America is most likely to face.

However, even the best planners can’t foresee every possible avenue of attack. America was totally caught off guard with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. We were again totally caught off guard with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 when a group of Islamic terrorists hijacked four passenger airliners and used them as guided cruise missiles to destroy the World Trade Center, attack the Pentagon, and murder over three thousand Americans.

America had been dealing with Islamic terrorism for decades prior to 9/11, but it had almost always been localized to the Mideast. There was the Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, the World Trade Center truck bombing of 1993, the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996, and the embassy attacks in Tanzania and Nairobi in 1998, all of which led up to the 9/11 attacks, but our military planners failed to see a pattern and failed to connect the dots to prevent 9/11. We should not have been as shocked as we were that Tuesday morning in 2001 as the Islamic terrorists we had so casually ignored because they were localized to the Mideast decided to get our attention in a major way by bringing their terrorism back to our shores in a much better planned operation than the failed 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

We all failed to see 9/11 coming, but our military planners and intelligence agencies all exist to see the threats facing America so as to perform that most essential function of any government: to protect its citizens from invasion and attack. We civilians get on with the business of conducting our lives and working at our jobs while leaving such things to the professionals most capable of performing that task. In the case of 9/11, there was a breakdown in the coordination of intelligence information which led to tragic results.

In the world of engineering, the study of engineering failures almost always reveals that an engineering disaster was caused by a series of micro failures which led to the disaster in question. We also learn that most of these engineering disasters could have been prevented, and were indeed prevented for a while, because some crucial component in the chain of failures did not fail, and its continued performance delayed the inevitable disaster which occurred when it finally failed. Careful inspection often catches components before they fail and disrupts the cycle of failure necessary for an engineering disaster. Airliners undergo rigorous inspection to identify failing components before they have a chance to fail and cause a catastrophe.

We know from the after action review of 9/11 that the FBI was aware of Islamic students attending flight schools prior to the 9/11 attacks and that they had some suspicions about these students. We also know that the CIA was tracking something big about to happen in the world of Islamic terrorism, and that the German government was watching radicalized Islamic students they suspected of forming terrorist cells. Because of the obsession of American leaders with prosecuting Islamic terrorists after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, a wall was erected between the FBI and the CIA preventing information from flowing between these agencies and the connection of the dots necessary to alert us to the 9/11 attacks.

Information obtained by intelligence agencies like the CIA could not be used in the prosecution of terrorists because that information was and is often obtained through means which violate a criminal suspect’s rights under the Constitution. After 9/11, America became a lot less interested in prosecuting Islamic terrorists and a lot more interested in preventing their attacks in the first place, which is precisely where their intentions should have been all along. It was finally realized after 9/11 that these Islamic terrorists who were so willing to crash themselves into buildings to commit their terrorist acts were not likely to care much about being prosecuted under American laws. This was asymmetric warfare, and American planners had to quickly learn an entirely new playbook which involved little of the things which made us such a formidable foe in conventional warfare.

George W. Bush was certainly not a perfect president, but he did rise to the task of calming America after the 9/11 attacks and inspire Americans with his resolve to hunt down Islamic terrorists and punish those responsible for their callous treachery. Bush went after the Islamic terrorist stronghold in Afghanistan which provided al-Qaeda and its leader, Osama bin Laden, space in which to plan and orchestrate their terrorist schemes under the sympathetic protection of the Taliban which ruled the country. In his zeal to prosecute the War on Terror, Bush veered off into a replay of the 1991 Gulf War to bring down Saddam Hussein, fearing that Hussein was using Iraq as a base of terrorist operations and preparing to obtain nuclear weapons. This was a real fear that most shared at the time, abetted by Hussein’s unwillingness to come clean with his programs to obtain weapons of mass destruction. The Iraq invasion proved to be a bridge too far for Bush as the left constantly hammered him on what they labeled as a useless war all in their attempts to smear anything Bush did as president so as to pave the way for their Democrat masters to recapture the presidency in 2008.

Into that breach sailed a backbencher Senator with a thin resume and a funny name. Barack Obama hammered home the theme of America’s involvement in useless overseas wars while Americans back home were suffering – a theme carefully prepared for him by the complicit media whose constant carping had caused Americans to forget 9/11 and why we were at war in the first place. Barack Obama had an agenda, and it was nothing like the blank slate he presented to American voters upon which they were encouraged to project their ideals as the embodiment of candidate Obama.

Barack Obama had been raised in Indonesia as a Muslim, and steeped in communism by his maternal grandfather and his friend noted communist Frank Marshall Davis. This toxic stew of ideologies was unleashed upon America by a purveyor slick enough to keep its most radical elements under wraps as he insidiously infiltrated his followers into every nook and cranny of the federal government. Like his community organizer fellow traveler Saul Alinsky, Obama presented his agenda as a series of incremental steps under the guise of being “reasonable and necessary” to accomplish some good. The massive spying operation undertaken by the Bush administration under the Patriot Act was expanded by Obama to include spying on every American and not just those suspected of Islamic terrorism. The need for a warrant obtained from a special court under the Patriot Act was quickly ignored and terminated by Obama as he concluded that ALL Americans were terrorist suspects in true Big Brother fashion. This usurpation of power was exactly why the Founders warned Americans to never ever give power to the government because, once it was granted, it would be used against Americans themselves by some future leader of less scrupulous motives.

I spoke of America being in the next war, and all I’ve said so far has been about the last war. This was so I could lay the groundwork for the topic at hand. In the past, our leaders have failed to see the next war because of a lack of vision or a lack of intelligence or some unforeseen political disruption. With Barack Obama and our present conflict, we have an administration actively and willfully abetting our adversaries in their attacks upon America. President Obama adamantly refuses to utter the term Islamic terrorism no matter how obvious the attack, and its use by anyone in his administration is forbidden as he attempts to convince Americans of the fallacy that there is such a thing as peaceful Muslims and that America is not under attack by Islamic terrorists despite the clear evidence that this is indeed the case. President Obama has alienated America from all of our traditional Mideast allies while shifting American diplomacy and attention towards our traditional Mideast adversaries in the form of Shia Islamic Iran.

Solomon warns us in Ecclesiastes 1:9 “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” This sage advice comes to mind when discussing military doctrine and the threat of asymmetrical warfare. As shocking as the 9/11 attacks were to Americans, this was not the first time America had faced suicide pilots as veterans of the attacks of Japanese Kamikaze planes in the Pacific Theater of World War II can readily attest. American soldiers faced waves of suicide attackers in the Philippine Insurrection at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, and from Chinese soldiers during the Korean War in the middle of the Twentieth Century. Americans used to the Postmodern nonsense spouted by the left had forgotten these past lessons learned convinced by the Postmodernists that humans had evolved above such nonsense. 9/11 shocked us back to the reality that evil really does exist in the world and is used to war against us, but we’ve again forgotten this under the Obama administration.

America is and has been involved in another war that has existed prior to and in parallel to the War on Terror involving Islamic terrorism. This new war also features attacks on American soil, invasion by hostile forces, and the willful collusion of American political leaders from both political parties, albeit for ostensibly different reasons. This new war I reference is the war launched by Mexico to infiltrate America with illegal immigrants so as to overwhelm our systems and gradually take back American territory Mexico sees as belonging to it from past American incursions.

I mentioned earlier that the asymmetrical warfare practiced by Islamic terrorists is not some new form of warfare America has never encountered before, and this same principle applies to the asymmetrical warfare being practiced by Mexico against the United States. The Romans were famous for employing this tactic to dilute the populations of subdued provinces by resettling waves of Roman citizens throughout the conquered province. Hostile inhabitants of that province would intermarry with the resettled Roman citizens who provided a check upon their ability to resist Rome while the process unfolded. Joseph Stalin also employed the tactic of resettlement to great effect throughout the Soviet Union where he would force entire people groups to resettle in an entirely different sector of the country so as to dilute both their ability to resist and their genealogy.

Realizing like every other adversary that conventional warfare is useless against America, Mexico is utilizing a time-tested asymmetrical warfare tactic to invade America by an overwhelming force employing no arms but whose presence will eventually dilute the American population to the point where Mexico will be in de facto control of the United States at some point in the future. Donald Trump is exactly correct when he stated that Mexico does not send its best to America, and he was also correct in saying Mexico instead of the Mexican government because this scheme is one supported at all levels of Mexican society and implemented on many fronts.

The Obama administration colludes with America’s adversaries in both of these wars. Foreign policy is tilted away from American allies in the Mideast to support the Islamic terrorists, while the Obama administration refuses to identify Islamic terrorism as America’s true enemy in that war. The administration is also heavily invested in relocating as many Islamic refuges into America as fast as possible as part of their invasion scheme. In the Mexican invasion, the Obama administration actively recruits illegal immigrants through advertisements in Central and South America in which American benefits are touted to those who can reach America, while refusing to enforce American immigration laws and pointedly refusing to repatriate illegal aliens. The administration is actively defying a federal judge by proceeding to issue temporary visas to these illegal immigrants despite the judge’s repeated rulings to cease and desist from all efforts to do so on the part of the administration. This is treasonous collusion and a clear refusal by the Obama administration to enforce the law and obey the Constitution. The Republican opposition is just as guilty for their refusal to occupy the traditional role of the opposition party to hold in check the party in power.

The Democrats welcome these immigrants and agitate for their amnesty as a source of future Democrat voters dependent upon the government and the Democrats for their largesse. The Republicans agitate for their amnesty as a source of cheap labor for their big money corporatist donors knowing that their presence will continue to further depress American wages and leave American workers unemployed. Americans have caught on to the fecklessness of the professional political class and their attempts to undermine traditional American values in favor of the crony corporatist class. It is for this reason that Donald Trump is favored by so many American voters in his quest to upset the status quo and provide disenfranchised Americans with a voice they so desperately need.

America is involved in two major asymmetrical conflicts under which the establishment factions of both major political parties are actively colluding with its adversaries against the clear will of the American people. Make no mistake, America is under constant attack, and we are most definitely at war despite there being no uniformed opposition forces occupying a battlefield. This is asymmetrical warfare in which Americans are dying at the hands of Islamic terrorists and illegal immigrants on American soil every day, and our leaders are actively colluding with the enemy to undermine America and hasten our defeat. The overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants is straining our systems, terrorizing our citizens, and changing both the political and cultural landscapes of America. These invasions are forcing us to adapt to their cultures through Spanish language signage and education, along with forced tolerance of outrageous Islamic demands such as the construction of Mosques near the World Trade Center and the increasing acceptance of sharia law in American jurisprudence.

The left is employing the stifling tactic of political correctness to shut down any debate of these problems, but Donald Trump has so far resisted these attacks and is speaking truth to their power that Americans are so desperate to hear. Trump’s refusal to back down in the face of withering attacks from the left has inspired other candidates such as Mike Huckabee to stand up to the insidious forces behind this political correctness and its abridgement of Americans’ right to free speech.

America’s only chance to prevail in these parallel conflicts is to confront our enemies and wage total warfare with unconditional surrender as our only option. We must be fearless in identifying our enemies, and fearless in waging war against them. In the case of Islamic terrorists, we must continue capturing and killing them at every available opportunity, extracting intelligence from them whenever possible to prevent future attacks, and cause them so much pain and suffering that theirs is viewed as a totally losing cause bringing only death and defeat to its adherents. In the case of illegal immigration, we must, like Trump, clearly identify the problem at hand, enforce the immigration laws to deport those arriving and already here illegally, secure our borders to prevent further encroachment of America, and prosecute to the fullest measure of the law those illegal immigrants who murder, rob, and rape Americans. In both cases, we must resist the left’s attempts to silence and berate us with their intolerant and unconstitutional political correctness, and all of this begins with our having the courage to admit we are at war and identify our enemies.

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